MPASLUI :: Volume #10

#946: In every way anxious, industrial core!

What investigates the enemy combat strength best method is? 探查敌人战斗力最好的方法是什么? Naturally is the actual combat. 当然是实战。 The paper surface data to real combat, can display the factor that many needs to consider should not be too many. 纸面数据到了真实战斗中,能发挥出来多少需要考量的因素可不要太多。 Wasteland is not Game, is not one only looks at the combat strength the place. 废土不是游戏,不是一个只看战斗力的地方。 Is the variant person weak? 变种人弱吧? Hundreds and thousands of strongmen, the body put on, from constructing the ruins digs up the worn out steel plate that drawing sutures. 成百上千的大力士们,身上穿着的,都是从建筑废墟里扒拉缝合起来的废旧钢板。 All manpower Riga link ten standard weapons unable to piece together, the iron pipe rifle that the hand rubs matches high. 所有人手里加起来连十把制式武器都拼凑不出来,手搓出来的铁管步枪就是最高配。 If this data places in Game, that the proper war five dregs, in the battlefield delivers the head/number of people ready the goods. 如果这数据放在游戏里,那就是妥妥的战五渣,战场上送人头的货色。 But in tonight's night assault combat, they give the trouble that the harbor Shelter commando unit makes, is actually better than the Pingtan army that behind Pingtan Shelter convoy guard already flashes. 但在今晚的夜袭战斗中,他们给海港避难所突击队造成的麻烦,却远胜过平滩避难所的护卫队已经后面闪出来的平滩军。 Another side, Pingtan is Shelter strong? 另一边,平滩避难所强吧? That several thousand Pingtan army almost armed the tooth, equipped Superior did not make sense. 那几千平滩军几乎武装到了牙齿,装备精良的不像话。 May facing the air raid of clear port Shelter, their performance also and treats butchers the lamb to have no difference, can only silly was strafed in the top of the head by others, leaves behind to fill the unwilling corpse. 可面对晴港避难所的空袭,他们的表现也和待宰羔羊没有任何区别,只能傻愣愣的被人家在头顶扫射,留下一具具充满不甘的尸体。 combat finished late at night, the entire Wasteland already quiet rainfall intensity attacks again, the flames of war pouring that will just light extinguished slightly. 战斗结束的后半夜,整个废土已经消停的雨势再度来袭,将刚刚点燃的战火稍稍浇灭了些。 The billowing water current washed out in the ground the residual bloodstain, mixes with the limbs of crushing to flood into the sewer together. 滚滚水流冲散了地面上残留的血迹,夹杂着碎烂的肢体一起涌入下水道中。 This does not have the conflict war that the winner presents temporarily, after two sides drew in the corpse, simply then announced that finished carelessly. 这场暂时没有赢家出现的冲突战,两方简单收拢了尸首后便宣布草草结束。 Does not have including an aggressive statement. 连一句狠话也没有。 The sea otter retreats unusual simple, all manpower who gush out the ground returned in the bunker all. 猎虎撤退的异常干脆,所有涌出地面的人手尽数退回了地堡中。 No matter there is any complaint, no matter also some big hatreds. 不管有任何怨言,也不管有多大仇恨。 Through the powerful clear port Shelter mediation, just living coming clear port city fell into a deathly stillness again. 在实力强大的晴港避难所调停下,刚刚“活”过来晴港市再度陷入一片死寂中。 ... ... Night rain flood. 夜雨滂沱。 The soft soil road steps on then leaves behind a gulf. 松软的泥土路一踩便留下一个深坑。 Drenches the chilly rain to speed away in the territory, whistling the north wind has blown from the side. 淋着冷飕飕的雨疾驰在领地内,呼呼的北风从身边刮过。 To comparing to clear port city, Village of Hope appears tranquil and auspicious, as if a paradise. 对比起晴港市,希望村显得宁静又祥和,仿佛一片世外桃源。 However, often thinks that tonight sees these. 不过,每每想到今晚看到那些。 Well-trained, arms the ground forces of tooth. 训练有素,武装到牙齿的地面部队。 In the sky, imitates vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered, if god of death in the air formation. 纵横于天空,彷若死神的空中编队。 