MCBW :: Volume #28

#2794: Hybrid succuba

笔趣阁, renews my iceberg beauty wife latest chapter most quickly!,最快更新我冰山美女老婆最新章节! Suriel, this flying leech cultivation base is very high, moreover it with the ablation principle, had been strengthened......” 莎莉叶,这条飞天水蛭修为很高,而且它与消融法则,已经被强化了……” I know!” “我知道!” Ye Fan is stunned, looks at girl firm look, suddenly heart understood anything. 叶帆愕然,看着女孩坚决眼神,突然心里明白了什么。 So long as from infancy to maturity, Suriel reveals this look, she is never disappointing. 从小到大,只要莎莉叶露出这种眼神,她就从不让人失望。 Good...... I to understand, that you yourself alerts momentarily, I may not be able to keep in view you momentarily. “好……我明白了,那你自己随时戒备,我可能随时会顾不到你”。 Ye Fan knows, the sword accidental surface, is flooding the gastric juice. 叶帆知道,剑意外面,充斥着胃酸。 Even if oneself can kill this flying leech, Suriel is also very possible to be embezzled by the gastric juice instantaneously. 哪怕自己能杀死这条飞天水蛭,莎莉叶也很可能瞬间被胃酸吞没。 A Ye Fan slightly consideration, at this time, must use highly concentrated sword intent, can be effective. 叶帆略一考虑,这种时候,必须用高浓度剑意,才可以有效。 Body of that type sword god, although seems like that can break open this stomach, but has not actually released, was melted. 剑神之躯那种,虽然看似能撑破这个胃,但其实还没释放完,就被消融了。 Ye Fan stimulates to movement sword intent, toward to the stomach wall near region, is close diligently. 叶帆催动剑意,朝着离胃壁近区域,努力接近。 More close to the stomach wall, more is close to the secretion gastric juice zero point. 越是靠近胃壁,就离分泌胃酸原点越接近。 The gastric juice seems waterfall general, washes out on sword intent. 胃酸好似瀑布一般,冲刷在剑意上。 Ye Fan wants to condense sword intent, needs the process, but many sword intent, but also without condensed, was melted on the midway. 叶帆想要凝聚剑意,也需要过程,但很多剑意,还没等凝聚出来,就中途被消融。 In inverse proportion, is protecting two people sword intent, is very frail. 此消彼长,护着两人剑意,已经很是单薄。 But Ye Fan does not have the means that if he leaves far, wields sword intent, cannot puncture this great stomach. 叶帆也没办法,他若离得远,挥出去剑意,根本打不穿这个巨胃。 Unparalleled, Shura!” “无双,修罗!” Ye Fan seizes the time, Shura sword intent cuts, instantaneous also attached ten heavy disintegration! 叶帆看准时机,一记修罗剑意斩出,瞬间是附加了十重解体 Roared but crecent moon, even if ten heavy disintegration, because of the ablation relations, only reduced usually half! 咆哮而出新月,哪怕十重解体,也因为消融关系,只缩减到了平时一半! But even so, the unparalleled sword intent lethality, is on the stomach wall, cut an opening! 可即便如此,无双剑意杀伤力,还是在胃壁上,斩出了一条口子! The gastric juice was divided expunges toward the both sides, the middle presented a crevice. 胃酸被劈地朝两侧开去,中间出现了一条裂隙。 The entire stomach, the obvious convulsion, the gastric juice turns wells up! 整个胃部,明显痉挛,胃酸翻涌! Even so, thick incomparable stomach wall, unexpectedly under such sword, does not have is thorough. 但即便如此,厚实无比胃壁,竟然在这样一剑之下,也没有彻底破碎。 The blood flows, the wound is healing fast. 鲜血流淌,伤口正快速愈合。 But Ye Fan this sword wields, lets protect their liquid sword intent, was destroyed! 