MPASLUI :: Volume #10

#954: Besides the labor, we also provide „going” service

9 : 00 pm. 晚上 9 点。 In mist dim light of night. 薄雾夜色之中。 Red spider chariot not far away starts to have happy talks and laughters to appear along with the crowd. 红蛛战车不远处开始有“欢声笑语”伴随着人群出现。 When with set off goes to the clear port city has the difference slightly, at this time stands in the sentry post tower looks out in the mist these to grasp scavenger of assorted firepower weapon, four standing sentry guards stared in a big way the eye. 出发前往晴港市时稍有不同,此时站在哨塔上瞭望到雾气中那些手持各色火力武器的拾荒者们,四名正在放哨的护卫不由瞪大了眼睛。 What ghost 什么鬼 Before their set off, does not carry the primitive crossbow bow, as well as looks on the outdated hand short pistol? 他们出发之前不是还背着原始的弩弓,以及一些看着就老掉牙的手矬短枪吗? How now suddenly big change? 怎么现在忽然鸟枪换炮了? These hang on the neck bright light shiny the rifle, don't in the submachine gun that the waist makes a great show of one's talents. 那些挂在脖子上明光锃亮的步枪,别在腰间锋芒毕露的冲锋枪. fuck also has rpg launcher tube that treads the horse? 卧槽还有踏马的rpg发射筒? From is getting more and more near, the guards observed thing are getting more and more, in heart surprisedly. 距离越来越近,护卫们观察到的东西越来越多,心中不由惊讶更甚。 But Sean who goes out of the chariot, had a scare by this weaponry. 而就连从战车中走出的肖恩,都被这阵仗吓了一跳。 Puts on heavy/thick bird of prey power armor, deputy team chief Dahlen passed over gently and swiftly from the team flank, unties to fetter. 穿着厚重的猛禽动力甲,副队长达伦从队伍侧翼掠过,解开束缚走了过来。 Team leader, today's collection altogether is about 700 g, the calm powder of mature period is uncommon in clear port city western suburbs here, it seems like we must widen the range tomorrow, was thorough toward the clear port city.” “队长,今天的采集量一共是700g左右,成熟期的冷静粉在晴港市西郊这边并不常见,看来我们明天必须扩大范围,往晴港市内部深入了。” Sean: They. This carried a weapon cache of spoliator?” 肖恩:“他们.这是端了一处掠夺者的武器库?” Dahlen: I do not know where they do, Chief Feng Long said in any case this group of people pick from the corner, but according to that night combat considered, this situation also has the possibility.” 达伦:“我也不知道他们从哪里搞到的,反正那封龙队长说这伙人是从角落里捡的,不过按照那天晚上的战斗来考虑,这种情况也是有可能的。” Picks?” “捡的?” Sean frowns. 肖恩皱了下眉头。 Thorough clear port city the risk will be bigger, once these people produce the casualties, perhaps we must pay huge pension to give that manager. Western suburbs surrounding. Didn't already have?” “深入晴港市我们的风险会大很多,一旦这些人产生伤亡,我们恐怕要付出一笔庞大的抚恤金给那位管理者。西郊外围.已经没有了吗?” Dahlen resigned-looking said. 达伦一脸无奈说。 According to the situation that we survey today, the calm powder recently should be harvested one time by the mole man, can see the obvious picking trace. We can find these today, was lucky these workers went all out very much, go to find to some covert corner.” “根据我们今天探测到的情况,冷静粉最近一段时间应该是被地鼠佬收割过一次,能看到明显的采摘痕迹。我们今天能找到这些,还是多亏了那些工人很卖力,去到一些非常隐蔽的角落找到的。” Conflagration that moreover that night large-scale combat triggered, although there is a rainwater pouring to extinguish, may still affect many calm powders, if we wanted to collect the sufficient quantity, must go the region to have the possibility to three points of clear port city.” “另外那天晚上的大规模战斗所引发的爆燃,虽然有雨水浇灭,可仍然波及到了不少冷静粉如果我们想要收集足够的数量,必须要去到晴港市的三环内区域才有可能。” Entire western suburbs, is resources-short, everywhere is the construction ruins of collapse. 整个西郊,资源贫瘠,到处都是倒塌的建筑废墟。 Has strength strong Pingtan Shelter to assume personal command, usually in does not have many spoliators to be willing to come to get money. 有着实力较强的平滩避难所坐镇,平日里也没有多少掠夺者愿意过来打秋风。 