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#1808: Monstruous talent?

Murders the day of blade edge Chapter 1808 monstruous talent? 弒天刃第1808章妖孽? «» main text Chapter 1808 monstruous talent? 《》正文第1808章妖孽? «» 《》 «» main text Chapter 1808 monstruous talent? 《》正文第1808章妖孽? No one has thought that Chu Mo will get rid at this time suddenly. 誰都沒想到楚墨會在這時候突然間出手。 A child, does not have any strength, in the hand, let alone is carrying a blade, even if takes the hand crossbow that can shoot, these own Prince's Mansion guards will not pay attention to him. 一個小孩子罷了,沒什么實力,手上別說拎著一把刀,就算拿著一張可以射的手弩,這些親王府的衛兵們也不會把他放在眼里。 Therefore, Chu Mo this blade, stemmed from all people to expect simply. 所以,楚墨這一刀,簡直出乎了所有人預料。 Those who stem from them to expect, Chu Mo this blade ... Too quick! 更出乎他們預料的是,楚墨這一刀…太快了! Even has not seen quickly clearly to live anything to them, that walks from the battlefield, own Prince's Mansion guard of having fought many battles has dropped down. 快到他們甚至沒看清楚生了什么,那名從戰場上走下來,身經百戰的親王府衛兵就已經倒下了。 Until the blood flows following the neck of this guard, that side one crowd of own Prince's Mansion person cannot recover. 直到鮮血順著這名衛兵的脖子流淌出來,那邊一群親王府的人都沒能回過神來。 Saw that blood pours following this in ground own Prince's Mansion guard neck there flows unceasingly outward, flows out a Datan quickly. In the air, starts to fill several points of bloody breath. At this time, this group of talented people like were return to the soul. 眼看著那鮮血順著這名倒在地上的親王府衛兵脖子那里不斷往外流淌出來,很快流出一大灘。就連空氣中,都開始彌漫起幾分血腥氣息。這時候,這群人才像是回魂了一樣。 Immediately on cooker! 頓時就炸鍋了! Several own Prince's Mansion guards, directly flushed toward Chu Mo at the scene. In their looks, is all having the angry ray, is wielding the weapon, must have the attack to Chu Mo. 當場就有好幾個親王府的衛兵,朝著楚墨這邊直接沖了過來。他們的眼神中,全都帶著憤怒的光芒,揮動著武器,要向楚墨起攻擊。 Stop!” That own Prince's Mansion guard led to drink several to fire into the Chu Mo guard directly. Then, his complexion incomparably pale trend falls on that guard of ground, walks together, includes vice- collar several people. “住手!”那名親王府的衛兵領直接喝住了幾個想要沖向楚墨的衛兵。然后,他的臉色無比鐵青的走向倒在地上的那名衛兵,一起走過去的,還有包括副領在內的幾個人。 They pour that in the guard body of ground turn inside out, then suddenly, all held breath cold air, in the eye has revealed the inconceivable color. 他們將那名倒在地上的衛兵身子翻過來,然后瞬息間,全都倒吸了一口涼氣,眼中都露出不可思議之色。 The both eyes of that guard stare Boss/greatly, but the human actually early passed away, in the look also remains the look that cannot believe. His neck there, bloodstain, although now by blood of massive gushing out covering. But presents these people, can judge by the rich experience. Chu Mo this blade, has shut off that biggest blood vessel on this guard neck directly. Has shut also off the trachea of this guard. 那名衛兵的一雙眼瞪得老大,但人卻早已經氣絕身亡,眼神中還殘留著不敢相信的神色。他的脖子那里,有一道血痕,雖然現在已經被大量涌出的鮮血給遮蓋。但在場這幾個人,還是能夠憑借豐富的經驗判斷出來。楚墨這一刀,直接切斷了這名衛兵脖子上的那條最大的血管。同時也切斷了這名衛兵的氣管。 Let him unable to speak, loses all battle efficiencies instantaneously, then blood of that turbulent blowout, almost in several breath, the complete vitality of this guard carrying off. 