MPASLUI :: Volume #10

#955: Slightly gains one, three technologies!

„Does Tianyuan go?” “天元外卖?” Many already eat wipes dry/does only, sits raised the head in room entrance rest scavenger, on the face flashes through stunned. 不少已经吃干抹净,坐在屋门口休息的拾荒者们抬起头,脸上闪过一丝愕然。 This is not a strange word. 这不是一个陌生的词。 On the contrary, regarding the life human of Earth Huaxia, its already was a part in the life thoroughly. 相反,对于生活在地球华夏的人类而言,它已经彻底融入了生活中。 Received the paper that in Dahlen hand handed over, Feng Long looked at one, startled say/way: 接过达伦手上递过来的纸条,封龙瞄了一眼,不由惊道: Chief Dahlen, you determined that needs to spend five business tickets the prices, has a meal to go?” “达伦队长,您确定需要花费五商券的价格,吃一餐外卖吗?” A labor is running risks in the clear port city collects day of calm powder, the obtained wage only has two business tickets. 一名劳工冒着风险在晴港市内采集一天的冷静粉,得到的薪水才只有两商券。 But the price of this food, unexpectedly close to single three days of wage. 而这一顿饭的价格,竟然就接近单人三天的薪水。 If according to one day three calculates. 要是按照一天三顿计算的话. 15 business tickets. 15商券。 My goodness, if makes scavenger know that own one week of labor force, could not have compared unexpectedly for day the prices of three food. 好家伙,要是让拾荒者们知道自己的一周劳动力,竟然还比不上一天三顿饭的价格。 This disparity, simply. 这差距,简直了。 Even if must be counted the material cost, in which profit, as before big scary. 哪怕还要算上其中的材料成本,其中的利润,也依旧大的吓人。 Wants, how not to want, first gives me to come one . No, gives us to come two.” “要,怎么不要,先给我来一份..不,给我们来两份。” Good, my arranges.” “好嘞,我这就去安排。” Feng Long set out, arrives to draw the noodle stand and fries the vegetable stall to say one. 封龙起身,走到拉面摊和炒菜摊说了一声。 With the flame and steam transpiration, that attractive flavor raises again. 伴随着火焰和水蒸气蒸腾,那股诱人的味道再度升起。 Long time, before the top as if one had found a treasure received two large bowl that thinks of the vegetable/dish screen, Sean as if one had found a treasure. 半晌,从灶台前如获至宝的接过两个装着菜盖面的大碗,肖恩如获至宝。 Two people illuminate mold squatting in the same old way on the ground, starts the clumsy use chopsticks to select into the mouth the noodles. 两人照模照样的蹲在地上,开始笨拙的使用筷子将面条挑入嘴中。 Un. 嗯。 This is the first time that not they ate noodles type of food. 这不是他们第一次吃面条这种食物。 The starch that separates only needs to increase some special mix congealing thick medicinal preparations, can cool forms the wheat flour shape the material. 分离开的淀粉只需要添加一些特殊的混合凝稠剂,就能冷却形成面粉状的物质。 The kitchen of red spider caravan will also make some noodles feasts occasionally, matches the nutrition paste mix to eat together. 红蛛商队的厨房偶尔也会做一些面条大餐,搭配营养膏混合一起食用。 But Sean ensure never has one time, he can only eat the noodles to taste the fragrance. 但肖恩保证,从来没有一次,他能只吃面条就尝到香味。 Has the noodles of meat taste?! 有肉味的面条?! This is to make with what, is the flavor so how fragrant?” “这是用什么做成的,味道怎么这么香?” My God, I have not eaten the so delicious noodles!” “我的天,我从来没有吃过如此美味的面条!” „Is this wheat flour that the wheat of another special variety grinds?” “难道这是另一种特殊品种的小麦所磨制的面粉?” Does not know, is in any case more delicious than the noodles that our kitchen made!” “不知道,反正比我们厨房做出来的面条好吃多了!” Crisp and tasty potato thread, solution soft/greasy salt wild herbs. 脆爽的土豆丝,解腻的腌野菜。 in addition starts the strength noodles that the joyous song draws manually, finishing eating that two people wolf down, still somewhat had not given full expression. 