Most survival human, finally centralized in the central area of city, depends upon some public building implementation survivals that pre-war is leaving behind. 大部分幸存人类,最终还是集中在城市的中心区域,依靠着战前遗留下来的一些公共建筑实施生存。 But these variant people were providing for by Pingtan Shelter, will not appear and disappear here the survival. 而那些变种人又被平滩避难所供养着,更加不会在这里出没生存。 Therefore also directly causes the western suburbs looked have not imagined is so dangerous, the mutant beast will not meet basically. 所以也就直接导致了西郊看起来并没有想象中的那么危险,就连变异兽也基本不会遇到。 But if arrives at the urban center, enters in three points the region. 但要是去到城市中心,进入三环内区域。 Regarding caravan guards who wearing to fight vigorously armor, in the clear port city is a nothing person dares optional the goal projects on their bodies, is still safe. 对于身着动力战甲的商队护卫而言,晴港市内是没有任何一个人敢随意的将目标打到他们的身上,依旧非常安全。 Labor but who these hire 可这些雇佣过来的劳工 already Sean who decides and this strange Shelter hits the relations, does not want to see that has the accident/surprise to happen. 已经决定和这处陌生避难所打好关系的肖恩,一点也不想看到有意外发生。 Even if the caravan can pay the pension, must consider a series of confidence crises that following causes. 哪怕商队支付得起抚恤金,也要考虑后续引发的一系列信任危机。 How many talents we must set out to guarantee that they do collect the security?” “我们得出动多少人才能保证他们采集安全?” Dahlen is slightly silent, in the heart estimated under shook the head to say. 达伦微微沉默,心中估量了下摇头说。 The danger that each pre-war city hidden is not same, this clear port city because of close to the reason of harbor, the pipeline construction under ground is complex, even if our already swept the threat in ground, cannot guarantee can have the monster suddenly from not being able to see the hiding place to/clashes. If wants to guarantee does not have any casualties, we at least must dispatch 16 people. One team is responsible for sweeping clean the threat in ground, one team is responsible for protecting along.” “每一座战前城市隐藏的危险都不相同,这座晴港市因为靠近海港的缘故,地面下的管线建筑非常复杂,哪怕我们已经扫荡了地面上的威胁,也不敢保证会不会有怪物忽然从看不到的隐蔽处冲出来。所以要想确保没有任何伤亡,我们至少得出动十六人。一队负责扫清地面上的威胁,一队负责随身保护。” Also. The news that the team leader you obtain should real, today I bump into several passing by the road wanderers in the patrol, they confirmed foundation business ticket purchasing power already is dropping rapidly, the depreciation scope probably is about ten times.” “还有.队长你得到的消息应该是真的,今天我在巡逻的时候碰巧遇到了几名过路的流浪者,他们证实了基金会的商券购买力已经在飞速下降,贬值幅度大概是十倍左右。” Sean: „.” 肖恩:“.” The bad news that skids from the gold/metal lofty aspiration mouth really real. 得,从金大志口中撬出来的坏消息果然是真的。 If only the foundation business ticket, because certain accidental means depreciate, before red spider caravan journey, basic already used up had the money in account, with its promotion chariot, set to prepare the ammunition, and purchase industry core, affecting is not serious. 如果只是基金会的商券因为某些意外原因贬值,红蛛商队这次出行前基本已经用完了存在账户上的钱,用其升级战车,置备弹药,以及购买工业核心,影响并不严重。 The deep level logic that but if the commercial ticket depreciates looked, this is actually representing 但要是从商券贬值的深层次逻辑去看,这却代表着 The influence of foundation is weaken! 基金会的影响力正在减弱! In a short time, perhaps the caravan cannot in unscrupulous pulls out the foundation flag, line of unimpeded matters. 短时间内,商队恐怕不能在肆无忌惮的将基金会大旗拉出,行畅通无阻之事了。 But wants to return to the foundation headquarters to continue to maintain the competitiveness , to promote many equipment to deal with the dangerous scene. 而想要回到基金会总部继续保持竞争力,升级更多的装备应付危险场面。 The material object of high value, then became the present best choice. 高价值的实物,便成了眼下最好的选择。 