MMKOBTOTVOD :: Volume #16

#1566: Exceeds the limit rune

" When the time comes said again, the present goal is first to become the enlightened ruler, then turns into the enlightened ruler you. " Xu Fan said leisurely. Started out a transmission gate after this time two people. 「到时候再说,现在的目标是先成为圣主,然后再把你们变成圣主。」徐凡悠悠说道。就在这时候两人身后开出了一道传送门。 Zhang Weiyun carried the gift box to walk. 张微云拎着食盒走了过来。 " Your two brothers fish in this senselessly, fishing how slightly thinks several cups. " The Zhang Weiyun putting out table with a laugh suspends, suspended the meal and liquor. 「你们兄弟两人在此钓鱼多无趣,边钓鱼边小酌几杯如何。」张微云笑呵呵的拿出桌子摆好,把饭菜和酒摆了上去。 " Many thanks sister-in-law. " Wang Yulun said with a laugh. 「多谢嫂子。」王羽伦笑呵呵说道。 Actually he most envies is his good big brother, with sentiment that this sister-in-law helps one another in difficult time from beginning to end. 其实他最羡慕的就是他的好大哥,跟这位嫂子从始至终相濡以沫的感情。 " I did not disturb you to chat, I and Xiaoqing made, must go to one to stroll by the Sword Dao well-known chaos place. " Zhang Weiyun said that do not leave. 「那我就不打扰你们聊天了,我和小青约好了,要去一个以剑道闻名的混沌之地中逛一逛。」张微云说完别离开了。 At this time, Wang Yulun fish line suddenly collapse straight. The figure almost cannot stand firm, was entrained in Huangjin Lake. Good Xu Fan put out a hand to blow the Wang Yulun figure. 就在这时候,王羽伦的鱼线突然崩直。身形差点稳不住,被拽进黄金湖中。还好徐凡伸手镇住了王羽伦的身形。 Afterward, of Wang Yulun and fishhook the condition of entering the test of strength. 随后,王羽伦和鱼钩的那一头进入到了角力的状态。 But Xu Fan does not meddle, static drinks the young wine to eat the side dish, once for a while also reminded, good brothers' catching up posture. After a double-hour, fishhook that big goods swallow the bait finally. 徐凡也不插手,静静的喝着小酒吃着小菜,时不时还提醒一下,好兄弟的发力姿势。一个时辰之后,鱼钩那一头的大货终于上钩。 Sees only a pure stone the statue, hung in fishhook another head. That statue such as the Qilin is common, whole body blue stone color. 只见一座纯石的雕像,挂在了鱼钩另外一头。那雕像如麒麟一般,全身青石色。 Wang Yulun gathered round this statue to transfer several, said with the indefinite tone: " Is this only an ordinary stone carving? " " Right, this is an ordinary statue. " Xu Fan smiled. 王羽伦围着这尊雕像转了好几圈,才用不确定的语气说道:「这只是一个普通的石雕?」「对,这就是一个普通的雕像。」徐凡笑了起来。 " Why that makes me have so the troubles to fish. " Wang Yulun looks that this stone carving is somewhat puzzled. 「那为何让我费如此周折才钓上来。」王羽伦看着这根石雕有些不解。 " Although is only the ordinary stone, the person but who carves is not simple, or at least stronger compared with me. " Eats meal a hand to stroke each stripe on this stone carving gently. 「虽然只是普通石头,但雕刻的人不简单,或者说至少比我要强。」吃饭一只手轻轻抚摸着这石雕上的每一道条纹。 " Stone is only the ordinary stone, but carves his person is not simple. " 「石头只是普通的石头,但雕刻他的人不简单。」 " This such as the Qilin common statue, at least contained more than 3000 types to the high principle, some I have not comprehended to the high principle. " Xu Fan looks at the statue to say. 「这一尊如麒麟一般的雕像,至少蕴含了3000多种至高法则,有的至高法则我还未领悟。」徐凡看着雕像说道。 Immediately the Wang Yulun hear, shocks looks at that statue. " Why I cannot feel above to high principle? " 王羽伦听完,顿时震惊的看着那一座雕像。「为何我感受不到上边的至高法则?」 " Because you only comprehended one type to the high principle, but this above does not have that you comprehend, therefore you look at him are only an ordinary stone carving. " Xu Fan explained said. 「因为你只领悟了一种至高法则,而这上边没有你所领悟的那种,所以你看他只是一座普通的石雕。」