MCBW :: Volume #31

#3076: Mistrusting each other

Pen interest pavilion, renews my iceberg beauty wife latest chapter most quickly! 笔趣阁,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆最新章节! Arrives at the waiting slightly in builds, a board of white gold-edged, has placed. 来到等待的小筑内,一张白色金边的会议桌,已经摆放好。 The dragon five sits down by Kelander nearby, manages oneself to start to eat the fruit tray on table. 龙五挨着凯兰德身边坐下,管自己已经开始吃桌上的果盘。 That thing, bringing?” Kelander asked in a low voice. “那东西,带着吧?”凯兰德低声问。 Dragon five hehe smile: Bringing! Can the maintaining life fellow, how forget?” 龙五嘿嘿一笑:“带着呢!保命家伙,怎么能忘?” no matter what anxiously eating, not do not waste the effect, copes with Tai Cang, is a protracted war, Kelander said. 千万别急着吃,莫要浪费效果,对付太沧,是一场持久战”,凯兰德道。 Father-in-law, you determined that really can withstand? Helper who you look , is actually credible?” “老丈人,你确定真的能顶住?你找的帮手,到底靠不靠谱啊?” Kelander depends toward the chair on easely, I choose to make three king and seven kings come, naturally reasonable. 凯兰德悠然往椅子上一靠,“我选择让三王和七王过来,自然是有道理的”。 Dragon five dynasty and Shipa take a look. 龙五朝蒂朵和斯波瞅了瞅。 Your what principle? Divulging the details, is good to take care of!” “你们都什么法则?透透底,也好有个照应啊!” Giggle said with a smile: Relax, the chieftan, naturally knew when the time comes. 蒂朵咯咯笑道:“放心吧,驸马爷,到时候自然就知道了”。 hehe...... our principles, not suitable casual demonstration, the face under Shipa hood, said with a smile randomly gloomily. 呵呵……我们的法则,不适合随便乱展示”,斯波兜帽下的脸,阴森笑道。 Is speaking, transmission that side once again twinkle. 正说话间,传送阵那边再次闪烁。 The young man who wears the azure cheongsam, was carefree and content. 一名身穿青色长衫的年轻男子,悠然自得走了过来。 Sword god, awaited respectfully for a long time!” “剑神,恭候已久了!” Kelander and others set out to greet. 凯兰德等起身迎接。 Ye Fan swept person in a conference room, somewhat wonders saying: This is you looks, can deal with the Tai Cang person?” 叶帆扫了一眼会议室内的人,有些纳闷道:“这就是你找来,要对付太沧的人?” indeed, Kelander nods. 正是”,凯兰德点头。 Were a much less, was counted me, had seven. “有点多了吧,算上我,都有七个了”。 Ye Fan this computation, naturally also calculated invisible Liu Sensi. 叶帆这一计算,自然是把隐形的刘森思也算在内了。 And Shipa looks at each other one, heart sighs secretly, is the sword god, Liu Sensi has not moved worthily, by sensation. 蒂朵和斯波对视一眼,心中暗叹,不愧是剑神,刘森思都没动,也被感知到了。 hehe, were many being all right, was short will have the risk. They can appreciate emperor level sword intent of sword god in side, Kelander said. 呵呵,多了没事,少了才会有风险。他们可以在旁欣赏剑神的帝王级剑意”,凯兰德道。 God sovereign will speak. “神皇还是会说话”。 Ye Fan smiles, arrives at dragon five nearby, a face sized up under the dragon curiously five. 叶帆笑了笑,走到龙五身边,一脸好奇地打量了下龙五。 This was...... recently your deity clan, made not peaceful human powerhouse, the dragon five?” “这就是……最近把你们天神族,闹得不安宁的人类强者,龙五?” hehe, sword god, well met well met. 嘿嘿,剑神是吧,幸会幸会”。 The dragon five shakes hand with Ye Fan. 龙五跟叶帆去握了握手。 Today may probably depend on you, may do undying Tai Cang by us!” “今天可要靠你了,靠我们可搞不死太沧啊!” I , if there is full assurance to kill Tai Cang, will not come to here, Ye Fan light say/way. “我要是有十足把握杀死太沧,也不会来这里”,叶帆淡淡道。 That...... that we cooperate!” The dragon five said seriously. “那……那我们通力合作!”龙五一本正经说。 Meanwhile, passes message quietly to Kelander. 同时,悄悄传音给凯兰德。 