MPASLUI :: Volume #10

#956: Here quiet mi, elsewhere boils Yang-yang!

Territory region Chat Channel: 领地区域聊天频道: Tomorrow announced: Plantation already of eastern three areas start the foreign tender, the agriculture route player may organize to contract, the village will be responsible for providing the start fund in the form of loan.( This stretch of campus only limits planter vegetables class)】 【明日公告:东三区的种植园已经开始对外招标,农耕者路线玩家可组团承包,村子将负责以贷款的形式提供启动资金。(该片园区仅限种植蔬菜类)】 Tomorrow announced: Farming already of Dongsi District starts the foreign tender, the agriculture route player may organize to contract, the village will be responsible for providing the start fund in the form of loan.( This stretch of cultivated land only limits planter wheat)】 【明日公告:东四区的耕地已经开始对外招标,农耕者路线玩家可组团承包,村子将负责以贷款的形式提供启动资金。(该片耕地仅限种植小麦)】 Tomorrow announced: The Village of Hope village committee member after three working days, will start to manufacture the exclusive personal documents for each villagers, at the appointed time will have the detailed information notice, please prepare the personal information to fill in ahead of time in advance.】 【明日公告:希望村村委员将于三个工作日后,开始为每一位村民制作专属身份证件,届时会有详细信息通知,请提前准备好个人信息预填报。】 Tomorrow announced: In view of the fact that the thick fog continued recently, already starts to have the body influence that is hard to avoid to the villagers, therefore one week later, the territory will supply the special decoction.( Please carry exclusive personal documents to receive at the appointed time)】 【明日公告:鉴于最近大雾持续,已经开始对村民们造成难以避免的身体影响,因此从一周后,领地将供应特殊汤药。(届时请携带专属身份证件领取)】 By every night 10 o'clock announced that update time point, in the village exceptionally is then lively. 到了每天晚上十点钟公告更新的时间点,村子内便异常热闹。 At this time, most villagers already returned to the bed to lie down. 这时,大部分村民已经回到了床上躺下。 Only needs to open Game Panel then to glance over the village to announce satisfied, all information that one accumulates all day, as well as with choose the route related and so on information. 只需要打开游戏面板便能惬意的浏览村子公告,一整天积累下来的所有信息,以及和自己选择路线相关的等等信息。 the corner moth: decoction one week later is free or charge, this thick fog soon did me to be uncomfortable, to the cramp that evening's left leg could not stop.” 扑棱蛾子:“一周后的汤药是免费的还是收费的啊,这大雾搞得我快要难受死了,一到晚上左腿就止不住的抽筋。” Your Gary no one mysterious: Moth brother was not saying few days ago the to rub iron can solve all problems, summoned that we accompany you to refine in the dream iron and steel plant to test these newest product free of charge, what's wrong? Then several days could not support on already, I also think that you can insist some time?” 你加里没人了奥:“蛾子兄前些日子不是还在说撸铁能解决一切问题,号召我们陪你去炼梦钢铁厂里无偿测试那些最新的产品吗,咋了?这才几天就已经撑不住了,我还以为你能多坚持一段时间呢?” Hot iron hammer: „, I first said one, coming to our iron and steel plant to test the people who to have the wages, don't chaotic belt/bring rhythm.” 麻辣铁锤:“咳咳,我先说一声啊,来我们钢铁厂测试的人都有工资,可别乱带节奏。” Luck player: fuck, front paying homage to iron hammer plant manager first!” 运气型玩家:“卧槽,前排膜拜铁锤厂长先!” Goes to the wharf integral point fries: Iron and steel plant test personnel have the wages, the moth brother said does not have the wages, was difficult to be inadequate this also to have the middle man to take away the price difference to be inadequate?” 去码头整点薯条吧:“钢铁厂测试人员有工资,蛾子兄说没工资,难不成这还有中间商拿走了差价不成?” the corner moth: Do not speak irresponsibly, bringing your to rub iron my not to collect an expense, if this places on Earth, my private teaches 2000 starts, you think that joked with you?” 