MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1567: Said the cloud enlightened ruler

Zhang Xueling static standing in yard, looks that at present lets Great Elder that he respects his entire life. " Good, with similar that I estimate. " 张学灵静静的站在小院中,看着眼前让他一生敬仰的大长老。「不错,跟我预想的差不多。」 " Becoming enlightened ruler anything to feel. " Xu Fan said with a laugh. 「成为圣主什么感觉。」徐凡笑呵呵说道。 " Felt oneself reappeared a road, this road did not have the end. " Zhang Xueling said. " Knows why doesn't have the end? " 「只是感觉自己脚下又重新出现了一条路,这一条路没有尽头。」张学灵说道。「知道为什么没有尽头吗?」 " Is because I saw Great Elder, saw the Great Elder say/way. " The Zhang Xueling feeling said. In his mind, in that together darkness to the high principle ten thousand plates, he hears the tail from the beginning. 「是因为我看到了大长老,见到了大长老的道。」张学灵感慨说道。在他印象之中,那一道黑暗中的至高法则万道盘,他从头听到尾。 He felt clearly the acupuncture lasers above that ten thousand plate moved 37585, only then represented Great Elder to comprehend in 37585 to the high principle. 他清晰地感觉到那万道盘之上的光针拨动了37585下,只有代表着大长老领悟了37585中至高法则。 " Indeed, you saw me, this road does not have the end. " 「的确,你看到了我,这条路没有尽头。」 " But, I will leave behind the coordinates on this road to you, so long as you walked step by step on the line. " Xu Fan said gently. Last light gate appears in front of Zhang Xueling, this is leads to together, the transmission gate of crevice world. 「但是,我会在这条路上给你留下坐标,你只要一步一步走下去就行了。」徐凡轻轻说道。最后一道光门出现在张学灵面前,这是一道通往,夹缝世界的传送门。 " I in the world, contain more than 30,000 kinds now to the high principle, you go in comprehend slowly. " " After comprehends 100 types to the high principle, comes out. " 「我所种的世界中,现在蕴含三万多种至高法则,你进去慢慢参悟。」「什么时候领悟100种至高法则之后再出来。」 " Like this, when I am not at sect, there are you as the sect final pillar/backbone. " Zhang Xueling also wants the dwelling in the Xu Fan eye compared with him, is most suitable to assume sect. 「这样,哪怕我不在宗门时,也有你作为宗门最后的支柱。」张学灵徐凡眼中比他还要宅,最适合坐镇宗门 " Many thanks Great Elder. " Zhang Xueling stepped into that light gate excitedly. After closing vanishes, Xu Fan continues to comprehend to high principle rune. 「多谢大长老。」张学灵兴奋地踏进了那道光门之中。关门消失之后,徐凡继续参悟至高法则符文 At this time, the Grape sound resounded in the Xu Fan ear. 就在这时候,葡萄的声音在徐凡耳边响起。 " Master, the chaos place of Human Clan alliance most surrounding by general attack. " " Walks, in the past watched the fun. " 「主人,人族联盟最外围的混沌之地正在被总攻。」「走,过去看热闹。」 The transmission gate appears together, after Xu Fan spans, then appeared outside place of chaos. 一道传送门出现,徐凡跨越之后便出现在了一座混沌之地外。 At this time the place of this chaos is in the flames of war, dozens alien race enlightened rulers are wreaking havoc the place of entire chaos. Each corner is the battlefield. 此时这个混沌之地都处在战火之中,几十位异族圣主肆虐着整个混沌之地。每个角落都是战场。 Saw that a side another side macrocosm was destroyed, Xu Fan Xu Gang, Xiong Li somewhat could not bear. 看到一方又一方大世界被毁灭,徐凡身边的徐刚,熊力有些忍不住了。 " These are the baits, making them pass, if you check the hand rashly, may be scolded very much meddlesomely by the Human Clan alliance. " The Xu Fan sound made them peaceful. 「这些都是诱饵,引他们过去的,你们要是贸然查手,很有可能被人族联盟骂多事。」徐凡的声音让俩人安静了下来。 Then, the place of this chaos, under people eyelid, helplessly changes into stretch of ruins. The alien race enlightened ruler makes a move to be relentless, almost all grinds all macrocosms that can see. Until the place of entire chaos, all Human Clan death rays. 