NOPTS :: Volume #10 灾难之机巧少女

#898: Big white rabbit rabbit

Chapter 898 big white rabbit rabbit 第898章大白兔本兔 As for the fight the fresh race, the hunter rabbit clansman can accept the dying in battle battlefield, is actually not able to accept the insult from enemy. 作为为战斗而生的种族,猎头兔族人可以接受战死沙场,却无法接受来自敌人的侮辱。 " Dewe " subconscious collar with a sense of urgency, the chest of standing tall and erect is fluctuating unceasingly, fruit reveal snow white flesh outside exudes ashamed and resentful blushing faintly. 「蒂尤蕾」下意识的抓紧衣领,高耸的胸口不断起伏着,果露在外的雪白肌肤隐隐泛起羞愤的红晕。 „! Obviously is only a female beast, who actually must study human so to make an affectation of...... the entire mainland not to know that the hunter rabbit is the race that most silver cannot withstand randomly, grabs the man to bring back to the clan to squeeze everywhere to lead a life of comfort, now do so many capable men in you at present, you give me to install the pure and chaste woman of integrity unexpectedly here? Escapes to me quickly especially!” “切!明明只是一只雌兽,却非要学人类这般惺惺作态……整个大陆谁不知道猎头兔是最银乱不堪的种族,到处劫掠男人带回族中压榨享乐,现在这么多精壮的男人就在你眼前,你居然给我在这里装贞洁烈女?快特么给我脱!” Big prince " Szo " is impatient, side grasps passes away the strong crossbow of guard, an arrow shot through the head of some hunter rabbit soldier, warm blood splattering in the pure white snowy area, is much brighter. 大王子「索莎尔」等得不耐烦了,抓过身旁侍卫的强弩,一箭射穿了某只猎头兔战士的脑袋,温热的鲜血喷溅在纯白的雪地上,鲜艳得怵目惊心。 During the speeches, he rotates the capstan top chord to hang the arrow again. 说话间,他再次转动起绞盘上弦挂箭。 Wait! Do not kill again! I...... I take off/escape!” “等等!不要再杀了!我……我脱!” " Dewe " grief and indignation is yelling, tearing voice such as cuckoo crying blood. 「蒂尤蕾」悲愤的喊叫着,撕裂的嗓音如杜鹃啼血。 Big prince " Szo " shows the satisfactory smile, throws the strong crossbow conveniently gives back to guard, is straight immediately the body, changed a comfortable posture to see a play with single-hearted devotion. 大王子「索莎尔」露出满意的笑容,随手将强弩丢还给身旁的侍卫,在马上直起身体,换了个舒服的姿势专心看戏。 He does not like slaughtering, but actually likes trampling the dignity of enemy. 他不喜欢杀戮,但却喜欢践踏敌人的尊严。 Looks that these have lost the defeat in family member and homeland, a final self-respect was peeled continually cleanly, degenerates into ignorant The Walking Dead thoroughly, the expression of that completely collapse to him simply is the unsurpassed praise and enjoyment. 看着这些已经失去亲人和家园的战败者,连最后的一丝自尊都被剥得干干净净,彻底沦为浑浑噩噩的行尸走肉,那完全崩坏的表情对他来说简直就是无上的赞美与享受。 Hangs the animal skin sacrificial offering clothing/taking of colored feather decoration along to be fallen by the shoulder that the snow white fur covers, one fair moon/month same body exposes in the piercing cold wind. 挂着彩色羽毛装饰的兽皮祭祀服沿着被雪白毛皮覆盖的肩头滑落,一具白皙的月同体暴露在刺骨的寒风中。 Card-! 卡啦-! Big prince " Szo " the interest just about to climbs up the apex, suddenly the thick ice wall congeals together baseless, just " Dewe " the body covers completely, only maps together the slurred white shadow. 大王子「索莎尔」的兴致刚要攀上顶点,突然一道厚实的冰墙凭空凝结,刚好将「蒂尤蕾」的身体完全遮挡,仅映射出一道模糊不清的白影。 What person?!” “什么人?!” Big prince " Szo " in heart under a startled, tumbling without hesitation the horseback, several guards closes, with thick great shield its strict protection behind. 