MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1575: 100 billion years

Grape, sets the route to me, chaos place that connected all has discovered.” 葡萄,给我设定航线,连串所有已发现的混沌之地。” Stands in the chaos savageness region, Xu Fan undulating say/way. 站在混沌未开化区域中,徐凡澹澹道。 It is down to the high space principle breaks through to two boundary powerhouses, has achieved the highest level condition to the high principle space sensibility. 它是以至高空间法则突破到二境强者,至高法则空间感悟已经达到了最为顶级的状态。 Entire chaos savageness region, so long as there is a coordinates then to be able one step to tread. 整个混沌未开化区域,只要有坐标便能一步踏出。 The virtual three-dimensional chaos savageness map appears in front of Xu Fan together. 一道虚拟立体的混沌未开化地图出现在徐凡面前。 Has a dashed line on the map, starts to connect the places of all chaos. 在地图上有一条虚线,开始串联所有混沌之地。 Xu Fan looked at one then one step to tread, arrived at outside place of chaos. 徐帆看了一眼便一步踏出,来到了一座混沌之地外。 Also does not enter, on static sitting cross-legged in ground of sensibility this chaos. 也不进入,就静静的盘坐在这一座混沌之地上感悟。 From the ninth time tide, 300 billion years, that two boundary powerhouses said fortunately, as for that three boundaries.” “距离第九次时间浪潮,还有3000亿年时间,那二境强者还好说,至于那个三境。” After sensing the place of this chaos specially to the high principle, Xu Fan summoned the time vastness calmly looks outside, the expression was somewhat bitter and astringent. 感悟此座混沌之地特殊至高法则后,徐凡召唤出时间汪洋静静的在外看着,表情有些苦涩。 His original surname salt fish, can sit is not standing, can lie down is not sitting. 他本姓咸鱼,能坐着绝不站着,能躺着就不坐着。 After this thinks to become the enlightened ruler, the later day meets such as him to imagine general. 本以为成为圣主之后,以后的日子会如他想象一般。 The system that which to become thinks, oneself carry gave him such big pleasant surprise, looked for three boundary powerhouses to him directly. 哪成想,自身所携带的系统给了他这么大的惊喜,直接给他找了一个三境强者。 „The place of that source chaos must rescue, the powerhouse of that two two boundary.” “那座本源混沌之地必须要救,还有那两位二境的强者。” Zhou, interesting, does not know that is I imagines Zhou.” “纣,有意思,不知道是不是我想象中的纣。” Xu Fan set out one step to tread and arrived at the place of second chaos, calmly sat cross-legged the sensibility. 徐凡起身一步踏出又来到了第二座混沌之地,静静盘坐感悟。 Then, after Xu Fan passes through the places of several million chaos, suddenly presents the huge five colors waterfall not to know together passes through many chaos not to develop the region. 就这样,徐凡走过几百万座混沌之地后,身后突然出现一道庞大的五色瀑布不知贯穿多少混沌未开发区域。 The endless five lines to the high strength, gather in Xu Fan within the body. 无尽的五行至高之力,在徐凡体内汇聚。 Is centered on Xu Fan, the places of peripheral hundreds of thousands of chaos are shivering, just like trembling, just like submitting. 徐凡为中心,周边数十万混沌之地都在颤抖,宛若颤栗,宛若臣服。 The endless time vastness appears sky over Xu Fan, has a tranquil indifferent eye to stare at Xu Fan above that time vastness. 无尽的时间汪洋出现在徐凡上空,在那时间汪洋之上有一双平静冷漠的眼睛盯着徐凡 Fellow Daoist, how comes to see at the same time.” That eye that Xu Fan looks at called to turn upwards slightly. “道友,现身见一面如何。”徐凡看的那双眼睛就叫微微翘起。 The form appears together in front of Xu Fan, the whole body to the Saint light cover together. 一道身影浮现在徐凡面前,周身为一道圣光所笼罩。 Time vastness, Saint Yangshan, you can call me light/only.” “时间汪洋,圣阳山,你可以叫我光。” Just was promoted two boundary powerhouses shortly, you can call my.” Xu Fan said. “刚晋级二境强者没多长时间,你可以叫我凡。”徐凡说道。 On you have the causes and effects of grave god clan, should better not to approach his pastoral area, will otherwise stare.” Only said. “你身上有墓神族的因果,最好不要靠近他的牧区,否则会被盯上。”光说道。 Many thanks the fellow daoist reminded, Saint I also minored in Yang together, meeting was the fate, by saying one how.” “多谢道友提醒,圣阳一道我也兼修,相见即是缘分,论道一场如何。” Good ~ “好~” Xu Fan waves gently, a space arrives to take shape. 徐凡轻轻挥手,一片空间到场成型。 