MCBW :: Volume #31

#3074: lowly one

Pen interest pavilion, renews my iceberg beauty wife latest chapter most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆最新章节! The battleship of spear/gun sovereign, in operational control hall. 枪皇的战舰,作战指挥厅内。 Tai Cang sits on own king chair, in the hand takes elder brother Neil, is cleaning with arrange/cloth Naixin. 太沧坐在自己的王椅上,手中拿着昆古尼尔,用布耐心擦拭着。 Under, four god spear/gun health/guard, behind follows several hundred golden armor Divine General, is standing seriously. 下方,四名神枪卫,身后跟着数百金甲神将,严肃地站立着。 On the one by one face, wrote all over anxiously, suspected, the air fills to constrain. 一个个脸上,都是写满了紧张,怀疑,空气充满压抑。 Said, Tai Cang opens the mouth finally, said: What idea has?” “说说”,太沧终于开口,道:“都有什么想法?” Patrik takes a step to go forward, takes the lead couldn't bear saying: Your majesty! I look am Perez without doubt! Her this time was missing was too long . Moreover the so critical moment, has not known the trace!” 派崔克迈步上前,率先忍不住道:“陛下!我看是瑞佩雷斯无疑!她这一次失踪太久了,而且如此关键时刻,还不知所踪!” „Do you have the evidence?” Tai Cang asked. “你有证据吗?”太沧问。 Patrik shakes the head, temporarily returns does not have, but......” 派崔克摇头,“暂时还没有,但……” Perez, is I chooses from the folk personally, trains. “瑞佩雷斯,是我亲自从民间挑选,加以培养的。 Her character, was unrestrained, comes and goes freely. 她的性格,本就无拘无束,独来独往。 If no material evidence, sharply do not draw the conclusion. ” 若无实质性证据,不要急着下定论。” indeed, Patrik, at this time, must believe the ally, Perez and we are acquainted also for several thousand years, easily do not suspect her, Singer Sidong. 是啊,派崔克,这种时候,更要相信战友,瑞佩雷斯与我们相识也数千年,不要轻易怀疑她”,辛格菲斯道。 Patrik elbow bumped side, frail blonde glasses man. 派崔克手肘碰了碰旁边,文弱的金发眼镜男 Vick Ness! You most are not good at finding the flaw clue? Hurries to tell everyone! Does Perez have the issue?” “维克内斯!你不是最擅长找出破绽线索的吗?赶紧告诉大家!是不是瑞佩雷斯有问题?” Vick Ness eyeglasses, sound weak said: I...... I thought that Singer Faith said right, does not have the concrete evidence, cannot randomly suspicion. 维克内斯支了支眼镜,声音弱弱地说:“我……我觉得辛格菲斯说得对,没确凿证据,不能乱怀疑”。 How even your also this? She was missing! Definitely did the afraid matter, is not at all a confrontation!” Patrik said. “怎么连你也这样?她失踪了!肯定是做了心虚之事,不敢当面对质!”派崔克说。 Who said that I was missing?” “谁说我失踪了?” Suddenly, an a little hoarse female voice, transmits from behind. 忽然,一个有点沙哑的女声,从后面传来。 Just like one group of smog, wears the purple gray windproof coat, the red hair is making two big bread twist braids, the nose edge is the freckle. 宛如一团烟雾,身穿紫灰色风衣,红色的头发扎着两只大麻花辫子,鼻子边缘都是雀斑。 The women of undistinguished appearance, pair of pill phoenix eye is also passing stock evil. 女人其貌不扬,一双丹凤眼还透着股邪性。 Perez!?” Patrik and other people startled, „did you come back?” “瑞佩雷斯!?”派崔克等人大惊,“你回来了?” Patrik, your silly big, has or doesn't have a little bit/bit by bit deity train of thought? Your Brother Breene also stupidly lacks simply!” Perez is pointing at the forehead, a face taunt. “派崔克,你这个傻大个,有没有一点点天神的思绪?你简直比哥布林还傻缺!”瑞佩雷斯指着脑门,一脸嘲讽。 What did you say?!” “你说什么?!” I spoke, couldn't you understand?” “我说话,你听不懂了?” Perez makes faces, in the hand suddenly were many a golden space bag, loses toward behind conveniently. 瑞佩雷斯做了个鬼脸,手上突然多了一只金色的空间袋,往后面随手一丢。 My bag!!” “我的袋子!!” Patrik touches the waist, discovered that bag was stolen away. 派崔克一摸腰间,发现袋子被偷走了。 He hurries to put out a hand, the primitive strength changes to tornado, retrieves bag. 他赶紧一伸手,原始之力化作一股旋风,将袋子找回。 Hateful thief!!” Patrik clenches jaws. “可恶的小偷!!”派崔克咬牙切齿。 