大王子「索莎尔」心中一惊,毫不犹豫的翻滚下马背,几名侍卫一拥而上,用厚实的巨盾将其严密的保护在身后。 Wears the black hair youth of black windproof coat to drop from the clouds, such as feather lithe falling above the ice wall, occupies a commanding position to cast together the ice-cold vision to him. 身着墨色风衣的黑发青年从天而降,如一片羽毛般轻盈的落在冰墙之上,居高临下向他投来一道冰冷的目光。 Prince Szo, introduced oneself, I called Ye Yan- please take your soldier immediately, tumbled out my domain.” “索莎尔王子么,自我介绍一下,我叫夜魇-请立刻带上你的士兵,滚出我的地盘。” No one has thought that at this time some people will also dare to jump to challenge the Ying front of empire. 谁也没有想到这种时候还会有人敢于跳出来挑战帝国的缨锋。 " Lila " first stares, when sees clearly the back of that black hair man, is excited covers the mouth to have tears streaming down the face. 「德莉拉」先是一愣,待看清那黑发男子的背影,不由激动得掩嘴泪流满面。 Sir Ye Yan!” 夜魇大人!” Luo Jie hears Shengce is excessive, shows a relieved smile to " Lila " . 罗戒闻声侧过头,向「德莉拉」露出一个安心的笑容。 Lila, helping your queen put on the clothes, this will make me divert attention.” “德莉拉,帮你的女王把衣服穿好,她这样会让我分心的。” " Lila " rushes to wipe dry/does tears to go forward picks up the beast leather clothing to throw over in queen " Dewe " the shoulder, the latter actually imitates, if feels nothing, but complexion complex is looking up to ice wall peak that tall and straight black back. 「德莉拉」赶忙抹干眼泪上前捡起兽皮衣披在女王「蒂尤蕾」的肩头,后者却仿若浑然不觉,只是面色复杂的仰望着冰墙顶端那挺拔的黑色背影。 Ices wall another end, big prince " Szo " already from initial surprised uncertain recovers, sees Luo Jie, only then a person, cannot help but becomes angry out of shame, opens out front shield wall, said: Laughable! Since the northern snowfield do the millenniums has been the place of without owner, are only living some beast people of savageness, when become your domain?” 冰墙另一端,大王子「索莎尔」已从最初的惊疑不定中回过神来,见罗戒只有一人,不由得恼羞成怒,拨开面前的盾墙,道:“可笑!北部雪原千年以来都是无主之地,只生活着一些未开化的兽人,什么时候成你的地盘了?” Luo Jie contemptuous slanting pie " Szo " . 罗戒轻蔑的斜暼了「索莎尔」一眼。 Before perhaps was not, but now.” “以前或许不是,但现在是了。” Big prince " Szo " cannot help laughing, seems like looking at a not considering resources bite off more than can chew lunatic to the Luo Jie look. 大王子「索莎尔」哑然失笑,望向罗戒的眼神如同在看一个自不量力的疯子。 You said that is? Whose acknowledgment obtained?” “你说是就是?得到谁的承认了?” Your empire occupies in this mainland the land of most productivity, whose acknowledgment also obtained?” “你们帝国占据着这块大陆上最丰饶的土地,又得到谁的承认了?” The Luo Jie superficial uphold hand, silver-gray large-scale firearms baseless and presently, the pitch-dark muzzle is condensing the flash of energy. 罗戒轻描淡写的抬起手,一杆银灰色的大型枪械凭空而现,黑洞洞的枪口凝聚着能量的闪光。 Come, I teach you free a universally applicable truth- caliber is just, the firing distance is the truth!” “来,我免费教你一条放之四海而皆准的道理-口径即正义,射程即真理!” Finishes barely the words, transforms as the automatic rifle pattern Romantic fort pumpkin Has emitted the bright large flame, the crowded energy ball just like the violent storm to sweep empire- army that crowded square formation, endures the might of proportion machine gun to break two sections the human body after armor directly around the middle, everywhere jumps is shooting the stump residual limb internal organs. 