MPASLUI :: Volume #10

#947: The time changes, „useless” technology!

No one has thought of the red spider caravan since , in receiving to be established a biggest renumeration for writers 11 p.m. to 1 a.m, actually had this matter. 谁也没想到红蛛商队在接下成立以来最大的一笔单子时,竟然发生了这种事情。 Three people of somewhat are sad, does not know at once should say anything is good. 三人的心情都有些沉重,一时之间不知道该说什么是好。 Each industrial core, is human in the treasure of pre-war time wisdom integration. 每一台工业核心,都是人类在战前时代智慧集成的瑰宝。 The function and modulation install some shapes, after is the industrial manufacture level arrives at the certain extent, should be the duty that several equipment can complete, strongly to a machine on. 其作用和模块化装置有些像,都是工业制造水平到达一定程度后,将本该是数个装置才能完成的任务,集中到了一台机器上。 But the operating mode is also simple, according to the request fool -type input material of core, puts through the energy, waits to take out the end product later. 而操作方式也同样简单,按照核心的要求傻瓜式的输入材料,接通能源,等待一会取出成品。 However slightly what has to be different, the modular equipment must be more advanced, even if some module damages will not affect the functions of other modules, can carry out the task as before. But the industrial core happens the issue, even if very small components presents the damage, will cause the entire flow shutdown, is unable to continue to use again. 不过稍有不同的是,模块化装置要更加先进一些,哪怕部分模块损坏也不会影响其他模块的功能,依旧可以执行任务。而工业核心内部一旦出现问题,哪怕是一个很小的零件出现损坏,也会导致整个流程停摆,无法再继续使用。 Naturally, after modular damage definitely is unable to service, even disassembles is unable to achieve, the industrial core considered actually from the beginning the follow-up service issue, established one set of extremely Excellent self-checking System. 当然,比起模块化损坏后完全无法维修,甚至连拆开都无法做到,工业核心倒是从一开始就考虑到了后续的维修问题,设置好了一套极为优秀的自检系统 When the interior has the damage, the self-check program will not only label the concrete position, the different maintenance style supplies user but who will also give the correspondence refers. 当内部发生损坏的时候,自检程序不仅会标注出具体的位置,还会给出对应的不同维修方式供给使用者参考。 Therefore, the industrial core is also divided into several standard ranks in Blue Star. 因此,工业核心在蓝星也分为几个标准等级。 Complete complete were not many said. 完整无缺的自不多说。 The damaged condition is lower than 30 is called partly abandons the condition, has the considerable high service value. 损坏程度低于30的被称为半废弃状态,具有相当高的维修价值。 The damaged condition is higher than 50 is called all abandons the condition, the difficulty of service may be called reconstructs one. 损坏程度高于50的被称为全废弃状态,维修的难度堪称再造一台。 The red spider caravan this time has the big fund journeys, and also purchased two red spider combat tanks before set off specially, installed combined the module to strengthen the transportation and defends Ability, for was one stared at two years of partly has abandoned the industrial core. 红蛛商队此次带着大笔资金出行,且在出发之前还特意购买了两辆红蛛战车,安装了组合模块加强运输和防御能力,为的便是一台早就盯了两年之久的半废弃工业核心。 In the two years, their already collected the replacement components purchase channel ahead of time, but also peripheral bought a land for building in the foundation. 这两年来,他们已经提前收集到了置换零件的购买渠道,还在基金会周边置办了一块地皮。 Only needs to return to the foundation headquarters, purchases the components to service after this industrial core. 只需要回到基金会总部,采购零件对这台工业核心维修后。 The red spider caravan can from drifting the uncertain going by land caravan, gradually transforms to become half industry caravan, depends on the commodity that the core produces to make the continuous stable income. 