扑棱蛾子:“你们可别乱说,带你们撸铁我这不得收点费用吗,这要是放在地球上,我一节私教课两千块起步,你以为和你闹着玩呢?” Linghu Daomou: Do not pull the idle talk, which today met the brothers of duty, how no one reports by the report territory the situation in that city.” 令狐道某:“别扯闲话了,今天接了任务的兄弟哪,怎么没人汇报汇报领地旁边那座城市的情况。” The Wasteland first male spear/gun: During the daytime I did not mean that a time, tells the truth, cannot only display first to see that with the writing to you from the start. The clear port city shock feeling at heart, some US Doomsday people have played, clear port city that inside city enough last today does not see 1/10.” 废土第一男枪:“白天我不是说了一次吗,有一说一,只用文字压根不能给你们表现出第一眼看到那座.晴港市心里的震撼感受,米国末日有人玩过吗,就那里面的城市都够不上今天看到的晴港市十分之一。” Cluck essence: Real false, ten years of meter/rice end player reported, really can have that feeling that in Game the modeling comes out?” 咕咕精:“真的假的啊,十年米末玩家报道,真能有游戏里建模出来的那种感觉?” Sidenafil: I can testify to the spear/gun elder brother, the clear port city truly is the city that makes me shock.” 西地那非:“我可以给枪哥作证,晴港市确实是一座让我震撼到的城市。” Apocalyptic World madman: Viagra gave to explode, how hasn't given the fire to speak in the urban district?” 末世狂人:“伟哥都给炸出来了,还不给大火讲讲市区内咋样?” Sidenafil: Eh, we only explore the Xijiao District scrap place of entire clear port city at present, you must make me give you to speak situation that in city in detail are a little beset with problems, but the western suburbs our already touched the terrain this afternoon ripe, says simply but was actually not good.” 西地那非:“额,目前我们只探索了整个晴港市的西郊区一小块地方,你要让我给你详细讲讲城区内的情况那还是有点捉襟见肘,不过西郊今天下午我们已经把地形摸熟了,简单说一说倒也不是不行。” Sidenafil: Xijiao District most approaches the place of our territory, is equivalent to Earth probably the seven loop lines of capital city, the nearby can see circling city high-speed tall path who many already collapse. Here architectural style is very new, but is not we imagines tall buildings, I guessed that possibly is a stretch of leaving uncultivated villa area? Basically is the alone one-story house, the area approximately in 150 draws about.” 西地那非:“西郊区是最靠近咱们领地的地方,大概相当于地球上正京市的七环线,附近能看到不少已经倒塌的绕城高速高路。这里的建筑样式挺新的,但不是我们想象中的高楼大厦,我猜测可能是一片荒废的别墅区?基本上都是独栋的平房,面积大约在150平左右。” Sidenafil: These one-story houses exist in the form of block in the western suburbs, roughly 80 houses is a block, the middle will have the street to separate it, with passes through with the pedestrian and vehicles. The age limit basis analysis of construction, was at least already to have 300 years to control, the material that because they use likely with five building area these building same awesome, these houses actually has not had the serious aged decency phenomenon very much, can be occupied by the person as before, two uses.” 西地那非:“这些平房以片区的形式存在于西郊,约莫八十栋房子为一个片区,中间会有街道将其分开,用以行人和车辆通行。建筑的年限根据分析,距今至少已经有三百年时间左右了,但因为他们使用的材料可能和五楼区那些大厦一样很牛逼,这些房子竟然都没有发生严重的老化风化现象,依旧是能够住人,二次使用的。” Sidenafil: As for toward the central area, we penetrates the western suburbs about 12 kilometers again, was blocked by a Duanqiao continued the thorough route. Is away from the thick fog, can see vaguely after Duanqiao, has many tall buildings, if can arrive at that side, should be able to find some high values the good things.” 西地那非:“至于再往中心区,我们深入西郊大约一两公里,被一座断桥挡住了继续深入的路线。隔着浓雾,能依稀看到断桥后有很多高楼大厦,如果能去到那边,应该可以找到一些高价值的好东西。” Man-made empire: Such fierce building material, can recycle, now we lack is this type can the hard anti- disaster high-quality material?” 