加上马浩歌手工拉出来的劲道面条,两人狼吞虎咽的吃完,仍有些意犹未尽。 This heard that is a flavor, eating is another flavor. 这面闻起来是一股味道,吃起来是另一股味道。 Arrived finally, the flavor that tastes is also unexpectedly different. 到最后,回味起来的味道竟然又不一样。 You have the material, I also want to order go, needs .125 probably.” “你们还有材料吗,我还想订购一些外卖,大概需要份。” Turns the head caravan members who looked at a distant place to wait, Sean asked in a soft voice. 转头看了眼远处翘首以待的商队成员们,肖恩轻声问道。 Red spider caravan, ordinary guard wages, although lowest, but one month also has 680 business tickets. 红蛛商队内部,普通的护卫工资虽然最低,但一个月也有680商券。 Other kinds of work in a factory upward, the wages of engineer are highest, according to technical standards basically in 1500 business ticket wage about. 往上的其他工种,工程师的工资最高,按照技术水平基本都在1500商券薪水左右。 This goes regarding the indigenous people are very expensive/noble, a day eats meal on 15 business tickets, 30 days 450 business tickets. 这外卖对于原住民是挺贵的,一天吃饭就得十五商券,三十天得四百五十商券。 But to these people of caravan, even if the guards has enough wage to spend. 但对商队的这些人而言,哪怕是护卫都有足够的薪水来消费。 Let alone, this expense simply too tm value! 更何况,这消费简直太tm值了! In the past returned to the foundation southern four area headquarters, rewarded with food and drink the expenditures of these fellows, which time can not in average 300 business tickets upward. 以往回到基金会南四区总部,犒劳这些家伙的花费,哪次人均不得三百商券往上。 Now this endures compared with going of holy city good food, only needs five business tickets unexpectedly. 如今这堪比圣城美食的外卖,竟然只需要五商券。 In Sean heart decided secretly, then stays in this Tianyuan Shelter day. 肖恩心中暗自决定,接下来停留在这天元避难所的日子里。 Food who the damn kitchen, they produce will not eat one absolutely again! 该死的厨房,他们出产的食物自己绝对不会再吃一口了! Must make the best use of the time, by inexpensive to incredible price, enjoys the life well. 必须抓紧时间,以低廉到让人难以置信的价格,好好享受享受人生。 Naturally, our supplies are full.” “当然,我们的供应量非常足。” If you have other demands, can provide the material, we provide to have custom-made the choices of different taste.” “如果您有其他需求,也可以提供材料,我们提供定制不同口味的选择。” Feng Long returns with a smile said that while in the heart calculated silently under received. 封龙一边笑着回道,一边心中默默计算了下收入。 125, a five business ticket 一百二十五份,一份五商券 fuck, can this evening's income achieve 625 unexpectedly? 卧槽,这一晚上的收入居然能达到六百二十五? This what concept?? 这什么概念?? If Sean is willing to give to go the three meals a day package, that merely depends on this, the territory can achieve the one-day 1875 foreign exchange incomes. 要是肖恩愿意将一日三餐都包给外卖,那仅仅靠这一项,领地就能达成单日1875的外汇进账。 If stays ten days. 要是停留个十天. Thinks in the beforehand contract so many materials, and board and lodging of workers adds. 一想到之前合同中那么多的材料,以及工人们的食宿加起来。 The red spider caravan gave the prices of 20,000 business tickets. 红蛛商队才给出了两万商券的价格。 Now only depends on one to go, can obtain may to surpass this number the income. 现在仅靠着一项外卖,就能获得有可能超过这个数的收入。 We will complete as soon as possible, deliver!” “我们会尽快做好,送过来!” Hears the promise, Sean then well satisfied nod, supports the belly of plump to walk toward the chariot. 听到许诺,肖恩这才心满意足的点点头,挺着圆滚滚的肚皮往战车走去。 Approximately in he just returned to the car(riage) less than one minute. 大约在他刚回到车内不到一分钟。 Cheers resound suddenly, occasionally can also hear the engineers of several big voices to shout: 一阵欢呼声忽然响起,偶尔还能听到几个大嗓门的工程师大喊着: „A five business ticket, was too cost-effective, I decided that the following each food ate in that!” “一顿五商券,太划算了,我决定接下来每顿饭都在那吃了!” I am also! I thought that our kitchens should study, even food of agglomeration compared with our delicacy.” “我也是!