MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1574: More to high principle

3000 enter the place of chaos, returned to the initial place. 三千界进入混沌之地,又回到了最初的地方。 Afterward just like a dandelion of dissemination seed to be the same, Human Clan all influences all expand outward slowly. 随后犹如一颗散播种子的蒲公英一般,人族的所有势力全都向外慢慢扩张。 But at this time, the place of chaos also started to condense own macrocosm. 而这时候,混沌之地也开始凝聚起来自身的大世界。 Outside the place of chaos, Zhang Weiyun accompanies Xu Fan to look at the development of place of entire chaos. 混沌之地外,张微云陪着徐凡看着整个混沌之地的发展。 Husband, I always you must to the feeling that I go.” The Zhang Weiyun whole face worries to say. “夫君,我总有一种你要离我而去的感觉。”张微云满脸担忧说道。 How can, me, but very important things must be done,” Xu Fan looks up to the direction of place of that ultra-large chaos. “怎么会,我这边,只不过是有一件很重要的事情要去做,”徐凡抬头看向那超大型混沌之地的方向。 The feeling of Xu Fan suddenly one fate samsara. 徐凡突然有一种宿命轮回的感觉。 He now is two boundary powerhouses, is strongest existence in the peripheral very huge chaos savageness region. 他现在已经是二境强者,在周边很庞大的混沌未开化区域都属于最强的存在。 During this endless time, under own leadership, the place of chaos will definitely support the ninth time vastness tide, when the time comes, he may meet with that grave god clan very much. 在这无尽的时间之中,在自己的带领下,混沌之地肯定会撑到第九次时间汪洋浪潮,到时候,他很有可能会与那墓神族遇上。 Regardless of anything, even if dies, I must accompany side husband.” Zhang Weiyun depended on gently on the shoulder of Xu Fan. “无论什么事情,哪怕是死,我都要陪在夫君身边。”张微云把头轻轻靠在了徐凡的肩膀上。 Without is so exaggerating.” Xu Fan narrows the eyes to focus to say. “没有那么夸张。”徐凡眯着眼说道。 At this time Xu Fan lifts the hand gently, one time vastness appear. 此时徐凡轻轻一抬手,一片时间汪洋出现。 In the time vastness, Xu Fan locked an old beggar and a young woman. 在时间汪洋之中,徐凡锁定了一个老乞丐和一位年轻女子。 In the young woman foreheads has eight points of similar of Li Xingci. 年轻女子眉宇之间跟李星辞有八分的相似。 Afterward Xu Fan thinks, locked a Monster Clan female again. 随后徐凡想了想,又再次锁定了一个妖族女子。 An unsurpassed mighty force, the anchorage three people pull toward the time vastness beside. 一股无上伟力,定住三人向着时间汪洋之外拉扯。 Forcing of the dark Heavenly Dao samsara on Xu Fan. 一股冥冥天道轮回之力压在了徐凡身上。 Time causes and effects dual to high principle, just like the heaviness of place of entire chaos. 时间因果双重至高法则,宛若整个混沌之地之重。 But this important regarding Xu Fan, simply with not general. 但这重要对于徐凡而言,简直跟没有一般。 That unsurpassed mighty force pulled three lives to leave the time vastness directly. 那股无上伟力直接拉扯了三位生灵离开了时间汪洋。 The transparent guard/shield is protecting three people together. 一道透明的护罩护着三人。 Where is this?” The old beggar has doubts to say. “这是哪里?”老乞丐疑惑说道。 Xu Fan shows a faint smile, the figure changed that old beggar just before leaving own appearance. 徐凡微微一笑,身形变化成了那老乞丐临走时自己的模样。 You are, Little Fan?” The old beggar has doubts to say. “你是,小凡?”老乞丐疑惑说道。 Is I, old man, I had said initially, after I immortal cultivation, will resurrect you, making you enjoy ten thousand years of riches and honor.” Xu Fan shows a faint smile. “就是我,老头,我当初说过,等我修仙有成之后会把你复活,让你享受万年的富贵。”徐凡微微一笑。 Where enjoyed ten thousand years of riches and honor, that two years of auspicious day I have been content.” The old beggar said. “哪享得了万年富贵,那两年好日子我已经知足了。”老乞丐说道。 