MCBW :: Volume #28

#2793: Absolutely not

Pen interest pavilion 笔趣阁, renews my iceberg beauty wife latest chapter most quickly!,最快更新我的冰山美女老婆最新章节! Only pitifully, these two method, are impractical. 只可惜,这两种手段,都不切实际。 His disintegration, is equal to committing suicide recklessly, is not cost-effective. 他不计后果地解体,等于自杀,不划算。 To Gleiter body disintegration, then the complex energy, must find out, but must spend time disintegration...... 对格莱特妮身体解体,那么复杂的能量,要摸清楚,还要花时间解体…… Does not wait for him to succeed, Gleiter gave to kill him, moreover to finally even if became, oneself was also not necessarily able to maintain a livelihood. 不等他成功,格莱特妮就把他给杀了,而且到最后哪怕成了,自己也未必能活命。 Worthily was top powerhouse of Taishi potential surface, killed any Devil King, was very difficult...... Ye Fan helpless. 不愧是太始位面的顶层强者,杀死任何一个魔王,都很难啊……叶帆无奈 Can hit is a matter, must kill, radically is two matters...... 能打是一回事,要杀死,根本就是两码事…… Ms. Gleiter, I acknowledged that must kill you to be very difficult, but you must kill us, is impossible. “格莱特妮女士,我承认要杀你很困难,但你要杀我们,也不可能。 My sword intent, your does not have any means reduce and solve, therefore...... I am also in an impregnable position. 我的剑意,你没有任何办法化解,所以……我也立于不败之地。 Was inferior that everyone receives the hand respectively, later also room to maneuver ”, Ye Fan sinking sound said. 不如大家各自收手,以后还有转圜的余地”,叶帆沉声道。 I truly cannot break through your sword intent, but...... does not represent our insect clan not to have the means......” “我确实攻不破你的剑意,但是……不代表我们虫族没办法……” Does not wait for Ye Fan revolving what meaning, in the sky to spread intermittent sonic boom. 不等叶帆细思什么意思,天空中传出一阵阵音爆。 Following close on, from the distant place, the wind is shooting to come stenches the green liquids. 紧跟着,从远处,飙射而来一股股腥臭的绿色液体。 These just like the liquid of green light beam, the impulse are extremely strong. 这些宛如绿色光束的液体,冲击力极强。 Ye Fan launches at the same time the diffraction sword shield directly! 叶帆直接展开一面折光剑盾! Thump thump thump!!......” “咚咚咚!!……” The stormy attack sound, making the sword shield start to become less crowded. 密集的打击声,让剑盾都开始松动。 Makes Ye Fan feel the terrifying, was own sword intent unexpectedly by...... the corrosion!? 更让叶帆感到恐怖的,是自己的剑意竟然被……腐蚀了!? sword intent was decomposed, and even flying sword, presented the black trace, time low, even was rotten! 剑意被分解,乃至飞剑,都出现了黑色的痕迹,品次低一点的,甚至腐烂了! any thing?! 什么东西?! Really has the liquid, can decompose his sword intent, corrodes his flying sword!? 竟然有液体,可以分解他的剑意,腐蚀他的飞剑!? Ye Fan knits the brows, as if this at all is not the ingredient reason of that liquid, but is...... a potential surface principle!? 叶帆皱眉,似乎这根本不是那液体的成分原因,而是……一种位面法则!? Ye Fan hurries to receive flying sword, loves dearly awfully. 叶帆赶紧收起飞剑,心疼的要命。 He loves the person of sword, if knows that this thing can injure flying sword, he rather takes risk to avoid forcefully, does not need the sword shield to resist. 他是爱剑之人,若知道这东西会伤害到飞剑,他宁可强行冒险躲避,也不用剑盾抵挡。 