话音未落,转化为自动步枪模式的【浪漫炮台・南瓜】已然喷吐出明亮的火舌,密集的能量弹犹如狂风暴雨般扫过帝国-军那密集的方阵,堪比重机枪的威力直接将铠甲后的人体拦腰打断成两截,漫天迸射着残肢内脏。 Before Freya Gardeux empire, Luo Jie does not want to expose own real strength before other players, deliberately under hid one's incompetence by remaining silent has not put forth the full power, now in this new continent then again unscrupulous, the firepower full under erupts B gold/metal level weapon that to surpass the terrifying lethality of current world strength ceiling about two big step positions immediately. 之前在弗雷亚加尔德帝国,罗戒不想在其他玩家面前暴露自己的真实实力,刻意藏拙之下始终未使出全力,如今在这新大陆上便再无顾忌,火力全开之下立刻爆发出了B金级武器那超出当前世界战力天花板近两个大阶位的恐怖杀伤力。 Big prince " Szo " looks big handsome powerful and brave, in the gym version of put on airs like the little girl fairy tale, actually is actually only, whited sepulchre defeat cotton wool good-looking but useless goods. 大王子「索莎尔」看着高大英俊孔武有力,就像小女孩童话故事中白马王子的健身房版,实际却只是个金玉其外败絮其中的样子货。 Where even the battlefield has not gotten up him to see the brutal scene of this firearm war several times, at that time by this bloody slaughtering method frightening, was shouting loudly escorting that” the facial features twisted insanely, no matter also the life of soldier, the tone urged the horse to escape on the round trip. 连战场都没上过几次的他哪见过这种热兵器战争的残酷场面,当时就被这血腥的杀戮手段给吓疯了,面容扭曲的高喊着“护驾”,也不管士兵的死活,调头催马就往回逃。 His time brings is the imperial family guards the imperial palace, it can be said that is well-trained, even the commander in chief were the military deserter, is maintaining army under the organizations of officer at all levels as before reluctantly, and tries to counterattack. 他这次带出来的都是皇室禁卫,可以说是训练有素,即便是主帅当了逃兵,依旧在各级士官的组织下勉强维持着军阵,并试图进行还击。 However and has no egg to use. 然而并没什么卵用。 Wind blade or fireball that the magician sends out, the strong bow hard crossbow that the soldier projects, the raindrop hits on that personal black whole body armors, is actually a scratch cannot stay behind. 无论是魔法师发出的风刃或火球,还是士兵射出的强弓硬弩,雨点般打在那贴身的黑色全身铠上,却是连个划痕都留不下。 Romantic fort pumpkin The barrel was red, the automatic relay protection deadlocks the trigger unable to touch off again. 【浪漫炮台・南瓜】的枪管红了,自动保护装置锁死扳机无法再扣动。 Luo Jie opens such as the giant bat wing Dracula cloak Flies the midair, exchanges another Teigu Throws mess quickly big pitcher, Six species throwing a ball were pounded down one after another. 罗戒张开如巨大蝠翼般的【德古拉披风】飞上半空,换上另一帝具【快投乱麻・大投手】,六种属性的投球被轮番砸下。 The thunder that the roaring flame of scalding hot burning down, the cold piercing snow and ice, the strong winds such as the dragon volume of blade, the electricity snake flees, melts gold/metal Huagu the corrosion, thunders explosion that shocks, six scaled heights of burst and other magics also want the fierce and brutal attribute attack in army does not ask for money the wanton bombing. 灼热焚烧的烈焰,寒冷刺骨的冰雪,狂风如刀的龙卷,电蛇窜动的雷霆,融金化骨的腐蚀,轰鸣震撼的爆炸,六种比高等魔法还要凶暴的属性攻击在军阵中不要钱般的狂轰滥炸。 The well-trained army cannot withstand the so crazed saturation attack, empire- army radical collapse that the army maintain reluctantly. 