MHE :: Volume #19

#1809: Old men

Rushes completely is taking the Chu Mo life to go! 完全就是奔着取走楚墨性命去的! Has gotten up the battlefield veteran, was stimulated completely in the courage and uprightness, after killing the heart forms thoroughly, even if nine cows, cannot pull back. 上过战场的老兵,在血性完全被激发出来,在杀心彻底形成之后,就算是九头牛,也拉不回来。 Chu Mo was dangerous! 楚墨危险了! Almost all people on the scene, all have such idea. 在场的几乎所有人,全都生出这样的想法。 Own Prince's Mansion these people, on the each and every one face all show the cold and gloomy expression, very cold-blooded, is very brutal. Their this moment already do not care about the Chu Mo life completely, in the heart, only then to his hatred. Let alone his already has killed their several people. Even if has not killed, trivial the grandson of general, picks. Died also died. That side the crown prince, can definitely this matter settling. 王府这边的这些人,一个个脸上全都露出森冷的表情,很冷血,也很残酷。他们此刻已经完全不在意楚墨的死活,心中只有对他的痛恨。别说他已经杀了他们好几个人。就算一个也没杀,区区一个将军的孙子,还是捡来的。死了也就死了。亲王那边,肯定能将这件事给摆平的。 Let alone now, Chu Mo already is slaughtering to them. The scene some these many people look. When the time comes, That side Crown Prince Xia Jing has the innumerable means that all mistakes, overthrows on Chu Mo completely. 更别说现在,楚墨已经对着他们大开杀戒。现场又有这么多人看着呢。到时候,夏京亲王那边有无数种办法,将所有的过错,全部推倒楚墨身上去。 Ended! 完了! These people who all around surrounds, in heart all tremble. 四周围观的那些人,心中全都一哆嗦。 Thought that Chu Mo this, definitely thoroughly was dying. 觉得楚墨这一下,肯定是彻底要死了。 The time as if coagulates in this moment! 时间仿佛凝固在这一刻! Then 然后 Chu Mo in all people think that in impossible situation, has lifted the head, returns the body, that fills on the immature face, cannot see any unnecessary expression. Superficial, with another is emptying left hand, has pushed this elbow already to his temples the waist of own Prince's Mansion guard gently. 楚墨在所有人都认为不可能的情况下,抬起了头,转回身子,那张充满稚嫩的脸上,看不出任何多余的表情。轻描淡写的,用另一只空着的左手,轻轻推了一下这名手肘已经到了他太阳穴的亲王府卫兵的腰。 Chu Mo this one set movement, anybody on the scene, cannot see clearly actually! 楚墨这一整套动作,其实在场的任何人,没有一个能够看清楚的! All people only see, this fierce own Prince's Mansion guard, body all of a sudden on soft to the ground. 所有人都只看见,这名勇猛的亲王府卫兵,身子一下子就软到在地上。 The process of this transformation is too quick, was too sudden. All people absolutely do not have any preparation. All dumbfounded thoroughly. This feeling, even chop that guard also to compared with the Chu Mo beforehand blade to shock. 这个转变的过程太快,也太突然了。以至于所有人都完全没有任何心理准备呢。全都彻底呆住了。这种感觉,甚至要比楚墨之前一刀劈了那名卫兵还要更加让人震撼。 Then, Chu Mo to is dropping down conveniently this guard is a blade. 接着,楚墨随手对着倒下这名卫兵就是一刀。 Damn, just wants under the killer to his pain, that to have nothing hesitant. 本就该死,刚刚想对他痛下杀手,那就更没有什么可犹豫的了。 This guard, directly by Chu Mo tracing neck. 这名卫兵,直接就被楚墨给摸了脖子。 When all people have not recovered from this shock, Chu Mo already killed. 就在所有人还没从这种震撼当中回过神来的时候,楚墨已经杀过来了。 His present boundary is far has any boundary, but his Combat Strength was too terrifying. Simply is match for ten thousand same existence of! 他现在的境界根本就谈不上有什么境界,但他的战力却太恐怖了。简直就是一个万人敌一样的存在! Moreover is not that type of Mt. Liba brave warrior, but likely is a lightning, likely is a spirit! 而且不是那种力拔山兮的勇士,而是像是一道闪电,像是一个幽灵! Mysteriously appears and disappears, the movement was too terrifying. 神出鬼没,身法太恐怖了。 These own Prince's Mansion guard cannot trace to a Chu Mo piece of lower hem corner, but their casualties, are actually continuing at an inconceivable speed. The suddenly time, has dropped down 78 people on already. Looks at Chu Mo again, the body has not contaminated a bloodstain, on the blade has not contaminated a drop of blood! 