You make me resurrect now, was this immortal cultivation? “你现在让我复活,这是修仙有成了? Right, initially I to the days of palaces and houses 72 imperial concubine emperors you said that you envied very much.” “对,当初我跟你说的三宫六院七十二妃皇帝的日子,你很羡慕。” Now, you were an emperor.” “现在,你就是皇帝了。” Xu Fan lifts the hand gently, the old beggar disappears. 徐凡轻轻一抬手,老乞丐消失。 After the old beggar recovers, discovered that he has turned into the young appearance, the body is also throwing over an imperial robe. 等老乞丐回过神来后,发现他已经变成年轻的模样,身上还披着一件龙袍。 Supreme god sovereign, please ascend the throne!” Nearby majestic guard said respectfully. “至尊神皇,请您登基!”旁边一位雄壮的侍卫恭敬说道。 The old beggar of young appearance, in the mind were many much knowledge, looks up to god position that keeps aloof, smiles stride stand forth. 年轻模样的老乞丐,脑海之中多了很多知识,抬头看向那高高在上的神位,笑得跨步向前走去。 But at this time, the female and Monster Clan who females moreover resurrect are respectful is saluting to Xu Fan. 而此时,另外复活的女子和妖族女子都是恭敬的对着徐凡行礼。 Pays a visit the senior,( master).” “拜见前辈,(师傅)。” They before death are the people of cultivation, after dying, resurrects again, clear what's the matter. 她们生前都是修炼之人,死之后再次复活,明白是怎么回事。 I am your son Xingci master, resurrects you are his entire life strongest wish, I helped him settle.” “我是你儿子星辞的师傅,把你复活是他生平最大的心愿,我帮他了结了。” Appears one to the transmission gate before the female. 一到传送门出现在女子面前。 Enters this gate, after you then can see you to grow up the son.” “进入这道门,你便能看到你长大后的儿子了。” Xu Fan was saying turns head and looks to that Monster Clan female. 徐凡说着扭头又看向那妖族女子。 Good and evil you are also the disciple who I have not recorded a name, later enters me hidden to enter my Hidden Spirit Gate monster section.” Xu Fan told. “好歹你也是我未记名的弟子,以后就入我隐就入我隐灵门妖部。”徐凡吩咐道。 Compliant teacher.” “遵命师尊。” After Xu Fan completes all these, calls all apprentices in own side. 徐凡做完这一切后,把所有徒弟都召集在自己身边。 Found for the hometown of master, but hometown faced with the dangerous situation of life or death crisis.” “为师的家乡找到了,但家乡面临存亡危机的险境。” Therefore this period of time, is the master will stay behind clone, the true body goes to travelling outside area to seek to rescue the means of crisis.” Xu Fan has not said, many disciples worried to follow the Xu Fan same place. “所以这段时间,为师会留下分身,真身前往游历外地寻找解救危机之办法。”徐凡还没说完,众多弟子就着急了想跟随徐凡一起。 Do not add to the chaos, what I face is three boundary powerhouses, but your enlightened ruler peak has not arrived, puts to trouble with me.” “不要添乱,我所面临的是三境强者,而你们连圣主巅峰都未到,跟我就是添麻烦。” I not , develops the place of this chaos safely.” “我不在的时候,安心发展这片混沌之地。” „Before I just before leaving, will leave behind 3000 big inheritance in the place of entire chaos , helping the Human Clan development.” “我临走之前,会在整个混沌之地留下3000道大传承,帮助人族发展。” You must cultivation quite, want to help me, at least must become two boundary powerhouses.” “你们要好生修炼,想要帮我,起码要成为二境强者。” Xu Fan said that and many apprentices eat meal. 徐凡说完又和众多徒弟吃了顿饭。 In vision that in all apprentices do not abandon, Xu Fan left the place of this chaos. 在所有徒弟不舍的目光中,徐凡离开了这片混沌之地。 Xu Fan left clone all 1 ~ 5 th to remain. 徐凡离开把1~5号分身全都留了下来。 In Human Clan alliance area. 人族联盟疆域内。 This time saying cloud Shengzhu looks at two boundary powerhouses who were stranded, in the look is somewhat flurried. 此时的道云圣主看着被困起来的二境强者,眼神之中有些慌乱。 He relied on two boundary primordial chaos most precious objects to suppress this two boundary boundary powerhouses. 他是凭借着二境鸿蒙至宝把这位二境境强者压制住了。 However this suppression is only temporary, most ten thousand years, the second-level powerhouse in cage broken will then block. 