叶帆一剑挥出,却让护着他们液态剑意,也被打碎了! Suriel!” 莎莉叶!” Ye Fan had a premonition that the nearby girl danger, he restored the liquid sword intent protector without enough time. 叶帆预感到身边女孩危险了,他来不及修复液态剑意保护层。 he himself skin rough flesh thick, has dragon blood battle armor to protect the body, can slightly anti-, but Suriel is not good! 他自己皮糙肉厚,有龙血战甲护体,可以稍微抗一下,但莎莉叶不行! In an instant, only felt that a nearby shadow, flies to flee! 刹那间,只感觉身边一道阴影,飞窜而出! Suriel in that time, turns into the specters, as far as possible avoidance injury. 莎莉叶在那一时刻,化成魔影,尽可能躲避伤害。 The specters cultivation the pinnacle, theoretically is the invincible condition. 魔影修炼到极致,理论上是无敌状态。 But Suriel after all also not grown, therefore the specters also can only resist some killing. 莎莉叶毕竟还没成年,所以魔影也只能抵挡部分杀伤。 Sees only Suriel across raiding the gastric juice, charged into the stomach crack directly! 只见莎莉叶穿过袭来胃酸,直接冲向了胃部裂缝! Ye Fan is wondering, girl does could it be want to force the wearing out stomach wall? 叶帆正纳闷,女孩难道是想强行穿破胃壁? But following , makes Ye Fan dumbfounded, the state of mind flew quickly! 可接下来一幕,却让叶帆目瞪口呆,神魂都快飞出去了! Suriel while wound there, the gastric juice has not welled up unexpectedly instantaneous, reveals the figure. 莎莉叶竟然趁着伤口那里,胃酸还没涌过来瞬间,显露身形。 Meanwhile, her double pupil exudes the scarlet ray, the reveal sharp fang, opened mouth to bite in that stomach wall the flesh organization! 同时,她双眸泛起猩红光芒,露锋锐獠牙,张嘴一口咬住了那胃壁内血肉组织! The flying leech how huge body, in its stomach wall, some are actually tiny the incomparable blood vessel, in front of Suriel, seems very sturdy. 飞天水蛭何其庞大身躯,它胃壁内,一些其实细小无比血管,在莎莉叶面前,都显得很是粗壮。 Suriel this bites, bloody water, poured into her mouth! 莎莉叶这一口咬下去,一股股血水,就灌注进了她口中! Even if outside this little while will well up to melt momentarily all gastric juices, but Suriel does not fear! 哪怕这会儿外面随时会涌来消融一切胃酸,可莎莉叶也毫不恐惧! Her look is assured, does not attend to this bloody water disgustingly, the multi- stenches, she also takes by all means crazily! 眼神笃定,不顾这血水有多恶心,多腥臭,她也只管疯狂吸食! Ye Fan saw that the gastric juice must submerge Suriel, condenses sword intent, wants to protect Suriel. 叶帆眼看着胃酸要将莎莉叶淹没,凝聚起剑意,想要去保护莎莉叶 But periphery the gastric juice density is too high at this moment, must condense enough to measure sword intent, is difficult! 可这一刻周围胃酸浓度太高,要凝聚出足够量剑意,更是难上加难! In addition Ye Fan oneself is also withstanding the gastric juice ablation principle, has one misfortune after another! 加上叶帆自己也在承受胃酸消融法则,更是雪上加霜! Compared with the oneself life important girl, was also corroded by the gastric juice shortly, Ye Fan an eye of desire to crack! 眼看着比自己生命还重要女孩,被胃酸侵蚀,叶帆呲目欲裂! Suriel!!” 莎莉叶!!” Suriel could not have heard Ye Fan to say anything at this time. 莎莉叶此时已经听不到叶帆在说什么。 She felt that the body whole body is firing, corrode the strength, is decomposing her! 她感觉身体全身都在灼烧,一股股腐蚀力量,在将她分解! But, sucks these blood, is actually also giving her body to bring about the change rapidly! 