Hahahaha......” 哈哈哈哈……” Gleiter exudes the intermittent gloomy laughter, as if astonishment of very satisfied Ye Fan. 格莱特妮发出阵阵阴森笑声,似乎很满意叶帆的惊愕。 Whiz whiz whiz!-” “嗖嗖嗖!-” In the air, invisible any thing, passed over gently and swiftly extremely quickly. 空气中,隐形的什么东西,极快掠过。 The Ye Fan double pupil black flame is flaming, found that obviously is a giant energy body, because the speed is fast, is very difficult to catch. 叶帆双眸黑炎炽盛,明明找到了那是一股巨大的能量体,但因为速度快,很难捕捉。 Leads the shore of earth!” “率土之滨!” Ye Fan is disinclined to trace many, releases everywhere sword intent directly, several hundred sword spirit incarnations, start toward that invisible thing, is crazy the move. 叶帆懒得多去追踪,直接释放出漫天剑意,数百个剑灵化身,开始朝着那隐形的东西,疯狂出招。 But sword intent bumps into that thing outside body, was decomposed rapidly! 剑意碰到那东西的身体外侧,就被迅速分解! Ye Fan tries to see through that energy revolution way, actually discovered that behind also has the attack! 叶帆试图看穿那能量运转方式,却发现身后有攻击! Gleiter while this time, summoned several thousand eyeballs again, is releasing a lot of purple light beams to Ye Fan! 格莱特妮趁此时间,再一次重新召唤出数千只眼球,对着叶帆释放出千百道紫色光柱! wretched old insect queen!” 该死的老母虫!” Ye Fan criticizes, this Gleiter experiences always said, detected he rate/lead the shore of earth needs massive spiritual strength to maintain. 叶帆暗骂,这格莱特妮经验老道,察觉到他的率土之滨需要大量精神力维持。 Therefore, this little while once again used the spiritual attack, disturbs Ye Fan to display sword intent. 所以,这会儿再次使用了精神攻击,干扰叶帆施展剑意 Meanwhile, making Ye Fan anxious one appear! 与此同时,让叶帆揪心的一幕出现了! The thing of that stealth, charged into that package unexpectedly directly the Sally liquid sword intent spheroid! 那隐身的东西,竟然直接冲向了那包裹着莎莉叶的液态剑意球体! A opens the mouth, gave to swallow the entire sword intent spheroid! 一张口,将整个剑意球体都给吞噬了! Sally!!” 莎莉叶!!” The Ye Fan heart sinks, this thing unexpectedly all swallowed liquid sword intent and Sally!? 叶帆心一沉,这东西竟然把液态剑意莎莉叶全吞了!? This did not fear that supported oneself?! 这也不怕把自己撑死了?! In Ye Fan eye, only then pure energy body. 叶帆眼中,只有纯粹的能量体。 Sees that strange lifeform, after Sally eats flies away, displays the sword to walk roaming dragon directly, sets out to pursue! 见那诡异的生物,将莎莉叶吃掉后飞走,直接施展剑走游龙,起身追去! If the distance by the move back, he is unable to control own liquid sword intent. 要是距离被拉远了,那他就无法控制自己的液态剑意 When the time comes Sally was equal to the one person alone fell into that monster body. 到时候莎莉叶等于孤身陷入了那怪物的身体内部。 thoughts arrived at this, Ye Fan is burning with impatience. 一念及此,叶帆心急如焚。 Suddenly, in the sky from all directions, welled up various innumerable insect clans. 忽然,天空中从四面八方,涌来了数不清的各种虫族。 Colorful, the size varies, looked on insect that the ability varies, separated the Ye Fan pursuit path! 色彩斑斓,大小不一,一看就能力各异的虫子,隔断了叶帆的追踪路线! Ye Fan where has the thoughts to prolong contact at this time, is burning the sword intent roaring flame, delimits together the flame way, pursued! 