MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1570: Eight the mystical place of claw fish

Xu Fan looks at the time vastness brow slightly wrinkle that vanishes, the waving time vastness appears again. In the time vastness, Xu Fan saw many old friends. 徐凡看着消失的时间汪洋眉头微皱,再次挥手时间汪洋出现。在时间汪洋中,徐凡看到了很多故人。 But can only look that anything did not do. 但只能看着什么也做不了。 In the yard, Xu Fan lies down on the deck chair, the front presents several light screens. 小院之中,徐凡躺在躺椅上,面前出现几道光幕。 All is the scene that the sect disciple fights. 全都是宗门弟子战斗的场面。 With the entire line victory of Human Clan alliance, by the places of these chaos the Human Clan alliance packages, all becomes the domain of Human Clan alliance. 随着人族联盟的全线胜利,被人族联盟所包裹的那些混沌之地,全都成为了人族联盟的地盘。 Suddenly the influence of Human Clan alliance inflates rapidly. 一时间人族联盟的势力急速膨胀。 Human Clan of said/tunnel of lineage/vein chaos, the enlightened ruler also inflated over a hundred. In the process of Human Clan alliance rapid growth, Xu Fan as if saw an eye in behind, a bloodthirsty greedy eye. 就连混沌之地道这一脉的人族,圣主也膨胀到了上百个。在人族联盟快速发展的过程中,徐凡在背后仿佛看到了一双眼睛,一双嗜血贪婪的眼睛。 " Can preparation act? " Xu Fan feels the chin to say. 「准备要行动了吗?」徐凡摸着下巴说道。 In his eyes, this two boundary powerhouse and say/way cloud enlightened ruler, after all solves, he can step the road of going home safely. 在他眼中,这个二境强者和道云圣主,全都解决完之后,他才能安心踏上回家之路。 The space band, Xu Fan stands in the macrocosm, to peripheral looks. 空间夹层,徐凡站在大世界上,向周边看去。 " This enlightened ruler, must pass to rush. " 「这都圣主了,要不要过去闯一闯。」 Until now in the crevice world, Xu Fan is at own little plot of land. 一直以来在夹缝世界,徐凡都处在自己的一亩三分地儿。 It is not he does not explore, but peripheral gave him at that time a very dangerous feeling. Therefore before the enlightened ruler, Xu Fan has not explored. 不是他不去探索,而是那时候周边给他一种很危险的感觉。所以在圣主之前,徐凡都没有探索。 Now is promoted for the enlightened ruler, the initial that feeling vanished does not see. 现在晋级为圣主,当初的那种感觉消失不见。 The carrying/sustaining clone of Xu Fan Divine Sense, is flying together to the space band deep place. 一道承载着徐凡神念的分身,飞向了空间夹层深处。 In the region of this space lowest level, Xu Fan saw many strange existences. 在这空间最底层的区域之中,徐凡看到了很多诡异的存在。 The life in space crevice, Xu Fan meets one by one powerful. 空间夹缝中的生灵,徐凡遇到的一个比一个强大。 The paper that is drawing the ugly face, really has the strength of enlightened ruler rank. 一张画着鬼脸的纸,竟然有圣主级别的实力。 When Xu Fan passed by, that ugly face also showed a smile to Xu Fan. 徐凡路过之时,那张鬼脸还对徐凡露出了一个微笑。 Is covered with the feathered animals of tongue, only like house size, but each has the strength of chaos Great Sage person rank. 还有长满舌头的毛团,一个仅如房屋般大小,但每一个都拥有混沌大圣人级别的实力。 Tens of thousands of gathers, the common enlightened rulers do not dare to move in vain. 成千上万聚集在一起,一般的圣主都不敢枉动。 Some strange lifeform, let some Xu Fan scalp tingles. 还有一些古怪的生物,让徐凡都有些头皮发麻。 After strolling one, is planning to go back Xu Fan, bumped into that eight claw fish. 逛了一圈后,正打算回去了徐凡,碰到了那个八爪鱼。 That eight claw fish saw after Xu Fan, first stares, later cheerful swimming, the appearance looks very happy. 那八爪鱼看到徐凡之后先是一愣,随后欢快的游了过来,模样看起来很开心。 After arriving at the Xu Fan side, then sent a signal. 来到徐凡身边之后,便向其发了一道信号。 Asked that Xu Fan does have the new knowledge, and buckles the hand recklessly in his head. 徐凡有没有新的知识,并肆意把手扣在他的头上。 Xu Fan extended a hand to place eight claw fish with a smile gently that soft, if frozen common head. 