可是,吸食进去这些血液,却也在迅速给她身体带来变化! Flying leech essence, with the Suriel within the body devil granule, start to unify. 一股股飞天水蛭精华,与莎莉叶体内恶魔粒子,开始结合。 In the Suriel scarlet double pupil, exudes to wipe the monster green ray...... 莎莉叶猩红双眸里,泛起一抹妖绿色光芒…… The whole body pain gradually reduces, body is not unexpectedly sore, did not burn burns...... 浑身痛楚逐渐减少,身体竟然不疼了,不灼烫了…… , Suriel these were further corroded the wound, starts to heal...... 更进一步,莎莉叶那些被腐蚀伤口,也开始愈合…… Yan to extinguish ash fire!!” “阎灭余烬!!” Ye Fan linked is wielding cut three swords, on the stomach wall around Suriel, also cut three wounds ruthlessly. 叶帆连着挥砍了三剑,在莎莉叶周围胃壁上,狠狠砍出了三道伤口。 Suriel!” 莎莉叶!” Sends away as far as possible the gastric juice, Ye Fan saw clearly the girl condition. 将胃酸尽可能地屏退开去,叶帆看清了女孩状况。 Suriel turned head, the corners of the mouth hold the blood, in the pupil flash through wipe the turquoise general halo. 莎莉叶回头,嘴角含着鲜血,眸子里闪过一抹绿松石般的光晕。 Ye Fan sees her body, corrodes does not seem to have what effect, the whole body shakes! 叶帆看到她身上,腐蚀似乎并没起什么效果,不禁浑身一震! could it be said that...... Suriel through taking the flying leech blood, did obtain the antibody? 难道说……莎莉叶通过吸食飞天水蛭鲜血,得到了抗体? Still remembers, when Earth, Suriel, once sucks the blood, will strengthen, but will gradually lose the reason. 犹记得,在地球上时,莎莉叶一旦吸食血液,就会强化,但会逐渐失去理智。 Now Suriel, she blood sucking the strengthen ability, as if obtained enhancement? 现在莎莉叶,她吸血变强能力,似乎得到了加强? The flying leech principle, naturally cannot injure its oneself, but this point characteristics, had been controlled by Suriel. 飞天水蛭法则,自然伤不到它自己,而这一点特性,已经被莎莉叶掌控了。 Perhaps,...... mixes Blood Clan bloodlines Suriel from certain perspectives, is more powerful than the pure blood succuba? 或许,从某些角度来看……混合血族血脉莎莉叶,比纯血魔女还要强大? What's the matter...... this is not the abyss succuba ability! Guelaud Lya Princess, what did you make?” “怎么回事……这不是深渊魔女能力!格洛莉亚公主,你做了什么?” Obviously, Gleiter realized that the situation is not right. 很显然,格莱特妮都意识到情况不对劲了。 Even if it lived several eras, has not seen this special abyss succuba. 纵然它活了数个纪元,也没见过这种特殊深渊魔女。 Ye Fan cracks into a smile, since Suriel did not fear to corrode, that can attack independently...... 叶帆则咧嘴一笑,既然莎莉叶不怕腐蚀了,那就可以放手攻击了…… Sword god Tyrant body!” “剑神霸体!” Ye Fan strengthened the mortal body again, is lifting the black great sword, toward the flying leech stomach wall, is one cuts crazily! 叶帆再一次强化了肉身,举着黑色巨剑,朝着飞天水蛭胃壁,就是一通狂砍! The sword sword explodes the Yan to extinguish ash fire, just like operation blade general, this iron stomach, cuts pulpy! 剑剑爆裂阎灭余烬,宛如手术刀一般,将这个铁胃,切得稀烂! The flying leech twists in the in the air pain, wishes one could to spit Ye Fan, however is too late! 飞天水蛭在空中痛苦扭曲,恨不得将叶帆吐出来,但是为时已晚! Dragon blood battle armor disintegration, strengthened defense! 龙血战甲解体,强化防御! spiritual qi disintegration, strengthened restoration! 灵气解体,强化恢复! Even if the ablation principle, letting Ye Fan is unable to display all strengths smoothly, but depends upon disintegration, Ye Fan can have the full defensive power. 