NE :: Volume #11

#1061: Decays common

Beta has own idea, in his opinion, most religious sects cannot develop now, the reason is related with Pope. x. 贝塔有自己的想法,在他看来,现在大多数的教派发展不起来,原因和教皇有关。x. Pope has held too many power, moreover most Pope...... Said that looks like in Beta, is unqualified. 教皇掌了太多的权,而且大多数的教皇……怎么说呢,在贝塔看来,不合格。 Perhaps they excel at the political struggle very much, but how to develop on a sect, ability is insufficient. This causes, their vigor, almost caused toward the political struggle. 或许他们很擅长政治斗争,但在如何发展一个教派上,能力不足。这就使得,他们的劲,几乎都往政治斗争上使了。 Political struggle this type of thing, necessary, but as Pope, all adds skill at the political struggle, was not quite appropriate. 政治斗争这种东西,是有必要的,但作为一个教皇,把技能点全加在政治斗争上,就不太合适了。 If the average person and she said, Monica definitely is disdains to hear, makes Pope, I also do want you to teach? 要是一般人和她这么说,莫尼卡肯定是不屑一闻,怎么做教皇,我还要你教? But this is words that Beta spoke. Not to mention Beta in her at heart, has the considerable special status, moreover Beta used oneself these years experience, explained to the common people a matter, he absolutely was in Pope, topest one. 但这是贝塔说的话。且不说贝塔在她的心里,有着相当特殊的地位,况且贝塔用自己这几年的经历,向世人说明了一件事情,他绝对是教皇中,最顶尖之一。 Small sect that a nobody knows, lives the generating actually the present second largest sect. 把一个没有人知道的小教派,硬是生展成了现在的第二大教派。 Although teaches still not to result in Light God compares, but Hollevin is the wealth Church back garden. 虽然和光明神教依然没有得比,不过霍莱汶已经算是财富神教的后花园了。 Many religious sects, cannot achieve such matter, but grows out of nothing, from small and weak to the great strength, Beta has only spent less than seven years. 很多教派,都做不到这样的事情,而从无到有,从弱小到强大,贝塔只花了不到七年的时间。 What can seven years of average person make? 七年一般人能做什么? Therefore, is unreasonable in the sentiment, in Gong in private, the Beta words, Monica heard at heart, moreover impression extremely deep that. 所以,于情无理,于公于私,贝塔的话,莫尼卡都听到了心里,而且还是印象极深的那种。 Returns to oneself room from the Beta room, Monica sits on the chair ponders. Before or the Beta words, touch to her, has subverted her, regarding the imagination of Pope this position. 贝塔的房间回到自己房里,莫尼卡坐在椅子上沉思。贝塔的话,对她触动很多,或者说,颠复了她以前对于教皇这个位置的想像。 In her beforehand idea, Pope is another king, even is fiercer than the king. 在她以前的观念中,教皇就是另一种国王,甚至比国王还要厉害。 The king must care about Feudal Lord, but Pope is really the effective and influential word, almost nobody can defy, except for Saintess. 国王还得顾及领主们,但教皇真的是一言九鼎,几乎没有人能违抗,除了圣女 But generally speaking, Saintess not blatantly and Pope sings an opposing tune. 但一般来说,圣女也不会公然和教皇唱反调。 But now, Beta tells her, so long as Pope actually manages well Archbishop loyal or was not good, does not need too big resolution power. 而现在,贝塔却告诉她,教皇其实只要管好大主教们的忠心与否就行了,不需要有太大的决断权。 Can be good really? 真的能行? Monica thought that this is very absurd, but she believes that Beta will not deceive itself, because does not have that necessity. 莫尼卡觉得这很荒谬,只是她相信贝塔不会骗自己,因为没有那必要。 Then, her night has not rested. 而后,她一夜未睡。 