红蛛商队就能从漂泊不定的陆行商队,逐渐转型成为半实业商队,靠着核心出产的商品获得源源不断的稳定收入。 But now, the fond dream seemed to be disillusioned. 但现在,美梦似乎破灭了。 Arrives at this strange world, the channel that before reached an agreement can retain many to still do not know. 来到这个陌生的世界,之前谈好的渠道能保留多少犹未可知。 What we definitely know is that this will partly abandon the industrial core to become the hot potato at present absolutely. 但可以肯定的是,这台半废弃工业核心眼下绝对会成为烫手山芋。 With sells? 拿出去卖吧? According to standard that the foundation purchases, at least results in the blood to owe 2/3 investments, was equal to the caravan several years ago the white wine. 按照基金会收购的标准,至少得血亏三分之二的投入,等同商队前几年白干。 Doesn't take to sell? 不拿出去卖吧? With is unable to service in the hand, but must take the risk that stared in vain. 拿在手里又无法维修,还要白白承担被人盯上的风险。 The night rain is intimate. 夜雨戚戚。 Sometimes silent instead is the best language. 有时候沉默反而是最好的语言。 The hand under Sean's placing table took, building gently on car window, follows the path of raindrop to move downward. 肖恩把放在桌下的手拿了出来,轻轻的搭在车窗上,跟随着雨滴的轨迹往下移动。 . 啪。 . 啪。 The wind blows the raindrop to whip carelessly. 风吹着雨点胡乱拍打。 Like his mood, just like this raindrop to sway generally erratically. 就和他的心情一样,也犹如这雨点一般飘摇不定。 Long time, Sean does not know that thought through anything, the vision of dissociation strengthened suddenly. 半晌,肖恩不知道想通了什么,游离的目光忽然坚定了起来。 He turned the head to look at still Luke and Joseph beyond patrolling thing, tone firm saying: 他转头看了看仍然在神游物外的卢克和约瑟,语气坚决的说道: Industrial core cannot sell temporarily outward, this is the capital that we rise, regardless of it can restore.” “工业核心暂时不能对外售卖,这是我们重新崛起的资本,无论它能不能修复。” Moreover, the acquired these channels do not have even before now, we can still continue to collect greatly, spends some time at most.” “另外,就算以前收集到的那些渠道现在都没了,我们也大可以继续收集,顶多是花费一些时间罢了。” But... we must collect the components, isn't equal to tell others us to have the core?” Joseph expression is saying slightly scruple, been able to bear looked at outside car window not far away to pass through the patrol leader. “可是...我们要收集零件,不就等同告诉别人我们有核心?”约瑟表情略微迟疑地说着,忍不住的看了一眼车窗外不远处走过的巡逻队。 Time already was 2 points late at night. 时间已经是后半夜二点了。 To comparing to these lazy the guards of caravan, then all retracted to the wet weather to the car(riage) in rests. 对比起商队的那些慵懒的护卫,一到了下雨天便全部缩回到车内休息。 This strange Shelter soldier simply professional anomaly, still meticulous in border patrol. 这陌生避难所的战士简直敬业的变态,仍然一丝不苟的在边境巡逻。 If not the weapons on their hand is too backward, the two sides disparity is huge. 如果不是他们手上的武器实在太落后,两边差距巨大。 The Joseph heart self-examined, is unable peripheral to sway to maintain the present mentality to the stranger in the caravan absolutely. 约瑟们心自问,绝对无法对陌生人在商队周边晃荡保持现在的心态。 Do not worry, we inquired before channel time, until now does not do that?” “别担心,我们之前打听渠道的时候,不一直以来也是这么做的吗?” Said again this time to comparing to other caravans, we pours is not unlucky.” “再说这次对比起其他商队,我们倒也不算倒霉。” „At least before set off, we promoted completely the weapon, prepared enough to hit the armament rear services of several tough battles.” “至少在出发前,我们将武器全部升级了一遍,又准备了足够打几场硬仗的军备后勤。” Sean tone is mixing with the comfort, but attitude actually as before firm. 肖恩语气夹杂着安慰,但态度却依旧坚定。 