Perez lightly snorted sound, then arrives in front of Tai Cang, single knee kneels down to salute. 瑞佩雷斯轻哼了声,然后才走到太沧面前,单膝下跪行礼。 Your majesty, summoned on you, I came back. “陛下,应您召见,我回来了”。 The gods reveal the color of surprise. 众神露出诧异之色。 Perez who your majesty, you contacts with?” Patrik asked. “陛下,您联系的瑞佩雷斯?”派崔克问。 I have a special urgent contact channel, can communicate with Perez, by preparing emergency requirement, Tai Cang light say/way. “我有专门的一个紧急联络渠道,可以与瑞佩雷斯沟通,也是以备不时之需”,太沧淡淡道。 The gods are stunned, it seems like control of Tai Cang to overall situation, them thinks must be deeper than and careful. 众神愕然,看来太沧对全局的把控,远比他们想得要深而细致。 Many layouts, obviously are the one-line operations, others do not know. 很多布局,显然是单线操作,旁人根本不知道。 Perez sets out, was saying to several other Great God spear/gun health/guard: „ The detection army, are my own subordinate, if I the rebel, that possibly first do move the oneself subordinate person? 瑞佩雷斯起身,对着其他几大神枪卫说道:“侦查军,算是我自己的手下,我若是叛徒,那怎么可能先动自己手下的人? Moreover, I only need to pinch the fabrication the information, why to kill people, exposes oneself? ” 而且,我只需要捏造假的情报就可以,何必杀人,暴露自己?” Patrik and other Divine General deeply frowned, cannot answer all of a sudden. 派崔克等神将眉头紧锁,一下子答不上来。 „Does Perez, how you see the this time matter?” The Tai Cang corners of the mouth exude a happy expression slightly. “瑞佩雷斯,你怎么看这次的事?”太沧嘴角微微泛起一丝笑意。 Your majesty, before coming back reply, I already investigated. “回禀陛下,回来前,我已经调查过了 Kills our frontline scout, is degeneration Angel assassination brigade that scatters Buland Nair. 杀死我们前线侦察兵的,是撒斯姆-布兰奈尔的堕落天使暗杀大队。 Our Silver armies excel at the upfront combat, actually meets to be known as that the heptarchy strongest strength, Sur Turle's Hellfire regiment, instead did not fear. 我们西尔弗大军擅长正面作战,其实遇到号称第七王国最强战力的,苏尔特尔的地狱火军团,反而不怕。 The opposite party studied our weak trend obviously ahead of time, sent thorniest degeneration Angel. 对方显然是提前研究出了我们的弱势,派了最棘手的堕落天使 And also knows our combat plan, squats ahead of time. 并且还知道了我们的作战计划,提前蹲守。 this time assassination, although will not make us have a fracture, but weakens Lancet Morde to believe the plan of strength, will slow down. 这次暗杀,虽然不会让我们伤筋动骨,但削弱阿斯莫德信仰之力的计划,就会被放慢。 Thus it can be seen...... the interior had/left the rebel, is inevitable ”, Perez. 由此可见……内部出了叛徒,是必然的”,瑞佩雷斯。 Slows down slows down! When we attack tower ear Talos directly, only Lancet Morde, but also wants to contend with your majesty?” Patrik said proudly. “放慢就放慢!等我们直接攻打到塔耳塔洛斯,区区一个阿斯莫德,还想跟陛下抗衡?”派崔克傲然说。 If pure is this, naturally does not have the issue, but now is thorniest, is rear area......”. “如果单纯是这样,自然没问题,可现在最棘手的,是后方……”。 Rear area?” “后方?” Silver home?” “西尔弗国内?” Singer Faith is busy at asking: „Did Perez, what you investigate?” 辛格菲斯忙问道:“瑞佩雷斯,你调查到了什么?” Another two of three crowns, not law-abiding...... “三冠的另外两位,都不安分…… Kelander today, sends out three Wang di officially, seven king Shipa, lead the army jointly, must take over control of the Silver kingdom 1300 main world. 凯兰德在今天,正式派出三王蒂朵,七王斯波,联手率领军队,要接管西尔弗王国一千三百个主要世界。 The reason is...... wartime special period, assists to guard country territory. 理由是……‘战时特殊时期,协助守卫封国领土’。 The god monk also lets that group of monks in Aragon wholeheartedly specially, prays for our Silver nationals, wish us to win to turn over to...... 神僧一心还特意让阿拉贡的那帮和尚,为我们西尔弗国民祈福,祝我们大胜而归…… Two sang a duet, was really kind. ” 两位一唱一和,真是‘宅心仁厚’。” Absurd!! Kelander is not at while us, can invade our Silver?!” “岂有此理!!