NE :: Volume #11

#1058: Let others speak

From this assassination, the king knows, own surroundings, were seeped by the fire-worship. His assassinated time, in attacking the desert Royal City battlefield, usually very loyal guard, found an opportunity, the direct sword holds from the back to his heart. 从这次刺杀,国王已经知道,自己的周围,已经被拜火教渗透了。他被刺杀的时候,是在攻打沙漠王城的战场上,一个平时很忠心的侍卫,找了个机会,直接一剑从后背捅向他的心脏。 At that time in his guard had Grandmaster Level Swordsman, responded that speed is quite quick, temporarily draws a sword to open out half inch the sword of opposite party, only injured his arm body, otherwise he already died. 要不是当时他的护卫中有个大师级剑士,反应速度相当快,临时拔剑将对方的剑拨开半寸,只伤到了他的手臂皮肉,否则他早就死了。 But even so, the curse still made him lie down for one month. 但即使如此,诅咒依然还是让他躺了一个多月的时间。 Because also his injury, causes to attack the desert Royal City matter, comes to the end, now the Hollevin army withdrew 50% kilometers distance in the frontline, the withdrawing defense line. The king is unclear this matter, making all Feudal Lord allied armies receive the vacillation on morale, the Hollevin home, all influences, are almost paying attention to his life and death. 也因为他的受伤,使得攻打沙漠王城的事情,告一段落,现在霍莱汶军在前线后撤了一半公里的距离,龟缩防线。国王死活不明这事,让所有的领主联军都受到了士气上的动摇,霍莱汶国内,所有的势力,几乎都在关注他的生死。 Un, except for wealth Church. 嗯,除了财富神教 Emma thinks, agreed. Then brother and sister embarrassed chatted several, Emma said goodbye to leave on own initiative. 艾玛想了想,同意了。而后兄妹两人尬聊了几句,艾玛主动告辞离开。 King on bed silent meeting, to outside was shouting the sound: Regato, comes.” 国王在床上沉默了会,对着外边喊了声:“雷加托尔,进来。” Young will take away, the single knee kneels down. 一位年轻将领走了进来,单膝跪下。 „After and other Emma and the others left, you lead troops martial law entire Royal City, without my order, no one can ziyou come and go out, dares strong rushing...... Executes at the scene!” “等艾玛等人离开后,你就带兵戒严整座王城,没有我的命令,谁都不能ziyou出入,敢强闯者……当场格杀!” The young military officer draws back, because said the relations of these many words, the king starts to be weak, heavy m lies down to return to the bed newly. 年轻将领退下,因为说了这么多话的关系,国王又开始虚弱起来,重m新躺回到床上。 But even so, murderous aura of his whole body also has not compared was weak before the slightest bit. 但即使如此,他满身的杀气亦不曾比之前弱了半分。 Sowrey Raner is impossible to carry on the back the elegant flower bud tower, therefore Emma has rented a carriage, took the carriage toward leaving Royal City with the Sowrey Raner three people. 索里拉娜是不可能驮着娜蕾塔的,因此艾玛租了辆马车,和索里拉娜三人一起乘坐着马车往离开了王城 Judi brought the pterodactyl squad from airborne to pass over gently and swiftly, first went to the front to explore the way. 茱迪带着翼龙小队从空中掠过,先去前方探路。 When their three people leave city far time, Royal City declares martial law immediately. 等她们三人离开城市远一些的时候,王城立刻戒严起来。 Has looked at Royal City, the elegant flower bud tower that is not willing to leave sees this, somewhat is immediately alarmed and afraid, although she cannot be very able, but political smell some, otherwise before , will not seek help from Emma. 一直看着王城,不太愿离开的娜蕾塔看到这一幕,顿时有些惊惧,她虽然不能很有能力,但政治嗅觉还是有些的,否则之前就不会求助于艾玛了。 This must start to kill people in Royal City obviously...... She understands finally oneself man, why must be left by oneself. 这明显是要开始在王城里杀人了……她终于明白自己的男人,为什么要让自己离开。 The mood has stabilized. 心情安定了许多。 She sits the body, looks at calm Emma, asked: How many days do we want to walk probably?” 她坐正身体,看着淡定的艾玛,问道:“我们大概要走多少天?” Goes to the next city, direct transmission to the Waukeen city.” Emma said lightly. “去下一座城市,直接传送到渥金城。”艾玛淡淡地说道。 