NE :: Volume #11

#1060: A Monica's stride

„, How you determined, other Cleric, Priest will support you becomes in history first female Pope?” “那么,你如何确定,其它的神官,牧师们会拥护你成为史上第一位女教皇?” This truly is a very realistic issue, female Pope after all is the first time exceptional case, can cause the basic unit personnel large-scale disaffection, truly is worth considering and vigilant. 这确实是一个很现实的问题,女教皇毕竟算是第一次‘特例’,会不会引起基层人员大规模的不满,确实值得考虑和警惕。 Although said that high-rank of this world does not pay great attention to the life and death of floor personnel, but they at least also understand, if a sect, the massive floor personnel are separate, will have the massive believer extensions to throw surely do not send, Strength of Belief that then the gods obtain will reduce, after the gods strength weakens, will have more floor Priest to leave, leaves with many believer, forms a vicious circle. 虽然说这个世界的上位者不太注重底层人员的生死,但他们至少也明白一点,如果一个教派,大量的底层人员离散,必定会带着大量的信徒转投别派,而后神明得到的信仰之力就会降低,神明实力变弱后,会有更多的底层牧师离开,和更多的信徒离开,形成一个恶性循环。 Relax, I obtained goddess Oracle, so long as I underwent the test, the goddess will allow me to sit on the Pope throne.” “放心,我得到了女神的神谕,只要我经过了考验,女神会准许我坐在教皇王座上。” Regarding other Archbishop, these words, are not inferior to an earthquake. Each one Archbishop are the face belt/bring startles the color, that type installed calm completely vanishes does not see. 对于其它大主教来说,这几句话,不亚于一场地震。个个大主教都是脸带骇色,原本那种装出来的淡定完全消失不见。 Even also Archbishop jumped: „Did you listen respectfully to Oracle unexpectedly?” 甚至还有一个大主教跳了起来:“你居然聆听了神谕?” Although their moral behavior some issues, but the heart of belief is not bad, otherwise cannot sit Archbishop this position. Listens respectfully to the goddess sound, is each believer dream in order to matter. 虽然他们的人品都有些问题,但信仰之心是不差的,否则也坐不到大主教这位置。聆听女神的声音,是每一位正信徒梦之以求的事情。 Monica has smiled, is somewhat contented. 莫尼卡笑了下,有些自得。 This world can listen respectfully to the person who the gods teach not to be many, everyone said that can cause others' envying. 这世界能聆听神明教诲的人本来就不多,每一个人说出来,都能引起别人的羡慕。 Was often incurred the different kind that on God Kingdom chatted as for Beta this type, calculated the non- answer. 至于贝塔这种动不动就被招上神国聊天的异类,算不得数。 Has Archbishop to be calm quite quickly, he asked back: How you showed.” 有个大主教镇定得比较快,他反问道:“你怎么证明。” First, I am God's Favoured.” Monica waves the arms about, abandons several translucent small spiders to crawl at the scene randomly: „Before you should also know the present goddess, different.” “首先,我是神眷者。”莫尼卡一甩手,扔下几只半透明的小蜘蛛在场面上乱爬:“你们也应该知道现在的女神和以前不同了吧。” Four Archbishop see this picture, is the look concentrates, afterward the nose view nose, the eye view eye, does not make the sound. 四位大主教看到这画面,都是眼神一凝,随后鼻观鼻,眼观眼,不作声。 They already discovered before present goddess, has very big difference, the Divine Power aura had very big change. 他们早就发现现在的女神和以前有很大区别,神力的气息有了很大的变化。 Moreover, they dreamed of one several times huge, is sending out the life Divine Power giant person first spider, indistinct, how they were also clear is a matter. 而且,他们数次梦见了一头庞大的,散发着生命神力的巨型人首蜘蛛,隐隐约约的,他们也清楚了是怎么一回事。 Original Life Goddess disappears, came a present such new god. 生命女神不见了,来了现在这么一个新神。 They are not willing to say the matter, does not dare to say. 只是他们不愿意把事情说出来,也不敢说。 