MSBIBTC :: Volume #6

#600: Faces directly the West Saint, Great White searches for Spirit Mountain! 【The big cup asked the ticket!】

Hears Saint Receive and Lead sound transmission, felt Saint Way Rhyme, Li Changshou was selecting the brow secretly, was somewhat surprised. 听到接引圣人传声,感受着圣人道韵,李长寿暗自挑了挑眉头,也有些惊讶。 didn't expect this coming out is not Saint Cundi, but is Saint Receive and Lead. 没想到这次出来的不是准提圣人,而是接引圣人 could it be, because of Saint Cundi by Teacher...... 莫非,是因准提圣人老师…… eh, are not many thinks, Saint is Saint, was hit cultivation that was also Saint, is highly regarded, has no alternative but to respect. ,不多想,圣人就是圣人,被打了道行那也是圣人,不可小觑,不能不敬。 Front, about numerous Western Cult disciple makes way a path. 前方,众西方教弟子左右让开一条通路。 Li Changshou turned head to say the sentence: general, and waits here, looks after good Vice Commander Bian, under I pay a visit Saint Younger Uncle-Master, spoke this matter formidable.” 李长寿扭头道了句:“各位将军且在此等候,照顾好卞副统领,我去拜见下圣人师叔,言说此事之利害。” The numerous will acknowledge with one voice. 众将齐声应诺。 In Zhao Gongming also wants to enter with Li Changshou together, about is also good to take care, was actually calmed down with the look by Li Changshou. 赵公明还想跟李长寿一起入内,左右也好有个照应,却被李长寿用眼神劝住。 His goes, 97.5% assurances, will not have any danger. 他此去,有90%七点五的把握,不会有任何危险。 Also non- longevity inflated, feeling oneself can face directly Saint ; 也非寿膨胀了,觉得自己可以直面圣人; On the contrary, this is he now the safest choice, reduces Heavenly Court to consume and retain Heavenly Court origin qi as far as possible, and avoids having the direct conflict with Saint. 相反,这是他现在最稳妥的选择,尽量减少天庭耗损、保留天庭元气,且避免与圣人起直接冲突。 In Purple Firmament Palace, Way Ancestor did not investigate the matter of Grandmist Purple Qi, after mentioned Investiture of Gods great tribulation, promised that Li Changshou free and unfettered was comfortable, unfettered. 紫霄宫中,道祖不追究鸿蒙紫气之事,却提及封神大劫后,许诺李长寿逍遥自在、无拘无束 This implication altogether several, most simple one, is to make Li Changshou continue to support Heavenly Court, establishes the complete order in Heaven and Earth, assists the position of Jade Emperor achievement Supreme of the Three Realms. 这言外之意总共有几层,最浅显的一层,就是让李长寿继续扶持天庭,在天地间建立起完整的秩序,辅佐玉帝成就三界至尊之位。 Previously with great fanfare eliminate monsters shocked Three Realms is also good, today helps Spirit Mountain prune the branches and leaves is also good, is Li Changshou is expressing the own attitude to Lord Way Ancestor. 此前大张旗鼓除妖震慑三界也好,今日来帮灵山修剪枝叶也好,都是李长寿在对道祖老爷表达自己的态度。 He...... 他…… Does not act unreasonably, does not make do, the retirement, gets off work wholeheartedly ahead of time. 不乱来,不乱搞,一心退休,提前下班。 These, before Li Changshou goes to Purple Firmament Palace, has completed calculation. 这些,在李长寿紫霄宫前,都已做好了盘算。 Advances the rise greatly position Heavenly Court directly, awaits calmly various Investiture of Gods great tribulation Righteous God to fall steadily, Heavenly Court will hang Piaorou —— to be impregnable. 直接将天庭推到大兴的位置,静待封神大劫各部正神落稳,天庭就会高悬飘柔——无懈可击。 Furthermore, he returns from Primal Chaos Sea, goes to Purple Firmament Palace this matter, should not hide the truth from Western Cult two Saints. 再者,他自混沌海回返,去紫霄宫这事,应该瞒不过西方教两位圣人 Comes out to be resolute and advance triumphantly from Purple Firmament Palace, may treat as, is order of Way Ancestor under to oneself, Western Cult Saint wants take action, must consider that is clear whether will withstand the Way Ancestor anger. 紫霄宫出来就大刀阔斧、高歌猛进,也就可当做,是道祖自己下的命令,西方教圣人想要出手,都要考虑清楚是否会承受道祖的怒火。 Li Changshou heart sighed secretly. 李长寿心底暗叹。 Originally, he returns from Primal Chaos Sea, the first matter should go to the Grand Pure palace to send respects, reports Teacher oneself in the Primal Chaos Sea bitter experience. 本来,他自混沌海归来,第一件事就该去太清宫中问安,禀告老师自己混沌海的遭遇。 But, may, this...... āi, hard to explain in a few words. 但、可、这……,一言难尽 The Teacher words are too sparse, Li Changshou was worried that oneself goes is ten years eight years, first Heavenly Court internal danger solution, then looks for Teacher report/give clear(ly) would rather together. 老师的话太疏,李长寿担心自己一去就是十年八载,倒不如先把天庭心腹之患解决,再一同去找老师禀明。 Also has the most Shang Country national destiny from final Investiture of Gods Killing Tribulation, at this time will solve the threat of Spirit Mountain, Monster Race and Three Thousand Worlds, oneself may feel at ease cultivation, to make the arrangement over the following several hundred years, the painstaking care expenditure in cultivation, as well as arranged on Investiture of Gods. 距离最后的封神杀劫还有大半个商国国运,此时解决了灵山妖族三千世界的威胁,自己接下来数百年就可安心修行、多做布置,将心血花费在修行,以及安排封神上。 Steady, behind goes to Empress Nuwa there to rub Stopping Time magical powers, are many some cultivation comprehend opportunities to oneself. 