Is transmission of wealth Church establishment?” Although large-scale transmission already commercial some time, but the elegant flower bud tower did not have enjoyment to flicker the feeling of thousand li (500 km): You come time, is like this?” “就是财富神教设置的传送阵?”虽然大型传送阵已经商用相当长一段时间了,但娜蕾塔还没有‘享受’过一瞬千里的感觉的:“你们来的时候,也是这样子吗?” „It is not.” Emma looked at a Sowrey Raner: Transmission person lifeform, can pass with the majority of appliances. She is a dragon, therefore we fly. But this time I and you transmit to the Waukeen city first, Raner and Judi and the others oneself slowly fly.” “不是。”艾玛看了一眼索里拉娜:“传送阵只有人型生物,和大部分的器具可以通过。她本质上是条龙,因此我们是飞过来的。但这次我和你先传送到渥金城,拉娜和茱迪等人就自己慢慢飞回去。” The Waukeen city leaves the Royal City very far distance, if the saddle horse car(riage), at least over 15 days. Now heard that can use transmission, the elegant flower bud tower has felt relieved, her body is delicate, too cannot be able to bear the pain of far way climbing mountains and crossing rivers. 渥金城离王城很远的距离,如果是坐马车的话,至少得15天以上。现在听说能使用传送阵,娜蕾塔放心了许多,她身体娇弱,可不太能受得了远途跋涉之苦。 Really, to the next city, Emma brought the elegant flower bud tower to transmit the Waukeen city. 果然,到了下一座城市,艾玛带着娜蕾塔就传送到了渥金城。 Comes out from transmission, the elegant flower bud tower looks at the surrounding crowd, is hearing the sound of clamoring, some suddenly. 从传送阵中出来,娜蕾塔看着周围的人群,听着喧哗的声音,有些恍然。 She has also watched live transmission, therefore is very clear, the Waukeen city is a quite lively city, but enters to this city after truly, she feels, this city seems to be livelier than Royal City. 她也是看过‘直播’的,因此很清楚,渥金城是一座相当繁华的城市,但真正进入到这座城市之后,她才感觉到,这座城市似乎比王城更加繁华。 The pedestrians on street are relaxed, the hawking sound of side peddler, continuously. She can feel, this city has been full of the energy. 街道上的行人们轻松自在,靠边小贩的叫卖声,此起彼伏。她能感觉得到,这座城市充满了活力。 Moreover, unexpectedly also many native of Asia races...... Elf. 而且,居然还有很多亚人种族……还有精灵。 Brings the surprised, elegant flower bud tower to arrive at the City Lord mansion with Emma like this. 带着这样的惊讶,娜蕾塔跟着艾玛来到城主府。 Then she saw is much more attractive, the stature is better much Shirley. Visited her to miss has had the mood of feeling inferior. 然后她就看到了更加漂亮得多,身材更好得多的雪莉。看得她差得产生了自卑的情绪。 Elegant flower bud tower nature was welcome in a friendly way, was placed in the Emma next door. 娜蕾塔自然受到了友好的欢迎,然后被安置在艾玛的隔壁。 When she prepares to enter the room, hears Emma the cry of losing: What, has Beta come back one time?” 就在她准备进房的时候,听到艾玛略带着失落的叫声:“什么,贝塔回来过一次?” Looks at the sorrowfulness of that face, the elegant flower bud tower is somewhat surprised. 看着那一脸的哀愁,娜蕾塔有些惊讶。 Although Waukeen city many people know that Emma is the Beta woman, but in Hollevin Royal City, knows that the person of this matter are not many, is clear on the kings and several big powerful officials. 虽然渥金城很多人都知道艾玛贝塔的女人,但远在霍莱汶王城,知道这事的人并不多,也就国王和几位大权贵清楚。 The elegant flower bud tower has also thought that Emma is Saintess, now hears this saying, then knows...... Emma had the man. 娜蕾塔还一直以为艾玛圣女,现在听到这话,便知道……艾玛有男人了。 Beta...... Wealth Church Pope, her clear this person is young and handsome, truly can be joined to Emma. 贝塔……财富神教教皇,她清楚这人年轻又英俊,确实配得上艾玛 She is somewhat curious, Saintess the person broken body that was taught by outside, storm won't Church have the opinion? 只是她有些好奇,圣女被外教的人破身,风暴神教不会有意见吗? In fact, is a little opinion. But storm Church now and fire-worship in war, moreover received wealth Church several times aid, therefore there is any discontented, must bury at heart. 事实上,是有点意见的。但风暴神教现在和拜火教正在战争中,况且也受了财富神教数次的‘援助’,因此有什么不满,也得埋在心里。 This is the resources that oneself Saintess sold must come. 