Su Mo actually only feels in the heart, as if one group of flame are burning! 苏摩却只感自己心中,仿佛有一团火焰正在燃烧! What kind of, Pingtan did Shelter win?” “怎么样,平滩避难所打赢了吗?” Looks is opening wide from the Tianyuan military compound day after day fights armor that the front door grazes, Su Deben stands up hastily, the tight body relaxed finally slightly. 望着从天元军营敞开大门飞掠进来的逐日战甲,苏德本连忙站起身,紧绷的身体总算是稍稍放松了一些。 As has several hundred thousand people of high-level commanding that participates in combat, he too arose suddenly the combat risk clearly. 作为曾经带着过几十万人参加战斗的高级统领,他太明白突发战斗的危险性了。 Two sides are very easy to make the anger, combat that can control promotes layer upon layer, finally enters thorough out-of-control. 两方很容易打出火气,将本来可以控制的战斗层层升级,最终进入彻底失控局面。 But as Pingtan Shelter neighbor, once the flames of war spread to the Tianyuan territory. 而作为平滩避难所的邻居,一旦战火蔓延到天元领地内。 That present seems like an excellent development momentum, will immediately be broken, enters to the vicious circle. 那现在看似一片大好的发展态势,马上就会被打破,进入到恶性循环中。 Has not lost, but has not won.” “没输,不过也没打赢。” Day after day fights armor to start to disintegrate, the Su Mo stride goes out from the fetter, long stretch/leisurely has the sulks of piling up in the chest. 逐日战甲开始解体,苏摩大步从束缚中走出,长舒出一口积压在胸口的闷气。 combat between Pingtan and harbor, obviously is Pingtan must a stronger point, even if the latter has the situation sneak attack, cannot have any distinct advantage in upfront combat.” “平滩和海港之间的战斗,明显是平滩要更强一分,后者哪怕是有着先机偷袭,也没能在正面战斗中取得任何明显优势。” That...” Su Deben has doubts slightly, along with, even if has pointed out: „Others?” “那...”苏德本微微疑惑,随即若有所指道:“还有其他人?” Right, clear port Shelter came out to mediate, their strengths... were very strong!” “对,晴港避难所出来调停了,他们的实力...很强!” Looks all around one around to put on to equip, soldier over a hundred soldiers who prepare to attack at any time, Su Mo cough lightly. 环顾一圈周围穿好装备,随时准备出击的战士上百战士们,苏摩轻咳一声。 Su Deben gets an idea, two people no longer talk too much, gradually enters to the room. 苏德本意会,两人不再多言,缓步进入到屋内。 Situation is not quite wonderful, in the clear port city these mole old strengths far exceed our estimates.” “情况不太妙,晴港市里那些地鼠老的实力远远超出我们的预估。” For example?” “比如?” They have an entire helicopters flew formation, loads the heavy-caliber aerial cannon. Pingtan and harbor just now hit to be really hot, but also without decides the victory and defeat thoroughly, is failed to explode directly stops the war that a wave of air raid did.” “他们有一整支直升机飞行编队,装载大口径的机炮。平滩和海港才刚打起真火来,还没有彻底分出胜负,就被一波空袭搞的直接哑火止战了。” Air formation?” Su Deben holds breath cold air: My goodness, is they make, buys?” “飞行编队?”苏德本倒吸一口凉气:“好家伙,是他们自己造的,还是买的啊?” Looks at their rampant appearances, should be makes, otherwise such easy will not keep the order in the clear port city.” “看他们那嚣张的样子,应该是自己制造的,否则不会这么容易的拉出来在晴港市内维持秩序。” Su Mo nods gently, immediately spoke frankly: 苏摩轻轻点头,随即直言道: Territory develops the anti-aircraft ordnance as soon as possible, otherwise that clear port Shelter, once staring we, hitting back Ability does not have. Moreover according to the tonight's situation resolution, they must hold a plenary session seven days later. “领地得尽快发展防空武器,不然那晴港避难所一旦盯上咱们,一点还手的能力都没有。而且根据今晚的局势分辨,他们要在七天后开一场全体会议。 