我看我们的厨房应该学习学习了,连聚集地的食物都比我们美味。” How possibly, they used certainly very good material and seasoning, this is unfair!” “怎么可能,他们一定使用了很好的材料和调味料,这不公平!” Is unfair, did not say, you provided the material, they can have custom-made the taste.” “不公平,不是说了吗,你提供材料,他们可以定制口味啊。” Approval! If can eat such delicious meals every day, I rather work overtime free of charge for a half hour!” “赞同!要是每天都能吃到这样美味的伙食,我宁愿无偿加班半个小时!” „The meal that what machine that they use makes, we also buy one!” “他们用的什么机器做的饭菜,我们也买一台吧!” „.” “.” The red spider caravan full-time chef, that thing in Blue Star has not been the rare species. 红蛛商队并没有专职的厨子,那玩意在蓝星算是稀有物种。 Because without demand, but is the meal that the ordinary chef makes, and was inferior delicious that the machine does. 不是因为没有需求,而是普通的厨子做出来的饭菜,并不如机器搞出来的好吃。 Has chef who surpasses the machine level, hiring the price is also expensive, at least is 5000 business tickets starts. 拥有超过机器水平的厨子,雇佣价格又非常昂贵,最起码都是五千商券起步。 Let alone has this craftsmanship, they are not willing the following caravan to be widely traveled from the start. 更何况有这手艺,他们压根就不愿意跟着商队走南闯北。 Staying isn't good in the big city or the agglomeration? 呆在大型城市或者聚集地里不好吗? Also security, cannot be worried that meets the caravan bankruptcy to have the accident/surprise. 又安全,又不能担心遇到商队破产出现意外。 Therefore, red spider caravan to save the budget, can only use the fourth-generation kitchen god machine that the foundation sold. 因此,红蛛商队为了节省预算,只能采用了基金会售卖的第四代厨神机。 As alternating four generations of products, this thing release then can manufacture several hundred types of different meal. 作为更迭了四代的产品,这玩意一出厂便能制作数百种不同的餐品。 The flavor, was far from delicious. 只是味道,就谈不上好吃了。 Especially compared with meals that outside these workers eat, the kitchen god machine simply is. Industrial refuse! 尤其和外面那些工人们吃的伙食相比,厨神机简直就是.工业垃圾! Quick, 125 qualities almost do not have the difference went minute/share of batch to deliver to the chariot. 很快,一百二十五份品质几乎没有差别的外卖分批次送到了战车上。 Imagines with Sean similar, this thing really conquered everyone stomach. 和肖恩想象中的差不多,这玩意果然征服了所有人的“胃”。 No matter stirs up trouble, without the appetite, is the body is uncomfortable, was just seriously injured. 甭管是挑事的,没胃口的,还是身体不舒服的,刚受了重伤的。 On over a hundred people of imageless collapsing to the ground, almost entire must bury to the bowl. 上百号人毫无形象的瘫坐在地上,几乎将整个头都要埋到碗里。 Luke who in the dying sickness startled sits up eats up two bowls continuously, the entire face spicily was been red by the hot pepper, the mouth cannot bear is shouting loudly crisply. 垂死病中惊坐起的卢克连续吃下两碗,整个人脸都被辣椒给辣红了,嘴里还是忍不住的高呼着“爽”。 The high value nutrition paste that produces with the kitchen god machine compares, this thing exploded simply fragrant! 和厨神机出产的高价值营养膏比起来,这玩意简直香爆了! Each noodles enter in the mouth, all taste buds as if greedy is sucking in the cooking liquor and tastiness. 每一口面条进入嘴中,所有味蕾似乎都在贪婪的吮吸着汤汁和鲜美。 How they want to come out, can give so many different flavors to food unexpectedly! Moreover such delicious that matches?” “他们是怎么想出来的,竟然能给食物赋予这么多不同的味道!