OSTI :: Volume #7 过去未来

#725 Part 7: Too fluid Dragon King

The sun only needs the root of world, actually does not need the day, does not need too the day! 天道只需要天地之根,其实并不需要界天,更不需要太天! Does not arrest is the day, is too the day, steals the strength of sun, steals the sun lawful right, above the residing temporarily sun, but non- is the sun itself needs. 不拘是界天,还是太天,都是窃取天道之力,窃取天道权柄,寄居天道之上,而非是天道本身所需。 Therefore the strength of sun, to the day washout wash, non- is the good intentions, but wants to drive out these parasitism in the insect in root of world. Antiquity Demon Clan, has developed the extremely perfect method, can the root of perfect stealing world, making the sun have no alternative, but must withstand the sun the pressure. 故而天道之力,对界天的冲刷洗涤,非是善意,而是想要驱除这些寄生在天地之根上的虫子。只是上古妖族,已经开发出来极为完善的法门,可以完美的窃取天地之根,让天道也无可奈何,只是仍旧要承受天道的压力。 At this time 此时 The Xu Liao eastern heaven, opened the fourth six sexual attractions day demon pond! 许了的东皇天,已经开辟了第四座六欲天魔池! In pond innumerable day of evil spirits, dances gracefully, the check absorbs the will of the people. If not Xu Liao itself has undergone countless tribulations, cultivates the method is most excellent Heavenly Demon, even Inheritance of real immortal progression, only feared by these days demon inspiring seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, must in a flash for the sun control. 池中无数天魔,曼妙起舞,勾摄人心。若非许了本身经历过无数磨难,所修法门都是最上乘的天妖,甚或真仙级数的传承,只怕被这些天魔引动七情六欲,转瞬就要为天道控制。 Day demon already sun, sun already day demon! 天魔既天道,天道既天魔! The demon book does not have two! 道魔本无二! The day demon is only the sun the life that to destroy to steal oneself strength, creates the strength that lives, non- is the life, therefore day demon heartless asexual, does not have the heart of likes and dislikes, does not have all sort of desires, only then the pure strength, infects the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, in view of the unsurpassed charms of life numerous and diverse mind. 天魔只是天道为了毁去窃取自己力量的生灵,创生出来的力量,非是生灵,故而天魔无情无性,亦没有好恶之心,也没有诸般欲念,只有纯粹的力量,感染七情六欲,针对生灵繁杂心灵的无上魔力。 By the generation of Devil Qi invasion, such as the day demon will be been common, losing entirely spirit knowledge, changes into the foreign matter, although also has the number of demon person, but actually non- is the intelligent life, the thought of life is born, reciprocates, has to have the foot, active has the head. However the day demon does not have the thing of reading, although the demon person has the thought that but is actually with no reason at all, unpredictable, even if demon person oneself could not control, simply did not have the wisdom, was deceitful, only then indulged willfully, even own life and death did not care continually, because only then reading of having mystical powers, will worry about the life and death, since birth the heart of extinguishing, not reading of spirit, naturally all did not save, even did not need the reason, only needed to indulge. 魔气侵染之辈,就会如天魔一般,丧尽灵识,化为异物,虽然也有魔人之号,但却非是智慧生灵,生灵的念头诞生,有来有去,有根有脚,有源有头。但是天魔却是无念之物,魔人虽然有念头,但却是无缘无故,变化莫测,就算魔人自身也掌控不了,根本没有智慧,只有狡诈,只有恣意放纵,甚至连自身生死都不在意,因为只有有灵之念,才会惦念生死,有生灭之心,无灵之念,自然一切不存,甚至不需要理由,只需要放纵。 Six sexual attractions day demon pond 10%, the eastern heaven has had the change, so long as Xu Liao wants, can entice under the eastern heaven restraint, all lives, making its one read fascinated, cultivates to entire life vanish into thin air, integrates the eastern heaven itself. 六欲天魔池一成,东皇天都生出了变化,只要许了愿意,就可以勾引东皇天约束之下,所有的生灵,使其一念入魔,一生修为化为乌有,融入东皇天本身。 The fifth cisterna magna, gives birth to endless Dark Qi, billowing black smoke, as long as after the eastern heaven establishes, life of withering away appears, but changed into the ghost, frigid hissing number. 