稳一手,后面再去女娲娘娘那里蹭个时停神通,给自己多一些修行参悟的机会。 thus present matter. 且说眼前之事。 Li Changshou takes a deep breath, resembles slowly diligently is keeping calm, just now walks into numerous Western Cult Saint disciple's forward encirclement ring. 李长寿缓缓吸了口气,似是在努力保持淡定,方才向前走入众西方教圣人弟子的‘包围圈’中。 His mind tightens, Dark-Yellow Pagoda rapid revolving above Spiritual Body, Immortal Sense become a wisp of silk thread winding in around the body. 心神绷紧,元神之上的玄黄塔飞速旋转,仙识化作一缕缕丝线缠绕在身周 As long as there is any slightest sign of trouble, his Heavenly Court ordinary powerful minister Star Monarch Great White, will tell them with own magical powers! 但凡有任何风吹草动,他天庭普通权臣太白星君,就会用自己的神通告诉他们! What, is specialized escape method and genuine God! 什么,才是专业遁法、正版天神 Good ten several feet, Li Changshou has lived in the footsteps suddenly, said with a smile: „The scenery of Spirit Mountain also is quite but actually refined, everyone did not mind that I broadcast Saint Way Field circumstances, making Heavenly Court Immortal God grow in experience.” 行过十数丈,李长寿突然顿住脚步,笑道:“灵山之景倒也颇为雅致,各位不介意我将圣人道场情形放送出去,让天庭仙神长长见识吧。” Does not wait for Spirit Mountain numerous Old Daoist to reply, Li Changshou already several bronze mirrors float in around the body, is raising horsetail whisk, in continues to enter gradually. 不等灵山老道回答,李长寿已是将几只铜镜悬浮在身周,提着拂尘,继续缓步入内。 Numerous Heavenly General before mountain gate follows the example, one after another fishes out the own bronze mirror, the viewer has, live broadcast to have it, the lens of bronze mirrors, aimed at Spirit Mountain numerous Daoist. 山门前的众天将有样学样,纷纷摸出自己的铜镜,观看者有之、直播者有之,将一面面铜镜的镜片,对准了灵山道者 Spirit Mountain numerous:...... 灵山众:…… Why has by the feeling of offending. 为何有被冒犯之感。 Heavenly Court. 天庭 Sir Star Monarch opened the live broadcast!” 星君大人开直播了!” Spirit Mountain, Sir Star Monarch entered Spirit Mountain!” 灵山,星君大人进灵山了!” „Was this has hit to fire off? Spirit Mountain losses?” “这是已经打进去了还是已经打完了?灵山了吗?” Lifetime can witness so the important matter, not regretted seriously.” “有生之年能见证这般大事,当真无憾了。” In some quarrelling sounds, from Heavenly Gate to below Third Heavenly Layer, from the Soaring Firmament Throne Palace Guarding Hall military officer rough palm, to Jade Lake Fairy Maiden that soft wide sleeve ; 些许吵扰声中,自天门至下三重天,自凌霄宝殿守殿将领粗糙的掌心,到瑶池仙子那柔软的宽袖; Li Changshou in Spirit Mountain strolls, but the good picture, was by eye. 李长寿灵山中漫步而行的画面,被一双双眼睛注视着。 In Soaring Firmament Palace, Jade Emperor close one's eyes and rest, corners of the mouth has the light smile, below several Old Minister respective ends the bronze mirror, is somewhat gazing in the mirror tight the picture. 凌霄殿内,玉帝闭目养神,嘴角带着淡淡的微笑,下方几位老臣各自端着铜镜,有些紧张地注视着镜内画面。 Jade Emperor Incarnation arrives at Spirit Mountain, but hides at this time in numerous Heavenly General, has not made an appearance. 玉帝化身自是亲临灵山,不过此时躲藏在众天将中,并未露面罢了。 Old Daoist Immortal said with a smile: In this Spirit Mountain, repairs and maintains actually well.” 一位老神仙笑道:“这灵山之内,修整得倒是不错。” Was pounded one time by True Monarch of Purity and Decency, repairing be pleasing to the eyes than before.” “被清源妙道真君砸了一次,重修自是要比之前顺眼许多。” Wood Duke said with a smile: Our cannot said this, improper.” 木公笑道:“咱们莫要多说这个,不妥。” Several other Heavenly Court Old Minister smile not to speak , to continue to observe and emulate in the mirror the picture. 其他几位天庭老臣笑而不语,继续观摩镜中画面。 Li Changshou takes a stroll and strolls at a moderate pace long, walked, good not anxiously not slow, recalls the previous life park to stroll accompanied by pet bird diligently the grandpa graceful bearing, but owed voluntarily selected crucial moment. 李长寿溜溜达达、逛逛悠悠,走的不紧不慢、行的不急不缓,努力回忆着上辈子公园遛鸟老大爷的风姿,只是自觉欠了点火候 Passed by Kṣitigarbha and Listening Truth once exclusive small corner, passes through fountain spirit pond that white jade built, before resulting in Spirit Mountain Main Palace. 路过地藏谛听曾经的专属小角落,走过那白玉砌成的喷泉灵池,到得了灵山主殿前。 It seems like to highlight Western Cult barren, this Spirit Mountain main hall somewhat of undistinguished appearance, the whole builds with the grey great rock, but various corner details seem various many treasures, among the layout is also very investigate. 似乎是为了凸显西方教的‘贫瘠’,这灵山大殿有些其貌不扬,整体是用灰色巨岩堆砌而成,但各处边角细节又似有诸多宝物,其内布局也十分考究。 The Saint Receive and Lead form, sits center the main hall, the back is Idol of Western Cult two Saints, but including this Idol, in the palace various places was covered by golden dense fog. 接引圣人的身影,就坐在大殿正中,背后是西方教二圣的神像,只不过连同这神像在内,殿内各处都被一层金色迷雾笼罩。 Saint Way Rhyme passes in various places, incorruptible ordered, contain Heaven and Earth fundamental law. 