OSTI :: Volume #7 过去未来

#725 Part 8: Too fluid Dragon King

Too the heaven breaks out of their cocoons from the monster body of Lushan mister, sprays the tribulation light from too the heaven unceasingly, does not know that this day, swallowed to accept so many sun inexorable fates, too the heaven has not escaped half, Lushan mister changed into the flying ash, did not save in Shi. 太皇天从庐山先生的妖躯中破茧而出,从太皇天不断喷射劫光,也不知道这座界天,怎么吞纳了如此多的天道劫数,太皇天还未遁出一半,庐山先生已经化为飞灰,再也不存于世。 Xu Liao sees this change, only wanted to say one: This move?” 许了见到这种变化,只想要说一句:“还有这种招数?” His eastern heaven also swallowed to attract the innumerable sun inexorable fates, eight cisterna magnas temporarily stopped did not know many day of tribulations, but he has not thought that too the heaven was also so, moreover swallows day tribulation that accepted at final moment release, passed the flying ash annihilation that Lushan mister of sun inexorable fate rumbled. 他的东皇天也吞吸了无数天道劫数,八座大池更是截留了不知道多少天劫,但是他从没有想到,太皇天也是如此,而且吞纳的天劫在最后关头释放,把已经度过天道劫数的庐山先生轰的飞灰湮灭。 In the next twinkling, Xu Liao sees too in the heaven to depart Old Dragon! 在下一个瞬息,许了就看到太皇天中飞出一条老龙! Xu Liao look suddenly one tight, because he knows this Old Dragon, he is not in four coastal territory charts that but is in Longhuahui, has taught him and Bai Qiulian black dragon Blood Pulse and magical powers that Old Dragon. 许了眼神骤然一紧,因为他识得这头老龙,他可不是四海疆图中那条,而是龙华会中,传授了他和白秋练青龙血脉和神通的那条老龙。 Longhuahui that this Old Dragon since leaves, does not know the trace, has not thought that unexpectedly also in too heaven! 这头老龙自从离开的龙华会,就不知所踪,没想到,居然也在太皇天! This Old Dragon aura, is dismal and bitterly cold, Demonic Force selects for promotion successively, until breaking through Heavenly Demon, some innumerable inexorable fates has then splashed down, the sun estimates cannot expect, just died an inexpensive type, comes inexpensive goods, must provoke its dignity. 这头老龙身上的气息,悲凉又凄怆,妖力节节拔升,直至突破了天妖,然后又有无数劫数溅落,天道估计也料不到,刚死了一个贱种,又来一个贱货,非要挑衅它的尊严。 This time, the inexorable fate of sun landing, compared with the bang extinguishes Lushan mister the time, the scene may want slightly were many, because...... Six days are going all out to swallow to attract the strength of sun, the attenuated day tribulation. 只是这一次,天道降落的劫数,比轰灭庐山先生的时候,场面可就要小的多了,因为……六座界天都在拼命吞吸天道之力,弱化天劫。 The bonus is so, how long this Old Dragon still could not resist, dozens rounds Thunder Huodao soldier who supports, the flesh and blood under all generations red water extinguishes, comes down day of blood rain. 饶是如此,这头老龙仍旧抵挡不得多久,不过撑的数十轮雷火刀兵,就在万劫红水之下骨肉消弭,崩落一天的血雨。 Regardless of Xu Liao is not how clear, why has this