MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1571: Two the boundary powerhouse hides the place of treasure

60 years have delimited in Xu Fan and Zhang Weiyun your Nong my Nong's day fast. 60年时间在徐凡张微云你侬我侬的日子里快速划过。 Until anchors in an ordinary chaos savageness region. 直到停靠在一处平淡无奇的混沌未开化区域中。 Xu Fan waves to change to a long line to high principle rune gently innumerably, starts to revolve this region to revolve. 徐凡轻轻挥手无数至高法则符文化作一条长龙,开始围绕着这片区域旋转。 " This mystical place conceals is really deep enough, pitifully, deeply does not only have me to understand the depth again. " Xu Fan looks that a style unusual front door appears. 「这座秘境藏的真够深的,只可惜,再深也没有我懂得深。」徐凡看着一座样式奇特的大门出现。 Pressure from two boundaries, transmits from the vestige. 一股来自二境的威压,从遗迹之中传来。 " Husband, this will not have the powerhouses of two boundaries generally! " Feels this aura, Zhang Weiyun was saying. 「夫君,这一般不会有二境的强者吧!」感受着这股气息,张微云说道。 " Is only some binary powerhouse aura, here should be place of his concealed treasure. " Xu Fan was saying shielded two people all causes and effects in this region directly. 「只是些许的二进强者气息而已,这里应该是他的一处藏宝之地。」徐凡说着直接在这片区域中屏蔽了两人的所有因果。 " Walks, inside has a look to have any good thing, two boundary powerhouses the place of concealed treasure. " Xu Fan hopes to say. 「走吧,看看里边有什么好东西,二境强者的藏宝之地。」徐凡期盼道。 The front door opens slowly, enters, two people as if place oneself in a macrocosm. But in this macrocosm, innumerable noisy twines to the high principle aura together. 大门缓缓打开,一进入到其中,两人仿佛置身于一处大世界。而在这大世界中,无数嘈杂的至高法则气息缠绕在一起。 The finding at everywhere primordial chaos most precious object and cannot include the quota to high divine object. 随处可见的鸿蒙至宝和不能计入名额的至高神物。 The quality has low high, is sending out differently to high aura, is chaotic this macrocosm. " Many primordial chaos most precious objects and to high divine objects, husband, we got rich! " Zhang Weiyun exclaims in surprise saying that in the look disclosed the endless greedy color. 品质有高有低,散发着不同的至高气息,混乱着这个大世界。「好多鸿蒙至宝和至高神物,夫君,咱们是不是发财了!」张微云惊叹说道,眼神之中透露出无尽的贪婪之色。 Xu Fan handled gently pats on the shoulder of Zhang Weiyun, immediately the look instant restored the pure brightness. 徐凡一只手轻轻拍在了张微云的肩膀上,顿时眼神瞬时恢复清明。 " Husband, I a moment ago how? " Zhang Weiyun. 「夫君,我刚才怎么了?」张微云一顿。 " Read the rise corruptly, was this macrocosm noisy caused to the high principle, was not the major problem. " Xu Fan brings Zhang Weiyun to continue to proceed. 「贪念上升,是这片大世界嘈杂的至高法则导致的,不是什么大问题。」徐凡带着张微云继续往前走。 A moment ago that type to high principle rank read the upper body corruptly, when the common enlightened ruler has not guarded, really might be coveted to read to occupy, finally changed into the puppet of place of this side Cangbao. 刚才那一种至高法则级别的贪念上身,一般的圣主没有防备之时,真有可能被贪念所占,最后化为这方藏宝之地的傀儡。 Xu Fan had not explained that the powerhouse who sudden three are lending the enlightened ruler aura appears. 徐凡还未解释,突然三尊散发着圣主气息的强者出现。 While they want to attack Xu Fan time, a pair of big hand covers three enlightened rulers directly, disappeared all. 正当他们想要攻击徐凡的时候,一双大手直接盖住三个圣主,泯灭了一切。 " It seems like this place had also entered many powerhouses, it seems like that the the two boundary powerhouses of concealed treasure felt relieved to his arrangement very much. " Xu Fan said with a laugh. 「看来这个地方曾经还进过不少强者,看来藏宝的这位二境强者对他的布置很是放心。」徐凡笑呵呵说道。 