We can go to be similar Tianyuan Shelter such agglomeration to make them help seek, they do not know the industrial core, does not know that we look for the service components the goal.” “我们可以去类似天元避难所这样的聚集地让他们帮忙寻找,他们不知道工业核心,不知道我们找维修零件的目的。” Goes to several places, would the harvest.” “多去几个地方,总会有收获的。” Hopes.” “但愿。” Saw Sean saying that Joseph also no longer expressed the opinion of contradicting, made the gesture of support. 见肖恩都这么说了,约瑟也就不再发表相悖的意见,做出了支持的姿态。 Luke of injury does not have other opinions, said can support again by the bullet wound now, his already was stranded scalp tingles early. 受了伤的卢克也没有其他意见,再说受了枪伤能撑到现在,他早已经困得头皮发麻了。 Three people decide carelessly the next deploying troops for defense situation over the following several days, then returns to the respective bedroom heavy to go to sleep. 三人草草的商定了下接下来几天的布防情况,便回到各自卧室沉沉睡下。 ... ... Next day. 翌日。 After rainy night, rare cloudless day. 雨夜过后,一个难得的晴天。 Naturally, has the spread entire New Continent thousand imaginary fog to exist, the existence feeling of Sun let the temperature rise. 当然,有着蔓延整个新大陆的千幻之雾存在,太阳的存在感只是让温度上升了一些而已。 In the body feeling, mounts the lake as before. 体感上,依旧是黏湖湖的。 Red spider caravan that side efficiency is very high, then sent people to send in a list quickly, above wrote all over the goods that can trade. 红蛛商队那边的效率很高,很快便派人发来了一张清单,上面写满了可以交易的物品。 Be responsible for and person of Shelter negotiation, is the purchase of red spider caravan is in charge Walter. 负责来和避难所交涉的人,是红蛛商队的采购管事沃尔特。 His is not tall, had about one meter six just to cross. 他的个子不高,大约只有一米六刚过。 But the stature has to be close to 180 jin (0.5 kg), walks seems like rubber ball of plump on the road. 但身材却有接近一百八十斤,走在路上像是一个圆滚滚的皮球似的。 Respectable Tianyuan manager, this is our caravan can at present the complete cargo of foreign sales.” “尊敬的天元管理者,这是我们商队目前可以对外出售的全部货物。” Price you could rest assured that entire Wasteland will not find compared with us cheaply.” “价格您放心,整个废土再也不会找到比我们更加便宜的了。” Walter's humble smiling, the handbag that from carries along pulls out an atlas of A4 paper size. 沃尔特谦逊的笑着,从随身携带的皮包中掏出一本A4纸大小的图册。 Has so many?” “有这么多?” Receiving of Su Mo surprise, detected that records the book enough twenty pages of goods, the eye stared immediately straight. 苏摩诧异的接过,发觉记录着物品的册子足足有二十几页,眼睛顿时瞪直了。 Opens, reading. 翻开,阅览。 Each commodity on atlas, has the basic writing introduction and illustration. 图册上的每一个商品,都有基本的文字介绍和插画。 Was the opposite party discovered the weapon of Tianyuan territory probably very ancient, confirmed peripheral environment already changed, the weaponry is the following goods in great demand. 大概是对方发现了天元领地的武器非常“古老”,也确认了周边的环境已经发生了改变,武器装备将是接下来的抢手货。 The first several pages of atlas, unexpectedly are some munitions! 图册的前几页,竟然都是些军火! From the most basic pistol, submachine gun, rifle, to strengthening the machine gun of version, sniper's rifle, high explosive shell spear/gun. 从最基本的手枪,冲锋枪,步枪,到加强版的机关枪,狙击枪,榴弹枪。 From shoulder anti- -type Rpg, to can install the anti-aircraft artillery in ground. 从肩抗式的Rpg,到可以安装在地面上的防空火炮。 Under labelling rare inscription, Su Mo even saw one electromagnetism rifle that is glittering the silver light! 在标注着稀有的字样下,苏摩甚至看到了一把闪烁着银光的电磁步枪! Although the price is not cheap and that's the end. 尽管价格不便宜就是了。 That skewer 9 combine in the together number, obviously is this group of people puts to make him greedy. 那一串“九”组合在一起的数字,明显就是这伙人放出来让他眼馋的。 But this red spider caravan looks like the arsenal that walks simply, even if Tianyuan the territory munitions stockpiled many times before, without this atlas in can trade 1/10 of quantity many. 