圣人道韵在各处流转,清正有序,又蕴含天地至理 Li Changshou adjusted under the bronze mirror angle, does not dare to go to illuminate the Saint appearance/portrait, made way greeting before the palace, then takes a step into, after walking three, makes way greeting, bright sound said: 李长寿调整了下铜镜角度,不敢去照圣人真容,在殿前做了个道揖,而后迈步入内,走了三步后又做道揖,朗声道: Heavenly Court Star Monarch Great White and Water God Li Changgeng, has seen Saint your honourable self.” 天庭太白星君水神李长庚,见过圣人尊驾。” The word does not wait for the Receive and Lead opens the mouth, from the president body, carries horsetail whisk, to look the smile, warm sound said: this time presents the life of Your Majesty Jade Emperor, coming Spirit Mountain to seek for that ominous person Maitreya, has not had to offend the meaning of Saint your honourable self.” 言罢不等接引开口,自行长身而起,端着拂尘、面露微笑,温声道:“此次玉帝陛下之命,来灵山找寻那凶人弥勒,未有冒犯圣人尊驾之意。” Daoist Receive and Lead both eyes partly open the eyes, slow sound said: 接引道人双目半睁,缓声道: Offends or not, the respective heart is bright ; “冒犯与否,各自心明; Li Changgeng, you said that what matter my disciple violated, why Heavenly Court determines guilt, how also to determine guilt. ” 李长庚,你说我那徒儿犯了何事,天庭为何定罪,又如何定罪。” This......” “这个……” Li Changshou hesitates several, asked one: „Doesn't Younger Uncle-Master know seriously? Hiss, I think that you know.” 李长寿沉吟几声,反问一句:“师叔当真不知?嘶,我本以为您知道的。” In front of this poor Daoist, does not need feign madness and act like an idiot,” Receive and Lead to knit the brows slightly, the palm has stroked, these golden dense fog sparkle all around light Golden Light, isolates with Three Realms this place. “于贫道面前,不必如此装疯卖傻,”接引微微皱眉,手掌拂过,周遭那些金色迷雾闪耀起淡淡金光,将此地与三界隔绝开来。 The Li Changshou’s bronze mirror flickered to interrupt the signal. 李长寿的铜镜瞬间断了信号。 Younger Uncle-Master is your what intent?” 师叔您这是何意?” Li Changshou retrocedes two steps, in the eye brings several points of vigilance, said in a low voice: „ disciple, holds the most sincerity today, Younger Uncle-Master your could it be is wanting...... 李长寿后退两步,目中带着几分警惕,低声道:“弟子今日来,是抱着最大的诚意,师叔莫非是要…… Heavenly Way shelters Little God, Younger Uncle-Master also please think. ” 天道庇护小神,师叔还请三思。” Said will be ordinary with soon the disgrace. 说的就跟即将失身一般。 Saint Receive and Lead said: Your I discuss today, the bystander does not need to know.” 接引圣人道:“你我今日相谈,外人不必知晓。” Li Changshou sincere say/way: „The Heavenly Way knowledge, the Teacher knowledge, Younger Uncle-Master your I know, the matter may to the criticism/human language, Younger Uncle-Master your conduct be noble and pure all, disciple does not have the matter of guilty conscience, why so to obstruct camoflauge to cover?” 李长寿正色道:“天道知,老师知,师叔你我知,事无不可对人言,师叔您品行高洁,弟子也无亏心之事,何必这般遮遮掩掩?” Saint Receive and Lead narrows the eye slightly ; 接引圣人微微眯眼; Li Changshou lowers the head with a smile, the figure seems some rickets, but in eye a piece safely. 李长寿含笑低头,身形似有些佝偻,但目中一片安然。 Friendly.” “善。” The Daoist Receive and Lead warm sound said the sentence, the golden dense fog dissipated all around, the Li Changshou’s bronze mirror was again connected with the Heavenly Court retransmission bronze mirror. 接引道人温声道了句,周遭金色迷雾消散,李长寿的铜镜再次与天庭转播铜镜相连。 If just, the bystander investigates, can only see the Li Changshou’s form, Saint Receive and Lead is still one group of dense fog. 只不过,若外人探查,只能见李长寿的身影,接引圣人依然是一团迷雾。 Saint Receive and Lead lifts the hand to bring in praying mat, falls near the palace gate. 接引圣人抬手引来一只蒲团,落在殿门附近。 After Li Changshou expression of gratitude, sits cross-legged to take a seat, then comes straight to the point, says with a smile: Younger Uncle-Master, does not know that you know many about Spirit Mountain Big Apprentice Brother Maitreya.” 李长寿道谢后盘腿入座,而后开门见山,笑道:“师叔,不知您对灵山大师兄弥勒了解多少。” „Are you interrogating this poor Daoist?” “你是在盘问贫道?” Does not dare, but slightly has doubts,” Li Changshou put out three Photo Ball from the sleeve, was placed in the front in turn, in the ball appears three pictures. “不敢,只是一点小疑惑,”李长寿自袖中拿出了三只留影球,依次摆在面前,球内浮现出了三幅画面。 The first picture, first presented a Gudong, in Gudong is placing the simple furniture, above is scattering the a wisp of spirit dust. 第一幅画面,先是出现了一口古洞,古洞内摆放着简单的桌椅,其上散落着一缕缕灵尘。 The so-called spirit dust, is the tiny powder that solidification spiritual power concentrates, the years above non- hundreds of thousands of years are unable to form. 所谓灵尘,乃是固化的灵力凝成的细小粉末,非数十万年之上的岁月无法形成。 This place obviously some years. 此地显然有些年头了。 The picture rotation, took Photo Ball that person to see anything obviously, bringing Photo Ball to walk. 画面转动,显然是拿着留影球的那人看到了什么,带着留影球走了过去。 By the side stone wall has hidden tricks, after opening together the secret door, sought side small treasure-house, among piled up with precious materials that only then Antiquity can seek, but was most conspicuous, was actually portrait on wall. 