但是这种压制只是暂时的,最多万年时间,牢笼中的二级强者便会破封锁而出。 When the time comes, the two boundary primordial chaos most precious objects in his hand, cannot block again, present two boundary powerhouses. 到时候,他手中的这件二境鸿蒙至宝,就再也拦不住,眼前的这位二境强者了。 You seem like very anxious ~ “你看起来很是忧虑~” Xu Fan sound gently resounds, along with a powerful pressure. 徐凡轻轻的声音响起,伴随着一股强大的威压。 Said that two boundary primordial chaos most precious objects in cloud Shengzhu the hand were separated gently, fall in the Xu Fan hand. 道云圣主手中的二境鸿蒙至宝轻轻脱离,落到了徐凡手中。 Under saying cloud Shengzhu the panic-stricken look, oneself keep the thoughts in two boundary magic weapons to be driven away. 在道云圣主惊骇的眼神下,自己留在二境法宝上的意念全都被驱离。 In a twinkling, then on the surrounded two boundary powerhouse faces shows the panic-stricken expression. 霎时间,那被困住的二境强者脸上露出惊恐的表情。 He discovered that this cage is contracting slowly, moreover Grand Dao compression that , and is comprehending to his strength. 他发现这个牢笼正在慢慢收缩,而且正在,对他的实力和所领悟的大道压缩。 Gives you a choice, gives me two boundary primordial chaos most precious objects, how I help you tidy up that two boundary powerhouses.” Xu Fan asked with a smile. “给你一个选择,把二境鸿蒙至宝给我,我帮你收拾那二境强者如何。”徐凡笑着问道。 Said that cloud Shengzhu struggled immediately, wants to open the mouth actually to be lived by an invisible strength seal. 道云圣主顿时挣扎了起来,想开口却被一股无形的力量封印住了。 „To come you to agree, the primordial chaos most precious object of that this two boundary I receive.” “想来你是同意了,那这件二境的鸿蒙至宝我就收起来。” This archenemy, I will help you tidy up.” “这一个大敌,我会帮你收拾掉。” When the Xu Fan speech, surrounds the cage of that two vigor powerhouses, had changed into a beaded glass size, fell in the Xu Fan hand. 徐凡说话的时候,困住那二劲强者的牢笼,已经化为了一颗玻璃珠般大小,落到了徐凡手中。 Grape, transmits the place of chaos, changes into the place of inheritance.” Xu Fan told to say. 葡萄,传送回混沌之地,化为传承之地。”徐凡吩咐说道。 Compliant.” “遵命。” Looks at Xu Fan to wave then to solve two boundary powerhouses, said that cloud enlightened ruler die the appearance that decides. 看着徐凡挥手之间便解决掉了一位二境强者,道云圣主一副自己死定的样子。 Relax, the good and evil is Human Clan, you are leading good of also strength of development so many chaos.” “放心,好歹都是人族,你带领着这么多混沌之力发展的也不错。” Looks in this share, forgives your life.” Xu Fan said leisurely. “看在这个份上,饶你一命。”徐凡悠悠说道。 He comes for slightly to trouble to solve this, making the Human Clan alliance obtain a better development. 他过来只是为了把这小麻烦解决掉,让人族联盟得到更好的发展。 Many thanks senior.” Said that cloud Shengzhu feels grateful extremely said. “多谢前辈。”道云圣主极其感激说道。 The Xu Fan form disappears, to the next place. 徐凡身影消失,去往下个地方。 After experiencing that inheritance, Xu Fan understands on oneself this comprehensive top aptitude, certainly is the place of that side chaos concentrates grants. 经历了那场传承后,徐凡明白自己身上这全面的顶尖资质,是那方混沌之地凝绝所赐予的。 Therefore wants to display to inherit the maximum strength, that must many comprehensions to the high principle. 所以想要发挥传承最大的力量,那就必须更多的领悟至高法则。 But in his eyes, the entire chaos savageness region, is similar to the landform changeable mainland to be the same, the different places condense to the high principle is also different. 而在他眼中,整个混沌未开化区域,就如同地貌多变的大陆一般,不同的地方所凝聚的至高法则也是不同。 Therefore Xu Fan wants to loaf the entire chaos savageness region, comprehends many to high principle. 所以徐凡想游荡整个混沌未开化区域,领悟更多的至高法则。
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