再训练有素的军队也承受不住如此丧心病狂的饱和攻击,帝国-军勉强维持的军阵彻底崩溃了。 In heavy cavalry who behind the team had not attacked, abandons the infantry tone then to run, to speed up fleeing this hell battlefield, even the armor and weapon discarded conveniently on the ground. 在队伍后方一直未曾出击的重骑兵,扔下步兵调头便跑,为了加快逃离这地狱般的战场,甚至连铠甲和武器都随手丢弃在了地上。 And the lucky survival has the infantry and archer and crossbowman of ability to act, is tumbling wept and wailed the round trip to run, the warhorse that often the obvious several people to rob the dead cavalry left behind but the sword quarrelled. 侥幸存活且还有行动能力的步兵与弓弩手,也是连滚带爬的哭喊着往回跑,不时可见几人为了抢夺死去骑兵留下的战马而刀剑相向。 These are injured the soldier who cannot escape, can only hold in a corpse pile that hid in the dead companion trembled, stares panic-stricken eye pray this nightmare quickly to finish, even if in form of death. 那些受伤逃不掉的士兵,只能抱头躲在死去同伴的尸堆里瑟瑟发抖,瞪着惊恐的眼睛祈祷这场噩梦尽快结束,哪怕是以死亡的形式。 At this time no one had safeguarded the captives of these hunter rabbit clans again, in " Lila " and the others under the rescues, several hundred captured hunter rabbit soldiers was rescued one after another, is supporting by the arm the return team mutually. 这时已经没有人再去看管那些猎头兔族的俘虏,在「德莉拉」等人的救援下,数百名被俘的猎头兔战士被陆续救出,互相搀扶着回归本队。 The Empire Remnants that to look into the distance these is running away distressedly, Luo Jie have not continued the one close behind the other to chase down, lift the hand to hold last sphere that flies back to from the battlefield to receive the storage space, draws in the cloak silent landing ground. 远望着那些狼狈而逃的帝国残兵,罗戒没有继续衔尾追杀,抬手抓住最后一枚从战场上飞回的圆球收入储物空间,收拢披风无声无息的降落地面。 The hunter rabbit soldier of rescue disperses walks randomly in the battlefield that the mist and dust fills, picks up the soldier who these are injured to feign death to tie up to drive away from the corpse pile together, really cannot revive regarding these, the direct blade delivers the opposite party to see the deep god. 获救的猎头兔战士分散游走在烟尘弥漫的战场上,从尸堆里挑出那些受伤装死的士兵捆绑驱赶到一起,对于那些实在救不活的,直接一刀送对方去见冥神。 " Lila " overjoyed runs comes to throw to the Luo Jie bosom, however that just slaughtered several thousand people of bloody murderous aura to make her have the intense awe subconsciously, the knees one soft passed kneels in the under foot of Luo Jie. 「德莉拉」欢天喜地的跑上前来想要扑到罗戒怀里,然而那身刚刚屠杀数千人的血腥杀气让她下意识生出了强烈的敬畏感,双膝一软噗通就跪在了罗戒的脚下。 Ok, kneels kneels, this time does not need to lick in any case...... 算了,跪就跪吧,反正这次也不用舔…… Sir Ye Yan, thank your makes a move to rescue, my hunter rabbit clan will feel your obligation forever!” 夜魇大人,感谢您的出手相救,我猎头兔一族将永感您的大恩!” Lila, you made a mistake, this Sir wants is not this.” “德莉拉,你错了,这位大人要的不是这个。” The rear area transmits " Dewe " that mild chilly sound, the hunter rabbit queen who snow white selects high walks slowly, the ruby clear beautiful pupil is staring at the eye of Luo Jie, after silent moment, serious incomparable kneels to bend down by the hunter rabbit clan highest formality in the ground, is kissing his shoes shoulder respectfully and submissively. 后方传来「蒂尤蕾」那温润清冷的声音,雪白高挑的猎头兔女王缓缓走来,红宝石般晶莹的美眸盯着罗戒的眼睛,默然片刻后,郑重无比的以猎头兔族最高礼节跪伏在地面上,恭顺的亲吻着他的鞋肩。 