MCBW :: Volume #31

#3075: The gods converge

Pen interest pavilion, renews my iceberg beauty wife latest chapter most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆最新章节! Patrik, your idea, although is good, but perhaps is not easy, Singer Faith sighed. “派崔克,你的想法虽然好,但恐怕是不容易”,辛格菲斯叹道。 what meaning?” Patrik knits the brows, you thought that I can't be victorious and Shipa? does not say killed them, at least I can be in an impregnable position!” 什么意思?”派崔克皱眉,“你觉得我打不过蒂朵和斯波?不说将他们杀了,至少我能立于不败之地!” „It is not this meaning......, but is...... we are unable to return to Silver with mothership transmission now. “不是这个意思……而是……我们现在无法用母舰传送阵回西尔弗”。 Singer Faith sighed: „ I inspect today time, discovered that transmission of Silver island, had been attempted to pervert. 辛格菲斯叹道:“我今日检查的时候,发现西尔弗岛的传送阵,已经被做了手脚。 Now transmits the place that can go, is limited, if passes rashly, may ambush, will spend lots of time ”. 现在传送阵能去的地方,非常有限,若贸然过去,可能会中埋伏,而且会消耗大量时间”。 Snort......” Perez sneers: „ Kelander layout for a long time, even transmits to have his planted agent unexpectedly. “哼……”瑞佩雷斯冷笑:“凯兰德布局已久,竟然连传送阵都有他的内应。 Was then good, wants to go back immediately, is not good, must circle the long journey, or the old route returns ”. 这下好了,想立刻回去,都不行了,必须绕远路,或者原路返回”。 Person who „ transmission of Silver island, can interfere with, only then few of kingdom topmost level. “西尔弗岛的传送阵,能去干涉的人,只有王国最高层的没几个。 The person who can suspect, except for our god spear/gun health/guard, few...... ” Vick Ness frowned. 可以怀疑的人,除了我们神枪卫,就没几个了……”维克内斯蹙眉。 Queen not also......” 王后不也……” Patrik words just opened the mouth, immediately hurries to close, as if realized that oneself said should not say. 派崔克话刚开口,立刻赶紧闭上,似乎意识到自己说了不该说的。 In the Tai Cang pupil flashes through wipes cold intent. 太沧眸子里闪过一抹冷意。 But, scene many Divine General, from the expression, saw obviously has started to suspect Kety. 可是,现场显然很多神将,从表情中,就看出已经开始怀疑凯蒂。 Queen after all is biological younger sister of god sovereign, is the children of the same mother, non- common relations. 王后毕竟是神皇的亲妹妹,还是一母同胞,非寻常关系。 However your majesty is wise, if Queen has the heart of betrayal, cannot hide the truth from your majesty inevitably ”, Mulder said the sentence lightly. 不过陛下英明,若王后有背叛之心,必然瞒不过陛下”,穆尔德淡淡说了句。 This saying, numerous Divine General also believed several points actually. 这话一出,众神将倒是都信了几分。 At this time, a pass on message officer arrives in the palace. 此时,一传讯官来到殿内。 Your majesty, has Para to contract the urgent document that the imperial palace transmits!” “陛下,有帕拉缔妮皇宫传来的急件!” Audience immediately a peace. 全场顿时一片安静。 Tai Cang narrowed the eye, puts out a hand, that crystal stone board flies into his hand together. 太沧眯了眯眼,一伸手,那一块晶石板就飞入他手中。 After an exclusive supernatural power crosses into, on the crystal stone board appeared correspondence. 一股专属的神力渡入后,晶石板上就浮现了一封书信。 „......” Tai Cang sneers, „ that wisdom, the benevolent god sovereign, told us...... the Silver home to intrude the devil. “呵……”太沧冷笑一声,“那位睿智,仁慈的神皇,告诉我们……西尔弗国内闯入了恶魔。 Therefore Silver's transmission, expires now. ” 所以西尔弗的传送阵,现在失效了。” Despicable! Shirks the responsibility unexpectedly to the devil?” Patrik great anger. “卑鄙!竟然把责任推卸给恶魔?”派崔克大怒 Now our information was intercepted, he said that anything is anything, Singer Sidong. “现在我们情报被拦截,他说什么是什么”,辛格菲斯道。 Tai Cang continues saying: Therefore, Kelander asked me, wants to make him despatch troops the Silver island to solve the problem, I processed personally. 