侧旁的石壁暗藏机关,打开一道暗门后,寻到了一方小小的宝库,其内堆满了只有远古才能寻到的宝材,而最显眼的,却是墙壁上的一张画像 In the picture Daoist slightly fat, corners of the mouth had the light smile, the eyes also to narrow the eyes with the smile, a kind kind feeling, body's black way robe was especially conspicuous. 画中道人微胖、嘴角带着淡淡微笑,双眼也随着微笑眯了起来,给人一种和蔼亲切之感,身上的玄色道袍格外显眼。 The facial features and manner, have seven scanning Maitreya. 面容、神态,都有七分像弥勒 Afterward the picture rotates slowly, these precious materials were received in the sleeve, then slowly recession this Gudong. 随后画面慢慢转动,那些宝材被收入了袖中,而后慢慢退离了这处古洞。 But when the field of vision move back found, this Gudong unexpectedly back of Kun fish...... 可当视界拉远才发现,这古洞竟是在鲲鱼背部…… The first Photo Ball picture dissipates quietly. 第一幅留影球的画面悄然消散。 Above Spirit Mountain a deathly stillness. 灵山之上一片死寂。 Li Changshou asked: Suddenly thinks that this matter is not quite appropriate, Younger Uncle-Master we close, do disciple hear of you admonish?” 李长寿问:“突然想到这事也不太妥当,要不,师叔咱们关上门,弟子听您训诫?” Saint Receive and Lead both eyes open, expressionless looked at Li Changshou, said: Matter may to the criticism/human language, nephew-apprentice this saying also somewhat truth, so.” 接引圣人双目睁开,面无表情地看了眼李长寿,道:“事无不可对人言,师侄这话也有几分道理,就这般吧。” Listens your,” Li Changshou smiles, points at the point to second Photo Ball, among will record the picture quickly presented. “听您的,”李长寿笑了笑,手指点向了第二颗留影球,将其内所记画面很快呈现了出来。 This time, has the mirror Li Changshou, is Great Master Profound Capital or Kong Xuan disguises as. 这次,出镜的‘李长寿’,自是玄都大法师孔宣假扮的。 Roc Spiritual Body floats in Li Changshou front, the whole body is sending out the light flowing light, but Spiritual Body has grown ten zhang (3.33 m), exudes unceasingly buzz the cry. 鲲鹏元神漂浮在‘李长寿’面前,浑身散发着淡淡流光,只是元神就长过了十丈,不断发出一声声嗡鸣。 Li Changshou both hands hand seal, seals up Roc Spiritual Body, drinks one lowly: 李长寿’双手结印,将鲲鹏元神封住,低喝一声: Searches for the god big law!” “搜神大法!” Roc Spiritual Body gushes out the a wisp of flowing light all around, Li Changshou lifts the hand to seize a wisp, the finger grinds, the front presented another picture. 鲲鹏元神周遭涌出一缕缕流光,‘李长寿’抬手捉住其中一缕,手指碾开,面前出现了又一幅画面。 Black clothes Maitreya departs from Roc within the body immortal residence, raises head to laugh three, crosses the hands behind the back to escape into Primal Chaos Sea.】 【黑衣‘弥勒’自鲲鹏体内洞府飞出,仰头大笑三声,负手遁入混沌海中。】 The picture stops suddenly, Li Changshou presses second Photo Ball, is observing the response of Saint secretly. 画面戛然而止,李长寿将第二只留影球摁住,暗自观察着圣人的反应。 The Saint facial features cannot see the happy anger completely, this makes the Li Changshou quite feeling lack self-confidence. 圣人面容完全看不出喜怒,这让李长寿颇感没底。 Did not give him to feed back, was very easy to go astray the road. 一直不给他反馈,就很容易走错了路。 Younger Uncle-Master, this third does also need to look?” 师叔,这第三幅还要看吗?” No need,” Daoist Receive and Lead shakes the head slightly, this matter must misunderstand, this poor Daoist knows the whole story to Maitreya, perhaps that Roc intends to falsely accuse.” “不必,”接引道人微微摇头,“此事应当有所误会,贫道弥勒知根知底,那鲲鹏或许有意诬陷。” Li Changshou nods, while everyone thinks when the Li Changshou meeting argue strongly on good grounds, compels Spirit Mountain hands over Maitreya, Li Changshou sudden thread of conversation one revolution, sincere say/way: 李长寿点点头,正当所有人以为李长寿会‘据理力争’,逼灵山交出弥勒时,李长寿突然话锋一转,正色道: I also felt, this matter some fishy. “我也觉得,这事有些蹊跷。 Roc is ancient times Monster Master, escapes into Primal Chaos Sea end of ancient times, if with some Maitreya Fellow Daoist enmities, falsely accuses by this matter intentionally, is not implausible. 鲲鹏乃是上古妖师,遁入混沌海是在上古末期,若是与弥勒道友有些仇怨,故意以此事诬陷,也并非没有可能。 So. ” 这般。” Li Changshou words, crushes front three Photo Ball, says with a smile: 李长寿话语一顿,将面前三颗留影球击碎,笑道: I destroyed this thing, Younger Uncle-Master makes Maitreya come out to confront, so long as he can show that oneself not counterfeit disciple, kills the heavenly troops and generals ominous person, disciple leads the person to retreat immediately, another day visits to apologize.” “我将此物毁了,师叔弥勒出来对质一番,只要他能证明自己并非假冒弟子、袭杀天兵天将的凶人,弟子立刻带人退走,改日登门致歉。” Receive and Lead slow sound said: Maitreya is not in the mountain.” 接引缓声道:“弥勒并不在山中。” Can't recall him?” Li Changshou concerned is asking. “不可将他召回吗?”李长寿关切的问着。 He goes out learning through experience cultivation, should in Great Desolate Heaven and Earth,” Receive and Lead not say, „the matter of today might as well stop there, another day Maitreya will return to the mountain, this poor Daoist will make him go to Heavenly Court to explain clear previous all things.” “他外出历练修行,应不在洪荒天地间,”接引道,“今日之事不如就此作罢,他日弥勒回山,贫道自会让他去天庭解释清楚此前诸事。” Li Changshou hesitates several, the vision is somewhat awkward: 李长寿沉吟几声,目光有些为难: This, some are not quite perhaps appropriate, Your Majesty Jade Emperor furious, makes disciple give a confession. “这,恐怕有些不太妥当,玉帝陛下震怒,死活让弟子给个交代。 