这些亲王府的卫兵没有一个能够摸到楚墨的一片衣角,但他们自己的伤亡,却以一种不可思议的速度在持续着。眨眼的功夫,就已经倒下了78个人。再看楚墨,身上没有沾染一丝血迹,刀上也没有沾染一滴血! His complexion, not solemn, not on fierce, immature handsome face, only then that appalling tranquility, a faintness of faint trace. 他的脸色,没有冷峻,也没有狰狞,稚嫩英俊的脸上,只有那种令人毛骨悚然的平静,还有一丝丝的淡漠。 This faintness, even if the battlefield veteran who these have fought many battles, will see will have a feeling of trembling from the heart of hearts. 这种淡漠,就算是那些身经百战的战场老兵,见了都会从内心深处有一种战栗的感觉。 They have not seen Chu Mo this type, has killed these many people, but can also maintain the so tranquil person. Not only tranquil, but also that faintness, clearly is at all not at present this group of people, has not paid attention to this matter at present! 他们从来没见过楚墨这种,杀了这么多人,还能保持如此平静的人。不但平静,而且那种淡漠,分明就是根本没把眼前这群人,没把眼前这件事放在眼里! He is a child! 他还是一个孩子啊! A ten -year-old youth! 一个十来岁的少年! Possibly how to achieve this type? 怎么可能做到这种? Even if top Expert of Fang Mingtong this big summer, innumerable being bathed in blood battlefield person, cannot achieve Chu Mo this tranquil and calm! 就算是方明通这种大夏的顶尖高手,无数次浴血战场的人,也做不到楚墨这份平静和从容啊! Fight murder, warm-blooded must always seethe with excitement! 战斗杀人,身上的热血总是要沸腾的! „Isn't this youth a human?” “难道这个少年不是人?” These people who all around surrounds, in the heart have this kind of thought. 就连四周围观的那些人,心中都不由生出这样一个念头来。 Visits one's parents Prince's Mansion again, only remaining two leaders, three strength strongest guards. But now, their already was killed to be scared by Chu Mo. 再看亲王府这边,就只剩下了两个首领,还有三个实力最强的卫兵。但现在,他们都已经楚墨杀到胆寒了。 Outside the General's Residence front door, that is passing on the flagging of vicissitudes, disorderly is lying down 15-16 corpses! 将军府的大门外,那透着沧桑的石板路上,七扭八歪的躺着十五六具尸体! Fresh blood stream place. In the air is filling smell of blood of irritating the nose. 鲜血流了一地。空气中弥漫着刺鼻的血腥味。 Chu Mo is carrying the blade, has fired into the remaining these five own Prince's Mansion people directly. 楚墨拎着刀,直接冲向了剩下这五个亲王府的人。 Bang! 轰! These five own Prince's Mansion people, frighten directly turn the head to run away! 这五个亲王府的人,直接吓得转头就逃! This seemed too strange, a ten -year-old youth, was carrying a bright as snow blade, unexpectedly robust man of one crowd of having fought many battles running away in fear. 这一幕看上去太诡异了,一个十来岁的少年,拎着一把雪亮的刀,居然把一群身经百战的壮汉给吓跑了。 But at the scene saw this all people, in the heart already not to have the little strange feeling. They now, only feel terrifying! 但在现场看见这一幕的所有人,心中却已经没有了一点点的怪异感觉。他们现在,只感觉到恐怖! These people who on the scene surrounds, almost overwhelming majority, has not experienced the battlefield, has not seen the deceased person. 在场围观的那些人,几乎绝大多数,都是从来没有经历过战场,更没有见过死人的。 Now saw that these many just also living person, now actually like this dies before them. Even if in the heart is very clear these people damn, but that ill feeling, making many people unable to bear bend the waist at the scene, vomits in that. 现在眼看着这么多刚刚还活生生的人,现在却这样死在他们面前。哪怕是心里面很清楚这些人都是该死的,可那种不适的感觉,让不少人当场忍不住弯下腰,在那呕吐起来。 Treads! 踏踏! At this time, from that side of this ancient long street, heard a stormy sound of footsteps, hoofbeat. 这时候,从这条古老长街的那边,传来一阵密集的脚步声,还有马蹄声。 Massive soldier, directly clash from that side. 大量的士兵,从那边直接冲过来。 The clothing that on these soldier wears, making all people on the scene, the heart all of a sudden mention the throat. 那些士兵身上穿着的衣衫,让在场的所有人,心全都一下子提到嗓子眼。 Imperial guard! 