MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1568: Under lamp black

The space crevice, the Xu Fan sensation own strength, is looking at the present macrocosm. 空间夹缝,徐凡感知着自身的实力,看着眼前的大世界。 " Slowly growth. " 「慢慢成长。」 After looking at the macrocosm, Xu Fan returned to own yard. 看完大世界后,徐凡回到了自己的小院。 " Weiyun, I handle something, tens of thousands years came back. " 微云,我去处理一些事情,几万年时间就回来了。」 " Husband goes. " 「夫君去吧。」 At this time, the two enlightened ruler and Xu Fan in all apprentices sect arrived. 这时候,宗门中的两位圣主和徐凡所有徒弟到位。 " Today calls you, to cut to kill the deep clan enlightened ruler. " 「今天把你们召集过来,是为了斩杀冥族圣主。」 " Has the injust report injustice, has a grudge to revenge, I help you look for the localization, remaining gave you. " 「有冤报冤,有仇报仇,还是我帮你们找定位,剩下的就交给你们了。」 Hears the deep clan enlightened ruler, everyone was encouraged. 一听到冥族圣主,所有人都振奋了起来。 " Master, where these year of that deep clan enlightened rulers hid. " Xu Gang has doubts to ask. 「师傅,这些年那冥族圣主到底藏在哪里去了。」徐刚疑惑问道。 " I am not clear, needs to break open to high causes and effects looks. " 「我也不清楚,需要破开至高因果自己去找。」 Xu Fan waves gently, the people shifted outside the said/tunnel of chaos instantaneously. 徐凡轻轻一挥手,众人瞬间转移到了混沌之地道外。 The Xu Fan causes and effects river appears together, later found related deep clan enlightened ruler that. 一道徐凡的自身因果长河浮现,随后找到了有关冥族圣主那一条。 Sold causes and effects to connect endless void directly, latter then the dissipation did not see. 直接卖一条因果连接了无尽的虚空,后便消散不见。 Looks at this causes and effects, such as the stars common destiny Grand Dao plate appears, that broke the causes and effects of line to enter to the destiny Grand Dao plate. 看着这段因果,一道如星辰一般的命运大道盘出现,那断了线的因果进入到命运大道盘之中。 As the causes and effects enter the destiny Grand Dao plate to start revolving slowly completely. 随着因果完全进入命运大道盘开始慢慢的旋转起来。 A special causes and effects line drills from the destiny Grand Dao plate, with the rotation destiny Grand Dao plate, taking root during was void. 一条特殊的因果线从命运大道盘中钻出,随着转动命运大道盘,扎根在了虚空之中。 With the rotation, the void causes and effects are getting more and more detailed. 随着转动,虚空中的因果越来越详细。 The people closely stare at this causes and effects, in the look were disclosing fights intent and kills intent. 众人紧紧盯着这段因果,眼神之中透露着战意和杀意。 As takes root in the void most deep place, the destiny Grand Dao plate of that revolving as if received the hindrance to be common, the speed was getting more and more slow. 随着扎根在虚空最深处,那旋转的命运大道盘仿佛受到了阻碍一般,速度越来越慢。 Xu Fan lifts the hand gently, above the destiny Grand Dao plate presents several tens of thousands of zhang (3.33 m) to the high principle crystal, finally all invested in the destiny Grand Dao plate. 徐凡轻轻一抬手,命运大道盘之上出现数万丈至高法则水晶,最后全都投入到了命运大道盘中。 The destiny Grand Dao plate continues to revolve, finally also hold to be one of them dozens types to strength of in addition high principle, for destiny Grand Dao plate boost. 命运大道盘继续旋转起来,最后又有数十种至高法则之力加持在其中,为命运大道盘助力。 As that causes and effects dig in void are getting deeper and deeper, a huge outline appears before the people. 随着那道因果扎入虚空越来越深,一个庞大的轮廓出现在众人面前。 Xu Fan looked at one, then dissipated the destiny Grand Dao plate. 徐凡只是看了一眼,便消散了命运大道盘。 " Under lamp black ~ " 「灯下黑呀~」 " Grape, opens the distance to tread the holy ghost likely recent chaos place to me. " Xu Fan told to say. 葡萄,给我开启距离踏圣神象最近的混沌之地。」徐凡吩咐说道。 Huge includes the transmission appearance of stars sufficiently. 一座庞大足以囊括星辰的传送阵出现。 