哪怕消融法则,让叶帆无法顺利发挥所有力量,但依靠解体,叶帆还是能拥有充分防御力。 Does not need to divert attention to protect Suriel, Ye Fan is refuting the corrosion directly, had a bloody road! 不需要分心保护莎莉叶,叶帆直接硬顶着腐蚀,杀出了一条血路! Thump thump thump!!” “咚咚咚!!” Just like crushing a boasting big drum, Ye Fan brings Suriel, from the flying leech ventralis, ripped open blood-stained mouth, drilled! 宛如击碎了一面牛皮大鼓,叶帆带着莎莉叶,从飞天水蛭腹侧,撕开了血口子,钻了出来! The flying leech just like kite with broken string, from in the air crashes, emerald-green body is unable to maintain the stealth again, injures extremely heavily. 飞天水蛭宛如断线风筝,从空中坠落,翠绿色身体无法再维持隐形,伤得极重。 Various its within the body organs, by a Ye Fan sword intent destruction, had been hard to fight a moment ago again. 它体内各种器官,在刚才被叶帆剑意一通破坏,已经难以再战。 Fell the ground, the flying leech entered crack, obviously was hidden by Gleiter. 一落到地面,飞天水蛭就进了一条地缝,显然被格莱特妮藏了起来。 Land rocks fiercely, as if making clear, Gleiter at this time mood hot tempered. 大地一阵剧烈晃动,仿佛昭示着,格莱特妮此时心情有多暴躁。 originally should force into the hopeless situation the Ye Fan two people, at least leaves behind abyss succuba . 本来应该是将叶帆二人逼入绝境,至少留下一个深渊魔女 Finally, did Suriel depend on the blood sucking to obtain the resistance unexpectedly? This is not in Gleiter cognition category! 结果,莎莉叶竟然靠吸血得到了抗性?这根本不在格莱特妮认知范畴之内! The little moments, the land returned to normal. 少许片刻,大地恢复了平静。 I acknowledged that...... this time is I loses considers as finished, the sword god, Guelaud Lya Princess, you walk......” Gleiter, although unreconciled, but also has to acknowledge that the punishment is deserved. “我承认……这一次是我失算了,剑神,格洛莉亚公主,你们走吧……”格莱特妮虽然不甘心,但也只好认栽。 Killing Ye Fan is too risky, and is too difficult. 叶帆太冒险,而且太难。 Must kill the succuba, may make contact with, does a thankless job. 要杀魔女,可能还要搭上许多,吃力不讨好。 Ye Fan turned head, looked at nearby Suriel, exchanged under the meaning with girl look. 叶帆回头,看了看身边的莎莉叶,与女孩眼神交换了下意思。 Immediately, Ye Fan shrugs. 随即,叶帆耸了耸肩。 Excuse me, now, we do not want to walk. “不好意思,现在,我们不想走了”。 Gleiter silent a while, exudes the sound to sneer. 格莱特妮沉默了一会儿,发出声冷笑。 Sword god, although you are very strong, perhaps you one day, can kill me sooner or later......, but...... absolutely is not now. “剑神,虽然你很强,或许你迟早有一天,能杀死我……但……绝对不是现在。 If you think, this King used a moment ago, is the complete strength, you also rather took for granted. 若你以为,本王刚才使用,就是全部力量,你也未免太想当然了。 Your severe wound the flying leech, this child is unable to return to the battlefield in a short time, the heptarchy should also be content ”. 你们重伤了飞天水蛭,这个孩子短时间内无法回到战场,第七王国也该知足了”。 Ye Fan grins, „ you said right, killing you are a long process, now I, cannot consume this time, does not need to take this risk. 叶帆咧嘴,“你说得没错,杀你是一个漫长过程,现在我,耗不起这个时间,也没必要冒这个风险。 However before...... just before leaving, we must ask for some interest. ” 但是……临走之前,我们怎么也要讨回一些利息。”
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