The small spider crawls on the ground randomly, its aura of attachment, has a dream to feel with them some similar. 小蜘蛛在地上乱爬,其附着的气息,和他们做梦感觉得到的些相似。 God's Favoured of new god...... So that's how it is. 新神的神眷者……原来如此。 Since Archbishop understood these days, why fills Liya to be able rise such quickly, has the goddess to support in behind, did not feel strange quickly. 大主教明白了这段时间以来,为什么塞丽娅会‘上升’得这么快,有女神在后面撑腰,不快才奇怪了。 Actually these are Monica's own effort, but human likes beautifying the ability of gods very much, in their opinion, the destiny of common people, in the past future, during gods' control. 其实这些都是莫尼卡自身的努力,不过人类很喜欢美化神明的能力,在他们看来,世人的命运啊,过去未来啊,都在神明的掌控之中。 Liya no wonder can become Archbishop as woman, moreover is so young, even dares to withstand/top their these established Archbishop. 塞丽娅怪不得能以女人的身份成为大主教,而且还这么年轻,甚至敢顶着他们这几个老牌大主教 These Archbishop, gave itself an appropriate reason to approve Monica to have such achievement. 这些大主教们,给了自己一个合适的理由来认同莫尼卡能有这样的成就。 The opposite party as a woman, actually ability not compared with them, but behind her is standing the gods. 对方身为女人,其实能力并不比他们这些人强,只是她背后站着神明。 Had such idea, they felt that was much better. 有了这样的想法,他们就感觉好多了。 These Archbishop are very actually intelligent, they indistinctly had also guessed correctly who kills other Archbishop person is, but cannot affirm. 这些大主教其实都很聪明,他们也隐约猜到了杀害别的大主教的人到底是谁,但不敢肯定而已。 But now, fills Liya from exploding the status, made them more definite own idea. 而现在,‘塞丽娅’自爆身份,就让他们更加确定了自己的想法而已。 That, how we should teaching...... Does the secret evil behind-the-scenes manipulator direct?” And Archbishop asked. “那么,我们该如何把教……幕后黑手引出来?”其中一个大主教问道。 Monica smiled: We are the best baits, couple days ago died two, remaining we, definitely also assassinated object.” 莫尼卡笑了笑:“我们就是最好的诱饵,前几天已经死了两个了,剩下的我们,肯定也是被暗杀的对像。” „Can we only wait?” Has Archbishop to ask. “难道我们只能等?”有个大主教问道。 Monica shakes the head: Presently can only like this, Pope still hold the heavy power now, the heresy examining post, is guard Temple the group, is his influence, only if, we at least stir up rebellion, otherwise forever does not have the means to be initiative.” 莫尼卡摇头:“当前只能这样,现在教皇依然握有重权,无论是异端审问所,还是神殿护卫团,都是他的势力,除非,我们至少策反其中一家,否则永远没有办法主动。” Numerous Archbishop has revealed the color of feeling embarrassed, they are very clear, since the ancient times, Pope has had the direct command power of these two parts, wants to stir up rebellion, is a quite difficult matter. 大主教都露了为难之色,他们很清楚,自古以来,教皇一直是拥有这两个部分的直接指挥权,想要策反,是件相当困难的事情。 Also Archbishop asked: These noble?” 又有一个大主教问道:“那些贵族们呢?” You make they bully weakly also good, but makes them fight the fortification fight, copes Pope, they definitely are not willing to take the lead.” Monica shakes the head: They understand inborn congenially, if we do not have a odds of success, they will stand that side Pope without hesitation.” “你让他们欺负比自己弱的还行,但让他们打攻坚战,去对付教皇,他们肯定不愿意打头阵的。”莫尼卡摇摇头:“他们天生懂得投机,如果我们没有一丝胜算,他们会毫不犹豫地站在教皇那一边。” All Bishop are silent. 所有的主教都沉默起来。 Their aware status is honored, making them work as the bait, how to think irritable. 他们自觉身份尊贵,让他们当诱饵,怎么都觉得别扭。 „If not want, now can also withdraw.” “如果不愿意的话,现在也可以退出。” You did not fear that we do withdraw?” “你不怕我们都退出吗?” Did not fear.” Monica said calm: Even if in any case is defeated, I have the method of self-preservation. But you different...... Now before goddess and different, you or trade a belief from the beginning to come again, either...... Must accept the retaliation of current Pope.” “不怕。”