讓他說不出話,又瞬間失去所有的戰斗力,然后那洶涌噴出的鮮血,幾乎在幾個呼吸間,就將這名衛兵的全部生機給帶走了。 Facing this situation, even if deity came unable to save him! 面對這種情況,就算神仙來了都救不了他! Chu Mo this blade, does not seem like anything, the person but who in fact, knows the business truly knows, this blade fearful! 楚墨這一刀,看似沒什么,但實際上,真正懂行的人才知道,這一刀有多可怕! First is quick! 先是快! World martial arts, only quickly broken. 天下武功,唯快不破。 His blade to these people on the scene, nobody can respond quickly. 他這一刀快到在場的這些人當中,沒有一個人能夠反應過來。 Then is ruthless! 然后是狠! Ten -year-old brat, is carrying the blade murder, unexpectedly calm to so degree. Moreover this blade was too ruthless, comes up to awfully to go. 一個十來歲的小屁孩,拎著刀殺人,居然從容到如此程度。而且這一刀太狠了,上來就是沖著要命去的。 Finally is exquisite! 最后是精妙! This just had said. Even if the guard leads with vice- collar these similarly in the veteran who in the battlefield has fought many battles, does not dare to say one can achieve so the situation. 這點剛剛已經說過了。就算是衛兵領和副領這些同樣在戰場上身經百戰的老兵,也不敢說自己能做到如此地步。 Synthesizes these three points, these own Prince's Mansion people a little are all ignorant. 綜合這三點,這些親王府的人全都有點懵。 Chu Mo this blade cut to others, if cut to them? Can they evade? 楚墨這一刀是斬向了別人,如果是斬向他們呢?他們能躲過嗎? Perhaps is very difficult! 恐怕很難! This conclusion, lets present these people, in the heart sinks slightly. 這個結論,讓在場這些人,心中微微一沉。 „Is this coincidence?” These people have looked at each other one mutually, saw from the opposite party eye that wipes the color of shock. “這是巧合?”這幾個人相互對視了一眼,都從對方的眼中看到了那一抹震驚之色。 They rather believe that this is the coincidence, if this is not the coincidence, that was too fearful! 他們寧愿相信這是巧合,因為如果這不是巧合的話,那就太可怕了! Their all whole body cold thought that if Chu Mo the blade is not the coincidence, that young prince Xia Jie was the egg breaks to pieces merely has become the court eunuch ... To explain that this youth did show mercy? 他們全都渾身冷的想到,如果楚墨的這一刀不是巧合,那小王爺夏杰僅僅是蛋碎了成了太監…豈不是說明還是這個少年手下留情了? This possibility? 這可能嗎? Other these wanted to shelter the Chu Mo person, at this moment all somewhat was also scared. They have not responded that here Chu Mo has fenced to kill people. 其他那些原本想要庇護楚墨的人,此刻也全都有些傻眼了。他們根本就沒反應過來,這邊楚墨就已經操刀殺人了。 He many big child! 他才多大的一個孩子啊! So to be how wild? 怎么這么野? In their impressions, isn't Chu Mo such child? 在他們的印象當中,楚墨也不是這樣的孩子啊? Following Miao Yiniang and Xu seething little while thoroughly has all tarried, they are not do not know Chu Mo to be courageous, but actually does not know that the courage of Chu Mo was unexpectedly big to this situation. 后面的妙一娘和許浮浮這會兒全都徹底呆住了,他們不是不知道楚墨膽子很大,但卻不知道楚墨的膽子竟然大到了這種地步。 This is in the Yan and Huang city! 這是在炎黃城啊! The person of homicide, is own Prince's Mansion guard! 他殺的人,是親王府的衛兵! What to do can this? 這可怎么辦? Miao Yiniang had been at a loss thoroughly, in her heart is very clear, then the matter thoroughly was made in a big way. Wanted to cover up did not have means thoroughly. Believes that in less than a time, the entire Yan and Huang city will spread over this matter. 妙一娘已經徹底亂了方寸,她心里面很清楚,這下事情徹底被鬧大了。想要遮掩也已經徹底沒有辦法了。相信用不了一個時辰,整個炎黃城就會傳遍這件事情。 Xu seething sneaks off quietly, he has wish of loyalty to run, but is the preparation moves the fire fighting the grandfather! 