both sides enter, space Buddhist temple time acceleration. 双方进入,空间道场时间加速。 1 million years later, the space Buddhist temple dissipates, that two boundary powerhouses light/only also change into a star light, dissipates in front of Xu Fan. 100万年后,空间道场消散,那二境强者光也化为点点星光,消散在徐凡面前。 At this time, was centered on the places of Xu Fan surrounding area 1 million chaos to occupy the region to shine. 此时,以徐凡为中心方圆百万混沌之地所占区域亮了起来。 Beacon light of Xu Fan in just like darkness. 徐凡宛若黑暗中的一盏明灯。 Afterward the beacon light changes into the Saint to be positive, lets all by the chaos place that the light covers, felt an unprecedented warmth. 随后明灯又化为圣阳,让所有被光所笼罩的混沌之地,感受到了一股前所未有的温暖。 At this time under Saint Yang shining, there are many chaos place that approached the node started to be promoted the sublimation. 这时候在圣阳的照耀下,有很多临近节点的混沌之地开始晋级升华。 Ten thousand years later, Saint Yang dissipation. 万年之后,圣阳消散。 Xu Fan set off the journey again, one after another place of sensibility chaos. 徐凡又再次踏上了旅程,一座又一座混沌之地感悟。 The Xu Fan look gradually starts to become the peaceful desert, but occasionally in the place of chaos runs into the matter that oneself are interested , the eyes have the color. 渐渐的徐凡眼神开始变得澹漠,只是偶尔在混沌之地中碰到自己感兴趣的事情的时候,双眼才有感情色彩。 Has not known many trillion years, Xu Fan imposing manner is getting more and more intense. 不知过了多少亿万年,徐凡身上的气势越来越强烈。 As if covered numerously to the high principle, in the time vastness, the region that Xu Fan is infecting his aura slowly. 仿佛覆盖了众多至高法则,在时间汪洋之中,徐凡所在的区域正在慢慢感染着他的气息。 These years, Xu Fan also ran into many two boundary powerhouses. 这些年,徐凡也遇到了很多二境强者。 To temperament intersection, incorrect fights directly in world vastness. 对脾气的相交一场,不对的直接在世间汪洋之中大战一番。 In place of above giant chaos, Xu Fan sits cross-legged. 一处巨型混沌之地中,徐凡盘坐其上。 The powerhouses of several enlightened ruler peak boundaries appear in front of Xu Fan, look exceptionally vigilant. 数位圣主巅峰境的强者出现在徐凡面前,眼神异常的警惕。 Then becomes aware walks to the high principle, said again, you said that you can revolt?” “悟得至高法则便走,再说,你们说,你们能反抗吗?” Xu Fan catches the eye to look at the present alien race enlightened ruler powerhouse, shows a faint smile. 徐凡抬眼看着眼前的异族圣主强者,微微一笑。 In a twinkling, all alien race enlightened rulers, the expression becomes panic-stricken. 霎时间,所有的异族圣主,表情变得惊恐。 They felt that within the body has lock, all locked in own all abilities, now their world of mortals these strong ants are inferior. 他们感觉体内有一把锁,把自己的所有能力全都锁住了,现在他们连凡间那些强壮的蝼蚁都不如。 Makes to order the culinary specialty of strength of your chaos to me.” Xu Fan was saying untied to their pressure. “给我弄点你们混沌之力的特色美食。”徐凡说着解开了对他们的威压。 Treats Xu Fan to comprehend to the high principle enjoys the good food the time, together form suddenly air-splitting. 对待徐凡参悟完至高法则享受美食的时候,一道身影突然破空而来。 Master, I was promoted am two boundary powerhouses.” Xu Gang thinks of looks own master. “师傅,我晋级为二境强者了。”徐刚想念的看着自家师傅。 Enters two boundaries to high Dao of Five Elements, good.” “至高五行之道入二境,不错。” Looks at own treasure apprentice, the Xu Fan satisfactory nod. 看着自家的宝贝徒弟,徐凡满意的点头。 Master, whether I can fight side-by-side with you.” Xu Gang hopes to say. “师傅,那我能否与你并肩作战。”徐刚期盼说道。 In these years, can support power that he cultivates is, fights side-by-side with the master. 在这些年,唯一能支撑他修炼的动力那便是,与自家师傅并肩作战。 Ok, the place of that chaos but you need has one again, two boundary powerhouses can fight side-by-side with me.” Xu Fan said with a smile. “可以,但你需要的那座混沌之地再出一位,二境强者才能与我并肩作战。”徐凡笑着说道。 Master, quick, Xingci and profound heart soon are also promoted in less than many years are two boundary powerhouses.” Xu Gang said. “师傅,很快,星辞和玄心用不了多少年也快要晋级为二境强者。”徐刚说道。 Xu Fan in sensibility to high principle these years, once after a principle is promoted is two boundaries, will then pass to the chaos place that massive sources Hidden Spirit Gate is. 