太沧继续道:“所以,凯兰德问我,是想让他派军去西尔弗岛解决问题,还是我亲自处理”。 How possibly to make him send people to process? Does that give him Silver thoroughly?” “怎么可能让他派人处理?那岂不是将西尔弗彻底交给他?” Obviously such asked intentionally, clear(ly) knows your majesty such will not do. “明显是故意这么问,明知道陛下不会这么做”。 Tai Cang nods, „, therefore...... he referred to a place, that is he prepares for us with good intention, can return to the world of Silver country island fast. 太沧点头,“所以……他指了一个地点,那是他好心为我们准备的,可以快速回到西尔弗国岛的一个世界”。 Your majesty! This feared that cheats! End is willing to go to explore the way!” Patrik said. “陛下!这怕是有诈!末将愿意前去探路!”派崔克道。 Does not need, if Kelander is waiting for this King there personally, anyone of you goes to bring death.” “不必了,若是凯兰德亲自在那里等着本王,那你们谁去都是送死。” Your majesty, the old minister thinks, does not pay attention, copes with seventh Devil King to be good with single-hearted devotion, Mulder said. “陛下,老臣以为,不去理会,专心对付第七魔王就好”,穆尔德说道。 Mulder Grandmaster said right, in any case Kelander is not your majesty opponent, sooner or later in the past, can tidy up!” Singer Sidong. “穆尔德大师说得对,反正凯兰德不是陛下的对手,早晚过去,都能收拾!”辛格菲斯道。 Perhaps...... not good......” Perez knits the brows to say. “恐怕……不行……”瑞佩雷斯皱眉道。 „Isn't thief, why good?” Patrik asked. “小偷,为什么不行?”派崔克问。 Perez shows the whites of the eyes: „ Your majesty must fire off the heptarchy, at least also takes 1-2 months, even is longer, goes back , will then need six months. 瑞佩雷斯翻了个白眼:“陛下要打完第七王国,至少还要1-2月,甚至更久,回去则需要半年以后。 If leaves alone, the Silver kingdom will be controlled by Kelander thoroughly. 如果放任不管,那西尔弗王国就彻底会被凯兰德掌控。 Several of us can not matter, but the morale of troops will be chaotic, the family family member of soldiers, in rear area. 我们几个可以无所谓,但军心会乱,战士们的家族亲人,都还在后方。 Will the not to say your majesty strength of belief, fall short...... these officers also hearts to go to war greatly? ” 且不说陛下的信仰之力,会大打折扣……这些将士还有心打仗么?” One crowd of Divine General, revealed the color of intertwining. 一群神将,都露出了纠结之色。 For a long time expedites, feared that the backyard is on fire. 长时间远征,就怕后院起火。 Vick Ness, you analyzes, how to elect well?” Singer Faith asked. “维克内斯,你分析一下,怎么选最好?”辛格菲斯问。 A Vick Ness face is awkward, „ I believe, your majesty safety is most important, now goes back no doubt to solve urgent matter, perhaps but...... has the danger. 维克内斯一脸为难,“我认为,陛下的安危最重要,现在回去固然能解燃眉之急,但……恐怕有危险。 In the long run, step by step compares to be good ”. 长远来看,一步步来比较好”。 Tai Cang this looks at entire letter, suddenly look congealed. 太沧这是看完了整个信笺,突然目光一凝。 Does not need! this King steps out, one time this day of Taishi piercing!!” “不必了!本王就加快脚步,一次就把这太始的天给捅破!!” Your majesty, how?” Patrik and others wondered. “陛下,怎么了?”派崔克等纳闷。 Tai Cang grins to say with a smile: Because, Kelander said, having the devil to go to Silver to disturb, is the sword god......” 太沧咧嘴笑道:“因为,凯兰德说,带恶魔去西尔弗捣乱的,是剑神……” What? Is it possible that did the sword god work with the god sovereign?” “什么?莫非剑神跟神皇合作了?” wretched! The despicable fellow, fears our, collaborates with Kelander?” 该死的!卑鄙的家伙,惧怕我们陛下,就跟凯兰德联手?” One crowd of Divine General are filled with righteous indignation, snorts contemptuously. 一群神将义愤填膺,嗤之以鼻。 Your majesty, you determined, this isn't the lie?” Mulder asked. “陛下,您确定,这不是假话?”穆尔德问。 Kelander does not need to take a fabrication, must compel me to go back, many means. But he told me this, actually did not have advantage to him. “凯兰德没必要拿着个造假,要逼我回去,有很多办法。但他告诉我这一条,其实对他没好处”。 