MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1573: Inherits two boundaries

My Human Clan, does not like giving the person to work as the dog from the birth.” “我人族,从诞生之初就不喜欢给人当狗。” Must come then to come, must fight then fights, lets me, and looked three boundary powerhouses who your vertically and horizontally/able to move unhindered vast expanse of water have what kind of strength.” “要来便来,要战便战,让我且看你这位纵横一片汪洋的三境强者有何等的战力。” Just likes the tidal time vastness to gush out from the place of chaos outside, submerges the place of entire ultra giant chaos fast. 犹如潮水般的时间汪洋自混沌之地外涌出,快速把整个超巨型混沌之地所淹没。 Zhou looks proudly that in sky was not defined existence that cannot be described. 纣傲然的看着天空中的那位不被定义不可描述的存在。 You have the courage very much.” “你很有勇气。” In an instant, is only frozen by the chaos place that the time vastness packages. 只在刹那间,被时间汪洋所包裹的混沌之地被冻结。 Jade, do you believe me?” Zhou eyes affection looks to nearby that female. “玉,你信我吗?”纣双眼深情的看向旁边的那位女子。 Husband, you do, jade follows you in the back.” “夫君,你去做,玉儿在后边跟着你。” Good!” Zhou laughs immediately, immediately side pulls to set out the hand of female. “好!”纣顿时大笑起来,随即牵起身旁女子的手。 Raised the head decidedly looks at the grave clan powerhouses of that three boundaries and two boundaries in the sky. 抬头决然的看一下天空中的那三境和二境的墓族强者。 Grave god, you said a moment ago you have seen the going against heaven's will life like me.” “墓神,你刚才说你见过很多像我这样的逆天生灵。” Today I then make you know, they do not match!” “今日我便让你知道,他们不配!” The aggressive sound resounds, the chaos place and peripheral time vastness that were frozen dissolve instantaneously. 霸气的声音响起,被冰冻住的混沌之地和周边的时间汪洋瞬间溶解。 The strength that strange and cannot be described, covered the place of entire chaos. 一股奇异而不可描述的力量,笼罩住了整个混沌之地。 The ground of chaos presents a plain clock, the hand that is symbolizing to the high time principle rotates above the clock slowly. 混沌之地上出现一座古朴的时钟,一根象征着至高时间法则的时针在时钟之上缓缓转动。 Jade, when haunches a day to some people, I will accompany you most beautiful the place in the time vastness, accompanies you to permanently.” “玉儿,待到有人撑起一片天,我会陪你在时间汪洋中最美的地方,陪伴你到永久。” The hand on plain clock divides into two instantaneously. 古朴时钟上的时针瞬间一分为二。 But Zhou and jade two two boundary Human Clan powerhouse and that plain clock start to dissolve. 而纣和玉两位二境人族强者和那一座古朴的时钟开始溶解。 A supreme mighty force proliferation, covered trim time vastness that wrapped the place of chaos. 一股至高无上的伟力扩散,覆盖住了包裹混沌之地的整片时间汪洋。 Only in instantaneous, because the chaos place in this piece in world vastness the time band divides into two. 只在瞬间,这片世间汪洋中的混沌之地因为时间夹层一分为二。 The genuine chaos place along with that mighty force, was entrained into a strange space cage together. 真正的混沌之地伴随着那一道伟力,被拽入到了一个奇异的空间牢笼之中。 Then was turned round the chaos place that carves to decompose by the time slowly, dissolved in the entire chaos savageness region. 而那被时间复刻的混沌之地缓缓分解,溶解在了整个混沌未开化区域。 Three time vastness tide, wants to cultivate with existence that I resist, seriously is naive.” “三个时间汪洋浪潮,就想培育出与我对抗的存在,当真是天真。” The sound of that say/way eternal vicissitudes resounds again, later the trim region was blocked. 那道万古沧桑的声音再次响起,随后整片区域被封锁。 But at this time in the Xu Fan angle of view, the source of chaos place dissolution that superposition carves, gathers by the way that he is unable to understand at one. 