但这红蛛商队简直就像是行走的军火库,哪怕之前天元领地军火储备最多的时候,也没有这图册上可以交易数量的十分之一多。 However... 不过... Only has the weapon, without ammunition?” “只有武器,没有弹药吗?” Yes, we can sell a number of weapons to give your Shelter, but the ammunition keeps in stock at present very tight, needs you to solve.” “是的,我们可以出售一批武器给您的避难所,但弹药目前库存很紧张,需要您自己来解决。” Walter iron the scalp is explaining: 沃尔特铁着头皮解释道: How long because we are indefinite at present need to return to the foundation headquarters, the risk that to prevent in the way possibly can arrive, we must prepare some ammunition on the body, but also please forgive “因为我们目前还不确定需要多长时间才能回到基金会总部,所以为了预防回去路上可能会到来的风险,我们得多备一些弹药在身上,还请您谅解” So long as we can successfully go back, you could rest assured that next we will bring the sufficient ammunition number time absolutely.” “但只要我们能成功回去,您放心,下一次我们绝对会带来充足的弹药数目。” My goodness. 好家伙。 This pie picture was also too good. 这大饼画的也太好了。 If there is an ammunition to buy, Su Mo wishes one could to take the commodity of transaction the territory to exchange now completely, then makes the madman weapon factory go full speed ahead, as far as possible first militia territory. 要是有弹药可以买,苏摩恨不得现在就把领地能拿出去交易的物资全部兑换,然后再让狂人武器厂开足马力,尽可能的先把领地的民兵武装起来。 But does not have the ammunition... 但没有弹药... These spears/guns buy that is not equal to that is burns the fire rake? 这些枪买回来那不等于就是根烧火棍吗? Wants the Tianyuan territory with the thing that the existing resources trade not to use, the red spider caravan thinks his head is silly? 想要天元领地用现有的资源去换一些用不上的东西,红蛛商队难道以为他的脑袋是傻的吗? Slightly crosses these uselessly the thing, Su Mo will bear the temper to continue to look in the future. 略过这些“没用”的东西,苏摩耐着性子继续往后看。 Enters the daily necessities food category. 进入日用品食物类目。 Perhaps is red spider chariot the automatic reactor on loading can make, the daily necessities price on list according to the labor daily income, can be called an actual benefit unexpectedly. 也许是红蛛战车上的装载的自动反应炉可以就地制造,清单上的日用品物价按照劳工每天的收入而言,竟然称得上一句实惠。 The commodity that the purchasing power of only 1 business ticket can trade are many. 区区一商券的购买力可以换来的商品并不少。 Can exchange applies mechanically the coat and pants that the polyester fiber makes, can trade wound post of one dozen of ten attires. 可以交换一套用聚酯纤维做出来的上衣和裤子,也可以换来一打十个装的创口贴。 Can purchase some most basic seasoning, for example the salt, always pulls out, soy sauce, chicken essence. 可以购买一些最基础的调味品,例如盐,老抽,生抽,鸡精等。 Also can buy some fine small things, such as screwdriver, surface bamboo slip, insulated cup, needlework box, plug wait/etc. 也能买到一些精细的小物件,如螺丝刀,面签,保温杯,针线盒,插座等等。 But to food. 而到了食物这一项。 Saw several best-selling goods that p. 1 highlight labels, Su Mo stares. 看到第一页高亮标注的几项畅销货品,苏摩不由一愣。 Wait, do you have the synthetic starch, the protein, the technology of glucose?” “等等,你们难道拥有合成淀粉,蛋白质,葡萄糖的技术吗?” In list. 清单上。 A business ticket can purchase enough the 600 g starch unexpectedly, by the composition computation of rice, being equal is about 800 g. 一商券居然可以购买足足600g的淀粉,按照大米的成分含量计算,等同是800g左右。 But protein is odder, can a business ticket buy 300 g unexpectedly? 而蛋白质这一项就更加离谱,一商券竟然能买300g? This what concept? 这什么概念? The protein content of chicken is also only about 20, 100 g can extract the 20 g protein. 鸡肉的蛋白质含量也只有20左右,100g才能提取出20g的蛋白质。 According to the wages of two business tickets, the protein that can buy is equal to extract the 3 kg chicken each person every day. 依照每人每天两商券的工资,能买到的蛋白质足足等同提取3kg的鸡肉。 