After the conference ended, in the clear port city this days should not get down recently again peacefully, all mole old already discovered oneself are not on Blue Star, but arrived in Wasteland. ” 会议结束后,晴港市内最近这段日子应该不会再太平下去了,所有地鼠老都已经发现自己不在蓝星上,而是来到了废土里。” If stimulates them to go on an expedition the exterior ambition, or disaster of next round forces these people to from Underground return to the ground.” “要是刺激起他们征战外部的野心,或者下一轮的灾难逼迫这些人必须从地底下回到地面上。” We are in the clear port city peripheral, the friction, will be only sooner or later matter.” “我们身在晴港市周边,摩擦,只是早晚的事情。” In abandoned city, does not have the fertile land and rich resources, all relies on the caravan and foundation that external was passing by time every half year fixed time trade. 废弃的城市内,没有肥沃的土地和丰富的资源,全凭借着外来路过的商队以及基金会每半年一次的定时贸易。 This pattern also causes for a long time, the mole old between war is the point , after both sides minute/share of high next, calls a halt decisively, rarely makes the life and death extreme decision. 这种模式也就导致长久以来,地鼠老之间的战争都是点到为止,双方分个高下后就果断停手,很少做出你死我活的极端决定。 But now the situation actually has the direct change. 但现在情况却发生了直接改变。 Clear port city peripheral already no longer by a lot of nuclear radiations have polluted the land, the cage that cannot walk was lifted directly. 晴港市周边已经不再是被大量核辐射污染过的土地,走不出去的牢笼被直接掀开。 If the Tianyuan territory cannot before the true combat arrival, obtain with the qualifications of clear port city mole old equal dialog. 如果天元领地不能在真正的战斗到来之前,获得与晴港市内地鼠老平等对话的资格。 Was carved up by this flock of greedy moles, is only sooner or later matter. 被这群贪婪的地鼠瓜分,只是早晚的事情而已。 „If only the helicopter, pouring is not difficult to defend.” Su Deben hesitated under: So long as there is a certain amount of anti-aircraft artillery, can make them know... not, we only need the machine gun team of organization system, can pose enough threat to the upper air.” “如果只是直升机的话,倒也不难防守。”苏德本沉吟了下:“只要有一定数量的防空炮,就能让他们知道...不,我们只需要有成建制的机枪队,就能对高空形成足够的威胁。” In the threat as for ground, this is actually troublesome..., if really hits, perhaps we strategic removes while hits, fights the guerrilla warfare to have the possibility of winning as far as possible.” “至于地面上的威胁,这倒是是个麻烦...如果真打起来,或许我们得战略性边撤边打,尽量打游击战才有赢的可能。” Guerrilla warfare?” “游击战?” Su Mo shakes the head, helpless saying. 苏摩摇了摇头,无奈的说道。 This is not perhaps good, planter that side already basically sowed seeds, if cannot insist that next wave of grain harvesting went into storage, even if we won and mole old between combat... so long as cannot storm into their bunkers to snatch the commodity, was the blood owes.” “这恐怕不行,种植地那边已经基本播种完毕了,如果不能坚持到下一波粮食收割入库,就算我们打赢了和地鼠老之间的战斗...只要不能攻入他们的地堡内抢到物资,都算是血亏。” Otherwise, only then insisted that this wave of grain goes into storage, we have following hit the long-term combat background.” “反之,只有坚持到这波粮食入库,我们才有接下来打长期战斗的底蕴。” With the mole old between dispute, can only be one of following time threats. 与地鼠老之间的纷争,只能算是接下来时间内的威胁之一。 Counts on the fingers to calculate the time, should already not be far from Game issue next disaster. 掐指头算算时间,距离游戏发布下一次灾难应该已经不远。 If cannot while this period of precious time, as far as possible many saving commodities. 如果不能趁着这段宝贵的时间,尽可能多的积攒物资。 That won this war even. 那就算是打赢了这场战争。 Territory also because the slow development speed has been tired out from the press, is unable to accumulate the stable advantage. 领地也会因为过慢的发展速度疲于奔命,根本无法累积起稳定的优势。 Since this, that can only think the means the place that combat erupts, controlled in the clear port city.” “既然这样,那就只能想办法将战斗爆发的地点,控制在晴港市内了。” Su Deben slightly hesitates, in the brain jumps suddenly a new idea. 苏德本略一沉吟,脑子里忽然蹦出来个新点子。 