人造帝国:“这么厉害的建筑材料,能回收吗,我们现在缺的就是这种能硬抗灾难的优质材料啊?” Sidenafil: Yes, Xijiao District we strolled the entire afternoon not to see individual shadow evidently, although might be by the guard of that caravan driving away, but felt that what big resistance should not encounter in this piece of place recovery point building material?” 西地那非:“看样子是可以,西郊区我们逛了一整个下午也没看到个人影子,虽然有可能是被那商队的护卫给驱离了,但感觉在这片地方回收点建筑材料应该不会遇到什么大的阻力吧?” Man-made empire: That is a little appealing, does not know when the feudal lord will open our average people to go to authority of clear port city.” 人造帝国:“那有点吸引人啊,不知道领主什么时候会开放咱们普通人去晴港市的权限。” Feng Tianmin: „, Warns, your recent idea is a little dangerous. Feudal lord Sir already set the custom, except for this time made the duty past 50 people, in a short time, the clear port city belonged to high-risk red region in the absolute significance, if who dares to go to defer to revolting village processing secretly secretly.” 封天民:“咳咳,警示一下,你们这些人最近想法可是有点危险嗷。领主大人已经定下了规矩,除了这次做任务过去的五十人,短期之内,晴港市属于绝对意义上的高危红色区域,谁要是敢私自偷偷前往一律按照叛村处理。” Man-made empire: Aha, Chief to seal/confer was serious, I crack a joke, you felt relieved!” 人造帝国:“啊哈哈,封队长严重了,我就是开个玩笑,你放心!” Air-to-air Daoist: Provides for with the service, has the running about fee/spent, do I could help you have a sample to come back?” 空空道人:“提供代拿服务,出点跑腿费,我或许能帮你带点样品回来?” To eat the sugar: Empire boss: You gave up any idea of that gains an iron coin from here!( Funny)” 想吃糖:“帝国老板:你休想从我这里赚走一个铁币!(滑稽)” Had Feng Tianmin to come out to warn, the group chatting topic was gradually normal, no longer probed toward the red high-risk clear port city topic. 有了封天民出来警示,群聊的话题逐渐正常起来,不再往红色高危的晴港市话题上试探。 The fragmentary villagers are discussing the recent route progress in the Duke screen, most people entered the exclusive channel of oneself route, is exchanging the way of quickest promotion experience, as well as certain from the World Channel acquired small skill. 零星的村民在公屏谈论着最近的路线进度,大部分人则进入了自己路线的专属频道,交流着最快提升经验的方式,以及某些从世界频道收集到的小技巧。 A harmonious atmosphere, maintains the best method of vantage point. 一个和谐的氛围,是保持整体竞争力的最好手段。 A Village of Hope piece under thick dim light of night tranquil auspicious, but may be called very safe underground in the clear port city. 浓浓夜色下的希望村一片宁静祥和,但在晴港市内堪称非常安全的地下。 Sits in the big bright office, sighing that Liu Lv who is handling the trivial matters actually cannot bear. 坐在偌大的敞亮办公室内,正在处理琐事的刘律却忍不住的叹了口气。 In fact, this already the ninth time was he sighs tonight. 事实上,这已经是他今晚第九次叹气了。 Leaps after the millennium second child becomes B-7 is layer upon layer long, has not given his life to bring about the qualitative change. 一跃从千年老二成为了B-7层层长之后,并没有给他的生活带来质的变化。 Instead compared with the present these troublesome, Liu Lv even more somewhat fondly remembered past that pure life. 反而比起现在这些麻烦,刘律愈发有些怀念自己从前那份单纯的生活。 This damn gold/metal sends greatly.” “这该死的金大发。” That damn hunting for “还有那该死的猎” Mouth subconscious cursing to the keyword, Liu Lv stopped the car(riage) immediately. 嘴里下意识的咒骂到关键词,刘律马上刹住了车。 In Pingtan Shelter, cursing the manager is not the minor matter. 在平滩避难所里,咒骂管理者可不是什么小事。 Once were heard or reported that light then the stick executes, the heavy torture will go forth to battle to suffer the integer ten talents to give up one after another. 一旦被听到或者检举,轻则杖毙,重则酷刑轮番上阵折磨个数十天才会罢休。 However, already cursed several hundred over a thousand in Liu Lv the sea otter at heart early. 