徐凡笑着伸出一只手轻轻放在了八爪鱼那绵软如果冻一般的头上。 Xu Fan passed to eight claw fish dozens types casually to the high principle. 徐凡随便传给了八爪鱼几十种至高法则。 As if opened the new world to be the same in the flash eight claw fish, eight claw brandished fast. Afterward opened his brain to Xu Fan, making him look at will. 在一瞬间八爪鱼仿佛打开了新的世界一般,八只爪子快速挥舞。随后给徐凡开放了他的脑子,让他随意看。 In the memory world of eight claw fish, Xu Fan saw many interesting things, but saw, one hides the mystical place in chaos savageness material everywhere. 在八爪鱼的记忆世界中,徐凡看到了很多有趣的事情,但更多看到了,一处处藏在混沌未开化物质中的秘境。 These mystical places just like inlay the large space is quite deep, eight claw fish can easily feel. 这些秘境犹如镶入大空间比较深,八爪鱼能轻易感受到。 But regarding eight claw fish, these things is far from the knowledge being valuable. 但对于八爪鱼来说,这些东西远没有知识值钱。 Similar to in the son of a bitch eyes, brings the spareribs of meat together and together the gold bar, the son of a bitch, as long as hesitant one second, immediately is the disrespect to meat. 就如同在狗子眼中,一块带肉的排骨和一块金条,狗子但凡犹豫一秒,便就是对肉的不尊重。 " Interesting, it seems like back had the matter to do. " Xu Fan said with a smile, to thank eight claw fish, passed to him dozens types to the high principle. 「有意思,看来后边有事干了。」徐凡笑着说道,为了感谢八爪鱼,又传给了他几十种至高法则。 Obtains these to the eight claw fish of high principle knowledge, the body joyful turns circle in the midair, such as eats together the son of a bitch of meat to be the same. 得到这些至高法则知识的八爪鱼,身体快乐的在半空中转圈,如同吃到肉的狗子一般。 The said/tunnel of chaos, Xu Fan called Zhang Weiyun. 混沌之地道,徐凡叫来了张微云 " Walks, we treasure hunt, I discovered several place. " 「走吧,咱们去寻宝去,我发现了几处好地方。」 At this time, Wang Yulun also appeared in the Xu Fan yard. 就在这时候,王羽伦也出现在了徐凡的小院中。 " Brother Xu, you guess that I fished anything! " Wang Yulun said excitedly. 「徐大哥,你猜我钓到了什么!」王羽伦兴奋说道。 " Highest level to high divine object? " 「最顶级的至高神物?」 " To high divine object, but almost can turn into top that but can refine the highest level primordial chaos most precious object. " 「是至高神物,只是差一点能变成顶级的那种,但是能炼制成最顶级的鸿蒙至宝。」 Wang Yulun 王羽伦 The line treasure swollened a crystal stone generally, is sending out to the high principle aura. " I save, when sufficiently collects 360 to the high divine object, to me again how the big brother refines a coverall. " Wang Yulun said hopefully. 线宝一般膨出了一枚晶石,散发着至高法则气息。「我存起来,等什么时候凑够360件至高神物时,大哥再给我炼制一件套装如何。」王羽伦满怀期待说道。 " Ok, you first save slowly, does not worry, I go out with Weiyun. " Xu Fan nods, feels was somewhat a pity, then only misses one then to hold a quota to the high divine object. " Brother Xu is waiting, I collect with you quickly. " Wang Yulun said that then left. " Walks, Grape, transmits to the recent coordinate point. " Xu Fan told that. " Compliant master. " 「可以呀,你先慢慢存,不着急,我跟微云出去一趟。」徐凡点了点头,感觉有些可惜,那至高神物只差一丝便能容纳一个名额。「徐大哥等着,我很快跟你凑齐。」王羽伦说完便离开了。「走吧,葡萄,传送到最近的坐标点中。」徐凡吩咐说的。「遵命主人。」 Huge transmission raises, later packages two people to dissipate does not see. 一座庞大的传送阵升起,随后包裹两人消散不见。 Outside place of nameless chaos, Xu Fan and Zhang Weiyun appear. 一处无名混沌之地外,徐凡张微云出现。 " That place also needs to navigate for 60 years, does not need to worry. " 「那个地方还需要航行60年,不用着急。」 Xu Fan waves, condenses to the high principle innumerably, finally composed boat of the chaos. Two people take the boat of chaos, fast quotation in chaos savageness material. 