而且还搭配的如此好吃?” Probably before the artificial intelligence has not started to develop, human of pre-war time eats.” “大概在人工智能还没开始发展之前,战前时代的人类就是这么吃的。” Stir-fried dish, my father can also cook, the flavor that but he cooks up is less than this 1/10000 radically!” “炒菜,我爸爸也会炒菜,但他炒出来的味道根本不及这万分之一!” Let alone your father, even Liberty City Falmouthdevil Grand Duke restaurant, without delicious in this bowl! ” “别说你爸,就算是自由城法尔茅斯的“恶魔大公”菜馆,都没有这碗里的好吃!” Real false, I have not gone to that to eat, can unexpectedly the comparing favorably with devil Grand Duke?” “真的假的,我可没去那吃过,竟然能比得上恶魔大公?” Deceives you to do, I grew up in childhood thereby, I can give you to guarantee. This flavor, sells 300, no, even if sells 500 business tickets, these rich and powerful people will still brandish business the ticket to pay absolutely!” “骗你干什么,我小时候就在那附近长大的,我可以给你保证.这味道,就是卖三百,不,就算是卖五百商券,那些富豪们也绝对会挥舞着商券买单!” As the mole man most centralized city, Liberty City Falmouth was the entire Blue Star inherits pre-war cultural most places probably. 作为地鼠佬最为集中的城市,自由城法尔茅斯大概是整个蓝星传承战前文化最多的地方了。 And, the devil Grand Duke enjoys a good reputation in the well-known place of most Blue Star. 其中,恶魔大公又是享誉大半个蓝星的知名地点。 What although there is principal is not a dish, but is the devil liquor that the best-selling entire social top layer celebrities encircle. 尽管那里主打的并不是菜品,而是畅销整个社会顶层名流圈的恶魔酒。 Food that but can carry, did not say many, hangs to hit over 90 restaurants to have no issue. 但能端出来的食物,不说多的,吊打90以上的餐馆还是没有任何问题的。 Hears in this bowl on first hearing the seemingly ordinary noodles, can place on a par with the devil Grand Duke. 乍一听闻这碗里看似普通的面条,能和恶魔大公相提并论。 Immediately, everyone only felt that food of mouth seemed more fragrant a point. 顿时,所有人只感觉到嘴边的食物似乎更香了一分。 Sells 100 business tickets, they can also carry a shoulder-pole load this food the problem. 卖一百商券,他们还能挑挑这食物的毛病。 Sells five business tickets, let alone, even if makes me supply for oneself material that not to have the issue. 卖五商券,别说了,就算是让我自备材料那也没问题啊。 Oh, if also in Blue Star, if can sell to outside here food belt/bring is good “唉,要是还在蓝星,要是能将这里的食物带到外面售卖就好了” Hears an numerous to discuss the sound ambiguously, Sean discovered a wave of opportunity actually. 听到一众含糊的讨论声,肖恩倒是发现了一波商机。 Going of here selling price five business tickets, if really can bring to the large-scale agglomeration, sells 50 is not definitely a problem. 这里售价五商券的外卖,要是真能带到大型聚集地,卖个五十肯定不成问题。 Even if stores up food to need to purchase some extra machines. 哪怕储存食物需要购置一些额外的机器。 Looked long-term, this is also a business that may be called the sudden and huge profits. 长远去看,这也是一笔堪称暴利的生意。 But what makes one regret, the environment changed, before world already no longer is, that Blue Star. 但让人惋惜的是,周围环境发生了变化,世界已经不再是之前那个蓝星了。 Bears in mind this opportunity silently, Sean sits near the window, the line of sight flew to the distant place. 将这点商机默默记在心里,肖恩坐在窗边,视线不由飞向了更远处。 The opportunity often follows the risk. 机遇往往伴随着风险。 The environment changes, if these inherent established influences reshuffle. 环境改变,如果那些固有的老牌势力重新洗牌。 Regarding going by land caravan that the red spider caravan is unfit to take a higher post but unwilling to take a lower one like this, perhaps is not a misdemeanor. 对于红蛛商队这样高不成低不就的陆行商队而言,或许并不是一件坏事。 If can search to be similar this Tianyuan Shelter opportunity, makes a connection with the trade route again. 如果能多搜寻到一些类似这天元避难所的商机,重新将商路打通。 Sean vision is even more profound. 肖恩目光愈发深邃。 The intuition told him, if can seize this opportunity, what kind of dangers and difficulties regardless of will meet. 