徐凡解释说道。 " Takes away, this stone carving tree in your harem, letting your female friends and children has a look, to could comprehend that type to the high principle. " 「收走吧,把这石雕树在你的后宫之中,让你那些红颜知己和孩子们多看看,说不定能领悟那种至高法则。」 " Has Brother Xu's proselytizing, are waiting for the comprehension tens of thousands types to the high principle, I want this thing to do. " 「有徐大哥的传道,几万种至高法则等着领悟,我要这东西干什么。」 " Might as well places the sect entrance to clash the facade. " Wang Yulun said. 「还不如放在宗门大门口冲门面。」王羽伦说道。 " Ok, places in it sect, when cultivates sacred place to use. " 「算了吧,把它放在宗门之中当一处修炼圣地用。」 " This type of statue, even if I comprehend are many to the high principle enough, is unable to carve. " " If I guess good, carves the statue should be a powerhouse of two boundary. " Xu Fan was saying made Grape deliver to Hidden Spirit Gate this statue. 「这种雕像,哪怕我领悟的至高法则够多,也无法雕刻出来。」「如果我猜的不错的话,雕刻石像的应该是一位二境的强者。」徐凡说着让葡萄把这雕像送到了隐灵门中。 In the meantime , the transmission gate appears after two people together. 就在此时,又一道传送门出现在两人身后。 A Xiang Yun face ashamed cannot the ashamed expression, walk. Xu Fan is only light turn head looked at one. 项云一脸羞愧的不能再羞愧的表情,从中走了出来。徐凡只是淡淡的回头看了一眼。 " Next time wants to test the strength time, called your brothers big Senior Brother. " 「下次想实验自己战力的时候,叫上你兄弟大师兄。」 " Moreover, I will make Grape to you collect the primordial chaos most precious object divine sword that you need after a period of time. " 「另外,过段时间我会让葡萄把你所需的鸿蒙至宝神剑给你凑齐。」 " Was the enlightened rulers, acted as the vice- sword with the treasure of yellow and black again, this did not make others look down upon our Hidden Spirit Gate. " The purple miraculous glow crashed together from the sky Xiang Yun within the body. 「都是圣主了,再用玄黄之宝充当副剑,这不是让别人瞧不起咱们隐灵门吗。」一道紫色的灵光从天空中坠落到了项云体内。 Shortly, Xiang Yun then restores to the heyday. 没多长时间,项云便恢复到全盛时期。 " Many thanks Great Elder. " Xiang Yun is very ashamed, without thinking goes out to realize own strength for the 1st time, injured such heaviness. " Goes. " 「多谢大长老。」项云还是很羞愧,没想到第一次出去实现自己的战力,就被伤的如此之重。「去吧。」 In the space crevice world, Xu Fan looks one world grows stronger slowly, in the look is very gratified. 空间夹缝世界中,徐凡看着自己所种的世界慢慢变强,眼神之中很是欣慰。 " 1 million years are quick, after I become the enlightened ruler, finding the way to make several to the high lifeform, lets your rapid growth. " When is speaking, the distant place suddenly had form together to attract the attention of Xu Fan. 「百万年时间很快,等我成为圣主之后,想办法多弄几件至高生物,让你快速增长。」正在说话之时,远处突然有一道身影吸引了徐凡的注意。 Approaches to look, originally 走近一看,原来 Is that with eight claw fish that Xu Fan exchanges the message. Sees only eight claw fish leisurely same Xu Fan world edge to loaf. After seeing Xu Fan, but also leisurely and carefree stretches out a small claw to greet with it. Finally Xu Fan helplessly looks that eight claw fish fly into the space crevice deep place. " Does not come to exchange. " Xu Fan some said pitifully. 是那位跟徐凡交换消息的八爪鱼。只见八爪鱼悠哉悠哉的同徐凡世界边缘处游荡而过。看到徐凡之后,还悠闲的伸出一根小爪子与其打招呼。最后徐凡眼睁睁的看着那八爪鱼飞进空间夹缝深处。「也不过来交流交流。」徐凡有些可惜说道。 In the space crevice, Xu Fan does not dare to scurry about everywhere. 在空间夹缝之中,徐凡并不敢到处乱窜。 When because he does not know, meets one such as the previous shadow common life. Finally Xu Fan entered to the world in looked. 