Next day, Monica received the audiences of other four Archbishop. Meets in the remote manor of Royal City suburb, Moni cassette Beta on the past. 第二天,莫尼卡受到了其它四位大主教的请见。在王城郊外的一座偏僻庄园中见面,莫尼卡带着贝塔就过去了。 Other four people in waiting for Monica, outside the manor has at least 13 Grandmasters to protect, moreover there are over 30 elite Class Holder. 其它四人已经在等着莫尼卡了,庄园外有至少13位大师在守护,而且还有30名以上的精英职业者 Is quite powerful protection effort. 已经是相当强悍的守护力度了。 Monica sat on the chair, but her with Beta. 莫尼卡坐到了椅子上,而她的身后跟着贝塔 In fact, if no Beta in side, she has not dared to appear in these four Archbishop front really casually. 实质上,如果没有贝塔在身边,她还真不敢随便出现在这四个大主教的面前。 Although the individual strengths of these people are not strong, the powerhouse but who can transfer are really many, Monica's spider clone is truly fierce, but this is not representing, after her main death, the soul returns to that side the vice- body, can reply the original strength quickly. 这些人的个人实力虽然不强,但可以调动的强者实在不少,莫尼卡的蜘蛛分身确实很厉害,但这并不代表着,她的主体死亡后,灵魂回到副体那边,就能很快回复到原来的实力。 According to branching out the spider is different, the time of reply is also different. 根据分出的蜘蛛不同,回复的时间也是不同的。 Serious point at least about one year. 严重点的至少得一年左右。 For example crucial time like present, one year...... For half a month cannot participate this bureau , the female Pope dream must be cool. 比如说像现在这样关键的时刻,一年……半个月参与不到这场‘局’里来,女教皇的梦就得凉了。 Four Archbishop, fall the line of sight on Monica first, then looks to Beta. 四名大主教,将视线先落在莫尼卡身上,而后又看向贝塔 They also gradually feel, Monica's energy seems this young people. Their four people lead at least over ten people guards to dare to come out, but Monica is actually one person. 他们也渐渐感觉出来,莫尼卡的底气似乎就是这个年轻人。他们四人带着至少十人以上的护卫才敢出来,而莫尼卡却是一人。 To own strength, has the extreme confidence to the strength of guard? 对自己的实力,对护卫的实力都有极度的信心? Remembers that previous Beta throws flying sword, four Archbishop also thought that some hearts tremble, speed was too quick, cannot respond completely. 想起上次贝塔扔出的那把飞剑,四位大主教也觉得有些心颤,速度太快了,完全反应不过来。 If both sides have the conflict, them, the beginning at least must predecease a person. 如果双方真有冲突,他们这边,开场就至少得先死一个人。 You came somewhat lately, filled Ms. Liya.” In four people, youngest Archbishop said. “你来得有些迟了,塞丽娅女士。”四人中,最年轻的大主教说道。 Monica said with a smile: No, time just. If Beyrot Skjod is discontented, I do not have the means.” 莫尼卡微笑道:“没有吧,时间刚好。如果贝罗斯克阁下不满,我也没有办法。” Other four people show neither approval nor disapproval. Although is only short two words, but is in a language probes the confrontation. 其它四个人不置可否。虽然只是短短的两句话,但已经是一次语言上试探交锋。 After all every so often, only then level the biggest that person, has the qualifications to come late. 毕竟很多时候,只有‘位阶’最大的那个人,才有资格来迟。 Sees nobody to speak, Monica asked on own initiative: „, What reason called me is?” 见没有人说话,莫尼卡主动问道:“那么,把我叫过来是什么原因?” Last night I was attacked.” Beyrot Skjod Archbishop somewhat unhappy said: I ahead of time am ready, may die.” “昨晚我被袭击了。”贝罗斯克大主教有些不快地说道:“要不是我提前做好准备,可能真的会死。” Monica has selected under the eyebrow, regarding Beyrot Skjod's complaint, some not branch. The day before yesterday several people gathered discussing official business time, had warned, if like this were also assassinated to go well by others, then Beyrot Skjod was really too stupid. 