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#1810: Pin money

Murders the day of blade edge Chapter 1810 pin money 弒天刃第1810章私房錢 «» main text Chapter 1810 pin money 《》正文第1810章私房錢 «» 《》 «» main text Chapter 1810 pin money 《》正文第1810章私房錢 This matter, has spread in the entire Yan and Huang city quickly, directly has stirred the controversy! 這件事,很快在整個炎黃城中傳開了,直接引起了軒然大波! The entire Yan and Huang city had too the year has not lived such stir much important matter, therefore, everyone, discussed this matter to come, was a mysticalness and excitement of face. 整個炎黃城已經有太多年沒有生過這么轟動的的大事了,所以,每一個人,談論起這件事情來,都是一臉的神秘和興奮。 Yeah, did you hear? That grandson who fence invincible senior general picks, has achieved an earthshaking great accomplishment!” “哎,你聽說了嗎?樊無敵老將軍撿來的那個孫子,做了一件驚天動地的大事!” Ha Ha, that is the own health of own prince! Unexpectedly by Chu Mo that child, a person of blade, was all given to chop to turn, this courage size we do not raise for the time being, this strength, shocks everybody simply!” “哈哈,那可是親王家的親衛啊!居然被楚墨那個小孩子,一人一刀,全都給剁翻了,這膽子大小咱們暫且不提,這份實力,簡直驚世駭俗啊!” „That grandson of fence invincible senior general, was really too fierce, few days ago just kicking to have exploded Crown Prince Xia Jing the fruit of son Xia Jie, finally in an instant, did this earthshaking important matter. He is big, if this makes him grow, that also? On the battlefield, definitely is a brave general!” “樊無敵老將軍的那個孫子,真的是太猛了,前些日子剛剛把夏京親王的兒子夏杰的蛋蛋給踢爆了,結果轉眼間,就又干出了這種驚天動地的大事。他才多大啊,這要是讓他成長起來,那還了得?上了戰場,肯定是一員猛將!” Hears in the Saint to be discontented with Crown Prince Xia Jing, sends out the imperial guard personally, has caught the guard in that several Xia Jing own princes, right, is the fellow who that several escaped by luck. However estimates them, did not have any good end.” “聽聞圣上對夏京親王不滿,親自派出禁軍,抓了那幾個夏京親王家中的衛兵,對,就是那幾個僥幸逃過一劫的家伙。不過估計他們啊,也沒什么好下場了。” In the entire Yan and Huang city, all kinds of news are noisy, pass on everywhere are. 整個炎黃城中,各種各樣的消息沸沸揚揚,傳得到處都是。 The people excited were all discussing, in these restaurants, a babel of voices. Many people were saying this matter, some can boast, even said give an exaggerated account of things this matter lifelike, resembled them to be at that time same at the scene. 人們全都一臉興奮的議論著,那些酒樓里面,更是人聲鼎沸。很多人都在說著這件事,一些能吹牛的,甚至把這件事說得天花亂墜活靈活現的,就好像他們當時就在現場一樣。 However at this time, in imperial palace, actually peaceful. 不過此時,皇宮里面,倒是安靜的很。 A Chu Mo person sits in the middle of the imperial studio of emperor, the facial color is tranquil, is sizing up in the imperial studio these bookshelf above books. Finally made him present a difference. 楚墨一個人坐在皇上的御書房當中,面色平靜,打量著御書房中那些書架上面的書籍。終于讓他現了一絲不同。 The Chu Mo memory is formidable, the imperial studio in big summer imperial palace, was he came and went out many time places. Therefore, books placing position that he can also clear remembering, some emperors like. 楚墨的記憶力非常強大,大夏皇宮的御書房,曾經是他出入過很多次的地方。所以,他還能夠清楚的記得,一些皇上喜歡的書籍的擺放位置。 The placing positions of these books but this time, he sees, some, actually with him remember is different. 但這一次,他看見的那些書籍的擺放位置,有一些,卻是跟他記憶中的不一樣了。 Really is not world!” In the Chu Mo heart is sighing with emotion. “果然不是一個世界啊!”楚墨心中感慨著。 A moment later, outside hears a slight sound of footsteps, several person low speech voices. 片刻之后,外面傳來一陣輕微的腳步聲,還有幾個人低低的說話聲音。 Chu Mo the boundary does not have now, listening to not the clear these people in saying anything, but wants to come to be outside these court eunuches, is reporting some situations to the emperor. 楚墨如今境界全無,聽不清楚那些人在說什么,不過想來應該是外面的那些太監,正在給皇上匯報著一些情況。 