因为他不知道什么时候,就碰见一个如上次黑影一般的生灵。最后徐凡又进入到世界之中看了一圈。 At this time, in locally born Human Clan was born the chaos sage powerhouse. " Pays a visit the lord. " The chaos sage salutes said respectfully. 此时,土生土长的人族之中已经诞生出了混沌圣人强者。「拜见主。」混沌圣人行礼恭敬说道。 " Two choices, I lead you to go out to become ordinary Human Clan. " 「两个选择,我带你出去成为普通人族的一员。」 " Stays here, after waiting for to become the chaos Great Sage person, goes out. " Xu Fan said lightly. " Lord, I wants to protect this world. " The chaos sage boundary powerhouse said respectfully. 「留在这里,等成为混沌大圣人之后再出去。」徐凡淡淡说道。「主,我想守护这个世界。」混沌圣人境强者恭敬说道。 " This world is very powerful, not needing you to protect, such being the case, after you become the chaos Great Sage person, goes out. " 「这世界很强大,用不到你守护,既然如此,等你成为混沌大圣人之后再出去。」 Xu Fan the side big event contains were too many to the high principle, this causes locally born Human Clan is very here easy to practice, comprehends to the high principle turns into the powerhouse. 徐凡所种的这方大事件所蕴含的至高法则太多了,这就导致在这里土生土长的人族很容易修行,领悟至高法则变成强者。 " Compliant, lord. " The chaos sage powerhouse lowers the head to say. Xu Fan nods, returned to the place of island chaos. 「遵命,主。」混沌圣人强者低头说道。徐凡点了点头,回到了混沌之地岛。 Just returned to the sect yard, Xu Fan then to feel one to be stranded intent. 刚一回到宗门小院,徐凡便感受到了一股困意。 At this moment, his miraculous glow flashes, being stranded intent that endures forcefully, returned to the crevice world again. After arriving in the world, after unifying several guards conveniently, heavy rested. 就在这时,他灵光一闪,强行忍的困意,又再次回到了夹缝世界。就到世界之后,随手凝聚了几个护卫后,沉沉的睡了过去。 At this time, the scene in dream has started to change. 这时候,梦中的场景已经开始发生变化。 In a quiet and beautiful color world, rotates to the high principle stars slowly. 一片清幽色的世界之中,至高法则星辰缓缓转动。 Time that these loads time compared with previous time, in the idol macrocosm must be long. How long has not known, then to the high principle stars slowly, formed rune. 这一次加载的时间比上一次,在神象大世界中的时候还要长。不知过了多久,那至高法则星辰才缓缓,形成了一个符文 This rune in the Xu Fan sensation, has surpassed, boundary that the chaos Great Sage person can comprehend. Xu Fan is staring at this rune, looked woke up from the dream for a long time. 这个符文徐凡的感知之中,已然超过了,混沌大圣人所能领悟的界限。徐凡盯着这个符文,看了好长时间才从梦中醒来。 " First became the enlightened ruler to say again, the rune present stage of this rank could not comprehend. " Xu Fan said leisurely. " Grape, how long my time rested. " Xu Fan asked. 「还是先成为圣主再说吧,这种级别的符文现阶段领悟不了。」徐凡悠悠说道。「葡萄,我这次睡了多长时间。」徐凡问道。 " Master, you rested the entire 100,000 years, exactly right. " The Grape sound resounds. " Studied becomes the enlightened ruler spirit, Human Clan alliance that side situation how. " Xu Fan asked. " Zhang Xueling has become the enlightened ruler. " 「主人,您睡了整整10万年,分毫不差。」葡萄的声音响起。「学灵成为圣主了吗,人族联盟那边形势如何。」徐凡问道。「张学灵已经成为圣主。」 " The Human Clan alliance, is contracting all chaos strength. " 人族联盟,正在收缩所有的混沌之力。」 " At present that side the alien race alliance, has raised has nibbled the place of ideas Human Clan all chaos. " Grape said. " Imagines with me similar, but the position of said/tunnel of our side chaos is good. " 「目前异族联盟那边,已经升起了蚕食人族所有混沌之地想法。」葡萄说道。「跟我想象中的差不多,不过咱们这方混沌之地道的位置好。」 " Even if the alien race alliance counter-attacks, is not one's turn here. " 「哪怕异族联盟反攻,也轮不到这里。」
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