My Senior Brother is a Bit Too Cautious 我师兄实在太稳健了

Reborn into the Investiture of the Gods Era, Li Changshou became a small-time Qi-Refining Warrior. Without any fortune added to his life, he doomed to not become a child of destiny or any of the sort. He only dreamed of one day cultivating immortality and become an unaging old one.

In order to settle down and pursue his dreams in these cruel times, he made great efforts to not be inflicted by karma.

He outlined these as part of his master plan:

  • When murdering, make sure to scatter his enemy's ashes
  • Plan first, carry it out after
  • Never rashly step into anything dangerous
  • Conceal all trump cards
  • Cultivate Escape Techniques
  • Refine Poison Pills
  • Wield magical powers
  • Be motionless like an old dog before acting, then act with a single earth-shattering strike before quietly leaving

In Li Changshou's original plan, he would hide safely in a mountain and devote himself to becoming an Immortal, until one year, his Old Master considered moving about and brought back......a newly received junior sister......

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