Situation was different, we must collect enough much calm powders to bring back to the headquarters. Tomorrow you have 16 people to go out, must as far as possible guarantee their securities, do not have any accident/surprise.” “情况不同了,我们必须要采集足够多的冷静粉带回总部。明天你带十六人出去,务必尽可能的保证他们的安全,不要发生任何意外。” Told these people, our material requirements promoted one time, the treatment to promote three times, if some people can overfulfill, we reward multi- half in the reward that before gave again!” “告诉这些人,我们的材料需求提升一倍,待遇提升三倍,如果有人能超额完成,在之前给予的奖励上我们再奖励多一半!” The caravan guards altogether have 40 people, sends 16 people one time, already is close to half of manpower. 商队护卫共有四十人,一次性派出去十六人,已经算是接近一半人手了。 Dahlen listens, the complexion somewhat said slightly strangely: 达伦听完,脸色稍有些怪异的说: Team leader, according to my today's observation, such reward won't possibly stimulate the enthusiasms of these people?!” “队长,根据我今天的观察,这样的奖励可能并不会刺激起这些人的热情?!” „? How to say? Is because business the ticket can't send in their hands?” “哦?怎么说?是因为商券发不到他们手上吗?” Sean slightly has doubts obviously. 肖恩略显疑惑。 Outside business ticket depreciated, but he pays to these people are not business the ticket, but is the cargo of coordinated value. 外面的商券是贬值了,可他支付给这些人的并不是商券,而是对等价值的货物啊。 Is because that manager did take everyone's wage completely? 难道是因为那位管理者将所有人的薪水全部拿了过去? If this reason, but was a little troublesome. 要是这个原因,可有点麻烦了. Should not be, I felt only pure does not have the attraction.” Dahlen expression complex say/way: They regarding cherishing of firepower weapon, surpassed my imagination completely. How to describe. The performance opens my father that to move with my 12 years old probably for the first time fights vigorously armor time difference to be not quite many.” “应该不是,我感觉只是单纯的没有吸引力。”达伦表情复杂道:“他们对于火力武器的钟爱,完全超过了我的想象。怎么形容呢.表现大概和我12岁第一次开上我父亲那台动力战甲时差不太多。” Therefore I felt that selects similar material object reward to be better to them? For example they currently do not have the guns, we can help them re-equip with the tool, does not need to spend what special rare material in any case, happen to makes these people of engineering dept practice acquiring a skill. Makes them collect something to come, we use the printing machine to help them manufacture a thing to come out, perhaps does such reward have attraction some?” “所以我感觉给他们点类似的实物奖励可能会更好吧?比如他们现在不是有枪支了吗,我们可以用工具帮助他们改装,反正又不需要花费什么特殊稀有的材料,正好让工程部的那些人练练手。或者让他们自己搜集一些东西过来,我们用打印机器帮他们制作点东西出来,这样的奖励或许更有诱惑力些?” Is this.” “是这样嘛.” Sean nods. 肖恩点了点头。 Does not like the business ticket and material, liking the weapon may be good. 不喜欢商券和材料,喜欢武器可还行。 Looked these that these fellows who in the afternoon they carry, Dahlen said perhaps are not groundless. 看下午他们携带的那些家伙,达伦说的这些恐怕不无道理。 If can use this type inexpensive. 要是能用这种廉价的. At this time, inexplicable fragrance fluttered from the distant place suddenly, interrupted Sean's ponder. 这时候,一股莫名的香味忽然从远处飘了过来,打断了肖恩的思考。 „?! What flavor, is so fragrant! Is our kitchen in the preparation night?” “靠?!什么味道,这么香!是我们厨房在准备宵夜吗?” Dahlen brow selects, on the face of ancient well without ripples splits a pleasant surprise. 达伦眉头一挑,古井无波的脸上绽出一丝惊喜。 Bustled about a afternoon, even if moving of clothing fights vigorously armor to have the fuel supply, does not consume the physical strength. 忙碌了一个下午,哪怕穿戴的动力战甲有能源供应,并不怎么消耗体力。 Arrived this point, he also hungry being big and hungry, wished one could immediately clashes to eat to the kitchen in good. 到了这个点,他也饿的饥肠辘辘,恨不得马上冲到厨房里吃的好的。 Night, has certainly the night!” “宵夜,当然有宵夜!” Attracts the flavor that in air filled, Sean's belly also exudes rumble the cry. 