就这样,这片混沌之地,在众人眼皮之下,眼睁睁的化为一片废墟。异族圣主出手毫不留情,几乎把能见到的所有大世界全都碾碎。直至整个混沌之地,所有的人族死光。 " Abandons the waste enlightened ruler of ethnic group, even if lives is also barely managing to maintain a feeble existence, useless goods. " An alien race enlightened ruler despises to say. 「抛弃自己族群的废物圣主,哪怕活着也是苟延残喘,无用之货。」一位异族圣主鄙视说道。 The place of this chaos changes into the ruins, that group of alien race enlightened rulers fight in the place of next chaos. " Master, the Human Clan alliance must work as the bait with the strength of several chaos. " The brothers cannot bear ask. " 45, how make these enlightened rulers feel relieved otherwise. " 这片混沌之地化为废墟,那群异族圣主又转战下一个混沌之地。「师傅,人族联盟要用几个混沌之力当诱饵。」兄弟忍不住问道。「四五个吧,要不然如何让那些圣主放下心来。」 " Is only after the fight, how to reverse these to abandon the place of chaos, the chaos time river is a troublesome matter. " Xu Fan said leisurely. Then, Xu Fan led the master to look, the places of 5 chaos changed into the ruins. 「只是战斗过后,如何逆转这些废弃混沌之地,混沌时间长河是个麻烦事情。」徐凡悠悠说道。就这样,徐凡带着主人看遍了,五个混沌之地化为废墟。 From first to fifth, crossed for 1 million years. 从第一个到第五个,足足过了百万年时间。 When place of all Human Clan 5 th Human Clan alliance chaos were extinguished by the slaughter. Xu Fan own boundary stepped the enlightened ruler rank quietly. 就在第五个人族联盟混沌之地所有人族被屠灭的时候。徐凡自身的境界悄然跨到了圣主级别。 A whole body not difference, but lets several apprentices and disciple feels own master, Great Elder makings were profounder. In space crevice world, Xu Fan a side macrocosm current radical change. 周身没有一丝异样,只是让身边的几位徒弟和弟子感受到自家师傅,大长老身上的气质更加深邃了。空间夹缝世界中,徐凡所种的一方大世界正在发生的剧烈变化。 The entire macrocosm starts to sublimate, starts to inflate, starts to absorb the strength in crevice space fast. 整个大世界开始升华,开始膨胀,开始快速吸收夹缝空间中的力量。 At this time, steps into to Xu Fan of enlightened ruler rank, but static looks at this, Human Clan by the chaos place that the slaughter extinguishes. " Was similar, alien race alliance's all enlightened ruler heart movements, started to gather. " 此时,踏入到圣主级别的徐凡,只是静静的看着这,人族被屠灭的混沌之地。「差不多了,异族联盟所有的圣主心动了,开始聚集。」 Xu Fan looks that some chaos savageness region direction said. At this time the Xu Fan side people were all energetic. 徐凡看着混沌未开化区域某一个方向说道。这时候徐凡身边众人全都精神了起来。 In the place of 6 th chaos, gathered at this time, several hundred enlightened rulers. 第六个混沌之地中,此时聚集了,数百位圣主。 Only is the aura that the whole body lends, can disappear place of entire chaos Human Clan. " After we swallow the Human Clan alliance, can take advantage of opportunity expands outward. " 光是周身所散发出来的气息,就能泯灭整个混沌之地的人族。「我们吞下人族联盟之后,可以顺势向外扩张。」 " Doesn't the Human Clan alliance want to swallow us to expedite two boundary powerhouses? " 人族联盟不是想吞下我们催生出二境强者嘛?」 " We must expedite two boundary powerhouses who is a our clan alliance, leading us to move toward powerfully! " An alien race enlightened ruler summoned to say loudly. 「那我们也要催生出一位属于我们一族联盟的二境强者,带领着我们走向强盛!」一位异族圣主大声呼唤说道。 In many enlightened rulers chatted, all Human Clan of place of entire chaos were all extinguished by the slaughter. All macrocosms actually by complete preservation. 在众多圣主谈笑之间,整个混沌之地的所有人族全被屠灭。所有大世界却被完好的保存下来。 