Since that clear port Shelter does not want to make the clear port city chaotic, or we give his fire...” “既然那晴港避难所不想让晴港市乱起来,要不我们给他加加火...” Ok, but the risk is too big.” “可以,但风险太大。” No, my meaning is we do not act directly, starts from their interior...” “不,我的意思是我们不直接出手,从他们的内部开始...” Internal? 内部? Su Mo looking pensive. 苏摩若有所思。 If in the clear port city presents a new influence on disturb suddenly, that quick will then be clutched to show no external differences by them. 如果晴港市内忽然出现一股新势力捣乱,那很快便会被他们揪出来一致对外。 But if from the interior, some old influences presented the dispute. 但如果是从内部,旧有的势力出现了纠纷。 Even if cannot pose the substantive threat as before, so long as can let the situation chaotic meeting, wins some precious time to come out. 就算依旧不能形成实质性的威胁,但只要能让局势乱一会,争取一些宝贵的时间出来。 To the Tianyuan territory, helped on already enormously. 对天元领地而言,就已经是极大的帮助了。 How as to start... 至于如何开始... You said, Pingtan Shelter will swallow this tone?” “你说,平滩避难所会咽下去这口气吗?” Naturally is impossible.” Su Deben said with a smile self-confidently: Mole initial capital bears a grudge, if were combat has not won the opposite party or had what accident/surprise, perhaps that can also endure. But clear port Shelter this violent mediation will only make two sides the gratitude and grudges continually deepen.” “当然不可能。”苏德本自信笑道:“地鼠老本来就记仇,如果是战斗没打赢对方或者出现了什么意外,那或许还能忍一忍。但晴港避难所这种暴力的调停只会让两方的恩怨不断加深。” „Do we start from Pingtan?” “那我们从平滩入手?” „? How to enter?” Su Deben look one bright, immediately said suddenly: „Can you support... Liu Lv?” “哦?怎么入?”苏德本眼神一亮,随即恍然道:“你要扶持...刘律?” Does not worry, first has a look at him to have the ambition and most basic strength.” “不着急,还是先看看他有没有野心以及最基本的实力吧。” Su Mo nods slightly, resembling is the affirmation. 苏摩微微颔首,似是肯定。 To break through the Pingtan Shelter firm bunker from the outside, even if with is unable to achieve for mole old harbor Shelter. 从外部想要攻破平滩避难所坚固的地堡,就算是同为地鼠老的海港避难所都无法做到。 But if from interior? 但要是从内部呢? So long as can rip open a breach from Liu Lv here, has being bewitched soul clan mark, completely has to mix in possibility. 只要能从刘律这里撕开一个突破口,有着魔魂族印记,完全有混入其中的可能。 At the appointed time, so long as can get rid of the sea otter, substitutes one thing for another. 届时,只要能干掉猎虎,李代桃僵。 The Tianyuan territory then can under effortless seizure the first bridgehead, acquired unquantifiable industry basic and commodity accumulates, as well as precious 60,000 population. 天元领地便能不费吹灰之力的占领下第一座桥头堡,获得难以估量的工业基础和物资积累,以及珍贵的六万人口。 ... ... ... ... Trough cold water sprinkled on the face, the gold/metal lofty aspiration opened the swelling eyes slowly. 一盆冷水泼在了脸上,金大志缓缓睁开了肿胀的双眼。 Is welcoming the dazzling light source, is feeling on the face the burning ache. 迎着刺眼的光源,感受着脸上火辣辣的疼痛。 His already records not clear this is several fainting, was awakened by by this violent way. 已经记不清楚这是自己第几次昏过去,又被以这种暴力的方式叫醒了。 The opposite party urgently have not been interrogating him, even an unnecessary question does not have. 对方没有急着审问他,甚至连一句多余的问话都没有。 From first waking, greets his is slap, he who pulls out is completely muddled. 从第一次醒过来,迎接他的便是噼里啪啦的嘴巴子,抽的他昏头转向。 This interrogates the way of captive? 这是审问俘虏的方式? The gold/metal lofty aspiration does not know. 金大志不知道。 But he was clear, if has not then been able to make some changes, greets his is another simple slap. 