吸了一下空气中弥漫过来的味道,肖恩的肚子也发出咕噜叫声。 Although he did not finish eating for three hours, the food in belly has not digested. 尽管他才吃完没有三个小时,肚子里的食物还没有消化。 The flash that but this fragrance presents, still made him slightly absent-minded, in the brain fantasized suddenly Burke held famously fragrant water and fire rabbit. 但这股香味出现的一瞬间,仍然让他微微失神,脑子里忽然幻想到了勃克洛执最出名的“香水火兔”。 In the holy city, the price of that thing not only Gundam/reaches as high as the entire 50,000 business tickets, matches the price of edition red spider chariot more expensive than a platform center. 在圣城,那东西的价格不仅高达整整五万商券,比一台中配版本红蛛战车的价格还要昂贵。 In other limit requirements , is also odd his mother to open the door oddly, odd proficient. 在其他限制要求上,也同样属于离谱他妈给离谱开门,离谱到家。 Before eating, needs to make an appointment, must wait for more than half a year time to be able short to be one's turn. 吃之前,需要预约,最短也得等大半年时间才能轮到。 After eating, next time will want to eat again, the selling price will also rise 10,000 business tickets, and overlaying unceasingly upward. 吃之后,下次想要再吃,售价还会上涨一万商券,并不断往上迭加。 In the past passed by holy city Burke held, he once luck participated to try to eat in the activity, tasted a flake meat. 当年路过圣城勃克洛执的时候,他曾经幸运参加到试吃活动中,尝到了一小片肉。 But is this piece, he kept thinking for more than five years. 但就是这一片,他足足惦记了五年多时间。 Sometimes by the present, has a dream also meets the dream to that almost fragrant in the flavor to bone. 到现在,有时候做梦还会梦到那股几乎香到骨子里的味道。 When can the kitchen of caravan make such high quality unexpectedly the midnight snack? 什么时候商队的厨房竟然能做出这样高品质的夜宵了? In Sean heart is even more pleasantly surprised, has no more to do with want in the kitchen direction to walk. 肖恩心中愈发惊喜,拔腿就想往厨房方向走去。 However, when two people have turned the head to look to the chariot, impressively discovery. 然而,等到两人转过头看向战车上时,才赫然发现。 Window place that at this time the chariot opens , the member probe heads of many caravans come out, fierce sorption in the air flavor. 此时战车打开的窗户处,也有不少商队的成员探头出来,猛吸着空中的味道。 Looked place that their vision approaches 看他们目光所向的地方 Wait.” “等等.” „Is this flavor the camp of that worker?” “这味道是那处工人的营地?” Before Prefab Housing room, in open area. 活动板房的房前空地上。 The simple pot stove was built, horse joyous song snort/hum song, while is rubbing the pasta on hand vigorously. 简单的锅灶被搭了起来,马浩歌一边哼着小曲,一边大力揉搓着手上的面团。 Side him, vegetarian hunter who” in the chef apprentice route camp emerges, is using the vegetable oil back and forth sleek/moist pot. 在他身旁,厨师学徒路线阵营中脱颖而出的“素食猎人”,正在用植物油来回润锅。 . 滋啦。 Cuts the good potato thread to put in the wok with cooking oil, the moisture content with rolling the oil hedge has a crashing collision. 切好的土豆丝放入油锅中,水分与滚油对冲发生一阵激烈碰撞。 . . 呼.呼. The blast maneuvering force under pot stove is strong, the flame jumps out from both sides slit unceasingly outward. 锅灶下的鼓风机动力强劲,火苗不断从两旁的缝隙往外窜出。 Stir-fried several, the vegetarian hunter took up the big bucket, known extremely well extracted to take the seasoning from the cutting board. 爆炒了几下,素食猎人抄起大勺,熟稔的从案板上擢取调味料。 Salt, ground pepper, aromatic vinegar 盐,胡椒粉,香醋 Arrived the last small bottle, his discrete taking up, shook two then to hurry to put down slightly. 到了最后一个小瓶,他谨慎的拿起,稍微抖了两下便赶紧放下。 At this time pours into the pot again such stirring. 此时再倒入锅中这么一搅拌。 Immediately, gas of rich fragrance near transpiration along the pot disperses outward. 登时,一股浓郁的香味沿着锅边蒸腾的气体往外散出。 fuck, what thing does, so to be how fragrant?” 