NE :: Volume #11

#1057: Entrusting

The words of elegant flower bud tower, let Emma are extremely the surprise, but also thinks afterward very normally. 娜蕾塔的话,让艾玛极是诧异,但随后也觉得十分正常。 Political struggle this type of thing, finds at everywhere in the royal palace, she saw before a lot, is not strange. The mother and daughter pick to come with great difficulty from royal palace mess, does not want to fall again. 政治斗争这种东西,在王宫内随处可见,她以前见得多了,不奇怪。她们母女俩好不容易从王宫这个烂摊子中摘出身来,可不想再陷进去。 Is thinking the big brother also lies on the bed now does not awake, Emma thought, oneself needs to treat again waits here, moreover must give shelter to the elegant flower bud tower, after all she is very likely becomes oneself sister-in-law. 只是一想着大哥现在还躺在床上不醒,艾玛觉得,自己还是有必要再待在这里等候,而且还得收留娜蕾塔,毕竟她极有可能成为自己的大嫂。 Perhaps the big brother can not give a thought to the kinship for the throne, but Emma cannot achieve such unfeeling on own initiative. 或许大哥为了王位可以不顾亲情,可艾玛自觉做不到这么绝情。 Ok, does not have the issue.” “行,没有问题。” Sees Emma to readily agree, the elegant flower bud tower shows the relaxed look. Although she heard that the Emma little princess is a good temperate princess, but lacked self-confidence at heart. Now Royal City political environment bad to any degree, she was too clear, Merchant aristocratic family family background she, at all impossible halting heel in this whirlpool. 见到艾玛一口答应下来,娜蕾塔露出轻松的神色。她虽然听说艾玛小公主是个善良温和的公主,但心里还是没有底的。现在王城的政治环境恶劣到什么程度,她太明白了,商人世家出身的她,根本不可能在这种旋涡中站住脚跟。 The trusted subordinate of king, is not willing to shelter her. They instead want oneself daughter, or the sisters sell to the king, has not begun to remove her, to the king is very loyal. 国王陛下的亲信,根本不愿意庇护她。他们反而更想将自己的女儿,或者姐妹们推销给国王陛下,没有动手除掉她,对国王陛下已经算是很忠诚了。 Moreover she also more and more feels in royal palace the danger to approach, couple of days ago, her maidservant had been missing two. 而且她也越来越感觉到王宫中危险逼近,前两天,她身边的侍女已经失踪两个。 When, anxious, she only then seeks help Emma. 待不下去了,焦急之下,她只有来求助艾玛 Emma is willing to give shelter to her luckily. 幸好艾玛愿意收留她。 Lives under subjugation, the elegant flower bud tower naturally the trace was flattering Emma, usually talked, once for a while asked for her favor. 寄人篱下,娜蕾塔自然就不着痕迹地奉承着艾玛,平时谈话,时不时讨她的欢心。 Emma is not that type has the disposition of city internal organs very much, has only spent for three days, has established the good relations with the elegant flower bud tower. 艾玛也不是那种很有城腑的性格,只花了三天,就和娜蕾塔建立了不错的关系。 That noon, the sunlight was just right, Emma was drinking the noon tea with the elegant flower bud tower in three building Tiantai, was eating the cakes and pastries of delicacy. But on their front manor lawns, Sowrey Raner is lying on one's side there, suns, obviously rests very soundly. 这天中午,阳光正好,艾玛在和娜蕾塔在三楼天台喝着午茶,吃着美味的糕点。而在她们前方的庄园草地上,索里拉娜正侧卧在那里,晒着太阳,显然睡得很香。 This looks like in the noble social stratum, behavior that is disrespectful very much, but the elegant flower bud tower actually does not dare to despise, she asked: Ms. Sowrey Raner, is Gold Dragon outside these population.” 这在贵族阶层看来,是很失礼的行为,但娜蕾塔却不敢轻视,她问道:“索里拉娜女士,就是外面那些人口中的金龙吧。” Emma nods. 艾玛点点头。 I heard that you ride her to come back, are you Dragon Knight?” The message source of elegant flower bud tower is not obviously good. “我听说你是骑着她回来的,你是龙骑士?”娜蕾塔的情报来源明显不行。 Now wants a little person of strength, knows that Sowrey Raner is the Beta place rides the dragon. 现在只要有点实力的人,都知道索里拉娜是贝塔的座骑龙。 