但他清楚,如果接下来还不能做出一些改变的话,迎接他的将是又一顿干脆的嘴巴子 Asked you, do not hit me, I am willing to confess!” “求求你,不要打我,我愿意招供!” You asked that asked my anything is good.” “您问吧,问我什么都行。” Which does not see clearly the light source back person's shadow , the gold/metal lofty aspiration can only turn the head to shout carelessly greatly. 看不清楚光源背后的人影到底在哪,金大志只能胡乱的转头大喊道。 Perhaps is saw that his attitude is good, this situation had some changes. 或许是见到他的态度不错,这一次情况发生了些许改变。 The dazzling light source was transferred to the one side, the person's shadow that three bring the mask appears in the field of vision. 刺眼的光源被移到一旁,三张带着面具的人影出现在视野中。 Status.” The middle wolf mask asked. “身份。”中间的狼面具问道。 I am Pingtan Shelter person, manager Pingtan Sir, is my cousin's uncle's uncle's son.” “我是平滩避难所的人,管理者平滩大人,是我表哥的舅舅的叔叔的儿子。” I have money, I have a lot of money. So long as you are willing to let off me, I am willing to contribute to give you completely.” “我有钱,我有很多钱。只要你愿意放过我,我愿意全部贡献给你们。” Status.” “身份。” The wolf mask repeats again, in the tone took an obvious exasperation. 狼面具再度重复,语气中带上了一股明显的不耐烦。 He slightly leaning the head, in the darkness goes out of a master to hold the man of flashlight. 他微微偏头,黑暗中走出一名手执电棒的男人。 . 滋啦。 The unnecessary idle talk, the man has not pounded the flashlight directly on the gold/metal lofty aspiration exposed skin outside, leading share of burnt/anxious Huwei to flutter. 没有多余的废话,男人直接将电棒捣在金大志裸露在外的皮肤上,带起一股焦湖味飘出。 „! “啊! ! ” !” The fierce ache and burning sensation, making one have to plant such as the falling hell despair. 剧烈的疼痛以及烧灼感,让人有种如坠地狱般的绝望。 In a flash, the gold/metal lofty aspiration sore tears and snivel crossflow, shouts hastily greatly: 一瞬间,金大志疼的涕泗横流,连忙大喊道: Gold/Metal lofty aspiration, I am the gold/metal lofty aspiration, the commodity manager of Pingtan Shelter B-14 level.” “金大志,我是金大志,平滩避难所B-14层的物资主管。” Tonight presents the reason on avenue.” “今晚出现在大街上的原因。” Level long Liu Lv who I want to kill the B-7 level, in his hand retains the evidence that were massive I to embezzle, I must kill him, can go on living in Shelter, can continue to give Pingtan Sir to handle matters.” “我想去杀B-7层的层长刘律,他手里保留了大量我贪污的证据,我要杀了他,才能在避难所活下去,才能继续给平滩大人办事。” Handles matters?” “办什么事?” Support variant person. Provides a lot of commodities to them, teaches them to use the tool and weapon, destroys the hostile Shelter facility.” “支援变种人。给他们提供大量的物资,教他们使用工具和武器,去破坏敌对避难所的设施。” From the Shelter senior executive of keeping aloof, reduces suddenly the captive. 从高高在上的避难所高层主管,忽然沦落成阶下囚。 The psychological defense line almost flash of gold/metal lofty aspiration then crashes completely. 金大志的心理防线几乎一瞬之间便崩塌殆尽。 You know that the peripheral world did change?” “你知道周边世界发生变化了吗?” Knows, I know.” gold/metal Dazhi nods hastily: Pingtan Sir said that our already left Blue Star, went for several hundred years ago mysterious place that human once entered.” “知道,我知道。”金大志连忙点头:“平滩大人说了,我们已经离开了蓝星,去到了几百年前人类曾经进入的一处神秘之地。” Completely affirmative reply. 完全肯定的回答。 gold/metal Dazhi said at the same time, three mask people turn the head to look at each other, all saw the terrified in opposite party eyes. 金大志说完的同时,三名面具人转头对视,皆是看到了对方眼中的惶恐。 Really said with that Tianyuan Shelter manager is the same, passes through... real? 难道真和那位天元避难所管理者说的一样,穿越...是真的? What left Zheng do you have?” “你有什么左证?” Clear port city peripheral sea already vanishes, what replaces it is piece of we have never stepped in land. Pingtan Sir already is planning to organize some manpower, goes to nose to outside.” “晴港市周边的大海已经消失,取而代之的是一片我们从未涉足过的陆地。