不过,在心里刘律却是早已经将猎虎咒骂了几百上千遍。 Who can think, mess sea otter that gold/metal Dafa keeps after listening, and has no accident/surprise to express. 谁能想到,金大发留下来的烂摊子猎虎在听完以后,并没有任何意外表示。 His performance is exceptionally calm, only gave two choices. 他的表现异常淡定,只给了两个选择。 First, since gold/metal Dafa determined that already died, his uncle gold/metal lofty aspiration was also seized by that mysterious person, life and death unknown. The current levels of these mess natural this/should B-7 levels that keeps lord Liu Lvlai to process, the debt including commodity storehouse, the chaotic management system, as well as these every large or small troubles, in these Shelter will not have any meddling, all looked how lord to take advantage of the existing resources to display. 第一,金大发既然确定已经死了,他的舅舅金大志也被那神秘人抓走,生死未知。那留下来的这些烂摊子理所当然该B-7层的现任层主刘律来处理,包括物资库的亏空,混乱的管理体系,以及那些大大小小的麻烦,这些避难所里都不会有任何插手,全看层主自己如何利用现有的资源进行发挥。 Second, if Liu Lv choose gives up a Lord position on own initiative, that might also as well, the manager sea otter will assign seven administrators downward to go to here to be responsible for this mess. But has a quite special situation is, before the gold/metal lofty aspiration was seized by the mysterious person this matter has not investigated to be clear completely, the level lord Liu Lv to need to enter in the Shelter jail to wait, after when continuously coming to light, said. 第二,假如刘律自己选择主动放弃层主的位置,那也无妨,管理者猎虎会重新指定一名七层往下的管理人员前往这里负责这个烂摊子。但有个比较特殊的情况是,在金大志被神秘人抓走这件事没有完全调查清楚之前,层主刘律需要进入避难所的监牢内等着,一直等到水落石出后再说。 It seems like that is two choices, actually only has one. 看似是两条选择,其实只有一条。 If the gold/metal lofty aspiration already were done by that group of mysterious people, if chooses second, was equal to sitting in five square meters jail to the life finished. 金大志如果已经被那群神秘人搞死,那要是选择第二条,就等于得在五平米的监牢内一直坐到生命结束。 Liu Lv is not silly, then listened to the meaning of sea otter. 刘律不傻,一眼便听出来了猎虎的意思。 You and gratitude and grudges of gold/metal Dafa as well as gold/metal lofty aspiration my already have listened, although the guilty party is not you, but you have obviously violates the Shelter well-mannered behavior. 你和金大发以及金大志的恩怨我已经听过了,过错方虽然不是你,但你也有明显的违背避难所规矩行为。 I did not say, your own a little acting cool. 我不说,你自己心里有点逼数 If can make up this mess, that matter Lord position sits to you, when this matter the safe/without matter happens. 要是能补上这个烂摊子,那层主的位置给你坐,这件事就当无事发生。 But if you also want to jump, that embarrassed, we defer to the rules and regulations management, no one can select a problem. 但你要是还想要跳一跳,那不好意思,咱们就按照规章制度办事,谁也挑不出来一点毛病。 This processing mode, caused Liu Lv to eat a big lump of Siette to resemble probably, from top to bottom disgusting. 这种处理方式,就导致刘律像是吃了一大坨谢特似的,浑身上下只有恶心。 Sometimes, he even has to plant runs away from Shelter directly, goes for shelter the idea of that mysterious Tianyuan Tribe. 有的时候,他甚至有种直接从避难所逃走,去投奔那神秘天元部落的想法。 But the consideration over and over, Liu Lv was very good stopping. 但思虑再三,刘律还是很好的止住了。 Does not have him. 无他。 If one level of B-7 level is long, that also calculates a little value, can trade with the opposite party. 自己要是B-7层的层长,那还算有点价值,能和对方进行交易。 But if leaves Pingtan Shelter, he is an average person, at best a little tactical quality. 可要是离开平滩避难所,那他就是一个普通人,充其量有点战术素养。 That evening of hunting and killing gold/metal Dafa, Liu Lv witnessed the mysterious person fierce combat strength of own eyes. 猎杀金大发的当晚,刘律可是亲眼见证了神秘人凶猛的战斗力。 