PDG :: Volume #8

#750: Program

Ford innermost feelings terrified restless slightly has not actually caused Fang Xingjian and the others the attention. 福特内心的惶恐不安却是丝毫没有引起方星剑等人的注意。 All defer to the plan of Fang Xingjian, although does not know that Elena and Allen Douglas has given ABC television station many advantage and threats, but the entire television station indeed coordinated the plan of Fang Xingjian. 一切还是按照方星剑的计划进行,虽然不知道艾莲娜艾伦道格拉斯给了ABC电视台多少好处和威胁,但整个电视台的确都配合起了方星剑的计划。 Naturally, the plan of television station is also first of Fang Xingjian plan, after all wants to affect the world, this also by far insufficient, this can only be a start. Preheating. 当然,电视台的计划也不过是方星剑计划的第一步而已,毕竟想要影响全球,这还远远不足,这只会是一个开始。一个预热。 At that night, in the Pentagon, United States Secretary of Defense Edward is reading the present report with a worried look. 当天夜里,五角大楼内,美国国防部长爱德华正愁眉不展地看着眼前的报告。 Unprecedented **** the empire develops in the US West coast, especially the opposite party has is resisting unusualness of army sufficiently, even the elites of law enforcement department will have defeated, such existence on own national territory, how can make Edward be able to fall asleep? 一个前所未有的****帝国在美国西海岸发展起来,特别是对方拥有着足以对抗军队的超凡者,甚至将执法部的精英都击败了,这样的存在位于自己的国土上,怎么能让爱德华睡得着? Hits, gathers, has become a Edward incomparably hesitant decision. 是打,还是招揽,成了爱德华无比犹豫的一个决定。 The words that hits, by the strength and influence of opposite party, this will directly perhaps make into a local war, even if won is the loss is also serious, after all made war in the native place, was in lively incomparable Los Angeles and San Francisco this place. 打的话,以对方的力量和势力,这恐怕直接会打成一场局部战争,哪怕胜利了也是损失惨重,毕竟是在本土开战,还是在繁华无比的洛杉矶、旧金山这种地方。 Words that but does not hit, whatever this influence does continue to grow? Perhaps does not have any high level to accept this result. 可是不打的话,任由这股势力继续成长?恐怕没有任何高层可以接受这种结果。 At this moment, an assistant walked into the office to say flustered: Senior official, you turn on television to have a look quickly.” 就在这时,一名助手慌慌张张地走入了办公室说道:“长官,您快打开电视看看。” Does?” Edward discontented scolding said: My where has the time to watch the television?” “干什么?”爱德华不满的呵斥道:“我哪有功夫去看电视?” The assistants actually directly turned on the cell phone, the player a video, from the beginning Edward also wants to reprove the opposite party, finally looked shortly, thoroughly is attracted by the video content, on face colorful a series of fluctuation. 助手却是直接打开手机,播放器了一段视频,一开始爱德华还想训斥对方,结果看了没多久,就彻底被视频内容所吸引,脸上五颜六色一连串的变幻。 ...... …… In the telecast, a talk class program is in progress. 演播室内,一场谈话类节目正在进行。 Beautiful appearance female director asked with a smile: Said that Mr. Fang Xingjian, you said you do have the superpower?” 美貌的女主持人笑着问道:“这么说,方星剑先生,你说你有超能力?” Said situated in left Fang Xingjian: Yes.” 位于左侧的方星剑说道:“是的。” Along with this reply, the people on the scene have smiled, beautiful woman director also helpless shaking the head, looked that asked to the right three honored guests: „Does Barents teach? How do you regard the superpower the matter?” 随着他这句回答,在场众人都笑了起来,美女主持人也无奈的摇了摇头,看向右侧的三位嘉宾问道:“巴伦教授?