Afterward, the gate of imperial studio was opened from outside, the dignified form, appears there together. 隨后,御書房的門被從外面打開,一道威嚴的身影,出現在那里。 Sees in this memory the familiar face, in the heart of Chu Mo, seriously is somewhat sigh with emotion. 看見這張記憶中熟悉的臉,楚墨的心中,當真是有些感慨的。 Then, he to the impression of this big summer king, said not good, but is also far badly. In years past king plan, was not his youth can understand. Afterward turned head to think that at that time his ray also indeed was extremely powerful a point. 說起來,他對這個大夏帝王的印象,說不上好,但也談不上多壞。昔年的帝王心術,不是他一個少年能夠讀懂的。后來回頭想想,當時他的光芒也的確是太過強盛了一點。 Regarding the emperor, merit tall Zhenzhu, is the matter that cannot tolerate completely is unable to accept. Afterward lived transformation to his manner, was actually also nothing unusual. 對于皇上來說,功高震主,是一件完全不能容忍也無法接受的事情。后來對他的態度生轉變,其實也就不足為奇了。 Has seen Your Majesty.” Chu Mo stands up, bows to the emperor slightly. The heart in these recollections about past, depressed temporarily. “見過陛下。”楚墨站起身,沖著皇上微微躬身。將心中關于過去的那些回憶,暫時壓下。 The emperors calm look at Chu Mo, high and low has sized up several. Then, he to the child who this fence picks invincibly, does not have what impression. Even before , he does not know in the Yan and Huang city also to have Chu Mo this kind of youth. 皇上一臉平靜的看著楚墨,上下打量了幾眼。說起來,他對這個樊無敵撿來的孩子,并沒有什么印象。甚至之前他都不知道炎黃城中還有楚墨這樣一個少年。 Because of his daughter Shen Xingxue matter, making him hear Chu Mo this name. Today the fresh matter, stems from his expectation simply. However, regarding the emperor, the matter that Chu Mo handles today, was equal to giving him an excellent excuse! 還是因為他女兒沈星雪的事情,讓他聽說了楚墨這個名字。今天生的事情,簡直太出乎他的預料了。不過,對于皇上來說,楚墨今天做的事情,等于是給了他一個絕佳的借口! He already wanted to strike one maliciously his blood brother. This idea, was very long. 他早就想要狠狠敲打一番他那個親弟弟了。這個想法,已經很久了。 Xia Jing these years, in processing of something, a little more and more did not make sense recently. Although still respects to this emperor brother, but in fact, in the heart of emperor, early has actually had the intense sense of crisis. 夏京最近這些年,在一些事情的處理上,有點越來越不像話了。雖然對他這個皇帝哥哥依然尊敬,但實際上,皇上的心中,卻是早已經生出了強烈的危機感。 His don't want to Brother catfish Yu Qiang, but necessary striking, needs. 不想兄弟鬩于墻,但必要的敲打,還是需要的。 „Don't you, fear me?” The emperors look at Chu Mo, in the eye is not severe, but the gas of his king, actually powder slowly. “你,不怕我?”皇上看著楚墨,眼里并不嚴厲,但他那一身帝王之氣,卻緩緩的散出來一點。 Trades to do is a common youth, perhaps this little while already was frightened to hoodwink. Can face an emperor face to be confident, except for fool, perhaps also only then present Chu Mo. 換做是一個尋常的少年,這會兒恐怕早就被嚇蒙了。能夠面對皇上還一臉坦然的,除了傻子,恐怕也就只有眼前的楚墨了。 Your Majesty is used to be respected by the common people, was not dreaded by the common people. Certainly, many people should fear Your Majesty, but I actually do not need.” Chu Mo is calm, smiles is looking at the emperor: Because I am equal to helping the emperor today was busy.” 陛下是用來被萬民敬仰的,不是被萬民畏懼的。當然,很多人應該怕陛下,但我卻不需要。”楚墨一臉平靜,微笑著看著皇上:“因為我今天等于是幫了皇上的大忙了。” „? You were make my nephew become the first court eunuch, then slaughtered to own Prince's Mansion guard, you committed this monstrous crime, unexpectedly also dares saying that was helping me? When you I ... So is good to coax?” The expression of emperor, is far severely, but is not absolutely is temperate. “哦?你先是讓朕的侄兒成了太監,然后又對親王府的衛兵大開殺戒,你犯下了這種彌天大罪,居然還敢說是在幫朕的忙?你當朕…就那么好忽悠么?”皇上的語氣,談不上有多嚴厲,但也絕對算不上是溫和。 On the face of Chu Mo, does not have any other expressions, he lightly said with a smile: Your Majesty is so intelligent, naturally very clear boy said is the truth, moreover Your Majesty also knows that the boy is not the common ordinary child. Also why makes this manner, comes to exchange with the boy?” 