莫尼卡挑了下眉毛,对于贝罗斯克的诉苦,有些不岔。前天几人相聚议事的时候,都已经警告过了,如果这样子还被别人暗杀得手,那么贝罗斯克真的就是太蠢了。 Even if cannot block, won't change the place ahead of time? 就算挡不住,不会提前换地方? Monica has the energy, will continue to treat in the northern County Monastery. 莫尼卡是有底气,才会继续待在北郡修道院中的。 She not only has spider clone to treat in the Beta Grand Residence Spell space, moreover Beta still the arrange/cloth in the northern County Monastery has to protect barrier, wants to assassinate her, is very difficult matter. 她不但有蜘蛛分身贝塔豪宅术空间中待着,况且贝塔还在北郡修道院中布有防护结界,想要暗杀她,是很困难的事情。 Saw the look that Monica remains unmoved, Beyrot Skjod's complexion appears somewhat dignified: Fills Ms. Liya, since you want to make us work, then at least must first make us feel that will be very safe with you are right.” 见到莫尼卡的神色不为所动,贝罗斯克的脸色显得有些凝重:“塞丽娅女士,你既然想让我们效力,那么至少得先要让我们觉得跟着你会很安全才对吧。” „Is this goal that you ask me to come today?” Monica has a look at four people, thinks somewhat funnily: Everybody is the current Pope eye-sore, is unable to defend oneself, if you died, that showed that you do not have the ability to live this time disaster.” “这就是你们今天找我过来的目的?”莫尼卡看看四人,觉得有些好笑:“大家都是现任教皇的眼中钉,都是自身难保,如果你死了,那就证明你没有能力活过这次的劫难。” Beyrot Skjod's complexion is somewhat ugly. 贝罗斯克的脸色有些难看。 In the Beta heart thinks somewhat funnily, these people are still thinking advances the onstage Monica, making her go to fight in the first line, exhaustes the Pope strength, a counter- Monica and Pope have put together a mutual wounds, then they gained. 贝塔心中觉得有些好笑,这些人依然想着把莫尼卡推到前台,让她去在第一线打拼,消耗教皇的实力,反一莫尼卡和教皇拼了个两败俱伤,那么他们岂不是就赚到了。 Monica's political foresight is not worse than them, saw clearly their intention. 只是莫尼卡的政治眼光不比他们差,一眼就看清了他们的意图。 If asked me to come for this matter, that did not have the meaning, I prepared.” Monica looks at these Archbishop, in heart is somewhat disappointed. “如果只是为了这事叫我过来,那就太没有意思了,我准备走了。”莫尼卡看着这些大主教们,心中有些失望。 At this time, but also is thinking manipulates strategically mutually. 都这种时候了,还想着互相勾心斗角。 If before, she will think very normal, but currently has Beta to make the reference, she thought that these Archbishop, appeared decays very common. 要是以前的话,她会觉得很正常,但现在有了贝塔作参照,她就觉得这些大主教们,显得十分庸朽了。 Does not use anxiously walking.” Beyrot Skjod stands saying: We formulate to plan, how effectively to crack down on the Pope influence.” “不用急着走。”贝罗斯克站起来说道:“我们来制定一下计划吧,到底如何更有效地打击教皇的势力。” Finally said that some useful words, Monica is wanting to say oneself idea, but at this time, Beta actually arrived by her, said low voice: Had troops to come toward us.” 终于说些有用的话了,莫尼卡正欲将自己的想法说出来,但这时候,贝塔却走到她旁边,小声说道:“有一支人马往我们这边过来了。” Monica complexion one cold, other Bishop are also so. 莫尼卡脸色一凛,其它主教也是如此。 The Beta speech sound is not loud, but does not have the room to lower the sound completely, therefore other people also heard. 贝塔说话声音不大,但也没有房间完全压低声音,因此其它人也听到了。
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