您怎么看待超能力的事情?” Barents from Stanford University physics department teaches is a hoary-headed old man, as the well-known physicist, because of the relations of age, he already lost the physical strength and inspiration of research, when is young the achievement of achieving already enough he spent freely for a lifetime. 来自斯坦福大学物理系的巴伦教授是一名白发苍苍的老者,作为知名的物理学家,因为年纪的关系,他早就失去了研究的体力和灵感,不过年轻时取得的成就早就足够他挥霍一辈子。 In the recent years was on many television programs, had the name of star physicist. 最近几年来更是上了好多电视节目,有明星物理学家之称。 Then saw that Barents teaches with a taunt vision looks at Fang Xingjian saying: „ Now is the 21 st century, humanity has mounted Moon these many years, my actually nobody thinks that also some people believe superpower matter. 便看到巴伦教授用一种嘲讽地目光看着方星剑说道:“现在已经是21世纪了,人类都已经登上月球这么多年了,我却没有人想到还有人相信超能力这种事情。 The time people of middle ages believe witchcraft and alchemy, to modern age time started some people to believe the superpower along with the development of science. 中世纪的时候人们相信巫术和炼金术,到了现代的时候随着科学的发展开始有人相信超能力。 But in the final analysis, this because of humanity regarding the difference of natural cognition, the different fantasy backing that has. 但说到底,这不过是因为人类对于自然认知的不同,产生的不同幻想依托罢了。 It is well known, all the organizations of so-called superpower research, have not obtained any substantive result completely, but deceives the fraud of fool. 众所周知,所有的所谓超能力研究的机构,全部都没有取得任何实质性成果,不过是欺骗傻子的骗局而已。 But you , is the same. ” 而你,也一样。” Under the stage, Ford knit the brows, looked around Katherine one, flatters asks: „Doesn't Miss Katherine, have issue like this?” 台下,福特皱了皱眉,看了看一旁的凯瑟琳一眼,讨好地问道:“凯瑟琳小姐,这样没问题么?” In his opinion, the program of Fang Xingjian arrangement works as itself the comedian clown to insult simply, does he want by this hype fire? But played the role plays the role silly plays the role stupid is not concerned about face is the obsolete hype method? The present audience very much has the immunity. 在他看来,方星剑安排的这个节目简直就是把自己当小丑侮辱,难道他想要靠这种炒作火一把?可是扮傻扮蠢扮不要脸已经是过时的炒作手段了吧?现在的观众对此可是很有免疫力的。 Katherine looked at Ford, looks at opposite party beforehand profaning and present respectful, in the eye flashes through color of the despising. 凯瑟琳看了一眼福特,看着对方之前的轻慢和现在的恭敬,眼中闪过一丝鄙夷之色。 All right, you look well.” In the Katherine heart thinks secretly: Does not have the question, has not attacked, had not opposed, how also to highlight correctly, is only as the matter stands...... Really good......’ “没事,你看着就好。”凯瑟琳心中暗暗想到:‘没有诘问,没有攻击,没有反对,又怎么凸显出正确,只是这样一来……真的好么……’ Once the program broadcast that perhaps all will influence exert pressure quickly, since especially the government side, this and has always hidden the unusual strength the policy to violate, can the Douglas family very pass really? 一旦节目播出,恐怕各方势力很快就会施压下来,特别是政府方面,这和一向以来隐藏超凡力量的政策相违背,道格拉斯家族真的能挺过去么? Katherine does not know that plan of Fang Xingjian after television station is anything. 只是凯瑟琳也不知道,方星剑在电视台后的计划又是什么。 But at this moment did not have the means that Katherine is looking at present Fang Xingjian, now entire Douglas has tied up the ship by the opposite party, their strengths are Fang Xingjian grant, is unable to disobey the meaning of opposite party. 但事到如今已经没有办法了,凯瑟琳望着眼前的方星剑,现在整个道格拉斯都已经被对方绑上了船,他们的力量都是方星剑赐予的,根本无法违逆对方的意思啊。 On the stage, the director continues to ask: Chris, how do you see?” 