Father-in-law, this sword god is a gruff package! “老丈人,这剑神就是一憨包! A while or first uses him, with the Tai Cang tangled warfare. 等会儿要不先利用他,跟太沧混战。 Then do we go to enter, coming to benefit as the third party in a dispute? ” 然后我们趁虚而入,来个渔翁得利?” Naturally is this plan, Tai Cang, if saw the sword god, is the personal enemy meets general inevitably, certainly must begin. “自然是这个打算,太沧若见了剑神,必然是仇人相见一般,肯定要动手的”。 haha, I know, the father-in-law you are plan to kill two birds with one stone! This helper looks well, has the sword god, Tai Cang killed on no difficulty!” 哈哈,我就知道,老丈人你是打算一箭双雕!这帮手找得好,有剑神在,太沧杀起来就没什么难度了!” First do not reveal, Tai Cang is our priority targets, the sword god...... is secondary strikes to kill goal. “先不要表露,太沧是我们的首要目标,剑神……是次要击杀目标”。 Kelander passes message replied coolly. 凯兰德面不改色地传音回道 Feels relieved the father-in-law, by the performing skill, I am specialized......? Isn't right?” “放心老丈人,论演技,我是专业的……唉?不对啊?” Dragon five also pass on the sound said: „ This sword god, not so far as is such stupid? 龙五传音道:“这个剑神,不至于这么蠢吧? His could it be will not suspect, we can plan to kill them in secret? ” 难道不会怀疑,我们会不会暗中计划把他们都杀了?” He suspects also useless, because of him must with a Tai Cang war. “他怀疑也没用,因为他必须要跟太沧一战。 But from the personal history of this sword god, he has the mercy to the common people. 而从这个剑神的履历来看,他对苍生有悲悯之心。 With its waits for the major war to erupt, he is definitely willing to choose, a few individual fights, solve the problem. 与其等待大规模战争爆发,他肯定更愿意选择,少数几个人战斗,解决问题。 Therefore, to him, this ahead of time with the opportunity that Tai Cang fights, will not miss. 所以,对他而言,这个提前跟太沧一战的机会,是不会错过的。 as far as our how layout, their these emperor level powerhouse, will be able despising. 至于我们会如何布局,他们这些帝王级强者,都会‘藐视’。 Because, does not have is absolutely self-confident, is impossible to comprehend the emperor level ideal condition...... 因为,没有绝对自信,就不可能领悟帝王级意境…… In their opinion, no matter we make anything to arrange, they are the final winners. 在他们看来,不管我们做什么安排,他们都是最后赢家。 We are unable to interfere with him and Tai Cang fight, do not say kills him. 我们无法干涉他与太沧的战斗,更别说杀死他。 The emperor level are few, is this extremely arrogant character flaw, often makes these fellows live is not long...... 帝王级之所以少,就是这个狂妄的性格缺陷,往往都让这些家伙活不长…… general was unable to grow, had died. ” 一般都还没能成长起来,就已经夭折了。” Dragon five heart call out in alarm: Father-in-law! You are uncanny prediction!” 龙五心里惊呼:“老丈人!你就是神算子啊!” Dragon five with Kelander passes message quietly, while treats with courtesy with Ye Fan with a smile. 龙五与凯兰德一边悄悄传音,一边则笑着跟叶帆应酬。 Kelander, should say that your plan, Ye Fan asked. “凯兰德,该说说你的计划了吧”,叶帆问道。 Actually is also far complex, Kelander said with a smile: Helper who „ today I look, three Wang di, seven king Shipa. “其实也谈不上多复杂”,凯兰德笑道:“今日我找来的帮手,三王蒂朵,七王斯波。 Their principles, coordinate with my principle, can let this world, turns into the most interesting battlefield...... 他们的法则,与我的法则配合,可以让这个世界,变成最有趣的战场…… But the mind monk, Tai Cang wants the time to be here longer, must defeat without doubt! 而有一心神僧在,太沧只要在这里时间久一些,必败无疑! The sword god must do, nothing but does not make him leave this world, constrains him then ”. 剑神要做的,无非是不让他离开这个世界,把他拖住即可”。 Is simple on such?” Ye Fan asked. “就这么简单?”