Emma shakes the head. 艾玛摇摇头。 As far as I know, Dragon Race will not let the person outside Dragon Knight, sits to their carrying on the back.” “可是据我所知,龙族不会让龙骑士之外的人,坐到它们的背上。” I and Sowrey Raner relate quite well.” Emma has smiled, continues saying: Therefore does not have what issue.” “我和索里拉娜关系相当不错。”艾玛笑了下,继续说道:“所以没有什么问题。” The elegant flower bud tower hears to envy extremely, she also hopes oneself can have a friend of powerful, the dragon, that is the dragon, has such friend, did not say that dares to walk sideways in the world, but at least is security without cause for grief. 娜蕾塔听得极是羡慕,她也希望自己能有一个强力的朋友,龙啊,那可是龙啊,有这样的朋友,不说敢在人类世界横着走,但至少是安全无忧的。 At this time, out of the door came in a guard, he went into downstairs, was shouting to three buildings: Princess Emma, the elegant flower bud elegant woman, the king awoke!” 这时候,门外进来一个守卫,他跑到楼下,对着三楼喊道:“艾玛公主,还有娜蕾娜女士,国王陛下醒了!” ! The elegant flower bud tower screamed happily. 啊!娜蕾塔开心地尖叫起来。 Emma also relaxed, she arrives at downstairs, has shaken to wake Sowrey Raner, three people ride the carriage, walks in the direction of royal palace together. 艾玛也松了口气,她走到楼下,摇醒了索里拉娜,三人坐着马车,一起往王宫的方向走。 On the carriage, Emma discovered with amazement, mercenary of street, somewhat seem to be excited, is rushing mutually is considering anything. 在马车上,艾玛惊讶地发现,街道的佣兵们,似乎有些兴奋,正在互相奔着相告着些什么。 But now she thought that have a look at oneself big brother’s situation again to importantly, then has pressed down the curiosity. 但现在她觉得看看自家大哥的情况再为重要,便按下了好奇心。 The reason that at this time the tumult on street, initiates is very simple, the Waukeen city issued that the Dragon Knight selection the news passed on. 此时街上的骚动,引发的原因很简单,渥金城发布龙骑士选拔的消息传了过来。 In hearing the selection condition must result in Waukeen believer, or is wealth Church Priest, after as well as Temple guards, these mercenary run up to wealth Temple of various cities to inquire in abundance: I start to believe Waukeen Goddess now, but also with enough time? 在听到选拔条件必须得渥金信徒,或者是财富神教牧师,以及神殿守卫后,那些佣兵们纷纷跑到各座城市的财富神殿询问:我现在开始信仰渥金女神,还来得及吗? Also does not blame them being so excited, that is Dragon Knight...... In legend strongest Class. The Waukeen city gives up with take the prize unexpectedly. 也不怪他们如此激动,那可是龙骑士啊……传说中最强的职业渥金城居然舍得拿出来作为奖品。 If own dragon is a female dragon, daytime the person rides the dragon, in the evening dragon Qiren, is delicious. 万一自己的龙是条雌龙,白天人骑龙,晚上龙骑人,岂不是美滋滋。 However they want to be many, in Waukeen city several Gold Dragon, only then Sowrey Raner is the female dragon. 然而他们想多了,渥金城几条金龙中,只有索里拉娜是雌龙。 This is not the coincidence, but is Dragon Race desirably for it, delivers intentionally Hero dragon. 这并不是巧合,而是龙族刻意为之,故意把雄龙送过来而已。 Emma enters to the royal palace, saw own big brother puts on Night Clothes, lies on the bed, although the complexion is still pale, appears quite weak, but the person at least was awaking. 艾玛进到王宫中,看到自家大哥穿着睡衣,躺在床上,虽然依然还是脸色铁青,显得相当虚弱,但人至少是醒着了。 Sees Emma to come, young king with the help of maidservant, sat difficultly, said with a smile: Emma, the matter I heard, thank your rescue.” 见到艾玛进来,年轻的国王在侍女的帮助下,艰难地坐了起来,微笑道:“艾玛,事情我都听说了,感谢你的救助。” The king is very clear, if his such lethargic sleep gets down again, one month, the throne definitely will present the accident. Only can lie down the king on bed, even if not die of the curse, will lose own dignity gradually, will lose the control to this country. 国王陛下很清楚,如果他再这么昏睡下去,不出一个月,王位肯定会出现变故。