叶帆此时哪有心思恋战,燃烧着剑意烈焰,划出一道火焰路径,直追了上去! Launched six pairs of dragon scale sword wings, the Ye Fan speed stimulates to movement the pinnacle. 展开六对龙鳞剑翼,叶帆的速度催动到了极致。 blink of an eye, Ye Fan caught up with that monster! 眨眼功夫,叶帆追上了那怪物! But, the situation suddenly changes! 可是,情况陡然一变! That monster unexpectedly turned head? 那怪物竟然一个回头 The eye Scarlet, Ye Fan entered a long road a while ago probably, the stench is incomparable! 眼前一阵猩红,叶帆像是进入了一条长长的甬道,腥臭无比! Ye Fan was actually also stuttered! 叶帆竟然也被一口吃了进去! Don't this goods really fear death?! 这货真不怕死吗?! Ye Fan first has not been afraid, instead feeling this boy is simply bold! 叶帆第一时间并没害怕,反而感觉这厮简直胆大包天! Ate oneself, so long as with sword intent from an inside stamp, this fellow didn't die? 吃了自己,只要用剑意从里面一戳,这家伙不就死了? Ye Fan felt that Sally in the front, is supposing in the stomach, first took advantage of opportunity to fly. 叶帆感觉到莎莉叶就在前方,估摸着是在胃部,也就先顺势飞了进去。 Sally!” 莎莉叶!” Ye Fan at present the scene changes, all around encircles is the cyan thick liquid, the disgusting smell makes one sick. 叶帆眼前景象一变,四周围都是蓝绿色的粘稠液体,恶心的气味让人作呕。 really, he had entered the stomach of this invisible monster. 果然,他已经进入了这隐形怪物的胃部。 Is wrapping the Sally liquid sword intent spheroid, at this time was being disintegrated rapidly. 包裹着莎莉叶的液态剑意球体,这时正被迅速地瓦解。 Ye Fan hurried to assemble sword intent, one and protected oneself and Sally. 叶帆赶紧重新调集了剑意,将自己莎莉叶一并保护起来。 Brother Ye Fan, did you come in?” A Sally face is anxious. 叶帆哥,你怎么也进来了?”莎莉叶一脸不安。 It swallowed you, I naturally must come to have a look, but its this is brings about own destruction, Ye Fan said with a smile. “它把你吞了,我当然要进来看看,不过它这是自寻死路”,叶帆笑道。 I thought that this insect is the strategy level demon, flying leech! “我想起来了,这个虫子是战略级魔将,飞天水蛭! The flying speed is extremely fast, will enter the stealth the condition, its potential surface principle is ablation! 飞行速度极快,而且会进入隐身的状态,它的位面法则是‘消融’! By thing that it eats, no matter anything, will be digested rapidly completely! ” Sally said. 被它吃掉的东西,不管是什么,都会被迅速消化殆尽的!”莎莉叶道。 really is the strength of principle......” 果然是法则的力量么……” Ye Fan said, this pure is only gastric juice words, was too strong. 叶帆就说,这单纯只是胃酸的话,也太强了点。 Since Gleiter must compensate a strategy level demon, I accepted. “既然格莱特妮要赔上一个战略级魔将,那我就收下了”。 The Ye Fan whole body protects with sword intent, simultaneously wields the great sword, planned that breaks open an opening in the giant stomach. 叶帆浑身用剑意护住,同时挥动巨剑,打算在巨大的胃部破开一个口子。 But he just about to wields sword intent, discovery all around gastric juice unexpectedly is overwhelming! 可他刚要挥出剑意,却发现四周的胃酸竟然翻江倒海! In all directions, on the stomach wall, secretes the incessant gastric juice! 四面八方,胃壁上,分泌出滔滔不绝的胃酸! The flying leech, as if in a short time, obtained the large scale strengthening! 飞天水蛭,似乎在短时间内,得到了大幅度强化! Damn! Is the strength of belief!?” “该死!是信仰之力!?” In just, Gleiter obviously let the own demon the combat capability improvement! 