This price, if extracts from the meats directly, it is fortunate that the red spider caravan perhaps falls the underpants. 这价格,要是直接从肉类提取,红蛛商队恐怕得亏掉底裤。 Yes, we have one set of complete industrial fabrication technology. So long as can collect enough many raw materials, in the situation of energy sufficient supply, basically does not need to worry the food and drink issue.” “是的,我们拥有一整套完整的工业制备技术。只要能收集到足够多的原料,能源充足供应的情况下,基本上是不用愁吃喝问题的。” If you purchase these basic ingredients, the quantity are many, we can also discount on purchase basic.” “如果您购买这些基础成分,数量多的话,我们还能在购买的基础上进行打折。” Walter explained in a soft voice. 沃尔特轻声解释。 Adds the hydrogen synthetic starch as well as with the carbon monoxide synthetic protein using the carbon dioxide, these from set off after certain chemical reactions, do not use the lifeform system completely, is not only unusual with the technology that the chemistry catalyst can synthesize. 利用二氧化碳加氢气合成淀粉以及用一氧化碳合成蛋白质,这些从出发经过若干步化学反应,完全不用生物体系,只用化学催化剂就能合成的技术并不稀奇。 In the Blue Star pre-war time, esteemed many places on already, replaced the ancient animal husbandry. 早在蓝星战前时代,就已经推崇到了很多地方,取代了古旧的农牧业。 For example in the clear port city in these mole old Shelter provided similar production machine, even if crossed for more than 200 years, can guarantee internal resident using as before stably. 例如晴港市内那些地鼠老的避难所里就配备了类似的生产机器,哪怕过了两百多年,也依旧可以稳定的保证内部居民用度。 Naturally, having a premise is very important. 当然,有个前提很重要。 Must have enough energy! 得有足够的能量 The hydrogen of synthetic starch is a very high energy material, extracts the hydrogen to consume many energy from the water. 合成淀粉的氢气是一种很高能量的物质,从水中提取氢气要消耗很多能量 Without enough inexpensive easy-to-use energy, even if mastered this technology is very difficult to apply. 如果没有足够廉价好用的能源,哪怕掌握了这项技术也很难派上用场。 The similar truth, carbon monoxide energy is much higher than the carbon dioxide, prepares the carbon monoxide also to need to consume many energy. 同样的道理,一氧化碳的能量比二氧化碳高得多,制备一氧化碳也需要消耗很多能量 Moreover its synthetic method is not the pure chemistry, but must use the lifeform mold mushroom spawn, ferments, in this process needs the enough stable environment to guarantee the mold mushroom spawn to grow, the energy consumption may be called huge. 而且它的合成方法不是纯粹化学的,而是要用生物菌种,也就是发酵,这个过程中需要足够稳定的环境才能保证菌种生长,能源消耗堪称巨大。 However grasped the foundation of controllable nuclear fusion technology regarding already initially, the energy is inexhaustible inexhaustible. 不过对于已经初步掌握了可控核聚变技术的基金会而言,能源可谓是取之不尽用之不竭。 On the chariot of red spider caravan has a nuclear generator on carrying, inside thinks of 3 kg helium three fuel rods. 红蛛商队的战车上就搭载有一台核发电机,里面装着一根3kg的氦三燃料棒。 According to 1 kilogram Helium -3 can produce 19 megawatts energy to calculate, this thing total can output to be close to 60,000 kwh electricity. 依照一公斤氦-三能产生19兆瓦的能量来算,这东西共计能输出接近六万度电。 Said that opened wide the manufacture to be somewhat excessive, but at least did not worry to eat and drink actually real. 说是敞开了制造有些过分,但至少不愁吃喝倒是真的。 If you need is not only these basic ingredients, but needs to prepare its technology, our similarly foreign sales.” “如果您需要的不仅仅是这些基础成分,而是需要制备它的技术,我们同样对外出售。” Naturally, the process units of correspondence we do not have unnecessary foreign sale.” “当然,对应的生产装置我们没有多余的对外售卖。” If can return to the foundation headquarters, you need, we can bring to come to trade next time.” “如果能回到基金会总部,您又需要,我们可以带过来下次进行交易。” Walter's attitude is very warm, came to sell the sale that like Civilization Age these. 