第五座大池,生出无尽黑气,滚滚黑烟,但凡东皇天创立之后,消亡的生灵都在其中出现,只是化为了幽魂,惨烈嘶号。 The sixth cisterna magna, has the wind anhydrous, endless storm, or does jet black, tearing is void, either does silver white, destroys all, either does scarlet-red, burns the day of melt place, either makes the achromatic color, the myriad things all disappear! 第六座大池,有风无水,无尽风暴,或做漆黑,撕裂虚空,或做银白,毁灭一切,或做赤红,焚天熔地,或作无色,万物皆消! The seventh cisterna magna, a nihility thing...... 第七座大池,虚无一物…… The eighth cisterna magna, some innumerable lives, only leave brightly, as if the world ten thousand spirits, Xu Liao even can see itself, dignified overbearing, is majestically located the world. 第八座大池,有无数生灵,更有神祇出焉,似乎天地万灵都在其中,许了甚至能看到自己,威严霸道,雄踞天下。 The eastern heaven eight Tianchi formations, the sun flaunts the prestige immediately, the silver thunder and lightning bang falls one after another, breaking through the Heavenly Demon big monster to being split up of bang, collects the remnant body in this big monster, restores the monster body instant, in the world has had a big monster suddenly, is all over the body red, has the scale to have the corner/horn, unexpectedly is a rush of blood to the head Qilin. 东皇天八大天池成型,天道顿时逞威,一个接一个银色雷电轰落,生生把突破天妖的大妖给轰的四分五裂,就在这头大妖重新收聚残躯,恢复妖身的刹那,天地间忽然生出了一尊大妖,通体赤红,有鳞有角,竟然是一头火麒麟。 Xu Liao long has spat an cold air/Qi, although he already knows that the one who breaks through Heavenly Demon is Lushan mister, but has not actually thought that the sun transformed a rush of blood to the head Qilin unexpectedly...... 许了长长吐了一口冷气,他虽然早就知道,突破天妖的是庐山先生,但却没想到,天道居然幻化了一头火麒麟…… Actually this rush of blood to the head Qilin, does not transform, but is achievement Heavenly Demon later Lushan mister. 其实这头火麒麟,也并非幻化,而是成就天妖之后的庐山先生自己。 Develops humanity by the sun! 以天道演人道! This is the sun biggest method! 这就是天道最大的手段! This rush of blood to the head Qilin disdains to change into the body of Human Race radically, the Qilin winds around really hot, falls from the sky, a hoof, spells with the fist seal junction of Lushan mister maliciously, has driven unexpectedly out the fist seal of Lushan mister, kicked above this big monster chest. 这头火麒麟根本不屑化为人类之躯,麒麟真火缭绕,自天空坠下,狠狠一蹄,跟庐山先生的拳印交拼,竟然生生轰开了庐山先生的拳印,踢在了这头大妖的胸膛之上。 Lushan mister in the day tribulation, can restore the monster body repeatedly, but suffered this to strike, the half body smashing, again is actually not able to restore to come back. 庐山先生在天劫之中,屡屡能够恢复妖躯,但挨了这一击,却半边身子粉碎,再也无法恢复回来。 His long sound call letter, Activated Demonic Force, but in the wound has the soft raging fire, that wins him the Qilin that as soon as plans is really hot, fires his Demonic Force, keeping Lushan mister from restoring the monster body. 他长声呼号,催动妖力,但伤口上却有冉冉烈火,那是更胜他一筹的麒麟真火,灼烧他的妖力,让庐山先生无法恢复妖躯。 Also has colorless brilliance to fall together, immediately made Lushan mister senile was hundreds of thousands of years old, this colorless brilliance brushed again, when he unexpectedly restored to be newborn, although the time change, is only the twinkling, but the inexorable fate of sun landing, actually not ceased, has given this big monster deeply grieved heavy losses. 紧接着又有一道无色光华落下,顿时让庐山先生衰老了数十万岁,这道无色光华再一刷,他居然又恢复到了初生之时,虽然时光变化,只是瞬息,但天道降落的劫数,却并无停息,给了这头大妖惨痛的重创。 Xu Liao at this time, knows that Lushan mister is unable to cross the day tribulation certainly again, he has injured the fundamental root cause, Demonic Core is given the smashing by the hot Qilin, the heart microbiology cannot help but strange. 许了此时,已经知道,庐山先生绝无法再渡天劫,他已经伤了根本源头,妖核都被火麒麟给粉碎,不由得心头微生古怪。 Although Lushan mister accumulates vigorously, swallowed four coastal territory chart cores Qilin spirits, but is actually not in the monster god, most also most promising character. Crosses to plunder [gold/metal] Huan to Xu Liao 10,000, he cannot calculate, can be Lushan mister first achievement Heavenly Demon. 