The place of barbarian chaos, outside chaos has not developed the region. 混沌之地蛮,外的混沌未开发区域。 A Xu Fan people appearance. 徐凡一众人出现。 Only clone to arrive in the instantaneous ten enlightened rulers in peripheral, vigilant looks at the Xu Fan people. 只在瞬间十多道圣主分身降临在周边,警惕的看着徐凡众人。 " Fellow Daoist, but passed by taking advantage of the expensive/noble treasure trove. " Xu Fan was saying then leads the people to dissipate does not see. 「诸位道友,只是借贵宝地路过。」徐凡说着便带着众人消散不见。 That more than 10 enlightened rulers block cannot block. 那十多位圣主拦都拦不住。 " It seems like really passed by, recently was careful. " 「看来真的路过,最近都小心一点。」 " That is the enlightened ruler powerhouse of head, I could not completely understand. " The place of chaos enlightened ruler said. 「那为首的圣主强者,我看不透。」混沌之地蛮中的圣主说道。 " Understood. " 「明白。」 Xu Fan leads the people not to know that shuttled back and forth far, until feeling the chaos stopped after the vibration for the development zone. 徐凡带着众人不知道穿梭了多远,直到感受到混沌为开发区在震动后才停了下来。 " Master, you said that deep clan enlightened ruler does hide in treading the holy ghost shape? " The Li Xingci doubts asked. 「师傅,你说那冥族圣主藏在踏圣神象中?」李星辞疑惑问道。 " Right, under lamp black. " 「对,灯下黑。」 Initially the deep clan enlightened rulers obtained two bell that by treading the holy ghost alike god bone was built, moreover opened taking advantage of this macrocosm front door that trod the holy ghost likely abdomen. 当初冥族圣主获得了两个由踏圣神象的神骨打造的铃铛,而且借此也打开了踏圣神象腹部的大世界大门。 " In that macrocosm, the strength of common causes and effects cannot infiltrate, wants to deduce his existence, must first deduce to tread the causes and effects of holy ghost likely this two boundary chaos god beasts. " 「在那个大世界中,一般的因果之力根本渗透不进去,想要推演他的存在,首先要推演踏圣神象这个二境混沌神兽的因果。」 " Therefore before exhausted what method unable to look. " 「所以说以前用尽什么方法都找不出来。」 At this time the distant place had presented a huge fuzzy form. 此时远处已经出现了一道庞大的模糊身影。 As the feeling of vibration strengthens, that say/way empty shadow is getting more and more clear. 随着震动的感觉加强,那道虚影越来越清晰。 " Great Elder, how enters to the idol abdomen macrocosm. " Xiong Li is somewhat impatient. 大长老,如何进入到神象腹部大世界。」熊力有些迫不及待。 " I went to exchange with the idol, told him, his within the body had a harmful insect. " The Xu Fan forehead selects gently 「等我去跟神象交流一番,告诉他,他体内有个害虫。」徐凡眉宇轻轻一挑 . Afterward the form disappearance direct steps appear, in trod above the holy ghost alike top of the head. 随后身影消失直接踏步出现在了踏圣神象的头顶之上。 A Xu Fan hand placed gently trod on the holy ghost shape. 徐凡一只手轻轻放在了踏圣神象身上。 Instantaneously, Xu Fan appeared in a pure white world. 瞬间,徐凡出现在了一片洁白的世界之中。 In that pure white world, is that stature mini statuette, cheerful is upon the jump in the pure white world, the statuette nose flings randomly. 在那洁白的世界之中,还是那头身材迷你的小象,欢快的在洁白的世界中跑来跑去,小象鼻子乱甩。 Saw after Xu Fan, in the look shows a familiar expression, later must run off oneself to play. 看到徐凡后眼神中露出一丝熟悉的表情,随后又要跑开自己去玩。 In the meantime, Xu Fan moved sideways to appear side the statuette. 就在此时,徐凡一个闪身出现在了小象身边。 One throws off to grasp that statuette. 一下把那小象掀翻抱住。 " Statuette, your within the body has the dirty thing, how I help you clean up. " 「小象,你体内有脏东西,我帮你清理一下如何。」 The statuette looks at Xu Fan with the pure look. 小象用单纯的眼神看着徐凡 Finally Xu Fan is rubbing the belly of statuette with the hand directly. 最后徐凡直接用手摩擦着小象的肚子。 " In your belly has the dirty thing, making me give you to clean up, like this you later are not sore. " 「你肚子里面有脏东西,让我给你清理一下,这样你以后就不疼了。」 " Also, that dirty thing took your same clan god bone to make the bell initially, but also made you step on broke to pieces place of chaos, these you forgot. " Xu Fan touched while said. 「还有,那个脏东西当初拿你同族的神骨做铃铛,还让你踩碎了一个混沌之地,这些你都忘了。」徐凡一边摸一边说。 Hears this words, the statuette as if thinks that what general, looks at Xu Fan to nod. 听到此话,小象仿佛想起来什么一般,看着徐凡点了点头。 " Good, you agreed that I lead the person to help you clean up the harmful insect, like this you can grow up a bit faster. " 「好,你同意了,我就带着人去帮你清理害虫,这样你才能快点长大。」 Xu Fan was saying then withdrew from the pure white world. 徐凡说着便退出了洁白世界。 But at this moment, the idol abdomen macrocosm is opening to Xu Fan, flash all causes and effects connect instantaneously. 而这一刻,神象腹部大世界对着徐凡开放,一瞬间所有的因果瞬间连通。 But at this time, in the idol abdomen macrocosm, the deep clan enlightened ruler complexion changes suddenly suddenly. 而此时,在神象腹部大世界中的,冥族圣主脸色猛然骤变。 The abdomen macrocosm, the deep clan has seized a very vast area, moreover after so many year of development, as well as abdomen macrocosm special environment. 腹部大世界,冥族已经占领了一处很辽阔的疆域,而且经过这么多年发展,以及腹部大世界特殊的环境。 Now the strength of deep clan, is not weak in that time peak. 现在冥族的实力,不弱于那时候的巅峰。 The people arrived in the area of deep clan. 众人降临在了冥族的疆域之中。 Afterward a special cage, blocked the entire deep clan area. 随后一座特殊的牢笼,封锁了整个冥族疆域。 " Ok, the deep clan enlightened rulers found to you, remaining you display slowly. " The form dissipation that Xu Fan said does not see. 「好了,冥族圣主给你们找到了,剩下的你们慢慢发挥吧。」徐凡说的身影消散不见。 Matter of fight he under no matter now, can give on giving under. 打架的事他现在不管,能交给下边就交给下边。 At this time, the deep clan enlightened rulers lead the enlightened ruler of another deep clan to appear before Xu Gang people. 此时,冥族圣主带着另外一位冥族的圣主出现在徐刚众人面前。 Thereupon, in the people eyes ignites the fire of flaming war intent. 于是乎,众人眼中燃起熊熊的战意之火。 " Human Clan? " The deep clan enlightened rulers look in Xiong Li the person, in the look is to first present doubts, finally, serious. 人族?」冥族圣主看着熊力中人,眼神之中先是出现一丝疑惑,最后,面色凝重了下来。 " Human Clan, has not thought that such short time you presented two enlightened ruler boundary powerhouses unexpectedly, it seems like today fights in this is unavoidable. " 人族,没想到这么短时间你们竟然出现了两位圣主境强者,看来今天一战在此难免。」 Although presents two Human Clan enlightened rulers, surprising the deep clan enlightened rulers somewhat, but in the heart is actually one not. 虽然出现两位人族圣主,让冥族圣主有些意外,但心中却是一丝不化。 Present two looked then knows is promoted for the enlightened ruler shortly, is good to cope. 眼前的两位一看便知道晋级为圣主没多长时间,好对付的很。 The entire deep clan area changed into the battlefield instantaneously. 整个冥族疆域瞬间化为了战场。 Clashes to the high principle, that powerful fluctuation ground the deep clan macrocosms. 至高法则对撞,那强大的波动碾碎了一个又一个冥族大世界。 But does not love dearly regarding these deep clan enlightened ruler one, so long as the deep clan has him, that is the deep clan. 但对于这些冥族圣主一丝都不心疼,冥族只要有他在,那便是冥族。 Necessity that if he , the deep clan has not had. 如果他不在了,冥族也没有存在的必要了。 Xu Fan beyond deep clan area, is drinking tea, while watches the war. 徐凡在冥族疆域之外,一边喝着茶,一边看着大战。 " Was the old enlightened ruler, its strength has condensed the peak, Xiong Li they estimated that must hit some time. " 「到底是老圣主了,其战力已经凝聚到了巅峰,熊力他们估计要打一段时间。」 " Takes your time, disciplines them, after leaving, I can also feel relieved sect. " 「慢慢来吧,把他们磨练好,离开之后我也能放心宗门。」
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