莫尼卡淡定地说道:“反正即使失败,我也有自保的方法。但你们不同……现在女神和以前不同,你们要么换个信仰从头来再,要么……就得接受现任教皇的报复。” Monica's words, making these Archbishop complexions quite ugly. 莫尼卡的话,让这些大主教们的脸色相当难看。 But has to acknowledge, she said is quite reasonable. 但不得不承认,她说得相当有道理。 Crossed the meeting, Archbishop said: In any case about is the dead ends, spells actually not. Then, how bait law?” 过了会,其中一个大主教说道:“反正左右都是死路一条,倒不是拼一把。说吧,怎么个诱饵法?” Monica smiles, she knows, she had with the ability that Pope spoke the last words finally. 莫尼卡微笑起来,她知道,自己终于有和教皇叫板的能力了。 Then, is Monica's one-man show, then returns to the northern County Monastery room, she rolled to roll on the Beta bed, the big font was lying down, curve attractive daydream: Died of exhaustion me, manipulated strategically with these old things troublesome, has been really faced with imminent disaster, but also was considering own interests.” 接下来,就是莫尼卡的独角戏,而后回到北郡修道院房间内,她骨碌一下就滚到了贝塔的床上,大字型地躺着,曲线诱人遐思:“累死我了,和这些老东西勾心斗角真麻烦,都大难临头了,还在考虑着自己的利益。” Beta sits to the chair on, suddenly said: About the enfeoffment system, I thought that is not quite appropriate.” 贝塔坐到椅子上,突然说道:“关于分封制,我觉得不太妥当。” How inappropriate law.” Monica sat: I think it over, only then this method can win over to obtain them.” “怎么个不妥当法。”莫尼卡坐了起来:“我想来想去,只有这种方法可以拉拢得到他们了。” Is easy to cause various Hou to establish a separatist regime.” Beta said: Time was long, the place did not listen to the central transfer order.” “容易造成诸候割据。”贝塔说道:“时间久了,地方就不听中央调令了。” Monica knitting the brows head: „After that looks again step by step, after all current important.” 莫尼卡皱皱眉头:“那以后再一步步看吧,毕竟当前重要。” Actually you can consider that the cabinet discussed the polity, can call the centralization democratic system.” Beta said: Can transfer the authority, can make the authority at least under own eye hides handles affairs.” “其实你可以考虑内阁议政制,也可以称之为集权式民主制。”贝塔说道:“即可以把权力下放,也能令权力至少在自己的眼皮子底下行事。” Monica hears this, immediately came the interest: Mentioned listens.” 莫尼卡听到这,顿时来了兴趣:“说来听听。” I plan to pass the several years again, waits for wealth Church completely to take the stock rail, implements this division of powers way.” Beta these words are to tell her, this idea wants to come out by no means temporarily, but has considered very long matter: Said is actually a few words: Gives others to do the matter, Pope only good inspector general, the power of austere discipline.” “我打算再过数年,等财富神教完全走上正轨,也实施这种权力分配方式。”贝塔这句话就是告诉她,这想法并非临时想出来的,而是已经考虑了很久的事情:“说出来其实就是一句话:把事情交给别人做,教皇只行监督,肃纪之权。” Monica is somewhat puzzled: Now as if is also this, Pope most time do not need to work.” 莫尼卡有些不解:“现在似乎也是这样吧,教皇大多数时间都不用做事的。” No, different.” Beta said with a smile: How the present situation is a sect does, was decided by Pope, other people raise the line puppet. But centralization democratic system, how is the sect to do, develops, is decided by everybody, Pope only needs to guarantee under him this group of senior statesmen to Church loyal sincere then.” “不,不同的。”贝塔微笑道:“现在的情况是一个教派怎么做,由教皇决定,其它人只是提线木偶。而集权式民主制,则是教派怎么做,怎么发展,由大家说了算,教皇只需要保证他下面这批元老们对神教的忠诚心即可。”
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