楚墨的臉上,卻沒有任何一絲其他的表情,他只是淡淡笑道:“陛下如此聰慧,自然很清楚小子說的都是實話,而且陛下也已經知道小子不是尋常的普通孩子。又何必做出這種態度,來跟小子交流?” You are very dissolute, do you know?” Emperors extraordinary has not done, but looked at Chu Mo lightly. “你很放肆,你知道嗎?”皇上出奇的并沒有作,只是淡淡看了一眼楚墨 „The Your Majesty mind is broad, naturally cannot lower oneself to the same level with my child.” Chu Mo said. 陛下胸襟寬廣,自然不會跟我一個孩子一般見識。”楚墨說道。 You just added one are not the common child, how now, takes this status, when shield?” Emperor faint smile looks at Chu Mo. “你剛剛還說自己不是尋常的孩子,怎么現在,又拿這身份當擋箭牌了?”皇上似笑非笑的看著楚墨 Chu Mo said: Unusual child, that also eventually is a child.” 楚墨說道:“不同尋常的孩子,那也終究是一個孩子啊。” ... An emperor face speechless looks at Chu Mo, by Chu Mo these words making full heavy line. He wants to blurt out that actually very much said one: Whose present, if also dares to regard you are a child, who is the brain is sick.” “…”皇上一臉無語的看著楚墨,被楚墨這句話給弄得滿頭黑線。他其實很想脫口而出的說一句:“誰現在要是還敢把你當成是一個孩子,誰就是腦子有病。” Your Majesty, this matter, in your heart, since had the method of processing, whether I could walk?” Chu Mo said. 陛下,這件事,您的心中既然已經有了處理的方法,那我是不是可以走了呢?”楚墨說道。 Walks? You thought that I won't handle you really?” Emperors look at Chu Mo lightly, sound actually becomes severe: You are like this lawless, if I do not handle you, when the time comes, how you do make the human appraise me? Have I become the unenlightened ruler?” “走?你覺得,朕真的不會處置你嗎?”皇上淡淡的看著楚墨,聲音卻變得嚴厲起來:“你這樣無法無天,朕若是都不處置你的話,到時候,你讓人如何評價朕?朕豈不是成了昏君?” This, the emperor, I come our big summer, turned into one to cultivate true virtue the country to be good. I ensure within three years, the big summer meets series Human World.” Chu Mo looks at the emperor, said lightly. “這樣吧,皇上,我來把咱們大夏,變成一個修真國好了。我保證,三年之內,大夏會一統人界。”楚墨看著皇上,淡淡說道。 Ha Ha Ha Ha ... The emperors cannot bear laugh, looks at the Chu Mo vision, seems like looking at a monster: Matter that your this boy, you said that but can also oddly?” “哈哈哈哈…”皇上忍不住哈哈大笑起來,看著楚墨的目光,就像是在看著一個怪物:“你這小子,你說的事情,還能更離譜一點嗎?” Chu Mo sighed: Your Majesty, any seems is impossible the matter that lives or is impossible to realize, actually might live may also realize.” 楚墨嘆了口氣:“陛下,任何看上去不可能生或是不可能實現的事情,其實都有可能生也都有可能會實現的。” That ... You said actually how you do want to do this matter? Matter that the big school of this in society most top cannot make, can your child make?” An emperor face does not believe looks at Chu Mo. “那…你倒是說說,你要如何來做這件事?就連這世間最頂級的大門派都做不成的事情,你一個小孩子就能做成了?”皇上一臉不信的看著楚墨 However Chu Mo is very tranquil, his face calm spoke the words to the emperor. 不過楚墨很平靜,他一臉從容的跟皇上說了一番話。 The emperor whole person, stays there, long time long time, has not said a word. Like turned into a statue. 皇上整個人,都呆在那里,良久良久,都沒有做聲。像是化成了一尊雕像一樣。 Almost passed had half time, the emperor suddenly opened both eyes, looks at Chu Mo: „Does your this saying take seriously?” 差不多過去了有半個時辰,皇上才突然間睜開雙眼,看著楚墨:“你這話當真?” Chu Mo nods: I have not deceived the reason of Your Majesty.” 楚墨點點頭:“我沒有欺瞞陛下的理由。” The emperors are pondering, then said slowly: In dream accepts the immortal to direct ... Your this view, made one feel seriously unbelievable, but, why I did not know, unexpectedly thought these matters that you said that should real.” 皇上沉思著,然后緩緩說道:“夢中領受仙人指點…你這說法,當真令人感到難以置信,不過,朕不知為何,居然覺得你說的這些事情,應該都是真的。” Chu Mo has not spoken, but peaceful standing in that. 楚墨沒有說話,只是安靜的站在那。 Afterward, the emperor deeply inspired, then said: Good, this matter, I give you to do. If you dare to bully Monarch, you must know the consequence. What if you said is real, and this matter can be successful. Then, I work as Xu you ... Xu you ... 