Only is that the technique and tactics of thirty people of silent uniforms/subdue, flung in Shelter not to pass through the ordinary guards of massive actual combat on already much. 光是那手将三十几人无声无息制服的技战术,就已经甩过了避难所里不少没经过大量实战的普通守卫。 How should make up the loophole that gold/metal Dafa keeps, went trade fair with Tianyuan Tribe is too obvious directly, after all the sea otter is definitely paying attention to seven stocks as well as my trends now.” “该怎么补上金大发留下来的这个漏洞呢,直接去和天元部落交易会不会太明显了,毕竟猎虎现在肯定是关注着七层的库存以及我的动向。” If by some chance were discovered by him, this consequence “万一被他发现,这后果” Committing a crime, Liu Lv self-examines or does not have that courage up-wind. 顶风作案,刘律自问还是没那个胆子的。 Now each from outside drawing the commodity, will accept the personal inspection of Pingtan army. 现在每一笔从外面拉进来的物资,都会接受平滩军的亲自查验。 If this does not talk clearly the concrete origin, the trouble estimate of that possibly arrival come much compared with seven bankruptcies. 这要是说不清楚具体的来源,那可能到来的麻烦估计要比七层破产都来多。 But ponders over in Liu Lv cannot do the commodity from Tianyuan Tribe, where when should do a thing fills the debt, the door of level Lord office opens. 而就在刘律琢磨着不能从天元部落搞物资,到底该从哪里搞点东西来填补亏空时,层主办公室的房门打开。 Put on a old of new project clothing/taking to walk from outside, on the face is brimming with the happy expression. 穿着一身新工程服的老吕从外面走了进来,脸上洋溢着喜色。 Contrasts Liu Lv present sorrow facial expression, among two people formed the obvious contrast. 对比刘律现在的悲苦神情,两人之间形成了明显的对比。 Liu Cengzhu did, how this sit firmly also looked distressed?” “刘层主,这都坐稳了咋还这么愁眉苦脸啊?” old negligent sits down on the stool, pulls out the bosom to soak the insulated cup of tea leaves to put down on the desktop. 老吕大咧咧的在凳子上坐下,掏出怀里泡着茶叶的保温杯在桌面上放下。 The green and glossy shoot, floats in the water up and down, ripples to wipe the vitality. 绿油油的嫩芽,在水中上下漂浮,漾出一抹生机。 Since that night and mysterious people exchanged under some of pre-war time collection . 自从那天晚上和神秘人们交流了下战前时代的一些“收藏”后。 Recently glanced over old of many pre-war magazine, already fell in love with this thing thoroughly. 最近浏览了不少战前杂志的老吕,已经彻底爱上了这玩意。 Although drinks not to have coffee that sleek/moist, then effective quick, but tasting slowly, has taste. 虽然喝起来没有咖啡那么润,那么见效快,但慢慢的品尝,也别有一番滋味。 old , do not hold are understanding that installed with me muddled.” “老吕啊,你别揣着明白和我装糊涂了。” Gold/Metal sent the warehouse greatly must evacuate, remaining gave our commodity less than 1/10, hunted for Pingtan Sir to make me make up as soon as possible, this commodity cannot from the space come right?” “金大发把仓库都要搬空了,剩下给我们的物资不足十分之一,猎平滩大人要让我尽快补上,这物资也不能从天上来对吧?” Liu Lv is on the rise, the taking up tea drinking glass unrestrained/no trace of politeness, filled half cup. 刘律抬起头,毫不客气的拿起茶水杯,一口气灌下去了半杯。 Creaks, creaks. 嘎吱,嘎吱。 Inside tea leaves he does not let off, does not care at all the light astringency, is chewing swallowing in the mouth unceasingly. 里面的茶叶他也不放过,毫不在意淡淡的涩味,不断在嘴里嘴嚼着咽下。 What fears, we have not arrived at with the commodity now time?” “怕什么,我们现在不是还没到用物资的时候吗?” In the future will have finds the way to collect the commodity for a long time, for example can we can go to the city to excavate the excavation, look find other transaction partners again, these people.” “未来还有很长时间来想办法凑齐物资,比如我们可以去城内发掘发掘,看看能不能再找到其他的交易伙伴,那些人.” old blinks, is speaking the unnourishing repetitious talk, near arriving window that while maintains composure, looked at looking toward outside. 