disciple is Heavenly Court works, is like treading on thin ice and fear, the Heavenly Court aspect is hard-won, if damaged the Heavenly Court prestige because of the matter of Maitreya, lets heavenly troops and generals everybody feels insecure ; 弟子天庭做事,也是如履薄冰、战战兢兢,天庭局面来之不易,若因弥勒之事而损坏了天庭威望,让天兵天将人人自危; Your Majesty Jade Emperor makes the difference from our these Heavenly Court, front many laborious, wasted seriously. ” 玉帝陛下与我们这些天庭做差的,前面诸多辛苦,当真是白费了。” How is Star Monarch about to?” 星君待要如何?” You shouted that the disciple given name may,” Li Changshou say with a smile, „ might as well let the Heavenly Court soldiers, high and low searches in Spirit Mountain. “您喊弟子名讳就可,”李长寿笑道,“不如让天庭众兵将,在灵山上下搜查一遍。 So long as determined that Maitreya in Spirit Mountain, I cannot go back to report on accomplishments properly. ” 只要确定弥勒不在灵山,我也能回去妥善交差。” Searches Spirit Mountain? 搜查灵山 Spirit Mountain numerous Daoist changed complexion, the Heavenly Court military officer eyes shine, several people even breathed two points loudly. 灵山道者变了面色,天庭各位将领双眼放光,有几人甚至呼吸都粗重了两分。 What is clearly cultivates the plank road, to do something secretly, hide a dagger in a smile and makes a feint? 什么叫明修栈道、暗度陈仓、笑里藏刀、虚晃一枪? Star Monarch Great White on is looks for Maitreya's is not happy outwardly, directed Maitreya body everyone's attention, actually retroceded suddenly one step, in the hand shows true cutting dragon sword, sword blade aimed numerous vicious beast and Monster Beast that hid in Spirit Mountain! 太白星君明面上是来找弥勒的不痛快,将所有人的注意力都引到了弥勒身上,却突然后退一步,手中亮起真正的斩龙剑,剑锋指向了躲藏在灵山的众凶兽妖兽 This is Heavenly Court surrounds the Spirit Mountain true goal! 这才是天庭包围灵山真正目的! From Northern Continent removing Monsters, Heavenly Court the goal of second wave of offensive locking, is the Western Cult surrounding influence! 北洲荡妖过后,天庭的第二波攻势锁定的目标,就是西方教外围势力! Suddenly, many Western Cult Old Daoist awaken quickly. 突然间,不少西方教老道幡然醒悟。 Why Heavenly Court copes with Monster Race purely, will block the place of Five Divisions Continent suddenly ; 为何天庭单纯对付妖族,会突然封锁五部洲之地; Why Heavenly Court will previously search in Western Ox Hè Continent back and forth, actually left behind way of one after another only to Spirit Mountain! 为何天庭此前会在西牛贺洲来回搜查,却唯独留下了一条条通往灵山的路径! This is Heavenly Court Star Monarch Great White method! 这才是天庭太白星君手段 Maitreya is vicious, is expert. 弥勒再凶狠,也不过是一名高手 But if Western Cult damaged primordial chaos vicious beast numerous expert, as well as these attach in Western Cult ancient times Monster Race expert, was equivalent broke off a leg of Western Cult. 西方教若损了鸿蒙凶兽高手,以及那些依附于西方教上古妖族高手,就相当于折断了西方教的一手一腿。 Previously Western Cult was stabilize Cult Destiny and alleviates burdens to 12 Grade Golden Lotus, reduced strength of shadow significantly, at the present gathers in Spirit Mountain, was almost final elite! 此前西方教稳固教运、给十二品金莲减负,大幅度缩减了暗部的实力,而今聚在灵山的,几乎就是最后的精锐! Li Changshou short several, above the Spirit Mountain painful hole, above the hemp muscle of Western Cult. 李长寿短短几句,点在了灵山的痛穴之上,也点在了西方教的麻筋之上。 In the main hall, Li Changshou waits for with a smile, the facial features are quite throughout respectful. 大殿中,李长寿含笑等待,面容始终颇为恭敬。 Daoist Receive and Lead facial features ancient well without ripples, but the silence of for a long time, as if also highlighted the hesitation of this time Lord Saint. 接引道人面容古井无波,但长时间的沉默,似乎也凸显了此时圣人老爷的犹豫。 Li Changshou calmly is waiting, when the time was similar, opens the mouth saying: 李长寿静静等着,待时机差不多了,又开口道: disciple previously lost wisp of Grandmist Purple Qi, Grandmaster blamed, summons in Purple Firmament Palace to cuss out me. 弟子此前弄丢了一缕鸿蒙紫气,师祖怪罪,将我召去紫霄宫中一阵臭骂。 If cannot do something for Heavenly Court, making Grandmaster happy, disciple this second rank Righteous God feared that must draw back first rank. ” 若是不能为天庭做些事,让师祖开心,弟子二阶正神怕是要退一阶了。” In Spirit Mountain main hall again peaceful. 灵山大殿内再次安静了下去。 At this moment, Li Changshou did not guess that Daoist Receive and Lead is thinking anything. 此刻,李长寿也不去猜测接引道人在想什么。 Saint method no small matter, oneself Teacher can gain the magnanimous information in a short time, is close to omniscient and omnipotent realm infinitely. 圣人手段非同小可,自己老师更是能在短时间内获取海量的信息,无限接近全知全能的境界 Although Saint Receive and Lead strength was inferior own Saint Teacher, but realm has not differed too. 接引圣人实力虽不如自家圣人老师,但境界并没有相差太多。 But this matter surface curved circles, among only has a few words. 