庐山先生虽然积累雄浑,吞了四海疆图核心的麒麟精魂,但却并非是妖神之中,最强也最有前途的人物。给许了10000个渡劫金环,他也算不出来,会是庐山先生第一个成就天妖 No matter Yue Peng, mysterious incomparable Million Demon Association is long, was the master jade cauldron, Jiang Shang, or genesis gate two honorable people, bulk lots mister and old ancestor...... Everybody has the possibility compared with Lushan mister. 不管是岳鹏,还是神秘无比的万妖会长,还是自己师父玉鼎,姜尚,又或者元始门的两位真人,大盘先生和萨老祖……人人都比庐山先生更有可能。 Especially four big days capture too the heaven, Lushan mister stands by obviously, has not actually stirred up launching an attack of any monster god, on the coupling likely and old Dragon King, specially will not aim at him...... 尤其是四大界天攻入太皇天,庐山先生明显袖手旁观,却没有惹起任何妖神的发难,就连盘象和老龙王,都不会特意针对他…… The infinite dense fog, lets Xu Liao has no way to believe that Lushan mister can be first breaks through the generation of Heavenly Demon. 无穷的迷雾,让许了更是没法相信,庐山先生会是第一个突破天妖之辈。 Now Lushan mister was lowered inexorable fate by the sun, unravelling of bang, Xu Liao is not surprised, instead has one type, originally on this such thought. 如今庐山先生被天道降下劫数,轰的灰飞烟灭,许了并无惊讶,反而生出一种,本来就该如此的念头。 Only those who make him feel strange, Lushan mister is the big shot of demon star meeting, the status is next to tiger Panther Yi, but demon star day nobody rescues unexpectedly, nobody helps...... Naturally under tiger Panther Yi and Lushan mister, strongest several monster gods, were built up by Yang Shuhua, but also swallowed completely their cultivating is. 唯一让他奇怪的是,庐山先生是魔星会的大佬,地位仅次于虎豹乙,但魔星天居然没有人去救援,也没有人去帮忙……当然虎豹乙和庐山先生之下,最强的几头妖神,都已经被杨书华炼了,还吞尽了他们的修为。 Xu Liao thinks of here, suddenly has one: Mother sells to approve, does not know , said does not work as to say!” 许了一想到这里,忽然生出一句:“妈卖批,不知道当讲不当讲!” When he thinks does not expect badly, Lushan mister launches in salvos nine Daozhen fires, hits the fire fighting Qilin of stiffly, waves to drive out thunder and lightning [gold/metal] blade, the evil customs red water...... The day tribulation dissipates suddenly. 就在他自以为所料不差的时候,庐山先生连发九道真火,硬生生打灭了火麒麟,挥手轰开雷电金刀,恶风红水……天劫忽然消散。 Although this big monster only remaining half body, but aura actually deep incomparable, face upwards to laugh wildly, yelled: You, although calculates completely all, how can also? Hasn't given me the achievement Heavenly Demon? Now I am the world first monster, in the world take me as Venerable, who dares to refuse to accept!?” 这头大妖虽然只剩下了半边身躯,但身上的气息却渊深无比,仰天狂笑,大叫道:“你们虽然算尽一切,又能如何?还不是给我成就了天妖?如今我是天地第一妖,世上以我为尊,谁敢不服!?” In the world a silence, several monster god big shots do not say a word, Xu Liao does not dare to speak, his wave turns wells up, cannot think really that oneself is skilled in nine Yuan to calculate, but can also calculate...... So is unsure. 天地间一片寂静,就连几头妖神大佬都不做声,许了更不敢吭声,他心里波浪翻涌,着实想不到,自己精通九元算经,还能算的……这般没谱。 Lushan mister one step treads the day, the imposing manner such as mountain Ruyuan, the overbearing imposing manner in able to move unhindered all sea, although his reputation far inferior Yue Peng, the jade cauldron, the plate shape waits for the big shot, but can promote the monster god, naturally also has the corresponding spirit, at this time achievement Heavenly Demon conquers the whole world, the air/Qi swallows nine qiong, has not lacked the style seriously! 庐山先生一步踏天,气势如山如渊,更有一股纵横四海的霸道气势,虽然他名声远不及岳鹏,玉鼎,盘象等大佬,但能够晋升妖神,自然也有相应的气概,此时成就天妖席卷天下,气吞九瞏,当真也没有缺了气派! In the next twinkling, his within the body gives birth to the innumerable tribulation light suddenly, has broken through the monster body...... 只是在下一瞬息,他体内忽然生出无数劫光,冲破了妖躯……
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