沃尔特的态度很是热情,像极了文明时代那些上门推销的销售。 But in fact, the technology also truly is the Blue Star not most valuable thing. 而事实上,技术也确实是蓝星最不值钱的东西。 When the peace prosperous times, the knowledge is the valuable production material, has been grasped then to trade the innumerable wealth. 在和平盛世时,知识是宝贵的生产资料,得到掌握便能换来无数钱财。 But in Apocalyptic Wasteland, regarding the average person, this thing has not opened the cleaning up paper to be important. 但在末世废土里,对于普通人而言,这东西还没张擦屁股的纸重要。 Looks like same as the jewelry that the gold makes, what is valuable is not a modeling, the pattern, attempts the tuart, but is the gold. 就像是用金子制造出来的首饰一样,值钱的并不是造型,花纹,图桉,而是黄金本身。 Even if in mole old Shelter, the education is also the casual luxurious activity that a small number of people can participate. 哪怕在地鼠老的避难所里,教育也是一项只有少数人才能参加的休闲奢侈活动。 Does not even have regarding the people of these basic theoretical knowledge, how even if gives them a detail of nuclear fusion. 对于那些连基础理论知识的人都没有,哪怕给他们一份核聚变的详细说明又如何。 Can these people really use pickaxe in hand, the axe, the hand to rub is not good? 难道这些人真能用手里的镐子,斧头,手搓出来不行? Do not make laugh. 别搞笑了。 Technological barrier that is the naked weak one behavior, is afraid the opposite party to threaten the own self-preservation method. 技术壁垒那是赤裸裸的弱者行为,是害怕对方威胁到自己的自保手段。 The powerful foundation, does not limit the technological drain from the beginning, so long as is the mature technology, allows the caravan belt/bring to sell to the outside world. 强大的基金会,从一开始就不限制技术外流,只要是成熟的技术,都允许商队带到外界进行售卖。 They only need to trade the installment of correspondence, can harvest a large number of labor forces, full that gains. 他们只需要贩卖对应的装置,就能收割大量的劳动力,赚的盆满钵满。 As he said. 如他所说。 Su Mo continues to turn downward, finally saw these arrange in order according to groups technology. 苏摩继续往下翻,终于看到了这些分门别类列出来的“技术”。 Red spider caravan very intimate translated the tongue-twister technology name, looks exceptionally direct-viewing. 红蛛商队很贴心的将绕口技术名称翻译了过来,看起来异常直观。 Besides starch monosaccharide protein three major term high-pressures, many one hear of names on showy high tech. 除过淀粉单糖蛋白质三大项合成技术外,不乏一听名字就让人耳目一新的高科技。 «Pipeline Capsule Transports System», «Total information Projection Auxiliary», «Brain Enhancement Suite», «Individual Anti- gravity Flight», «Cold fusion Energy technology»... 《管路胶囊运输系统》、《全息投影辅助》、《大脑增强套件》、《单兵反重力飞行》、《冷核聚变能源技术》... Dozens novel technical coordination writing described, as if knocked the front door of new world. 从前到后,数十项新颖的技术配合文字描述,似乎敲开了新世界的大门。 Stopped the moment, Su Mo constrained in the heart to want urgently the impulsion that it exchanged. 停顿了片刻,苏摩压抑住了心中迫切想将其交换过来的冲动。 Can not make bricks without straw. 巧妇难为无米之炊。 To foundation, even if the mature technology, regarding were still in the Tianyuan territory of Bronze Age, was still the mountain that could not see to withstand/top. 对基金会而言哪怕再成熟的技术,对于仍旧处于青铜时代的天元领地而言,仍旧是一座看不到顶的高山。 Similar to the cold fusion, even knows the principle, wanting the installment that makes to correspond still also several thousand difficult problems to wait. 就如同冷核聚变,就算知道原理,想要制造出来对应的装置仍还有数千个难题等着。 Exchanges these things with its present, might as well trade a solid thing. 与其现在去交换这些东西,不如换点实在的东西。 For example... 就比如... Well, does the exoskeleton armor also sell outward?” “咦,外骨骼装甲也对外售卖吗?” How does this seem somewhat looks familiar?” “这怎么看起来有些眼熟?” ... ...
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