I, hunter rabbit clan queen " Dewe " , work out vowing under god of Delto's many verifications pledge, since will then carry all clan and tribe members to join under Sir Ye Yan, serves Sir Ye Yan to be a lord life-long, if violates, the soul will loaf in Hades withstands always the pain of perishing.” “我,猎头兔族女王「蒂尤蕾」,在誓约之神德尔托多的鉴证下订立誓言,从此将携所有部族成员加入夜魇大人麾下,终生侍奉夜魇大人为主,如有违背,灵魂将游荡在冥府承受永世沉沦之苦。” Very good.” “很好。” Luo Jie satisfied nod, lifts the hand together " Saint " the ray covers " Dewe " who the under foot knelt to bend down, wound that the snow white flesh and fur/superficial knowledge surface these bodies whirl around by visible speed rapid healing scab. 罗戒满意的点点头,抬手一道「圣愈」的光芒笼罩了脚下跪伏的「蒂尤蕾」,雪白肌肤与皮毛表面那些皮肉翻卷的伤口以肉眼可见的速度迅速愈合结痂。 Not only this is a simple treatment, represented his one approval. 这不仅是一次简单的治疗,更代表了他的一种认可。 Has saying that this hunts for rabbit clan queen " Dewe " not only the person attractively, but also is intelligent, had only guessed correctly depending on few words he makes a move to rescue the true goal of hunter rabbit clan, and choice that sizes up the situation rapidly attachment. 不得不说,这猎兔族女王「蒂尤蕾」不仅人长得漂亮,而且还非常聪明,仅凭只言片语就已经猜到了他出手救下猎头兔族的真正目的,并且迅速审时度势的选择了依附。 No wonder in the original works, can by the firearm slave's body, " Szo " play with big prince in the stock palms, agitation empire civil strife nearly perishing country. 难怪在原著中,能以热兵器奴隶之身,将大王子「索莎尔」玩弄于股掌之间,搅动帝国内乱险些亡国。 This hunter rabbit queen has the plans, has the city mansion, suppresses to others, is more ruthless to oneself, is not good candidate who takes near the pillow the person. 这个猎头兔女王有心机,有城府,对别人狠,对自己更狠,不是个作为枕边人的好人选。 So long as can by the absolute military force coercion opposite party, this big white rabbits that brings two big white rabbits are the easiest-to-use tool rabbits. 但只要能够以绝对武力压服对方,这只带着两个大白兔的大白兔就是最好用的工具兔。 In various significances is. 各种意义上都是。 ...... …… Because the entire fight happened on the plain outside tribe, the hunter rabbit tribe has not encountered any destruction. 由于整场战斗发生在部落之外的平原上,猎头兔部落内部并未遭到任何破坏。 Besides the stretcher patient of suffocation was delivered to the head of the clan tent, displays by Luo Jie by Sweet dew incantation Carries on the first aid, other slightly wounded patients were all arranged to conduct the wrap and care in the large-scale tent. 除了奄奄一息的重伤员被送到族长帐篷外,由罗戒施展以【甘露咒】进行急救,其他轻伤员皆被安排在大型帐篷内进行包扎与护理。 Empire- the captives of armed forces were also captured the armor and weapon, detains concentrates to safeguard in the thatched shed that outside the tribe temporarily builds. 帝国-軍的俘虏们也被收缴了铠甲和武器,关押在部落外临时搭建的草棚内集中看管。 After the follow-up wrap-up work ended, time also already to evening. 后续收尾工作全部结束后,时间也已然到了傍晚。 Hunting team leader " Lila " raises the bamboo basket to enter the magnificent warm head of the clan tent, two completely same sumptuous meals were placed in Luo Jie and queen respectively " Dewe " front. 狩猎队长「德莉拉」提着竹篮走进华丽温暖的族长帐篷,将两份完全一样的丰盛饭菜分别摆在了罗戒与女王「蒂尤蕾」的面前。 " Dewe " has not moved the bowl, but will eat the plate to give to push, the facial expression said seriously: Lila, the kings of hunter rabbit clan and tribe only have one, that is on the Ye Yan king...... you takes these food, delivers one to come with other person of same ordinary meal to me.” 「蒂尤蕾」没有动碗,而是将食盘又给推了回去,神情郑重道:“德莉拉,猎头兔部族的王只有一个,那就是夜魇王上……你将这些食物拿回去,给我送一份与其他人一样的普通餐过来。” Luo Jie is building the knee single-handed, leans fills up in the soft animal skin, smiling of showing neither approval nor disapproval. 罗戒单手搭着膝盖,斜倚在柔软的兽皮垫上,不置可否的笑了笑。 He has been the city lord in " Koutetsujou » world, in «Cuts the Red» world is several days later the emperor, but also is insufficient, because " Dewe " this has made an effort fierce serving, is not comfortable like rookie such whole body that has not seen the world, must do what equality. 他在《甲铁城》的世界做过城主,又在《斩红》的世界做过几天皇帝,还不至于因为「蒂尤蕾」这用力过猛的侍奉,就像没见过世面的新人那样浑身不自在,非要搞什么平等。 To maintain the stability of rule, the clear explicit rank high and low must. 想要维持统治的稳固,清晰明确的等级尊卑是必须的。 „Did Chief Lila, you have the dinner?” “德莉拉队长,你吃晚饭了吗?” Listens to Luo Jie to mention when own name, " Lila " look one gloomy, but she soon realized, at present this man no longer is that with she incessantly tangled up wrong path traveler, but including former queens to present him for the lord tribe new king, the lost mentality then adjusts quickly. 罗戒提到自己时的称呼,「德莉拉」的眼神不禁一黯,但她很快意识到,眼前这个男人已经不再是那个与她抵死缠绵的迷途旅人,而是连前女王都要奉他为主的部落新王,失落的心态便很快调整过来。 Many thanks on the king cared, my eats.” “多谢王上关心,我这就去吃。” Luo Jie own food plate advances " Lila " the front, said: Without eating, eats here together.” 罗戒将自己的食盘推到「德莉拉」的面前,道:“既然没吃,就在这里一起吃吧。” On king you......?” “那王上你……?” The action of Luo Jie this warm heart no doubt lets " Lila " in heart one soft, but oneself " Dewe " front are suspending sumptuous food with former queen, but in front of new king actually completely empty, how to see that felt not quite appropriate. 罗戒这暖心的举动固然让「德莉拉」心中一软,但自己与前女王「蒂尤蕾」面前都摆着丰盛的食物,而新王面前却空空如也,怎么看都感觉不太合适。 Previous time you give my several wild herbs dumplings to be really unpalatable, my time came back to go to school intelligently, oneself brought the food.” “上次你给我的那几个野菜团子实在难吃得要死,我这次回来就学聪明了,自己带饭来的。” Luo Jie half real , half fake is chatting, while from son of a bitch " slightly may " the mouth pulled out all kinds of food. 罗戒一边半真半假的说笑着,一边从狗子「小可」的嘴里掏出了五花八门的食材。 After these are he leaves the hunter rabbit tribe, flies over the border line food that purchases in the empire. 这些都是他离开猎头兔部落后,飞越边境线在帝国境内采购的食物。 When he comes out, although has not had how much money, but Heroic Spirit " Scheherazade " picked many sunken wreck valuables and money on the road actually, converted the general gold coin almost to have several hundred thousand. 他出来时虽没带多少钱,不过英灵山鲁佐德」在路上倒是捡了不少沉船财宝,换算成通用金币差不多有几十万枚了。 What is more mysterious, possibly is because has navigated in the epicontinental sea, finally when reorganization skill " seven sea buried treasures " the treasure house, discovered the huge number pearl unexpectedly. 更神奇的是,可能是由于一直在浅海航行,最后在整理技能「七海宝藏」的宝库时,居然发现了数量巨大的珍珠。 