禁卫军! The group of people who comes, unexpectedly is Imperial Guard in palace! 来的这群人,居然是宫廷中的禁军 Was then good, the matter thorough was noisily big. already pierced the day! 这下好了,事情彻底闹大了。已经捅破天了! Running away that five guard of own Prince's Mansion, had been blocked by this crowd of soldier directly. 逃走的那五名亲王府的卫兵,也被这群士兵直接拦了下来。 Halts!” “站住!” Cannot move!” “不许动!” Puts the weapon!” “把武器放下来!” In the middle of this crowd of Imperial Guard, is the several people of head, direct scolds loudly. Wants these five own Prince's Mansion guards to disarm. 这群禁军当中,为首的几个人,直接大声呵斥。要这五名亲王府的卫兵缴械。 In the guard bellies of these five own Prince's Mansion undeserved wish cries simply, we chased down! We are the victims! Can't you look? Why can also catch us? 这五名亲王府的卫兵肚子里面简直冤枉的想要哭出来,我们是被追杀的啊!我们是受害者啊!你们难道看不出来吗?为什么还要来抓我们? That true murderer, he in behind! You caught him to be good! 那个真正的杀人凶手,他在后面啊!你们去抓他就行了啊! At this moment, nobody, dares to regard Chu Mo again is ten -year-old brat. 此时此刻,再也没有一个人,敢把楚墨当成是一个十来岁的小屁孩 Any Xiong child boor title, absolutely does not have a wee bit relations with this youth. This is a monster is especially evil, a deicide! 什么熊孩子野小子这种称号,跟这个少年完全没有一丁点的关系。这特么就是一个妖邪,一个杀神啊! These five own Prince's Mansion guards, although a lot of grievance, but obediently has put down the weapon, whatever this crowd of Imperial Guard control them. Does against with whom, they do not dare with do against on behalf of Imperial Guard of imperial authority. 这五名亲王府的卫兵,虽然一肚子委屈,但还是乖乖的放下了武器,任由这群禁军把他们控制起来。跟谁对着干,他们也不敢跟代表皇权的禁军对着干啊。 In these five people of this moment hearts also the feelings of relaxing, because at least now, their lives can preserve unexpectedly! 这五人此刻心中居然还有一种松了口气的感觉,因为至少现在,他们的命可以保住了! At this time, in the middle of this crowd of Imperial Guard, a wear commanded the man of helmet and armor, looked to Chu Mo. This looked that he cannot help but has also held breath cold air. 这时候,这群禁军当中,一个穿着统领盔甲的男子,看向楚墨那边。这一看,他也不由得倒吸了一口凉气。 On that side flagging, lies down the person who several already were dying, by the corpse, coagulates this massive bloodstains. In the air that smell of blood, he smells, feels intermittent dizziness. 那边的石板路上,躺着十几个已经死去的人,尸体旁边,凝固这大量的血迹。空气中那血腥味,就连他闻到,都感觉一阵阵眩晕。 Then, is very clean, is very handsome, is leading several points of immature youth, is carrying a bright as snow blade, stands there, innocent looks to them. 然后,一个很干净,也很英俊,带着几分稚嫩的少年,拎着一把雪亮的刀,站在那里,一脸无辜的看向他们这边。 Gente strange!” Commanding of this Imperial Guard could not bear whisper was scolding one, then looks at the person who that side surrounded: „Is this Chu Mo Young Master Chu does really?” “真特么诡异啊!”这名禁军的统领忍不住嘀咕着骂了一句,然后看着那边围观的人:“这真的是楚墨楚公子做的?” Surprise him a little, what at the same time is also very speechless, this group of people do not have a speech unexpectedly. 让他有点意外,同时也很无语的是,这群人居然没有一个说话。 This commanded and asked one: „Are these people, you kill?” 以至于这名统领又问了一句:“这些人,都是你杀的?” This time, his vision, directly to Chu Mo. 这一次,他的目光,直接对上了楚墨 Spoke the sentence innermost thoughts, if possible, this Imperial Guard commands is not willing absolutely with the Chu Mo looking at each other look. 说句心里话,如果可以的话,这名禁军统领绝对不愿意跟楚墨对视眼神。 That feeling, was really too uncomfortable! 那种感觉,实在是太难受了! A ten -year-old child, normally, saw that this from head to toe is full of the dignity with the murderous aura person, perhaps Lian Juhua could not say, can frighten to urinate directly. 一个十来岁的小孩子,正常情况下,见到他这种浑身上下充满威严和杀气的人,恐怕连句话都说不出,直接就能吓尿了。 