卧槽,搞什么东西呢,怎么这么香?” Potato thread, what ghost, the feudal lord gives us to eat up today?” “土豆丝,什么鬼,今天领主给咱们要加餐啦?” Asks for money, I come out all changed into the equipment money.” “要不要钱啊,我出来的时候把身上的钱全都换成装备了.” Ramen pressed out juice heart always to compel to ascend black came, feared that must press out our one ruthlessly.” “拉面榨汁这心黑老逼登都来了,怕是要狠狠榨咱们一笔嗷。” Asks for money I also to eat, was this flavor too also attractive?!” “要钱我也吃,这味道也太诱人了吧?!” After smelling stir-fries the flavor, these guns that in the daytime picks also no longer is so as if fragrant. 闻见爆炒后的味道,白日里捡到的那些枪支似乎也不再那么香了。 The vegetarian hunter of cooking cocks the ears to hear, the corners of the mouth pull out one not the arc that is easy to detect. 掌勺的素食猎人侧耳听到,嘴角不由拉出一丝不易察觉的弧线。 On Earth, he is only couple young hall boss on a town, usually holds a concurrent post of the chef. 在地球上,他只是一家镇子上的夫妻小馆老板,平时兼任主厨。 After arriving at Wasteland, he thinks oneself only meet this craftsmanship, in the future must certainly abandon. 来到废土以后,他本以为自己只会这手艺,往后肯定要废了。 But who can think, after more than half a year, there are to the space that he displays. 但谁又能想到,时隔大半年,又有了给他发挥的空间。 Not only there is a route selection of correspondence, now is also thought highly by the feudal lord, participates in the secret duty. 不仅有了对应的路线选择,现在还被领主器重,参与到了秘密任务中。 So long as this joined Myriad Flavors Spore the potato thread can complete the task 只要这加入了“万味孢”的土豆丝能完成任务 That is 50 contribution points! 那可是50贡献点啊! Previously unearthed the duty talent of drainage ditch to 1 contribution point, wanted to collect to bring in the points of underground city at least to require more than one year of time. 先前挖掘沟渠的任务一天才给一个贡献点,想要凑齐搬进地下城的点数至少需要一年多的时间。 But so long as now can attain this 50, leads the wife to enter the underground city from him, rents the store front to open a day of restaurant, without doubt was near a big truncation! 而现在只要能拿到这50,距离他带着老婆进入地下城,租用铺面重新开一家菜馆的日子,无疑是近了一大截! This is the feudal lord Sir told that working lunch of arrangement, does not collect fees, everyone has, eats to the full till you!” “这是领主大人吩咐安排的工作餐,不收费,每人都有,到你们吃饱为止!” Before the bystander, everyone should not be crowded, should never throw face of our Tianyuan territory.” “在外人面前,大家不要拥挤,切勿丢了咱们天元领地的脸哈。” The vegetarian hunter shouts one. 素食猎人大喊一声。 Immediately, scavenger boiled. 顿时,拾荒者们沸腾了。 The free buffet, this is the treatment that on the edition S level talent can enjoy. 免费自助餐,这还是上个版本S级人才可以享受的待遇。 Their this comes out to carry out the task, not only picked a lot of good things, currently also has this treatment. 他们这趟出来执行任务,不仅捡到了大量的好东西,现在还有这待遇。 I surpass! 我超! Jane/simple turned frankly! 简直爽翻了! Gives me to come large bowl surface, I must irrigate the potato thread to eat!” “给我来一大碗面,我要浇着土豆丝吃!” The Wasteland first male bullet hole anxiously is carrying the china bowl, before arriving boiled a pot . 废土第一男枪眼巴巴的端着瓷碗,来到了煮面锅前。 After free, how this horse joyous song usually in sees the face how hates, unexpectedly genial several points. 免费以后,这马浩歌平日里怎么看怎么憎恶的面孔,竟然都和善了几分。 Especially he fishes after the pot the full two chopsticks surface put in the bowl, male spear/gun elder brother excited must cry. 尤其是他从锅里捞出来满满两筷子面放入碗里后,男枪哥激动的都要哭了。 Naturally, was not cried by the weight/quantity with emotion. 当然,不是被分量感动哭的。 But was cried by this flavor greedily! 而是被这味道给馋哭了! The tonight's noodles as if in the market sell different, among is sending out thick strange fragrance. 今晚的面条似乎和市场上卖的都不一样,其内散发着一股浓浓的怪异香味。 Attracts one, the stomach as if greedy twitching. 吸上一口,胃部似乎都在贪婪的抽搐。 