直觉告诉他,如果能把握住这个机会,无论会遇到怎么样的艰难险阻。 So long as succeeds, the caravan can gain to one once the completely not unimaginable enormous wealth! 只要成功,商队都能赚到一笔曾经完全无法想象的巨额财富! They are satisfied, and ordered going over the following week.” “他们非常满意,并且订购了接下来一周的外卖。” One is 130, a day needs 390.” “一顿是130份,一天需要390份。” According to the prices of 5 business tickets, we one week of income altogether is “按照五商券的价格,我们一周总共的收入是” 13650!” “13650!” Hears the wild with joy report that Feng Long not covers up, Su Mo already exciting vigor that meeting, the smile had been listening attentively actually. 听到封龙不加掩饰的狂喜汇报,苏摩倒是已经过了兴奋劲那会,微笑倾听着。 Weighs the meals cost by the raw material that the red spider caravan sells, a cost price of food probably in 0.4 business ticket about. 以红蛛商队售卖的原材料来衡量伙食成本,一顿饭的成本价大概在0.4商券左右。 Over ten times of profits, this simply is the sudden and huge profits without doubt. 超过十倍的利润,这简直是暴利无疑。 If can this group of dull ten days of half a month, the territory can definitely purchase more easy-to-use technologies or the commodities from their comes back, expands the background. 要是能让这伙人多呆个十天半个月的,领地完全能从他们那里购买更多好用的技术或者商品回来,扩充底蕴。 What a pity, this business also can only do occasionally one time, next time will be wanting the caravan that when passed by does not know that is. 可惜,这种生意也就只能偶尔干个一次,下次在想要等到路过的商队不知道是什么时候。 Only can gain a wave of opportunity regarding this type happily, Su Mo only a meeting, then thoughts more placed in the technical choice. 对于这种只能赚一波的机会,苏摩只高兴了一会,便还是将心思更多的放在了技术挑选上。 After a choice of day of time, technical who the red spider caravan all can provide. 经过一天时间的挑选,红蛛商队所有能提供的技术库里。 His already successfully referred to Lu Kuan and the others the opinions, chooses three types regarding the present situation most expensive technology. 已经成功参考了吕宽等人的意见,挑选出来三样对于目前形势价值最高的技术。 First, exceptionally mature synthetic starch technology. 第一项,异常成熟的合成淀粉技术。 Energy replacement resources technology that this starts to study from the pre-war time, until now already developed was close for 400 years, marched into the exceptionally mature mass production to sell the stage. According to the description that in the atlas gives, in the foundation produces named starch machine the installment, among contains one special material. 这项从战前时代就开始研究的能源置换资源技术,迄今为止已经发展了接近四百年,步入了异常成熟的量产售卖阶段。按照图册上给出的描述,基金会内出产名为“淀粉机”的装置,其内包含一种特殊的物质。 The users only need to contact with the atmospheric environment it, Power-on. 使用者只需要将其与大气环境接触,接通电源。 Inside material then can be exciting through the electric current, absorbs the carbon dioxide automatically. 里面的物质便能通过电流刺激,自动吸收二氧化碳。 According to the data of most new generation machine, once the TV University approximately can replace about the starch to 170 g to come out. 按照最新一代机器的数据,一度电大约可以置换到170g左右的淀粉出来。 Compares on Earth every hundred grams the cost of five-time electricity, this already is a quite astonishing data. 相比地球上的每百克五度电的成本而言,这已经是一项相当惊人的数据。 Naturally, already achieved in this share, this technology obviously also has room for promotion. 当然,已经做到了这个份上,这技术明显还有提升的空间。 Because on Blue Star already broke through the controllable nuclear fusion initially, in the energy-rich situation , to continue enhances the replacement the performance-to-price ratio is not actually higher, therefore also stopped in this level. 但因为蓝星上已经初步突破了可控核聚变,在能源充足的情况下,继续提高置换比的性价比其实并不高,所以也就停止在了这个水平上。 