凯兰德是趁我们都不在,要入侵我们西尔弗?!” He is the Queen elder brother, how can be not so concerned about face!?” “他好歹是王后的兄长,怎能如此不要脸!?” Our spear/gun sovereign, the present is deity country War God, once this time triumphs, which also does turn to obtain him to work as the god sovereign?” “我们枪皇陛下,如今乃天神国战神,一旦此番得胜,哪还轮得到他当神皇?” Therefore...... wants to disturb us inevitably, making us divert attention!” “所以……必然是想干扰我们,让我们分心!” Numerous Divine General is filled with righteous indignation one by one, wishes one could to go back immediately, pursuit god sovereign army. 神将各个义愤填膺,恨不得立刻回去,驱逐神皇大军。 Tai Cang is actually calm, cannot see any happy anger. 太沧倒是一脸平静,看不出什么喜怒。 How Mulder Grandmaster...... do you see?” “穆尔德大师……你怎么看?” Has been hanging down the eyelid, as if in Mulder of dozing off, this raised the head. 一直低垂着眼皮,仿佛在打瞌睡的穆尔德,这才抬头。 Your majesty expedites personally, also carries off the bright spear/gun health/guard...... “陛下亲自远征,带走所有神枪卫…… In Silver void, the god sovereign seizes the chance to take back the territory, by no means is unusual. 西尔弗境内空虚,神皇趁机要收回领地,并不稀奇。 These matters, your majesty thinks that some expectations, completed the plan early inevitably. 这些事,陛下想必都早有预料,必然是做好了打算。 My this old man, is naturally depending on your majesty, follows the lead ”. 我这个老头子,自然是依着陛下,马首是瞻”。 haha!! Knows me, Mulder Grandmaster......” 哈哈!!知我者,穆尔德大师……” Tai Cang sets out suddenly, the fine glow that the double pupil reveals sweeps away the hall, invisible pressure, deters the audience. 太沧霍然起身,双眸露出的精芒横扫大厅,一股无形的威压,震慑全场。 this King this time goes to battle, the heptarchy is the appetizer! 本王此番出征,第七王国不过是开胃菜! Only tower ear Talos, a this King spear/gun sweeps away is! 区区一个塔耳塔洛斯,本王一枪横扫便是! A bigger goal, lures the snake from its hole! 更大的目标,就是引蛇出洞! God sovereign Kelander, the virtue non- coordinate, behind this King, sneaks a look the envious hatred for a long time! 那神皇凯兰德,德不配位,在本王背后,窥觑嫉恨已久! this King carries off the bright spear/gun health/guard and elite army intentionally, he goes to enter, lowly one!! 本王故意带走所有神枪卫与精锐大军,他果真趁虚而入,小人尔!! His injustice, happen to do not blame this King to have a falling out! 他不仁不义,正好也别怪本王翻脸无情! No matter this King in you, the has or doesn't have rebel, or who is a rebel! 本王不管你们中,有没有叛徒,亦或谁是叛徒! this King does not care! 本王不在乎! Now the spear/gun of this King slaughter dragon in the hand, the world is the this King it's in the bag! Extremely easy to obtain! 如今本王屠龙之枪在手,天下已是本王囊中之物!唾手可得! You then along with me together, the slaughter demon murders the god!! ” 尔等便随我一同,屠魔弑神!!” In the hall several hundred Divine General, immediately one's blood bubbles up to the brim, shouts loudly spear/gun sovereign! 厅内数百神将,顿时热血沸腾,高呼“枪皇”! Your majesty! Originally is you designs intentionally, is waiting for Kelander oneself reveal ambitions?” “陛下!原来是您故意设计,等着凯兰德自己暴露野心?” Patrik haha laughs: „ End will want this to take fights hammer army elite, from mothership transmission, returns to Silver, killed three king and seven kings of that invasion! 派崔克哈哈大笑:“末将愿意这就带上战锤军精锐,从母舰传送阵,返回西尔弗,杀了那入侵的三王和七王! Their principles were ended to subdue|grams by me! Two are not a problem by an enemy!! 他们两个的法则被我完克!以一敌二也不成问题!! Was worrying that the strategy level demon of that heptarchy will not have presented that the son-of-a-bitch who kills two Kelander, good first to make my Ironblood games hammer sleek/moist to polish!! ” 正愁那第七王国的战略级魔将没出现,杀俩凯兰德的狗奴才,也好先让我的铁血锤润润色!!”
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