隨后,皇上深吸了一口氣,然后說道:“好,這件事,朕就交給你來做。如果你敢欺君,你應當知道后果。如果你說的是真的,并且這件事真的能夠成功的話。那么,朕當許你…許你…” The emperors were saying, cannot bear hesitate. This commitment, seriously is not good Xu. Because Chu Mo, if has to be able really with the ability that in the immortal dream exchanges, then among this mortal world, almost did not have the thing that anything was he can look at to glance. 皇上說著,忍不住沉吟起來。這種承諾,當真是不好許的。因為楚墨若是真的有可以跟仙人夢中交流的本領,那么這世俗間,也幾乎沒有什么是他能夠看上眼的東西了。 In the Chu Mo mind, actually remembered him to be suspected by the emperor in years past, finally has to leave the matter of Chu. 楚墨的腦海中,卻想起了昔年他被皇上猜忌,最后不得不出走大楚的事情。 Therefore on his face, reveals wipes the light smile: Your Majesty, anything does not need to give me. I in this world, will not stay too many years.” 于是他的臉上,露出一抹淡淡的微笑:“陛下,什么都不用給我。我在這世界,不會停留太多年的。” An emperor face shocks looks at Chu Mo, to finally, him nodded, earnest looks at Chu Mo saying: Good, this matter, gave you!” 皇上一臉震撼的看著楚墨,到最后,他點了點頭,認真的看著楚墨說道:“好,這件事,交給你了!” Chu Mo comes out after the imperial palace third day. 楚墨從皇宮出來之后的第三天。 Yan and Huang city mesozoic two important matters. 炎黃城中生了兩件大事。 The first important matter, is crown prince Xia Jing, claims illness to turn in resignation directly, said that must go home to recuperate, was not suitable to continue to stay in North Korea , China to be in charge. 第一件大事,是親王夏京,直接稱病請辭,說是要回家養病,不適合繼續留在朝中管事了。 The emperors detain, Xia Jing go to the significance certainly, the nod that therefore, emperor here pushes the boat along complied with this matter. 皇上挽留一番,夏京去意義絕,于是,皇上這邊順水推舟的點頭答應了這件事。 The second important matter, a government order, was promulgated suddenly personally by the emperor. 第二件大事,一道政令,突然間被皇上親自頒布出來。 Daxiaguo prepares to establish a brand-new institute, the chief holds the post by me personally, Vice-president ... Is Chu Mo.” “大夏國準備建立起一座全新的學院,院長由朕親自擔任,副院長…是楚墨。” If fills toward civil and military to resignation of Xia Jing, felt that this is very normal, in reason \; This second government order that the emperor promulgates, made all people be shocked simply. Is incomprehensible, why does the emperor want such to do? 如果說滿朝文武對夏京的請辭,感到這很正常,在情理之中的話\;那皇上頒布的這第二條政令,簡直讓所有人都驚呆了。根本不能理解,皇上為什么要這么做? Civil and military middle, some people stand the opposition, said that the child of Chu Mo this age, where is qualified for what the vice-president of institute? 文武當中,有人站出來反對,說楚墨這種年紀的小孩子,哪有什么資格來做學院的副院長? It is well known, the chief of this institute , if the emperor, then its specification, absolutely is most top! But the emperor impossible to manage the matter of this institute, then Chu Mo this vice-president, directly has become in the entire institute the authority highest person! 眾所周知,這個學院的院長如果是皇上的話,那么它的規格,絕對是最頂級的!而皇上不可能去管理這個學院的事情,那么楚墨這個副院長,也就直接成了整個學院中權力最高的人! Why do the emperors want such to do? 皇上為什么要這么做? This cultivates true virtue the institute ... What institute is also? 這個修真學院…又是一個什么學院? In the middle of opponent facing civil and military, emperor incomparably strong direct statement: Does not need to spend the money of state treasury, with my pin money!”( To be continued.) 面對文武當中的反對者,皇上無比強硬的直接表態:“不用花國庫的錢,用朕的私房錢!”(未完待續。) This book quickest renewal website invited: Cloud / comes to / pavilion, or direct visit website 本書最快更新網站請:云/來/閣,或者直接訪問網站 Work storehouse 作品庫 Novel rank 小說排行 Novel recommendation 小說推薦 The book friend interaction murders the day of blade edge Chapter 1810 pin money 書友互動弒天刃第1810章私房錢
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