而此时在徐凡的视角中,那被复刻的混沌之地溶解的本源,以一种他无法理解的方式聚集在了一起。 But at this time, in that genuine chaos place, slight cannot be slight, in microcosm that even Medium Thousand Worlds is not. 而此时,在那真正的混沌之地中,一个细微不能再细微,甚至连中千世界都算不上的小宇宙中。 Such as above the dust sand -like star, for the soul that brave devotes, entered in the time vastness. 一颗如尘沙般的星球之上,一位为勇敢而献身的灵魂,进入到了时间汪洋之中。 At this moment, the base and low soul and dissolved chaos place source, had the marvelous response. 在此刻,卑微的灵魂和被溶解的混沌之地本源,产生了奇妙的反应。 By Xu Fan that the observer angle watches, at this time in the mind only has a thought. 以旁观者角度观看的徐凡,此时脑海中只有一个念头。 Do these three mirror powerhouses, my his mother shoulder hardly? 这三镜强者,我他妈怎么硬扛? You live together affectionately, is the Human Clan principle of righteousness devotes for that ray of hope. 你们双宿双飞,为人族大义为了那一丝希望而献身自我。 Then unaccountably such big burden/shoulder pole, pressed ordinary in my cannot in the ordinary soul. 然后毫无责任的把这么大的担子,压在了我这个平凡不能再平凡的灵魂上。 Suddenly, Xu Fan thoughts constantly welling up. 一时间,徐凡思绪万千。 The good news was he knows how the system came. 好消息是他知道了系统是怎么来的。 But the bad news, that side has three boundary powerhouses, waits for him to push BOSS. 而坏消息,那边是有一个三境强者,等着他去推BOSS。 In Xu Fan has a headache, that huge changed to strength of the huge inheritance to integrate Xu Fan within the body to the high principle crystal suddenly. 就在徐凡头疼之时,那庞大的至高法则水晶突然化作一股庞大的传承之力融入到了徐凡体内。 Only in instantaneous, the strength of as if point that inheritance exploded Xu Fan all comprehensions to high principle. 只在瞬间,那一股传承之力仿佛点爆了徐凡所有领悟的至高法则。 Qualitative change that the quantitative change has, down to one high time principle is a lord, together with condenses several tens of thousands of to the high principle in the same place. 量变产生的质变,一股以至高时间法则为主,连同数万至高法则凝聚在一起。 Xu Fan opened the numerous time, saw one pair proudly in world all eyes. 徐凡揭开重重时间,看到了一双傲然于世间一切的双眼。 Why elects me?” Xu Fan opens the mouth to ask. “为什么选我?”徐凡开口问道。 Was not I chose you, but was the place of your source chaos chose you.” “不是我选择了你,而是你的本源混沌之地选择了你。” Pressed ordinary in your one so the heavy burden cannot on the ordinary mortal, was very ashamed as me of lord of Human Clan.” “把如此重担压在了你一个平凡不能再平凡的凡人身上,作为人族之主的我很是惭愧。” If there is a time, we have a friendly chat over a cup of wine, altogether stated the life sorrow and joy.” “如有时间,我们把酒言欢,共述人生悲欢。” How if I do write off for three mirror powerhouses?” Xu Fan asked. “那如果我为三镜强者抹杀如何?”徐凡问道。 Then the lord of next Human Clan saves us on, is drinking.” “那就等下一个人族之主来救我们,然后在喝酒。” In that aggressive eye, has a happy expression. 那双霸气的眼睛中,出现一丝笑意。 „The place of your my source chaos, can rescue rescues immediately, such as could not rescue, in this world vastness three tides, was excessively complete own life.” “你我的本源混沌之地,能救便就救,如救不了,在这世间汪洋三个浪潮中,把自己的人生过圆满。” These words saying that pair of great eye then vanishes does not see. 这句话说完,那双巨眼便消失不见。 But at this time, accepts the inheritance Xu Fan to become two boundary powerhouses quietly. 而此时,接受传承的徐凡已悄然成为二境强者。 In this flash, the chaos savageness region does not have the secret to him. 在这一瞬间,混沌未开化区域对他而言已无秘密。 At this time, Xu Fan in chaos wakes up slowly, but this chaos have not developed the region to change quietly. 