This time special energies, are wrapping the place of trim chaos slowly. " Is this then that two boundary primordial chaos most precious objects? " 就在这时候有一股特殊能量,正在缓缓的包裹着整片混沌之地。「这便是那二境鸿蒙至宝吗?」 Sees only shortly , the place of entire chaos was then all wrapped. 只见没过多长时间,整个混沌之地便全都被包裹。 At this time an enlightened ruler wants to leave the place of chaos, searches the news to the places of other Human Clan alliance confusions. It turned out surprisedly he could not go out unexpectedly. 此时一位圣主想要离开混沌之地,去往其他人族联盟混乱之地探探消息。结果惊奇的发现他竟然出不去了。 Afterward this news spread in the alien race enlightened ruler ear. 随后这个消息蔓延到了异族圣主耳中。 Then all enlightened rulers all flustered, because he discovered that own all were all stranded in the place of this chaos. But in the place of another Human Clan chaos, the Human Clan alliance, most likely (80%) enlightened rulers gathers together. 然后所有圣主全都慌了,因为他发现自身所有一切全都被困在了这个混沌之地中。而在另外一处人族混沌之地中,人族联盟,八成圣主汇聚在一起。 " Ok, planned successfully, has not entered the alien race enlightened ruler of cage to cut to kill. " " Starts to implement the 2nd plan. " 「好了,计划成功,把未进入牢笼的异族圣主斩杀。」「开始实行第二段计划。」 At this time, Divine Sense descended together suddenly on Xu Fan. 就在这时候,一道神念突然降落到了徐凡身上。 " Now I should call your slow Shengzhu, congratulations. " The strange sound resounds together. " A name, calling anything to be good. " 「现在我应该叫你徐圣主了,恭喜恭喜。」一道陌生的声音响起。「一个称呼而已,叫什么都行。」 " Said the cloud enlightened ruler, what matter did not know this. " Xu Fan looks up to that the form in chaos savageness material. " My Human Clan alliance great solidarity, all enlightened rulers under commanding of Human Clan alliance. " 「道云圣主,不知来此何事。」徐凡抬头看向那在混沌未开化物质中的身影。「我人族联盟大团结,所有圣主都在人族联盟的统领之下。」 " Human Clan of only slow Shengzhu this lineage/vein, making me feel not very relieved, " " now I want to invite slow Shengzhu, for my Human Clan alliance vice- hegemons how. " 「唯独徐圣主这一脉的人族,让我感觉很不安心,」「现在我想邀请徐圣主,为我人族联盟副盟主如何。」 " I natural disposition is slack, does not like disturbing others, does not like others disturbing me. " " The cloud enlightened ruler you are you to do, all these have nothing to do with me. " Xu Fan shakes the head to say. " Such being the case, slow Shengzhu does as you please. " Said that cloud Shengzhu said. 「我这人生性自由散漫,不喜欢打扰别人,也不喜欢别人打扰我。」「道云圣主你去做你想做的,这一切都与我无关。」徐凡摇头说道。「既然如此,徐圣主请便。」道云圣主说道。 " Good, wishing the Human Clan alliance plan to be smooth. " Xu Fan nods waves, returned to everyone all belts the said/tunnel of chaos. The consciousness returns, Xu Fan sits in the yard, brow slightly wrinkle. 「那好,祝愿人族联盟计划顺利。」徐凡点了点头一挥手,把所有人全都带回到了混沌之地道中。意识回归,徐凡坐在小院之中,眉头微皱。 " Somewhat is troublesome ~ " 「还有些麻烦~」 He felt, that said a moment ago cloud Shengzhu had several times to make a move, because dreaded or is indefinite, has borne patiently does not send. Xiong Li, Xiang Yun, stands in Xu Fan behind. 他感受到了,刚才那道云圣主有几次想出手,但因为忌惮或者不确定,一直隐忍不发。熊力,项云,站在徐凡身后。 " You felt a moment ago. " Xu Fan asked gently. Two people nod. 「刚才你们都感受到了。」徐凡轻轻问道。两人点头。 " Does not have the important matter, that Human Clan alliance hegemons do not dare to act. " 「无大事,那人族联盟盟主不敢出手。」 Xu Fan hopes actually that said cloud Shengzhu acts, only bore pitifully finally. 徐凡倒是希望那道云圣主出手,只可惜最后还是忍住了。
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