老吕眨了眨眼睛,一边说着毫无营养的车轱辘话,一边不动声色的来到窗边,往外面瞄了瞄。 No one monitors. 没人监视。 At least near the level Lord office, all residents knows that the recent situation is not quite possibly good, no one dares close to disturbing. 至少在层主办公室附近,所有居民都知道最近情况可能不太好,没有一个人敢靠近打扰。 Noses exterior. 查探完外部。 Then, old pulls out a disc installment of palm of the hand size from the bosom, paces in the room back and forth. 接着,老吕又从怀里掏出一个巴掌大小的圆盘装置,在房间内来回踱步。 Drop. 滴。 Drop. 滴。 Installs above is glittering the blue ray, when arriving at room inside bedhead position, suddenly turned into the red. 装置上方闪烁着蓝色的光芒,在走到房间靠内的床头位置时,忽然变成了红色。 old complexion is usual, is turning head one to look toward the bedhead behind, is really gluing a thing of thumb size. 老吕面色如常,扭着头往床头后方一瞧,果然粘贴着一个拇指大小的玩意。 Meanwhile, behind being away from the table of bed not far away, there is such a small thing. 同时,在隔着床不远处的桌后方,也有这么一个小玩意。 „Does Pingtan Sir look like thinks highly to lord you very much?!” “平滩大人看来很是器重层主你啊?!” After the definite room does not have the second equipment, old Lucon the tone, the point in the installment pressed several. 确定房间内没有第二个装置后,老吕松了口气,在装置上点按几下。 The red light glitters back and forth, finally becomes the stable green. 红色的灯光来回闪烁,最终变为稳定的绿色。 Hummingbird two audiomonitors, I am prepared fortunately, ahead of time did the thing of shield.” “蜂鸟二型监听设备,还好我早就有准备,提前搞到了屏蔽的玩意。” Before returning to the chair sits down, looks Liu Lv who a face compels ignorant, old the set off yellow tooth to smile. 回到椅子前坐下,看着一脸懵逼的刘律,老吕呲出发黄的牙齿笑了笑。 Liu Cengchang, you do not think, only then gold/metal Dafa has the following several relatives.” “刘层长,你可别以为只有金大发有下面几层的亲戚。” „More than 50 years ago, you had not been born the time, but my brother-in-law the technical manager of B-18 level, is responsible for maintaining active defense System in update Shelter.” “早在五十多年前,你还没出生的时候,我姐夫可是B-18层的技术主管,负责维护更新避难所内的主动防御系统。” Behind that turmoil caused him to lead my elder sister to have the accident/surprise, you think that my old will occupy in seven is the service foreman?” “要不是后面那场动乱导致他带着我姐姐出了意外,你以为我老吕会屈居于七层当个维修工头啊?” B-18?” “B-18?” Liu Lv stared in a big way the eye. 刘律瞪大了眼睛。 My goodness. 好家伙。 Entire Pingtan Shelter a total of 21. 整个平滩避难所总共21层。 21 are the sea otter housing places, 20 are the entire Shelter maintenance equipment depositing levels, 19 are the housing training levels of Pingtan army. 21是猎虎居住的地方,20是整个避难所的维持设备存放层,19是平滩军的居住训练层。 The normal people promote downward , can only to 18 be the limit high. 正常人一路往下晋升,最高也就只能到十八层就是极限。 already is over fifty-year-old man old before his time, was his brother-in-law unexpectedly once in Shelter almost technical manager at the most? 已经是年过半百的小老头,他的姐夫竟然曾经是避难所里几乎顶天的技术主管? At this matter has not fooled your necessity, the old man I will not look for the crime to receive to oneself on own initiative.” “这种事上没有唬你的必要,老头子我啊可不会主动给自己找罪受。” Said again we now are grasshopper on a rope, but your boy stingy, if really did not go on living, but also cannot take our these people?” “再说咱俩现在是一根绳上的蚂蚱,你小子可是心狠的很,要是真活不下去了,还不得带上我们这些人啊?” old faint smile, back and forth what the look looks is Liu Lv scalp tingles. 老吕似笑非笑,眼神来回看的是刘律一阵头皮发麻。 You could rest assured that commodity matter does not calculate the difficult office, I have the means to hide the truth from outside Pingtan army to inspect.” “你放心,物资这件事不算难办,我有办法瞒过外面的平滩军检查。” We need to pay attention now truly, is “我们现在真正需要注意的,是”
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