此时,混沌之中的徐凡缓缓醒来,而这一片混沌未开发区域悄然发生变化。 Opened the eye, Xu Fan then sees defended in Zhang Weiyun. 睁开眼睛,徐凡便看到了守在身边的张微云 Husband, you awoke, Grape said the time that this you rest time compares any to be long time, some of my also worries.” The Zhang Weiyun gentle voice said. “夫君,你醒了,葡萄说这一次你睡的时间比任何一次都要久,我还有些担心。”张微云柔声说道。 Had a very long dream, my dream to my hometown.” Xu Fan says. “做了一个很长的梦,我梦到了我的家乡。”徐凡开口说道。 Hears the hometown brightly, the Zhang Weiyun look one. 听到家乡,张微云眼神一亮。 „Did husband know the hometown position?” “那夫君知道家乡位置了吗?” We.” Zhang Weiyun is also thinking Xu Fan to he had spoken the words. “咱们什么时候出发。”张微云还想着徐凡对他曾经说过的话。 May wait for some time, during this period, we first walk one these two boundary powerhouses the places of concealed treasure.” “可能还要等一段时间,在此期间,咱们先把那些二境强者的藏宝之地都走一遍吧。” The boat of peripheral time speed of flow chaos speeds up, only in the moment, then arrived at 2nd, the mystical place in chaos savageness region. 混沌之舟周边的时间流速加快,只在片刻,便来到了第二个,混沌未开化区域中的秘境。 But at this time, the star to looking somewhat fears to the Xu Fan look. 而此时,星离看向徐凡的眼神有些恐惧。 Benefactor, you are two boundary powerhouses!” The frightened star somewhat trembles to the tooth, has saved his benefactor regarding this, in his heart has the idea of returning evil for good. “恩公,您是二境强者!”恐惧的星离牙齿有些打颤,对于这位救过他的恩公,他心中是有恩将仇报的想法的。 Xu Fan faint smile looked at the star to leave one. 徐凡似笑非笑的看了星离一眼。 Six months later, the said/tunnel of Xu Fan return chaos, brings 3000 later, returned to the initial chaos place. 半年之后,徐凡回归混沌之地道,随后又带着三千界,回归到了最初的混沌之地。 The initial chaos place, has changed into the purest chaos savageness material. 最初的混沌之地,已经化为最为纯粹的混沌未开化物质。 Master, can you reverse the chaos time river to recover the place of this chaos?” Xu Gang asked in side. “师傅,您难道要逆转混沌时间长河复苏这片混沌之地吗?”徐刚在旁边问道。 „The place of right, initial source chaos to you are very important.” “对,最初的本源混沌之地对你们而言还是很重要的。” Xu Fan lifts the hand slightly, one time vastness appear. 徐凡微微抬手,一片时间汪洋出现。 Pulled a chaos time river from the time vastness, was situated in the original chaos place. 从时间汪洋中牵出了一条混沌时间长河,坐落在原本的混沌之地。 With the reversal of time, shatter chaos place starts to combine the reversal rebirth. 随着时间的逆转,一个破碎的混沌之地开始组合逆转重生。 But appeared beside the time vastness trod the holy ghost alike form. 而在时间汪洋之外出现了踏圣神象的身影。 Trod the holy ghost empty shadow to look at Xu Fan one likely, the slight nod was sorry. 踏圣神象虚影看了徐凡一眼,微微点头表示歉意。 Six have the quota to the high principle divine object, appears in the chaos time river. 六件拥有名额的至高法则神物,出现在混沌时间长河中。 But with recovery, the place of chaos presently. 而随着复苏,混沌之地在现。 But in this time chaos place, except for Human Clan, does not have other alien races again. 而此时的混沌之地中,除了人族,再无其他异族。 The macrocosm of these originally alien race, changes into the source entirely, integrated in the place of chaos. 那些原本异族的大世界,也通通化为本源,融入到了混沌之地中。 Master, you must seek for the hometown, do not forget to take us.” “师傅,您要去寻找自己家乡,可别忘了带上我们。” The Xu Fan many apprentices said. 徐凡的众多徒弟纷纷说道。 Returns to the time of hometown also early, the present duty, then develops the place of this chaos.” “回家乡的时间还早着呢,现在的任务,便是把这一片混沌之地发展起来。”
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