He looks to this macrocosm most deep place, felt a crisis of faint trace there him, the belt/bring is only. 他看向这尊大世界最深处,在那里他感受到了一丝丝的危机,带仅是一丝。 With the advance, appears in their front things is also getting more and more precious. 随着前进,出现在俩人面前的东西也越来越珍贵。 The top primordial chaos most precious object, only misses then has the quota to the high divine object. 顶尖鸿蒙至宝,仅差一丝便有名额的至高神物。 These thing Xu Fan have not moved, but brings Zhang Weiyun toward this macrocosm deep place vanguard. 这些东西徐凡一件都没有动,只是带着张微云往这大世界深处前行。 Such as the stars common giant, stands erect before a front door, eternal motionless. 一尊如星辰一般的巨人,屹立在一座大门前,万古不动。 Until Xu Fan and Zhang Weiyun two people step into to this range. 直到徐凡张微云两人踏入到这片范围之内。 The giant of that closing one's eyes opens the eye. 那尊闭眼的巨人才睁开眼睛。 " Human Clan, you should not come here. " 人族,你们不该来到这里。」 That giant wears the armor, was ordinary just like the knight of middle ages. 那种巨人身穿铠甲,宛若中世纪的骑士一般。 " Does senior, you want to break away from that two boundary powerhouses' control? " Xu Fan looks that the present giant said. 「前辈,你想脱离那二境强者的控制吗?」徐凡看着眼前的巨人说道。 When he sees the first eyes of this Human Clan powerhouse, then analyzed the causes and effects of matter. " Is separated, how to be separated, by your young enlightened ruler? " The voice of that giant somewhat despairs, the speed of drawing a sword has not stopped slightly. 当他看到这位人族强者的第一眼起,便分析出了事情的因果。「脱离,怎么脱离,靠你这个小小的圣主吗?」那尊巨人的声音有些绝望,拔剑的速度丝毫没有停止。 " Human Clan, in the front door has two boundary powerhouses, collection that most treasures. " 人族,身后大门中藏有二境强者,最珍惜的收藏。」 " Defeats me, Divine Sense of powerhouse will then arrive. " 「打败我,那强者的神念便会降临。」 " You remain to be the puppet with your Dao Companion, at least can also preserve a life. " 「你留下来和你道侣做傀儡吧,起码还能保住一条命。」 Then has pulled out the great sword completely, slowly aims at Xu Fan and Zhang Weiyun. 那把巨剑已经完全抽出,慢慢指向徐凡张微云 In the meantime, appears to the high principle ten thousand plates in Xu Fan behind, later is ordinary with the unlocking, ten thousand plates start to revolve crazily. 就在此时,至高法则万道盘出现在徐凡身后,随后跟解锁一般,万道盘开始疯狂旋转。 That giant dumbfounded at this time, because he felt that fetters his endless shackles, is untying slowly. 那尊巨人此时呆住了,因为他感觉到束缚他的无尽枷锁,正在慢慢解开。 Human body, state of mind, thought that causes and effects, untying slowly bit by bit. 肉体,神魂,思想,因果,一点一点的慢慢解开。 " That two boundary powerhouses still, can certainly flee this place by the method that you display, walks with a sense of urgency. " That great 「那位二境强者还在,以你表现出来的手段一定能逃离此地,抓紧走吧。」那巨 The people persuaded. 人劝说道。 " Two boundary powerhouses are not multipurpose, said again he to this place does not know now separated far, for a short time cannot catch up. " 「二境强者也不是万能的,再说他现在离此地不知道隔了多远,一时半会儿赶不过来。」 " When the time comes was casual with the thing deceives him are OK. " 「到时候随便拿点东西骗一骗他就可以了。」 Xu Fan to the giant by a finger/refers, is appearing with the powerhouse who that giant lends the same aura with a smile gently immediately, the appearance shape, said all exactly the same. 徐凡笑着对着巨人旁边轻轻一指,顿时与那巨人散发出一样气息的强者出现,外貌形态,说的一切一模一样。 But shackles also in addition that on him unties holds on that slowly. 而他身上所解开的枷锁也慢慢加持到那位身上。 After five days, on the giant all shackles vanish. 五日之后,巨人身上所有的枷锁消失。 In this moment, an imposing manner of enlightened ruler peak sends out immediately. 在这一刻,顿时一股圣主巅峰的气势散发出来。 