The gods think, in abundance the nod, truly is this. 众神一想,纷纷点头,确实是这样。 You are not the emperor level ideal conditions, you do not understand......” “你们不是帝王级意境,你们不了解……” Tai Cang tone deep said: „ That person, will not cope with this King with Kelander jointly. 太沧语气深沉地说道:“那个人,是不会跟凯兰德联手对付本王的。 So long as he stands in front of this King, in the hand is grasping the sword, compared with the world anybody, must long for and this King one-to-one decisive battle. ” 他只要站在本王面前,手里握着剑,就会比天下任何人,都要渴望与本王一对一决战。” In the Tai Cang pupil, ignited the steaming flames of war. 太沧眸子里,燃起了腾腾战火。 Interesting...... this but actually also good, this King spear/gun, scratched similarly. “有趣……这倒也好,本王的枪,也擦得差不多了”。 God spear/gun health/guard takes orders! “神枪卫听命! Mulder Grandmaster and Perez, remain behind the fleet! 穆尔德大师与瑞佩雷斯,留守舰队! Singer Faith is responsible for the two sides contacts, momentarily support. 辛格菲斯负责两边联络,随时支援。 Patrik, Vick Ness, lead the oneself elite soldier, along with this King goes to battle! ” 派崔克、维克内斯,率领自己精锐战士,随本王出征!” Five god spear/gun health/guard see the Tai Cang intention to decide, does not dare to say anything. 五名神枪卫见太沧心意已决,也不敢多说什么。 Regarding the such arrangement, they have also been familiar with very much, respectful sound obeys an order...... 对于这样的安排,他们也都已经很习惯,恭声应命…… Meanwhile, in deity clan, beyond Silver kingdom number light year. 与此同时,在天神族,西尔弗王国数光年外。 Because the mine dries up, abandoned world. 一个因为矿场枯竭,被废弃的世界。 Here yellow sand everywhere, air drying. 这里黄沙漫天,空气干燥。 Giant Gobi Desert, except for some small reptilia lives, does not have any civilized trail. 巨大的戈壁滩,除了一些小爬虫类生命,没有任何文明踪迹。 Transmission of several tens of thousands years of does not have use, was repaired recently. 数万年没有使用的传送阵,最近被修复了。 Rocks along with the energy, the dragon five forms appeared. 伴随着能量晃动,龙五的身影出现了。 His transmission, looks at the coming into sight advance party Kelander and wholeheartedly, subconscious stands guard the stance. 他一出传送阵,看到眼前站着的凯兰德和一心,下意识就警戒姿态。 Hey! Father-in-law! Won't this monk begin?” The dragon five asked vigilantly. “喂!老丈人!这和尚不会动手吧?”龙五警惕地问。 Relax, a mind monk is an eminent monk, complies to let off you, will not go back on word, Kelander said with a smile. “放心吧,一心神僧是高僧,答应放过你,不会食言”,凯兰德笑道。 That is good...... I not to fear him, doesn't this fear the accidental injury allied force?” “那就好……我也不是怕他,这不是怕误伤友军么?” The dragon five walked carelessly, but then wholeheartedly Amitabha, the smile salutes. 龙五大大咧咧走了出去,而一心则“阿弥陀佛”,微笑行礼。 At this time, behind walked three Wang di and seven king Shipa. 这时,后面走来三王蒂朵和七王斯波。 Your majesty, meeting slightly builds, has prepared, here sandstorm is big, your several can step, said with a smile. “陛下,开会的小筑,已经准备好了,这里风沙大,您几位可以移步进去了”,蒂朵笑道。 Many thanks three kings, Kelander nodded with a smile. “多谢三王了”,凯兰德笑着点头。 I said the father-in-law, on a such person? You called several!” The dragon five is a little flurried. “我说老丈人,就这么点人?你好歹多叫几个啊!”龙五有点慌慌的。 Were many, is counted Liu Sensi, we currently have six strategy levels...... “不少了,算上刘森思,我们现在就已经有了六个战略级…… Tai Cang his custom, should have three most , is six pairs four. 太沧他的习惯,应该最多带三个,也就是六对四。 Let alone...... meets, has not all arrived in full ”, Kelander said. 何况……开会的,还没全到齐呢”,凯兰德道。 Oh? also which several helpers?” The dragon five asked. 还有哪几个帮手?”龙五问。 Passes the little while, you naturally knew, Kelander smiles. “过会儿,你自然就知道了”,凯兰德神秘一笑。
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