叶帆问。 indeed. 正是”。 „Is that this transparent fellow, does do?” Ye Fan smiles, should you not want him, what makes to assassinate?” “那这个透明的家伙,是干嘛的?”叶帆哂笑,“该不会你要他,做什么暗杀吧?” Four king Liu Sensi, follows about me year to year. Although he is good at assassinating, but to Tai Cang, should be chanceless. “四王刘森思,常年跟随我左右。他虽然擅长暗杀,但对太沧,应该毫无机会”。 I feared that...... you form a partnership, can me and Tai Cang, all carries?” Ye Fan coldly asks. “我就怕……你们是合伙,要把我和太沧,全都端了吧?”叶帆冷冷问道。 Kelander smiles: „ If the sword god worried that this matter, that should also not keep an appointment? 凯兰德微笑:“若剑神担心这点事,那也应该不会来赴约吧? Tai Cang, I am not clear, but...... according to the fight personal history of sword god, should we collaborate, cannot do to you ”. 太沧,我是不清楚,但……按照剑神的战斗履历,应该我们联手,也奈何不了你”。 The Ye Fan chuckle, calculates that you said right, I urged you, obedient observed well in side. 叶帆轻笑,“算你说对了,我劝你们,还是乖乖在旁边观战就好”。 Worthily is the sword god, aggressive!” Dragon five tch tch commended, a face worship appearance. “不愧是剑神,霸气!”龙五啧啧称赞,一脸崇拜模样。 Patricia, likes your such type unexpectedly, is unusual, Ye Fan shakes the head with a smile. “帕特里夏,竟然喜欢你这样的类型,也是稀奇”,叶帆则笑着摇头。 Chatted the little while, transmission once again shone the ray finally. 闲聊了会儿,传送阵终于再次亮起光芒。 One full is the terrifying aura of agile and fierce Junwei, filled the air instantaneously in all directions. 一股满是剽悍君威的恐怖气息,瞬间弥漫了四面八方。 Tai Cang came, you take the thing, under clothing/taking!” 太沧来了,你把东西拿出来,服下!” Kelander explains the dragon five. 凯兰德交待龙五。 The dragon five swallows the throat, hurried to put out that dragon Yuan, forced in the mouth. 龙五咽了咽喉咙,赶紧拿出了那龙元,塞进嘴里。 According to me teaches your method, waits to revolve, can release inside essence!” “按照我教你的法门,等下运转,就能释放里面的精华!” The dragon five nods , indicating to understand. 龙五点点头,表示了解。 Kelander has not said anything again, goes out quickly, haha is laughing welcome. 凯兰德没再多说什么,快步出去,哈哈大笑着迎接。 Tai Cang! My brother-in-law, on the way of such important marching, asking you to come, but was really embarrassed!” 太沧!我的妹夫,这么要紧的行军途中,叫你过来,可真是不好意思啊!” Tai Cang dark-red light armor, although is facile, but is actually the special material quality builds. 太沧一身暗红色轻甲,虽然轻便,但却是特殊材质打造。 His nearby talent knows, this mail-armor and helmet is the black, because of a too many fight, after the blood is incarnadine , the also unceasing recast, had the beautiful dark red gloss. 身边的人才知道,这身甲胄本是黑色,因为太多次战斗,鲜血染红后不断重铸,才有了妖艳的暗红光泽。 In his behind, the robust man Patrik whole face is to disdaining of god sovereign. 在他身后,壮汉派崔克满脸是对神皇的不屑。 But glasses man Vick Ness, then looks at all around vigilantly. 眼镜男维克内斯,则是警惕看着四周。 Kelander, this King has no intention with your grade of lowly one, exchanged greetings insincerely!” “凯兰德,本王无意与你这等小人,假意寒暄!” Such remarks , Shipa and other, look cold. 此话一出,蒂朵、斯波等几个,都目光冷了下来。 „Is such direct?...... Really is your attitude, Kelander actually by no means accidental. 这么直接?呵……真是你的作风”,凯兰德倒是并不意外 Tai Cang direct finger in a flash, hints the god sovereign to go away. 太沧直接手指一晃,示意神皇滚开。 Is waiting for suffering to death in side, this King today, must first meet that emperor level sword intent!” “在旁等着受死,本王今日,要先会一会那帝王级剑意!”
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