台上,主持人继续问道:“克莉丝,你怎么看?” Chris is a beautiful middle-aged young married woman, in the past once was a leading lady of soap opera, was popular in the nation depending on this, afterward several work responses were average, causing her to be somewhat panting. 克莉丝是一名美艳的中年少妇,过去曾经是一部电视剧的女主角,凭此红遍全国,不过后来的几步作品反应平平,导致她有些过气。 Hears the issue of director, Chris said with a smile: I am believe that has the superpower, I once with own eyes some goal people by reading the strength made curvingly the soup ladle, perhaps in within the body of humanity has some mysterious strengths.” 听到主持人的问题,克莉丝笑着说道:“我是相信有超能力的,我曾经亲眼目的有人凭借念力将汤勺弄得弯曲,也许人类的体内还是存在着一些神秘力量的。” Nearby Barents teaches to disdain saying: Is some magic methods, Chris you were deceived.” 一旁的巴伦教授不屑道:“不过是一些魔术手段而已,克莉丝你被骗了。” Perhaps, Barents teaches.” Chris he he said with a smile: I thought that has mysterious strength Earth more romantic. If there is the werewolf and a blood suck ghost is better.” “也许吧,巴伦教授。”克莉丝呵呵笑道:“不过我还是觉得有神秘力量的地球更浪漫一些。如果有狼人和吸血鬼就更好了。” The female host also asked to the last honored guest: Andy, you thinks that in this world has the superpower?” 女主持又问向最后一名嘉宾:“安迪,你认为这个世界上拥有超能力么?” Andy is one wears the western-style clothes, young people of black hair, he is the magician who the Las Vegas recent reputation rises up, had own performance special performance in Las Vegas young. 安迪乃是一位身穿西服,一头黑发的年轻人,他是拉斯维加斯最近名声鹊起的魔术师,年纪轻轻已经在拉斯维加斯拥有自己的表演专场。 Only listens to his hear that saying: My not superpower, but I know that in this world has the magic.” 只听他闻言说道:“我不会超能力,但我知道这个世界上是拥有魔法的。” Sees only his one to stretch out, a coin appears suddenly, then the coin back and forth glitters to jump on his right-hand man, just like was separated the spatial operation to be the same, this series of performance causes the people again and again stock palm on the scene. 只见他一手伸出,一枚硬币陡然出现,接着硬币在他的左右手上来回闪烁跳跃,宛如是被隔空操纵一样,这一连串的表演引得在场众人连连股掌。 Completes all these, Andy provoked looked at Fang Xingjian one, said: Hopes that the performance of your a while can be over this.” 做完这一切,安迪挑衅地看了方星剑一眼,说道:“希望你一会儿的表演能超过这个。” Three honored guests sharp rebuttal that Barents teaches, the Chris attire sells to sprout stupid, or the magician Andy taking the opportunity perform magic, their goals nothing but hope that gains a fame through the program, who will care about the Fang Xingjian superpower. 三位嘉宾不论是巴伦教授的犀利驳斥,克莉丝的装蠢卖萌,又或者魔术师安迪借机表演魔术,他们的目的无非就是希望通过节目赚点名气罢了,又有谁会真的在意方星剑的超能力。 However Fang Xingjian does not matter, he is casually asked a person to come, increases the reflection through the contrast, this is also the first step of plan. 不过方星剑也无所谓,他本来就是让人随便叫点人过来,通过对比增加映像罢了,这也不过是计划的第一步。 Before the television, at this moment looked that the person of program are not many, the majority saw superpower subject also immediately has changed the channel, is prosperous along with the science and technology, believes that this set of person were also getting fewer and fewer. 电视机前,此刻看节目的人并不多,大部分看到超能力主题的也立刻换了频道,随着科技昌明,相信这一套的人也越来越少了。 This fellow is a fool.” “这家伙是傻子吧。” Is one wants to become famous is insane.” “又是一个想出名想疯的。” Makes Barents teach to scold well his, now the television station how anything lunatics can come up.” “让巴伦教授好好骂骂他的,现在电视台怎么什么疯子都能上来了。” Chris is really attractive.” 克莉丝真是漂亮。”
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