徐凡一挥手,无数至高法则凝聚,最后组成了一座混沌之舟。两人乘坐混沌之舟,快速在混沌未开化物质中行情。 In the meantime, such as the sawshark common chaos god beast and chaos boat of keep pace, is once for a while curious with the body rubs boat of the chaos. 就在此时,一只如剑鱼一般的混沌神兽与混沌之舟并驾齐驱,时不时好奇用身体蹭一下混沌之舟。 But Xu Fan on boat of chaos feels interesting, without action of driving away. 但混沌之舟上的徐凡感觉有趣,没有驱赶。 " Has not become the chaos god beast young child of enlightened ruler, naturally is rare. " 「还没有成为圣主的混沌神兽幼崽,当然是罕见呀。」 Xu Fan said in the hand to present several to the high principle crystal, hinted then to give that such as the sawshark common chaos god beast to lose. 徐凡说着手中出现了几块至高法则水晶,示意了一下便给那如剑鱼一般的混沌神兽丢了过去。 Fast *** the chaos god beast raised the head to swallow that several crystals, exuded a happy cry. 快速***的混沌神兽一抬头吞下了那几块水晶,发出一声愉快的叫声。 In the meantime, Xu Fan felt suddenly some are not right, look to the distant place. 就在此时,徐凡突然感觉有些不对,看向远处。 Also wants the huge sawshark to keep pace in not far away with them compared with the place of chaos. If not devote on own initiative, Xu Fan did not discover. 一尊比混沌之地还要庞大的剑鱼正在不远处与他们并驾齐驱。如果不是主动献身,徐凡根本发现不了。 Xu Fan turn head saw a wife, suddenly the feeling is all right to lead her to come out also good. 徐凡回头看了一眼自家娘子,突然感觉没事带她出来也挺不错的。 At this time, that sawshark exuded a cheerful cry, turned around the direction to fly toward his mother. 这时候,那条剑鱼又发出一声欢快的叫声,掉转方向向着他妈妈飞去。 Nearby Zhang Weiyun sees this, is somewhat still shaken. 旁边的张微云看到这一幕,有些惊魂未定。 " I thought that sawshark is somewhat lovable, but also wants to raise in the side, had not made you catch him fortunately initially. " Zhang Weiyun said. 「我看那条剑鱼有些可爱,还想养在身边,还好当初没让你抓他。」张微云说道。 " You make me catch me not to grasp, side the chaos god beast young child will have the guardian to follow generally, cannot see is not. " 「你让我抓我也不会抓,混沌神兽幼崽身边一般都会有家长跟着,看不见又不是不在。」 Actually in the Xu Fan heart also somewhat rejoiced. 其实徐凡心中也有些庆幸。 At this time, that sawshark flew, in the mouth is holding in the mouth the thing, flung directly on the boat of chaos. 就在这时候,那一条剑鱼又飞了回来,嘴中叼着东西,直接甩在了混沌之舟上。 A primordial chaos most precious object divine sword scattered on the boat of chaos. 一把鸿蒙至宝神剑撒在了混沌之舟上。 The thought transmits together expressed that this is the thank-you gift. 一道意念传来表示这是谢礼。 Xu Fan expressed after the thanks, then received. 徐凡表示感谢后便收了下来。 Such that sawshark departs thoroughly. 这样那头剑鱼才彻底离去。 " Top primordial chaos most precious object, named cuts the Saint, the name is actually very rampant. " 「顶尖鸿蒙至宝,名为斩圣,名字倒是挺嚣张的。」 Xu Fan looked at a while, lost to Zhang Weiyun conveniently. 徐凡看了一会儿,随手丢给了张微云 " Taking, is going back me to make 1 st necessary refine a Sword Dao substitute person to you again, later you can have the chaos Great Sage person top strength. " Xu Fan said. 「拿着吧,回去我让一号给你再配套炼制一个剑道替身,以后你就能拥有混沌大圣人顶尖的实力了。」徐凡笑着说的。 " Might as well this to Xiangchi, follows side you, I estimated that can never use. " 「还不如把这给向驰,跟在你身边,我估计永远也用不到。」 " Casual, is unworthy in any case any money ~ " 「随便,反正不值啥钱~」 Xu Fan in yellow golden gate that from treading on the Saint great shape obtains, almost gathered place of an entire chaos primordial chaos most precious object and to the high principle crystal, now these things he cannot have a liking. 徐凡从踏圣巨象身上得到的黄金门中,几乎聚集了一整个混沌之地的鸿蒙至宝和至高法则水晶,现在这些东西他是看不上了。
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