The robust man who that giant changes into cheek reckless fell Xu Fan not far away. 那尊巨人化为一位洛腮胡的壮汉落到了徐凡不远处。 " Many thanks benefactor, star to being deeply grateful. " star leaves the gratitude saying that in the look is disclosing the endless excitement. 「多谢恩公,星离感激不尽。」星离感激说道,眼神之中透露着无尽的激动。 He was stranded here, does not know many trillion years. 他被困在此处,已经不知道多少亿万年。 Originally despairs, planned that from the solution consciousness, only leaves behind the physical body empty shell. 本来已经绝望,打算自解意识,只留下肉体空壳。 Finally just had this idea then to meet Xu Fan. 结果刚有这想法便遇到了徐凡 " That door you can open, what back puts is what? " Xu Fan curious asking. " Can open, but this cannot open. " 「那扇门你能打开吗,后边放的是什么?」徐凡好奇的问道。「能打开,但这也不能打开。」 star left was saying condensed one special transmission. 星离说着凝聚出了一座特殊传送阵。 Afterward then brings Xu Fan and Zhang Weiyun walked. 随后便带着徐凡张微云走了进去。 After the gate what is a huge world. 门后的是一个更加庞大的世界。 A huge chaos god beast skeleton exhibits in front of Xu Fan. 一尊庞大的混沌神兽尸骨陈列在徐凡面前。 " This is one is being promoted the chaos god beast complete skeletons of two boundaries, is that two boundary powerhouses most happily collects. " 「这是一只正在晋级二境的混沌神兽完整的尸骨,是那位二境强者最得意的收藏。」 Analyzes from the semblance, like a bone of snake grown wings lifeform. 从外表分析,如同一条蛇长了翅膀生物的骨头。 Looks that in this skeleton Xu Fan mind had many ideas. 看着这尊尸骨徐凡脑海中冒出了很多想法。 His hand touched gently , the skull of that chaos god beast. 他一只手轻轻摸向了,那尊混沌神兽的头盖骨。 The endless memory passes to the Xu Fan mind by the time vastness. 无尽的记忆透过时间汪洋传到徐凡脑海中。 The memory final picture, is one just like can break out all great axes, even the surface of that two boundary powerhouses not see above. 记忆最后的画面,是一把宛若能劈开一切的巨斧,甚至连那位二境强者的面都没有见上。 " This skeleton exhibition here, was somewhat a pity. " 「这尸骨陈列在这里,有些可惜了。」 Xu Fan waved then to receive in the most precious object space. 徐凡一挥手便收到了至宝空间中。 " Moves this, if comes back...... star to saying with two boundary powerhouses " . 「动这个,如果拿二境强者回来……」星离说道。 " Don't worry, cannot pursue here. " Xu Fan said with a laugh. 「不用担心,追不到我这里。」徐凡笑呵呵说道。 " Except for this most precious, here 32 to the high divine object, each are also representing a quota. " 「除了这个最珍贵的,这里还有32件至高神物,每一件都代表着一个名额。」 " These things does not have any use to that two boundary powerhouses greatly, is I looks to treasure with. " 「这些东西对那二境强者来说没有什么大用,都是我看着珍惜拿进来的。」 " In addition several primordial chaos most precious objects, are the peak ranks, you also take away. " " Selects several, I help you shield the causes and effects. " Xu Fan said. 「另外还有几件鸿蒙至宝,都是最顶尖级别的,你们也拿走吧。」「挑几件,我帮你屏蔽因果。」徐凡说道。 " I have, now only misses at the same time the shield, what a pity here primordial chaos most precious object not appropriate. " star leaves said. 「我自己有,现在只差一面盾牌,可惜这里的鸿蒙至宝没有合适的。」星离说道。 Xu Fan beckons, has the quota appears to the high divine object, in his hands. 徐凡一招手,一件带有名额的至高神物出现,在他手中。 " Suits this to the high divine object refines the shield, goes back to look for a top primordial chaos most precious object refiner master on the line. " 「这件至高神物适合炼制盾牌,回去找一位顶尖的鸿蒙至宝炼器师就行。」 " Does not use, I in the future following benefactor. " star leaves said. 「不用了,我日后跟着恩公。」星离说道。 " Why to follow I? " 「干嘛跟着我?」 " I feared that two boundary powerhouses look for me ~ " 「我怕那二境强者找我~」
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