但这件事表面弯弯绕绕,其内却只有一句话。 Way Ancestor incites to weaken Western Cult, Western Cult Saint promise not promise.】 道祖授意削弱西方教,西方教圣人答应还是不答应。】 Naturally, this Way Ancestor incites, is Li Changshou oneself entrains, then permitted in line with the Heavenly Way default. 当然,这个‘道祖授意’,是李长寿自己拽过来的,本着天道默认便是许可。 This moment Li Changshou sits in this place, says these words, but had not been stopped by Way Ancestor, in the Saint eye, had treated as the arrangement of Way Ancestor all these. 此刻李长寿坐在此地、说出这些话语而没被道祖阻拦,在圣人眼中,已是将这一切都当做了道祖的安排。 Therefore, Daoist Receive and Lead slow sound said: In view of this, the Heavenly Court search can.” 于是,接引道人缓声道:“既如此,天庭搜查便可。” Teacher!” 老师!” Teacher why!” 老师为何!” Before mountain gate, two Old Daoist cannot bear make noise, but just shouted, was pressed by a hand. 山门前,有两名老道忍不住出声,但刚喊出来,就被一张手摁住。 Li Changshou set out to make way greeting, before turning around to arrive at the palace, to mountain gate place bright sound said: 李长寿起身做了个道揖,转身走到殿前,对着山门处朗声道: eight divisions Heavenly General where?” 八部天将何在?” That dozens military officers constrain heart to be excited, cup one fist in the other hand knees down: 那数十名将领压抑着心底兴奋,抱拳单膝跪地: humble general in!” 末将在!” Presents Your Majesty Jade Emperor Decree, now assigns/life and others to search Spirit Mountain Saint Way Field, from Spirit Mountain mountain gate beside, searches to the Hell top! “奉玉帝陛下旨意,今命尔等搜查灵山圣人道场,自灵山山门之外,搜地至幽冥界顶! In Spirit Mountain mountain gate enters six thousand heavenly soldiers, various places search carefully, cannot damage a Spirit Mountain tree flower. 灵山山门之中入六千天兵,各处细细搜查,不可损坏灵山一树一花。 Under Plague Division several general you pay attention, does not want routinely good acute communicable disease uses/gives Dou. 瘟部的几个将军你们注意下,不要习惯性地行瘟施痘。 Golden Roc, you arrange some hands and feet to be agile again, sweeps the floor, to change the water to Spirit Mountain to the fishpond, expresses the respect of our Heavenly Court manservant life to Lord Saint. ” 金鹏,你再安排一些手脚利落的,给灵山扫扫地、给鱼池换换水,算是表达一下咱们天庭当差生灵对圣人老爷的敬意。” The word, Li Changshou turns around to ask: Younger Uncle-Master, how do you look so arrange?” 言罢,李长寿转身问:“师叔,您看这般安排如何?” That Daoist Receive and Lead nods slowly, closes eyes does not speak. 接引道人缓缓点头,闭目不语。 Before Li Changshou also turned back that only praying mat, sits cross-legged sits surely. 李长寿也走回了那只蒲团前,盘腿定坐。 Beside Spirit Mountain mountain gate, dozens Heavenly General become flowing light toward fly to shoot in all directions, are lead heavenly soldiers to come back to search for the mountain. 灵山山门之外,数十名天将化作流光朝四面八方飞射,自是去领天兵回来搜山。 Golden Roc must lead military forces, was actually lifted the hand to hold on by Zhao Gongming. 金鹏鸟也要去领一支兵马,却被赵公明抬手拉住。 Golden Roc Marshal, gives us also to arrange military forces.” 金鹏元帅,给咱也安排一支兵马。” Golden Roc had previously resulted in Li Changshou sound transmission to urge, knows that this general of undistinguished appearance is Zhao Gongming, then said with a smile: general please come along with me, the elite soldiers capable general chooses at will.” 金鹏鸟此前已得李长寿传声叮嘱,知道这位其貌不扬的将军赵公明,遂笑道:“将军请随我来,精兵强将随意挑选。” Zhao Gongming looks the smile, with fluttering. 赵公明面露微笑,跟着飘了出去。 ...... …… Sir Star Monarch is seriously fierce, even under Lord Saint dares to wrap/sets of, worthily is junior apprentice brother of that man.’ 星君大人当真厉害,连圣人老爷都敢下套,不愧是那个男人的师弟。’ In immortal residence, Daoist Wen Jing sits on the own bed, a red clothes and phoenix eyes have several points of feeling of love, in the eye completely safely. 洞府中,文净道人坐在自己的床榻上,一身红衣、凤目带着几分春情,目中尽安然。 She understands suddenly, previously the eight characters of Li Changshou to her specially sound transmission urging, was what meaning. 她突然明白,此前李长寿对她特意传声叮嘱的八个字,到底是什么意思。 This time must suffer a disaster, is numerous vicious beast and Monster Beast in Spirit Mountain, surviving members of their these Great Desolate old time, must be erased by Heavenly Way today. 这次要遭劫的,是灵山中的众凶兽妖兽,他们这些洪荒旧时代的余孽,要在今日被天道抹除。 Who made them become among Heaven and Earth the unstable factor? 谁让他们成了天地间不稳定的因素呢? Daoist Wen Jing heart sighed, the corners of the mouth happy expression was even more calm. 文净道人心底一叹,嘴角笑意越发淡定。 She, wins steadily. 她,稳赢。 Just, previously Second Saint sound transmission urged her several, making her come out in the moderate situation next station, looks whether to refute Heavenly Court, Daoist Wen Jing wants under promise. 只不过,此前二圣人传声叮嘱了她几句,让她在适度的情况下站出来,看能否驳斥天庭,文净道人自是要答应下。 Sir Star Monarch will not operate with her in any case, perhaps today Sir Star Monarch will also make her seek some limelight, thus establishes her the position in Western Cult. 反正星君大人不会拿她开刀,说不定今日星君大人还会让她出些风头,从而奠定她在西方教中的位置。 