就在刚刚,格莱特妮明显让自己的魔将战力提升了! Ye Fan judges instantaneously, if oneself this little while attack, Sally will be very dangerous! 叶帆瞬间判断出来,自己若这会儿攻击,莎莉叶会很危险! Under helpless, Ye Fan can only first defend full power! 迫于无奈,叶帆只能全力先防御! Liquid sword intent wraps two people again, sword intent increases unceasingly, but was actually corroded by this ablation principle fast. 液态剑意将两人再度包裹,剑意不断增加,但却被这股消融法则快速腐蚀。 such gets down, two people will beset with a crisis. 这么下去,两人都会陷入危机。 Sword God, why asks you to leave early...... must arrive this step.” 剑神,早让你走……何必要走到这一步。” My child, is my pride, you could see through some principles, but how...... can also?” “我的这个孩子,可是我的骄傲,你或许能看穿一些法则,但是……能怎样?” Even the specters of abyss succuba, under this potential surface principle, it will still be melted thoroughly!” “就算是深渊魔女的魔影,在这种位面法则下,它也将被彻底消融!” With my help, this child, you two, will digest together, is called its dinner. “在我的帮助下,这个孩子,会将你们两个,一起消化,称为它的晚餐”。 Gleiter to the flying leech, is transporting the strength of belief continuously. 格莱特妮源源不断地给个飞天水蛭,输送着信仰之力。 The flying leech of stealth, in in the air excitedly around circle, the sprint of extremely quick speed, sends out the intermittent sonic boom! 隐身的飞天水蛭,在空中兴奋地绕着圈子,极快速度的冲刺,发出阵阵音爆! Meanwhile, the two people in stomach, the feeling is the mighty waves is in all directions turbulent. 同时,胃里的两人,感觉四面八方都是波涛汹涌。 Ye Fan deeply frowns, his Unparalleled Sword Intent, realm is higher, the principle that can see through are more. 叶帆眉头紧锁,他的无双剑意,境界越高,能看穿的法则越多。 But this flying leech ablation, possibly is because realm is high, the also biological relations, are complex, sees through very much difficultly thoroughly. 但这飞天水蛭的“消融”,可能是因为境界高,还有生物性的关系,非常复杂,很难彻底看穿。 If only his one person, pours also easy to do, even if takes risk, directly enters altruism sword boundary, killing to go out. 若只是他一个人,倒也好办,哪怕冒险一下,直接进入“无我剑境”,一路杀出去得了。 But, Sally in nearby, must worry the attack and defense, must be able to attend to one thing without losing track of another thing. 可是,莎莉叶身边,就必须顾虑到进攻和防御,不能顾此失彼。 After all, the main objective of opposite party, is Sally. 毕竟,对方的主要目标,是莎莉叶 Sally bites the silver tooth tightly, gripped tightens both hands, finger armor was even piercing the own palm. 莎莉叶紧咬银牙,攥紧着双手,手指甲甚至刺穿了自己的掌心。 She hates own useless, will hold back to Ye Fan unexpectedly!? 她恨自己的没用,竟然会给叶帆拖后腿!? Although said that the care is chaotic, too long has not seen Ye Fan, couldn't bear pursues here. 虽然说关心则乱,太久没见到叶帆,才忍不住一路追到这边。 But she never likes finding the excuse! 但她从来就不喜欢找借口! useless is useless! Making a mistake was wrong! 没用就是没用!错了就是错了! oneself was really more live...... 自己真是越活越回去了…… Not! Cannot become Ye Fan implicates...... absolutely not! 不可以!不可以成为叶帆的拖累……绝对不可以! Sally raised the head suddenly, the double pupil is chilly. 莎莉叶猛然抬头,双眸清冷坚决。 Brother Ye Fan, your by all means killing to go out, do not worry me, I can protect oneself......” 叶帆哥,你只管杀出去,不要顾虑我,我能保护自己……”
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