Luo Jie this thinks at first these are the natural pearls, but also when the exclamation in own luck by non- revolutions Europe, sold the bead in the border city of empire afterward heard, one type is called " sea clan " amphibious Demi-Human the custom of having the cultured pearl, and is they extremely important source of income. 罗戒最初本以为这些都是天然珍珠,还惊叹于自己的运气由非转欧,后来在帝国的边境城市贩珠时才无意间听说,一种被称为「海族」两栖亚人种有养殖珍珠的习惯,并且也是他们极为重要的经济来源。 He then realized, indeed is sweeps the pearl that others breeding farm...... had not dug accidentally, even was the artificial aquaculture, still counted the thing of without owner? 他这才意识到,敢情是自己无意中扫荡了人家的养殖场……难道说没有挖出来的珍珠,就算是人工养殖,也被算作无主之物么? Naturally, is impossible, this whole life is impossible. 当然,还是不可能还回去的,这辈子都不可能还回去的。 The sea is so in any case big, even without these pearls, light/only by fishing, these sea clansmen could not starve to death, will make this pearl vanish to become their clan generations of inheritance the riddle of eternity. 反正大海那么大,就算没了这些珍珠,光靠捕鱼,那些海族人也饿不死,就让这珍珠消失成为他们一族代代传承的千古之谜吧。 By Gold metallurgy cooking The skill made several good food that does not have the soul, Luo Jie and " Lila " two people transferred to " Dewe " , eats while asked: „Did the both sides casualties count?” 以【炼金烹饪】技能做了几道没有灵魂的美食,罗戒给「蒂尤蕾」和「德莉拉」二人分拨了一些,才边吃边问道:“双方伤亡统计出来了吗?” " Lila " rushes saying: „My hunter rabbit clan died in battle 152 people, cripples 64 people, because the treatment on king, has not presented the stretcher patient, what minor wound 532 people remaining is only some scrubbing and so on skin flesh wound.” 「德莉拉」赶忙回道:“我猎头兔一族阵亡152人,致残64人,因为王上的治疗,没有出现重伤员,轻伤532人剩下的只是些刮擦之类的皮外伤。” Human that side corpse because of breaking to pieces too fiercely, counting to be very difficult, the preliminary estimate died in battle population over 2000, has 452 people that we capture.” “人类那边的尸体因碎得太厉害,统计起来很困难,初步估计阵亡人数2000以上,被我们俘虏的有452人。” Luo Jie nods, raises up two hands to point out: Two matters- first, interrogated the status of each captive, screened in which aristocrat, and sent people to contact the empire, wanted them to draw cash to redeem a slave.” 罗戒点点头,竖起两根手指道:“两件事-第一,审问每一名俘虏的身份,将其中的贵族甄别出来,并派人联络帝国,要他们拿钱来赎人。” Second, by former hunter rabbit queen " Dewe " the name, calls other hunter rabbit tribe leaders, comes our department to discuss official business.” “第二,以原猎头兔女王「蒂尤蕾」的名义,召集其他猎头兔部落首领,前来我部议事。” " Dewe " as if realized anything, the snow white long ear moves slightly, said with amazement: On king, you want......” 「蒂尤蕾」似乎意识到了什么,雪白的长耳微微一动,惊讶道:“王上,难道您是要……” Luo Jie shows a faint smile, superficial say/way. 罗戒微微一笑,轻描淡写道。 Right, I must end the loose form of this tribe alliance, later this piece of snowfield general will only have a hunter rabbit tribe- no, should be the country of hunter rabbit.” “没错,我要终结这部落联盟的松散形式,以后这片雪原上将只会有一个猎头兔部落-不,应该是猎头兔之国。” Today is my holiday, asking a bill...... the painted eggshell chapter too to be really difficult to send, the AI algorithm was really more and more fierce, an opening did not let the drill, I had a look also to have anything to send. 今天又是我的节日呢,求个票票呗……彩蛋章实在太难发了,AI算法真是越来越厉害了,一点空子都不让钻,我看看还有什么能发的吧。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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