Regarding Tianyuan territory. 对于天元领地而言。 Even if cannot purchase the so-called starch machine temporarily, could not find that mysterious material. 哪怕暂时购买不到所谓的淀粉机,也找不到那种神奇的物质。 This technology must do as soon as possible, finding the way to conduct the research breakthrough. 这项技术也必须尽快搞到手,想办法进行研究突破。 Once can find the substitute to replace the starch machine, the future grain pressure wants certainly few big truncations. 一旦能找到替代品代替淀粉机,未来的粮食压力肯定要少一大截。 Second, not that delicious protein high-pressure. 第二项,不那么美味的蛋白质合成技术。 Just like the starch, the preparation way of this thing must be more complex, the training equipment of initial need was very expensive, achieved over 160,000 business tickets. 和淀粉一样,这东西的制备方式要更加复杂一些,初期需要的培养设备就很昂贵,达到了十六万商券出头。 When the protein manufacture is completed, needs to purchase the selling price different processing equipment. 而等到蛋白质制造完成,又需要购买售价不同的加工设备。 And best -selling, the price needs the entire 220,000 business tickets, can manufacture the taste bad kind of red meat material. 其中最畅销的一项,价格需要整整二十二万商券,可以制作口感较差的类红肉物质。 But most expensive, then needs 500,000 business tickets, can make the taste quite exquisite white meat material. 而最贵的一项,则需要五十万商券,可以做出口感较为细腻的白肉物质。 Naturally, is cheaper. 当然,还有更加便宜的。 For example makes the plant meat taste, only needs 90,000 business tickets. 比如制造成植物肉口感,只需要九万商券。 These territory present stage series uniform purchases cannot afford, but after does not hinder first integrated manufacturing technology buys, then attempts to break through the device technology of correspondence. 这些领地现阶段统统购买不起,但不妨碍先把整体制造技术买回来以后,再尝试突破对应的装置技术。 Third , before is the only project takes, can display the technology of function. 第三项,也是唯一一项目前拿到手,就能发挥作用的技术。 «K21 High-strength Molecular compound High-pressure» 《K21型高强度分子化合物合成技术》 This is the novel technology that a post-war time studied, uses high-intensity plastic that it made, not only had the merit of plastic, for example the impact resistance was good, the insulating property was good, the thermal conductivity was low, but also had almost compares the intensity of alloy steel. 这是一种战后时代才研究出来的新颖技术,利用其制造出来的高强度塑料,不仅具备塑料的优点,例如耐冲击性好,绝缘性好,导热性低等,还拥有几乎比拟合金钢的强度。 Naturally, its shortcoming is still obvious. 当然,它的缺点依旧非常明显。 The thermal stability is bad, the hot expansion rate is big, ignites is only about 210 degrees merely, under the low temperature is easy to change the brittle, rapid aging. 耐热性差,热膨胀率大,燃点仅仅只有210度左右,低温下还容易变脆,快速老化。 But this thing, was almost present stage Su Mo can find only, buys, brings with giving the technology of villagers. 但这东西,几乎是现阶段苏摩唯一能找到,买到,拿来用给村民们的技术了。 10,000 over villagers, casualty one is the irretrievable wealth. 一万出头的村民,死伤一个都是不可挽回的财富。 In soon that may clash. 在即将有可能爆发的冲突中。 An armored clothing, a ballistic helmet, the explosion-proof shield, may save a life at the same time. 一件防弹衣,一个防弹头盔,一面防爆盾牌,就有可能挽回一条生命。 This type of K21 high-intensity plastic, is low-cost, raw material that oil well that needs can provide. 这种K21高强度塑料,成本低廉,所需要的原料那口石油井就能提供。 In addition the red spider caravan also sells the manufacturing equipment of correspondence, only needs 35,000 business tickets to purchase. 再加上红蛛商队还出售对应的制造设备,只需要三万五千商券就能购买。 Su Mo only hesitant a meeting, then resolutely its designation. 苏摩只犹豫了一会,便毅然决然的将其选定。
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