Thanks, I want the potato thread, this cold wild herbs also give me to come.” “谢谢,我要点土豆丝,这个凉拌野菜也给我来点。” Receives from the vegetarian hunter hand almost suffuses the vegetarian dish of entire bowl, the male spear/gun elder brother cannot bear the impulsion of innermost feelings again. 从素食猎人手里领到几乎盖满整个碗的素菜,男枪哥再也忍不住内心的冲动。 Is sobbing, while toward without open area of crowd collect walks. 一边抽泣着,一边往没有人群聚集的空地走去。 Squats side already storm inspiration Feng Long, attracts fragrance satisfactory. 蹲在已经暴风吸入的封龙身旁,美美吸上一口香味。 In the male spear/gun elder brother is preparing opens eats, two forms that the distant place walks actually broke his movement. 就在男枪哥正准备开吃时,远处走来的两道身影却打断了他的动作。 Friend.” “朋友。” The person's shadow was near, person who male spear/gun elder brother eyes recognized the speech. 人影近了,男枪哥一眼认出来了说话的人。 Boss of probably this caravan, is side that team leader who afternoon accompanies them to go out? 好像是这商队的老大,旁边是下午陪同他们出去的那队长? What's wrong?” “怎么了?” Looks that caravan Boss is saying unceasingly, a male spear/gun elder brother face compels ignorant, can only look at Feng Long. 看着那商队老大叽里呱啦的不断说着,男枪哥一脸懵逼,只能将视线投向封龙 You want to eat. The midnight snacks in our hand?” “你们想吃.我们手里的夜宵?” Feng Long inhales a Daegu-myun, chews, while unclear returning said. 封龙吸入一大口面,一边嘴嚼,一边含糊不清的回道。 „It is not good, our manager Sirs said that food not. Cannot supply to the bystander, will otherwise have the unexpected situation.” “不不行,我们管理者大人说了,食物不.不能供应给外人,否则会出现意外情况。” Accident/Surprise, no no no, the friend you misunderstood!” “意外,不不不,朋友你误会了!” The good food borderless, the taste has the resonance. 美食无国界,品味有共鸣。 Sean whole person must be fainted fragrant, at this time where can also attend to what accident/surprise. 肖恩整个人都要被香晕了,此时哪里还顾得了什么意外。 I buy, we purchase your food. Relax, we according to five times of raw materials price, no. Ten times, we purchase your midnight snacks according to ten times of prices.” “我买,我们购买你们的食物。放心,我们按照原材料价格的五倍,不.十倍,我们按照十倍的价格购买你们的夜宵。” Buying is not good, the manager Sir said that cannot provide to any bystander.” “买也不行,管理者大人说不能给任何外人提供。” How can, how possibly be the bystander?” Similarly fragrant dizzy Dahlen changed a statement again and again: We are the friends, we are the best friend, among the friends should share the good thing, you said right “怎么会呢,怎么可能是外人呢?”同样香晕的达伦连连改口:“我们是朋友,我们是最好的朋友,朋友之间就应该分享好东西,你说对吧” Probably. Is a little truth?” Selfish and ate a big mouth, Feng Long wiped the mouth, still stubborn returning said: But.” “好像.是有点道理?”自顾自的又吃了一大口,封龙抹了抹嘴,仍旧是固执的回道:“可是.” Without, but, needs your managers to permit right, my makes him apply.” “没有可是,需要你们管理者许可对吧,我这就让他去申请。” A Sean first revolution, to Dahlen whisper one. 肖恩头一转,对着身旁的达伦耳语一声。 The latter flies general turning the head to run toward the chariot nearby. 后者飞一般的转头往战车附近跑去。 After a half minute, one close to moves fights vigorously armor that the violent walks to go full speed ahead, is howling to go in the village direction. 半分钟后,一台接近暴走的动力战甲开足马力,往着村子方向呼啸而去。 When compared with rushing to clear port city 60 kilometers speed, present moving fights vigorously armor speed quick scary, exceeded the speed 100 kilometers unexpectedly. 比起赶往晴港市时的六十公里时速,现在的动力战甲速度快的吓人,竟然超过了时速一百公里。 The time passed for about an hour, sat in Sean on the ground, after already cursed dozens times, secretly. 时间过了大约一个小时,就在肖恩坐在地上,已经暗暗咒骂了数十次后。 Dahlen hurries back finally with great speed, in the hand is pinching a wrinkled paper, the old distant place then shouts greatly: 达伦终于火速赶了回来,手中捏着一张皱巴巴的纸条,老远处便大喊道: Chief to seal/confer, we.” “封队长,我们.” Goes, we need the Tianyuan to go!” “外卖,我们需要天元外卖!”
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