Sir Star Monarch makes oneself make anything...... 星君大人让自己做什么…… That is unimportant. 那不重要。 More importantly, Daoist Wen Jing believes that promise of Grand Pure Saint, believes the prospect under Li Changshou picture. 重要的是,文净道人相信太清圣人的许诺,相信李长寿画下的愿景。 Western Cult and Human Cult disparity, actually lies in the prestige two characters. 西方教人教的差距,其实就在于信誉二字上。 Bang —— 轰隆—— Spirit Mountain resounds the sound of Heavenly Thunder in all directions, that million heavenly soldiers open inescapable net from Heaven above and Earth below, inspires Power of Heavenly Way blessing, Heavenly Punishment divine thunder protects by the side. 灵山四面八方响起天雷之声,那百万天兵天上地下张开天罗地网,引动天道之力加持,天罚神雷在侧旁守护。 Casts a net to receive the fish general on such as the pond. 就如池塘撒网收鱼一般。 After today, how does Spirit Mountain work as? 今日之后,灵山当如何? Wen Jing cannot think, but she can premonition, then Investiture of Gods great tribulation arrive completely, Way Sect civil war at the same time, will also drag into the vortex Western Cult these on Saint disciple outwardly. 文净想不到,但她能预感到,接下来封神大劫完全降临,道门内战的同时,会将西方教这些明面上的圣人弟子也拉入漩涡。 But the nail that oneself this hides in Western Cult, has the possibility at crucial moments, strikes to Western Cult fatally. 自己这个潜藏在西方教的钉子,有可能在关键时刻,给西方教致命一击。 Western Cult scheme Way Sect for a long time, feared provoked Grand Pure Saint. 西方教算计道门已久,怕是惹恼了太清圣人 This is the counter-attack of Human Cult, is the Grand Pure Saint most fearful place. 这就是人教的反击,也是太清圣人最可怕之处。 Halts! Who you are! Heavenly Court search!” “站住!你是何人!天庭搜查!” Invited magical mirror which reveals the true form!” “请照妖镜!” Is the ancient times vicious beast flying praying mantis! Takes!” “是上古凶兽飞天螳螂!拿下!” Outside immortal residence erupted one to shout suddenly, Wen Jing Immortal Sense has swept, was vicious beast that Spirit Mountain foot surrounding hid is actually discovered the trail. 洞府外面突然爆发出了一阵呼喊,文净仙识扫过,却是灵山山脚外围躲藏的一名凶兽被发现了踪迹。 Dozens Heavenly Court military officers grasp Heavenly Way Magical Artifact take action, has that even more tyrannical Golden Roc to plunder in side, but makes into the severe wound this fellow in an instant, bundles all round with Immortal Rope. 数十位天庭将领手持天道法器出手,更有那越发强横金鹏鸟在旁掠阵,不过转眼就将这家伙打成重伤,用仙绳团团捆起。 Bluish violet mixed Heavenly Thunder pounds to fall together, makes the primary form this vicious beast directly, caused heavy losses to Spiritual Body. 一道蓝紫交杂的天雷砸落,径直将这头凶兽打出原形,重创了元神 Heavenly Punishment. 天罚 The Daoist Wen Jing elegant eyebrows light wrinkle, purses the lips slightly, although some energy, but facing circumstances, somewhat is so disturbed throughout. 文净道人秀眉轻皱,微微抿嘴,虽有些底气,但面对这般情形,始终有些忐忑。 Soon, two vicious beast immortal residence were discovered, they struggle furiously, but Heavenly Prestige arrives, actually these Heavenly Immortal Realm Little General cannot even injure. 不多时,又有两头凶兽洞府被发现,他们奋力挣扎,但天威降临,却连那些天仙境小将都伤不到。 Heavenly Court the method of battle array, is quite brilliant. 天庭战阵之法,也是颇为高明 Wen Jing calmly is waiting, has not worried to come, even also changed a red clothes, was oneself draws the light makeup to allow, to sit on own throne. 文净静静等待着,并没有着急现身,甚至还换上了一身红衣,为自己画了淡淡妆容,坐回了自己的宝座上。 Probably, this is so-called Doomsday. 大概,这就是所谓的末日吧。 This Heaven and Earth from Antiquity was so, every other years will have calamity to arrive, previously race that could Heavenly Way be partial, overnight will become the cause of disaster between Heaven and Earth, by another new race relaxed destruction. 天地远古就是这般了,每隔一段岁月就会有劫难降临,此前或许能得天道偏爱的种族,一夜之间就会成为天地间的祸根,被另一个新崛起的种族轻松覆灭。 Originally, karmic hinderance and division of Karmic Virtue not quality, the life slaughters to produce karmic hinderance, once for was maintained Heaven and Earth is calm and steady the way by the Heavenly Way approval, karmic hinderance by Heavenly Way is also approved. 原本,业障功德并无好坏之分,生灵厮杀产生业障,曾被天道认可为‘维护天地安稳’的方式,业障也被天道认可。 But gradually, karmic hinderance became bad symbol. 可渐渐的,业障成了‘坏’的象征。 Life expert is to revere, expert takes the weak one as the food, once was the custom of Heavenly Way suggestion ; 生灵强者为尊、强者以弱者为食,曾是天道暗示的规矩; Instead, Heavenly Court starts to shelter the weak one. 可到头来,天庭开始庇护弱者。 But this old time bold horizontal Overlord, is lives under subjugation and compromises for the general interest now, drifts along living vicious beast. 而她这种旧时代豪横的霸主呢,如今也不过是寄人篱下、委曲求全,苟且活着的凶兽罢了。 The confused and noisy sound are getting more and more, the heavenly soldiers heaven searches, leader vicious beast by digging out, was suppressed by Heavenly Way. 噪杂声响越来越多,天兵上天搜地,一头头凶兽被‘挖出’,被天道压制。 