平滩大人已经在计划着组织一些人手,去到外面查探。” Also?” “还有呢?” Did not have, I am only an average person, asking you... to ask you to let off me.” “没了,我只是一个普通人,求你们...求你们放过我。” Saw the man who that holds the flashlight must come up, the gold/metal lofty aspiration eye reveal despairs, begs for mercy again and again is wanting to retrocede. 眼看着那手执电棒的男人又要上来,金大志眼露绝望,连连求饶着想要后退。 Sees his appearance, has the man slight nod of wolf mask. 看到他这模样,带着狼面具的男人微微点头。 . 啪。 Together the electric current from binding the handcuff of gold/metal lofty aspiration is leaving transmits, instantaneous high pressure his again electronics corona in the past. 一道电流从绑缚着金大志的手铐出传来,瞬间的高压将他再度电晕过去。 Three people set out, leave the interrogation room, before arriving at a booth by the window, sits down. 三人起身,离开审问室,来到一处靠窗的卡座前坐下。 Out of the window, becomes the raindrop of line to fall continually downward. 窗外,是连成线的雨点正在往下滑落。 Lightly the noise of the rain spreads to the ear, the rasping mood returns to normal slightly. 一道道淅沥的雨声传入耳朵里,让人焦躁的心情微微平复。 Troubled, it seems like we really left Blue Star.” “麻烦了,看来我们真的离开了蓝星。” The taking off mask, Sean was also hard to maintain the past tranquility again, the corners of the mouth twitched to say slightly. 揭下面具,肖恩再也难以保持往日的平静,嘴角微微抽搐道。 Walks regarding one caravan on land, this probably is the worst news. 对于一支行走在陆地上的商队而言,这大概是最坏的消息。 Lost the protection of back influence, lost the steamroll on information. 失去了背后势力的保护,又失去了信息上的碾压。 Fortunately without rashly enters the clear port city, perhaps otherwise was not a Luke person is injured. 还好没有贸然的进入晴港市,否则恐怕就不是卢克一个人受伤了。 We must not respond before most people starts a bit faster, returns to the foundation assembly point.” “我们得趁着大多数人没反应过来之前快点启程,返回基金会集合点。” That clear port Shelter, the red spider chariot is not their opponents.” “那晴港避难所,红蛛战车可不是他们的对手。” If by some chance stared, but was big on the trouble.” “万一被盯上,可就麻烦大了。” Deputy team chief Joseph of caravan also takes off the mask, the gloomy look showed his present mood vividly. 商队的副队长约瑟也摘下面具,灰暗的神色形象的说明了他现在的心情。 Before passing through six months, he invested in own most likely (80%) funds a real estate of foundation, anticipated that can appreciate in the future, earlier saved enough pension retirement. 穿越前的半年前,他才将自己的八成资金投入到了一处基金会的不动产内,期待能在未来升值,早点积攒足够的养老金退休。 But now, that real estate still follows to pass through even. 但现在,就算那不动产也跟着穿越过来。 Under this chaotic environment uses the buttocks to think, will fall the dog, capital entire tm that saves laboriously did not have! 这种混乱的环境下用屁股去想,也会跌成狗,辛苦积攒的本金全tm没了! Combat tank has not repaired, we start off rashly, the danger is bigger.” “战车没修复好,我们贸然上路,危险更大。” Was lame Luke of leg not to have the past unruliness, the entire portrait/people looks like by the frost hit eggplant. 瘸着腿的卢克没了往日的桀骜,整个人像是被霜打了的茄子似的。 He gets angry, as if planted to oneself in hand still some complaints in native. 他黑着脸,似乎对自己栽在“本地人”手里仍然有些怨念。 That picks up the speed, that manager is not willing to trade with us, what price no matter he offered, so long as can pick up the speed, even if we paid pay several times indifferently.” “那就加快速度,那位管理者不是愿意和我们交易吗,不管他报出什么样的价格,只要能加快速度,我们哪怕付出多付出几倍也无所谓。” Damn, if makes in the clear port city these people know, our caravan normal load a pre-war industrial core, even if partly abandons, they absolutely will also be crazy!” “该死,要是让晴港市内那些人知道,我们商队正载着一台战前的工业核心,哪怕只是半废弃的,他们也绝对会疯狂的!” ... ...
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