徐凡在感悟至高法则这些年,一旦有一种法则晋级为二境之后,便会将大量的本源传到隐灵门所在的混沌之地。 Because of this, his present big apprentice, can become two boundary powerhouses. 因为此,他眼前的大徒弟,才能成为二境强者。 That line, you also became two mirror powerhouses, just followed side me, grew in experience.” “那行,你也成为二镜强者了,刚好跟在我身边,长长见识。” Xu Fan was saying sets out one step to tread, leading Xu Gang to appear in the place of next chaos. 徐凡说着起身一步踏出,带徐刚又出现在了下一座混沌之地。 100 billion years, the chaos savageness region such as the past like that its material is slowly inexhaustible, inexhaustible. 千亿年时间缓缓而过,混沌未开化区域还如以往那般,其物质取之不尽,用之不竭。 At this time, side Xu Fan has followed eight two boundary powerhouses. 此时,徐凡身边已经跟着八位二境强者。 Followed the place of Xu Fan chaos to sense one after another. 跟随了徐凡一座又一座混沌之地去感悟。 Master, in the time vastness, your aura has all infected the place of peripheral chaos ten million/countless.” “师傅,时间汪洋中,你的气息已经把周边千万混沌之地全都感染了。” If in the vanguard, can in the sheave clan with the time vastness install to run upon, whether must annex and destroy.” Xu Yuexian asked. “如果在前行,会与时间汪洋中天轮族装撞上,是否要吞灭。”徐月仙问道。 She is in these people last existences that becomes two mirror powerhouses. 她是这些人中最后一位成为二镜强者的存在。 Continues, buries the aura, low-key conduct.” Xu Fan thinks to say. “继续前行,把气息掩埋,低调行事。”徐凡想了想说道。 Xu Fan calculates the time, 160 billion years, the ninth time tide will then erupt. 徐凡算算时间,还有1600亿年,第九次时间浪潮便会爆发。 If cannot find to save the means of place of that Human Clan giant chaos before then. 如果在此之前未能找到挽救那人族巨型混沌之地的办法。 That belongs to the place of his source chaos to be swallowed by that three boundary grave god clan powerhouses in the time vastness specially. 那专属于他那座本源混沌之地将会在时间汪洋中被那三境墓神族强者所吞噬。 160 billion years, sufficed.” “1600亿年,够了。” Although cannot resist three boundary powerhouses, but before three mirror powerhouses who all know, covers the secret chaos to achieve.” “虽不能抵挡三境强者,但在全知的三镜强者面前,掩盖天机混沌还是可以做到的。” Xu Fan looks that below chaos place said slowly. 徐凡看着下方的混沌之地慢慢说道。 His goal from the beginning is to rescue the place of that source ultra giant chaos in that three boundary powerhouse hands. 他一开始的目标便是在那三境强者手中救下那座本源超巨型混沌之地。 Or cut to kill that three boundary grave god clan powerhouses as for the suppression, Xu Fan never imagined. 至于镇压或者斩杀那三境墓神族强者,徐凡想都没想过。 After he becomes two boundary powerhouses, sensation to the terrifying of three boundary powerhouses. 他成为二境强者之后,才感知到三境强者的恐怖。 Compares in controlling numerously to high principle, three boundary powerhouses become omniscient and omnipotent existence. 相比于掌控众多的至高法则,三境强者则是成为了一种全能全知的存在。 The chaos have not developed the region or the time vastness, in his eyes is similar to a transparent house to be the same. 无论是混沌未开发区域还是时间汪洋,在他眼中便如同一座透明的房子一般。 If no limit of time vastness, the grave god clan can annex and destroy the place of that chaos he is at completely. 如果不是有时间汪洋的限制,墓神族能把他所在的那片混沌之地全部吞灭。 Thinks of here, Xu Fan peripheral starts to change, then returned to Hidden Spirit Gate in a flash in the place of chaos. 想到这里,徐凡周边开始变化,转瞬间便回到了隐灵门所在混沌之地。 The chaos place that at this time Hidden Spirit Gate is at compared with had expanded several hundred thousand times. 此时隐灵门所在的混沌之地已经比原来扩张了数百千倍。 But place of the chaos he is , was also named as by him hidden. 而他所在的这座混沌之地,也被他命名为隐。 These years are not, never expected that the place of chaos has such change.” The Xu Fan feeling said. “这些年不在,没想到混沌之地已经有如此变化。”徐凡感慨说道。 According to the statistics of Grape, the places of place of hidden peripheral hundreds of thousands of chaos chaos, have completely changed into the Human Clan domain. 按照葡萄的统计,混沌之地隐周边数十万混沌之地,已经全然化为人族的地盘。
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