Even, 78 vicious beast secretly collaborate, sticks out suddenly launches an attack, after swallowing several hundred heavenly soldiers, by the innumerable flowing light and filling the sky divine thunder pounds the smashing. 甚至,还有七八名凶兽暗中联手,暴起发难,吞了数百天兵后,被无数流光与漫天神雷砸成粉碎。 Fought with the day, cannot win.’ ‘与天斗,赢不了的。’ If said that is heartless fickle and capricious, when Heavenly Way is first. 若说负心薄幸、反复无常,天道当属第一。 Daoist Wen Jing selected the eyebrow corner/horn, suddenly heard with passes message that oneself acquainted several vicious beast send. 文净道人挑了挑眉角,突然听到了与自己相熟的几头凶兽发来的传音。 She considers slightly, sound transmission goes back, making their secretly hide the dark hole after oneself immortal residence. 她略微思量,传声回去,让他们暗中躲去自己洞府之后的暗洞。 Whether can must exactly, Daoist Wen Jing not say certainly, after all is acquainted, this is also own direct descendant, perhaps if later oneself is well, can display uses greatly. 能否得活,文净道人也说不准,毕竟相识一场,这也算是自己的嫡系,稍后若自己平安无事,或许还能发挥大用。 That several vicious beast secretly escape, actually exposed Wen Jing immortal residence. 那几头凶兽暗中遁来,却将文净洞府暴露了出去。 Wen Jing remain calm and composed while handling pressing affairs domain draws out the Erlangshen leg, sits calmly is waiting in that. 文净好整以暇地盘二郎腿,坐在那静静等着。 Two Heavenly General bring large quantities of heavenly soldiers to search near her immortal residence back and forth, quick discovered surrounding camoflauge array, intrudes. 两名天将带着大批天兵在她洞府附近来回搜索,很快就发现了外围遮掩阵法,闯入阵中。 general! This place has immortal residence!” 将军!此地有洞府!” Here blood light soars to the heavens, careful conduct! Encircles, invites magical mirror which reveals the true form and Golden Roc Marshal!” “这里血光冲天,小心行事!围起来,去请照妖镜与金鹏元帅!” Daoist Wen Jing:...... 文净道人:…… Soldier who Sir Star Monarch leads, is quite steady. 星君大人带的兵,也是颇为稳健呢。 After the moment, yelled to resound through Spirit Mountain, Golden Roc hand held bloodstained small Slaying God Spear comes, to fall before immortal residence, made together conveniently, tore to pieces layer upon layer restriction. 片刻后,一声啼叫响彻灵山,金鹏手提染血的小戮神枪而来,落在洞府前,随手打出一道乌芒,将层层禁制撕破。 Clothes armor scratches the sound that bumps to resound crowded, Daoist Wen Jing catches the eye to look to cave entrance, there had the dense and numerous person's shadows to crowd around to clash, one by one grasped the long spear long sword, the vision locked in her body. 衣甲擦碰的声响密集响起,文净道人抬眼看向洞口,那里有密密麻麻的人影拥簇着冲了进来,一个个手持长枪长剑,目光锁定在了她身上 What looks at to look, did not fear this Lord Queen big imperial concubine is jealous? 看什么看,不怕本女王大人的大妃吃醋吗? Golden Light flashes, Golden Roc appears before the numerous Heavenly General body, gestures, in the eye reveals for several points to dread. 金光一闪,金鹏鸟出现在众天将身前,打了个手势,目中流露出几分忌惮。 Who are you?” “你是何人?” Wen Jing did not speak with a smile, phoenix eyes narrowed the eyes gently. 文净含笑不语,凤目轻轻眯起。 Some military officers carry magical mirror which reveals the true form, has together Golden Light to the Daoist Wen Jing photo. 有将领端起照妖镜,对文净道人照出一道金光 The ray flashes through, the Wen Jing back appears a piece of round mirror, among appears the one after another black wing, above gold/metal mark is glittering slightly the bright, looks at numerous Heavenly General scalp tingles. 光芒闪过,文净背后现出一片圆镜,其内现出一只只黑翅,其上金纹闪烁着微微亮光,看得众天将头皮发麻。 Golden Roc holds a gun to take half-step forward, murderous aura icily, decides the sound said: 金鹏鸟持枪向前迈出半步,杀气凌凌,定声道: Blood Sea ominous mosquito! With!” 血海凶蚊!拿!” This Marshal whether to pass reports one,” Daoist Wen Jing opens the mouth slowly, wisp of Way Rhyme passes, making Golden Roc complexion even more solemn. “这位元帅可否通禀一声,”文净道人缓缓开口,一缕道韵流转开来,让金鹏鸟面色越发冷峻。 Poor Way Runes net, although is the vicious beast family background, actually cultivates morality and conduct and product good results year after year. “贫道文净,虽是凶兽出身,却累年修德行、积善果。 Does not know whether to seek an interview Star Monarch Great White, having the incident is quite unclear, wants to discuss with him 12. ” 不知可否求见太白星君,有一事颇为不明,想与他论个一二。” Golden Roc sneers. 金鹏鸟冷笑一声。 This? 就这? However is thorny point vicious beast, but also dares to clamor to see right in front of one Teacher! 不过是棘手点的凶兽,还敢叫嚣去面见老师 Today his in the hand long spear may! 今日他手中长枪就可! Leads her to come, everything cannot too certainly do.” “带她过来吧,凡事也不能做得太绝。” Li Changshou wisp of sound transmission falls, Golden Roc sips the lip instantaneously, receives long spear. 李长寿一缕传声落下,金鹏鸟瞬间抿住嘴唇,收起长枪 Ties up Spiritual Body, Teacher promise sees one side you. “自缚元神,老师答应见你一面。 Snort! Later if dissolute, wants you not to seek livehood to ask surely unable! ” 哼!稍后若敢放肆,定要你求生不得求死不能!” Wen Jing selects the eyebrow gently, in phoenix eyes full is the happy expression. 文净轻轻挑眉,凤目中满是笑意。
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