一个只能躺在床上的国王,即使不死于诅咒,也会渐渐失去自己的威严,也会失去对这个国家的掌控。 Should, after all your be my big brother, I do not hope that sees you to have an accident.” “应该的,毕竟你的是我大哥,我也不希望看到你出事。” The king a little grateful nods, then looks to nearby elegant flower bud tower, said: Your anything has not done, this is also very good.” 国王陛下有点感激地点点头,然后看向旁边的娜蕾塔,说道:“你什么也没有做,这也很好。” The elegant flower bud tower arrives at the sides of the bed, puts out a hand to grab the king already somewhat emaciated both hands, the pair of eyes tears are graceful. 娜蕾塔走到床沿边上,伸手抓着国王陛下已经有些瘦弱的双手,双眼泪花盈盈。 You exit first. My something must chat with Emma.” “你先出去。我有些事情要和艾玛谈谈。” The elegant flower bud tower left the room. 娜蕾塔离开了房间。 At this time king somewhat surprisedly looks at Emma Sowrey Raner. Although he knows that the Waukeen city has a Gold Dragon, but does not know its long anything appearance, therefore he now is somewhat strange, why this woman, dares to keep cool in his front unexpectedly, does not exit with the elegant flower bud tower together. 此时国王陛下有些惊讶地看着艾玛身边的索里拉娜。他虽然知道渥金城有条金龙,但并不知道它长什么样子,所以他现在有些奇怪,为什么这个女人,居然敢在他的面前保持镇定,不跟着娜蕾塔一起出去。 Emma looks the expression on own big brother face, probably understood he is thinking anything, then explained: This is Sowrey Raner, the Beta place rides the dragon.” 艾玛看着自家大哥脸上的表情,大约明白了他在想什么,便解释道:“这是索里拉娜,贝塔的座骑龙。” ...... The king narrows both eyes, afterward opens, says with a smile: Welcome you, Ms. Sowrey Raner, I am unable to get out of bed to you salute.” 哦……国王微眯双眼,随后睁开,笑道:“欢迎你,索里拉娜女士,恕我无法下床向你行礼。” Sowrey Raner looks in the Emma face, nods to the king gently. 索里拉娜看在艾玛的面子上,轻轻向国王陛下颔首。 Takes back vision from Sowrey Raner's body, the king said: Emma, you know what in me is what curses?” 从索里拉娜的身上收回目光,国王说道:“艾玛,你知道我中的是什么诅咒吗?” „The moxibustion blood curse of fire-worship.” Emma explained slowly: If nobody helps you relieve, your blood slowly will change the heat, finally like will be the lava fires the ashes you.” “拜火教的灸血诅咒。”艾玛缓缓解释道:“如果没有人帮你解除,你的血会慢慢变热,最后像是熔浆一样将你烧成灰烬。” Really is the virulent curse.” King cold snort/hum, then said: I know that the Little Sister you do not like me, knows that you will leave Royal City quickly.” “真是恶毒的诅咒。”国王陛下冷哼一声,然后说道:“我知道小妹你不太喜欢我,也知道你很快就会离开王城。” Emma has not refuted, saw the big brother to awake, she truly wants to leave. This Royal City to her, is not the good place, here she has not left behind too the glorious memory. 艾玛没有反驳,看到大哥醒了,她确实想离开。这座王城对她而言,并不是什么好的地方,在这里她并没有留下太多美好的回忆。 „After going back, you and Beta said one, making him find the way to extinguish the fire-worship.” On the king young face, full is kills intent: As the reward, I am willing half territory that the desert kingdom overcomes, gives wealth Church, with establish ground God Kingdom.” “回去后,你和贝塔说一声,让他想办法把拜火教灭了。”国王年轻的脸上,满是杀意:“作为报酬,我愿意将沙漠王国打下的一半领土,送给财富神教,用以建立地上神国。” Emma is surprised: „Do you want really?” 艾玛大吃一惊:“你真的愿意?” Fire-worship must result in destroys completely.” The king has traced under own chest, even if he in stupor, received suffering of curse, that soul gets sucked into the darkness, the feeling of whole body severe pain, can compel insanely the person: Moreover, you go back, brings the elegant flower bud tower to the Waukeen city, helping me protect her some time.” “拜火教必须得灭掉。”国王摸了下自己的心口,即使他在昏迷中,也受到了诅咒的折磨,那种灵魂深陷黑暗,全身剧痛的感觉,能将人逼疯:“另外,你回去的时候,把娜蕾塔也带到渥金城,帮我保护她一段时间。”
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