But this youth, calm is looking at each other with him unexpectedly. From the look of this youth, could not find the least bit unexpectedly to his awe. Regarding the fear, that did not have. 可这个少年,居然一脸平静的跟他对视着。从这少年的眼神中,居然找不到半点对他的敬畏。至于说恐惧,那就更没有了。 Is I kills.” Chu Mo superficial saying, then looks that this Imperial Guard commands, shifted the topic directly: Is the emperor makes you protect my? We walk.” “是我杀的。”楚墨轻描淡写的说道,然后看着这名禁军统领,直接就转移了话题:“是皇上让你来保护我的吧?咱们走吧。” „” This Imperial Guard commands is full immediately a heavy line, could not speak. Was choked heavily by Chu Mo. “”这名禁军统领顿时满头黑线,说不出话来。被楚墨噎得不轻。 Indeed, the emperor truly makes him come Chu Mo to protect, received the palace to go. 的确,皇上确实是让他来把楚墨保护好,接到宫里面前去的。 But this scene, actually with the emperor and they expected that is completely different! 可这现场,却是跟皇上和他们料想的,完全不一样啊! Moreover of this youth is calm and calm, making him have to plant a function no feeling simply. 而且这少年的这份淡定和从容,让他简直有种自己一点作用都没有的感觉。 It looks like cleans up the mess to give Chu Mo to rub the person of buttocks, although is also this. But the issue is, this scene should not be this. Should be he occupies actively! 就像是一个来收拾烂摊子来给楚墨擦屁股的人虽然本来也是这样的。可问题是,这个场面不应该是这样的。应该是他占据主动的啊! But has a look at that everywhere corpse again, this Imperial Guard commands, some suddenly Clear Comprehension. 但再看看那满地尸体,这名禁军统领,突然间有些明悟了。 This is not an ordinary child, this is terrifying small monstruous talent! 这不是一个普通的小孩子,这是一个恐怖的小妖孽! ! 罢了,罢了! This Imperial Guard commanded in the heart to sigh, knows that cannot treat Chu Mo by the common sense. Nods directly: Good, we walk!” 这名禁军统领心中叹息了一声,知道不能以常理来对待楚墨。直接点点头:“好,咱们走吧!” This result, makes one group of people look directly dumbfoundedly. 这种结果,直接让一堆人看得目瞪口呆。 That own Prince's Mansion guard leader, cannot bear yell: Zhao Tongling, you cannot like this! He is the murderer! He is not a child!” 那名亲王府的卫兵首领,忍不住大叫起来:“赵统领,你不能这样啊!他是个杀人凶手啊!他不是一个孩子啊!” At this time, Imperial Guard commanded to turn head coldly smiled: How I work have no need for you teaching, carry off!” 这时候,禁军统领回过头冷冷一笑:“我怎么做事还用不着你来教,带走!” Saying, he waves, one crowd of Imperial Guard, directly that five own Prince's Mansion guard bundling. 说着,他一挥手,一群禁军,直接将那五名亲王府的卫兵给捆起来。 Then, Imperial Guard commands a face politely said to Chu Mo: Young Master Chu, our also does Imperial Palace walk one?” 然后,禁军统领一脸客气的对楚墨说道:“楚公子,咱们也皇宫走一趟吧?” Chu Mo tranquil nod, then turned head to look at Miao Yiniang: You in General's Residence wait for me, then meet you to send for telling Xu Fufu, said that does not need to be worried about me, do not participate in this matter carelessly.” 楚墨平静的点点头,然后回头看了一眼妙一娘:“你在将军府等我,然后一会你派人告诉许浮浮,就说不用担心我,不要胡乱参与到这件事情中来。” Miao Yiniang bewildered nod, she does not think clearly, small Young Master in her mind, why was suddenly mature did not have the several fold likely all of a sudden, oneself before him, there are to plant is a small girl, he was the feeling of old man! 妙一娘一脸茫然的点点头,她想不明白,她心目中的小少爷,为什么像是一下子突然间成熟了无数倍,自己在他面前,有种自己是小丫头,他是老头子的感觉! Has a look at small Young Master that immature face, Miao Yiniang to plant very absent-minded feeling again. 再看看小少爷那张稚嫩的脸,妙一娘有种十分恍惚的感觉。 When she recovers once again, Chu Mo already left with that group of people. His that thin back, in the crowd, seems somewhat seems to be lonely. However, obviously was calmer! 等她再度回过神来的时候,楚墨已经跟着那群人离开了。他那消瘦的背影,在人群中,看上去似乎有些孤单。不过,却更显从容了! -------- -------- The renewal delivers, asks several recommendation tickets.( ~^~) 更新送到,求几张推荐票。(~^~)
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