这算是把自家‘圣女’卖了才得来的资源。 The present Waukeen city is getting more and more lively, although will have some time to the Dragon Knight selection competition, but many people have caught up ahead of time, the price of hotel lodging will sky-rocket, many natives will start to vacate several room/house to come the house, will rent to the outcomer to temporarily reside. 现在的渥金城越来越热闹,虽然离龙骑士选拔大赛还有相当长一段时间,但很多人提前赶了过来,旅馆住宿的价格一涨再涨,很多本地人都开始把房子腾出几间房来,租给外来者暂住。 The elegant flower bud tower has treated for two days in the City Lord mansion, cannot bear want to go out to stroll, Shirley has matched several strength good female guards to her, she strolled on several Tian Street, has bought many things, the mood that even if so, a point is sick of daily does not have. The instinct that the women window-shop, seemed unearthed. 娜蕾塔在城主府待了两天,就忍不住想外出逛逛,雪莉给她配了几个实力不错的女性护卫,她逛了几天街,买了不少的东西,即使天天如此,一点厌烦的情绪也没有。女人逛街的天性,似乎被挖掘了出来。 Emma was not leisurely and carefree, are getting more and more along with the non-native population, her work is also getting more and more arduous. 艾玛就没有那么悠闲了,随着外来人口越来越多,她的工作也越来越繁重。 On this day her work on completes on hand, the quick night, has been dragging the somewhat weary body, she returns to oneself room, then heard the knock. 这天她把手头上的工作完成,已经快深夜了,拖着有些疲倦的身体,她回到自己的房间,然后就听到了敲门声。 What out of the door is standing is the elegant flower bud tower, Emma asks her to come, asks: Today passes not happily?” 门外站着的是娜蕾塔,艾玛请她进来,问道:“今天过得不开心吗?” The elegant flower bud tower shakes the head, she hesitant a meeting, seems making the mental preparation, good long time saying: My afternoon wants to go to the city hall to look for you, but saw person who does not suit, therefore first walked!” 娜蕾塔摇摇头,她犹豫了一会,似乎在做思想准备,好半晌才说道:“我下午的本来想去市政厅找你,但看到一个不太对劲的人,所以就先走了!” Emma has not cared, she said: Because of the relations of Dragon Knight selection competition, some non-native population, some people does not suit is very normal.” 艾玛没有太在意,她说道:“因为龙骑士选拔大赛的关系,有很多外来人口,有些人不太对劲很正常啊。” The elegant flower bud tower shakes the head: „It is not, I meant, before that person, I have seen, the king once received to see him, at that time I remembered him to propose, said that must decompose wealth Church, but was rejected by the king.” 娜蕾塔摇头:“不是,我是说,那个人以前我见过,国王曾经接过见他,当时我记得他提议,说要分解财富神教,但被国王拒绝了。” What!” Emma one startled, knits the brows: You said the matter completely.” “什么!”艾玛一惊,皱眉道:“你把事情完完整整说一遍。” Originally was about six months ago, when king has not resorted to arms to the desert kingdom, the elegant flower bud tower just became the sweetheart of king, at that time the king trusted the elegant flower bud tower very much, late at night received some dense guest time, the elegant flower bud tower also presented. Therefore knows that person long anything appearance, knows comment that the opposite party gave. 原来大约是半年前,在国王还没有对沙漠王国用兵的时候,娜蕾塔刚成为国王的情人,当时国王对娜蕾塔很信任,深夜接见某个密客的时候,娜蕾塔也在场。所以知道那个人长什么样子,也知道对方提出的意见。 Emma asked: That person long anything appearance.” 艾玛问道:“那个人长什么模样。” Is very young, is very handsome, very intellectuality. Puts on white demon magic robe.” “很年轻,很英俊,也很知性。穿着白色的魔法袍。” The Emma mind Neutral quarter emerges an image, she has sized up the elegant flower bud tower up and down, smiles somewhat happily: Originally the big brother delivers you, this meaning. He cannot open the mouth, therefore lets you.” 艾玛的脑海中立刻浮出出一个形象,她上下打量了一下娜蕾塔,笑得有些开心:“原来大哥把你送过来,还有这层意思。他开不了口,所以就让你来说。” An elegant flower bud tower face is bewildered. 娜蕾塔一脸莫名其妙。
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