許浮浮悄然開溜,他不是沒義氣的想要跑,而是準備把爺爺搬出來救火! At this time, own Prince's Mansion here person, already thorough was angry, under their eyes hid, unexpectedly died brothers. 這時候,親王府這邊的人,都已經徹底的憤怒了,在他們眼皮子底下,居然死了一個兄弟。 They do not think that this person should damn, only thinks this child, simply hateful to acme! 他們可不會去想這個人該不該死,只覺得這個小孩子,簡直可惡到了極致! Chu Mo is as before calm, he saw Xu Fufu to slip away, knows that he made anything. He has not prevented, because he wants to prevent, this time Xu seething will not listen his. 楚墨依舊一臉平靜,他看見許浮浮溜掉了,也知道他去做什么了。他沒有阻止,因為就算他想要阻止,這一次許浮浮也絕不會聽他的。 He looks at this crowd of own Prince's Mansion guard, said lightly: Sufficed? You, casual one, is actually the murder full wild host, your working off anger, early are not working off anger in the battlefield forming. Actually, you damn.” 他只是看著這群親王府的衛兵,淡淡說道:“夠了么?你們這些人,隨便一個,其實都是殺人盈野的主,你們身上的殺氣,早已經不是戰場上形成的殺氣了。其實,你們都該死。” Little animal, puts together today is punished by the prince, I must kill you!” Related the best own Prince's Mansion guard with the dead guard, was wielding the blade in hand, chopped directly to Chu Mo. “小畜生,今天就算拼著被王爺責罰,我也要殺了你!”一名跟死去衛兵關系最好的親王府衛兵,揮動著手中的刀,直接砍向楚墨 This blade in void, is direct sound, the sound is a! 這把刀在虛空中,直接出一陣破空聲,聲音十分凄厲! Cuts directly to the Chu Mo surface gate! 直接斬向楚墨面門! Nobody prevents! 沒有人去阻止! Own Prince's Mansion here person, all indifferently looks at this. 王府這邊的人,全都冷眼看著這一幕。 These want to shelter the Chu Mo person, is prevents radically without enough time. 那些想要庇護楚墨的人,則是根本來不及去阻止。 Fired into Chu Mo the guard, in the look has shown the incomparably fierce look, he as if saw this damn little thing to be divided two halves by his knife handle head the scene. 沖向楚墨的這名衛兵,眼神中露出了無比猙獰的神色,他仿佛已經看見了這個該死的小東西被他一刀把腦袋劈兩半的場景。 That feeling, very much satisfies certainly a craving! 那種感覺,一定很過癮! This guard warm-blooded upwells, in brain absolutely did not have other ideas. He now, only wants to kill Chu Mo! 這名衛兵熱血上涌,腦子里已經完全沒有其他的想法了。他現在,只想殺了楚墨 Suddenly! 霍地! The body of Chu Mo moved! 楚墨的身子動了! The blade in his hand, drew a very strange route in void directly, then, his body, with the body of this own Prince's Mansion guard ... Brushing past. 他手中的刀,直接在虛空中劃出了一道十分詭異的路線,然后,他的身子,跟這名親王府衛兵的身子…擦肩而過。 Afterward, Chu Mo stands there, in the hand, is still carrying that blade. 隨后,楚墨站在那里,手里面,依然拎著那把刀。 Dang! 咣當! That own Prince's Mansion guard, body one soft, falls down directly. The blade in hand falls on flagging, leaves a resounding. 那名親王府的衛兵,身體一軟,直接倒在地上。手中的刀掉落在石板路上,出一聲脆響。 Entire scene piece of deathly stillness! 整個現場一片死寂 Even is peaceful makes one feel that somewhat feared, falls the needle to hear simply! 安靜得甚至令人感覺有些恐懼了,簡直落針可聞! After Chu Mo kills this guard, he does not have to call a halt again, kills directly to the collar of that two guard. 楚墨殺完這名衛兵之后,他沒有再停手,直接殺向那兩名衛兵的領。 Since opened the buddhist commandment against taking life, then this group of people have not continued to keep significance. 既然已經開殺戒了,那么這群人也就沒有繼續留著的意義了。 Own Prince's Mansion the group of guards, one is one, actually deserves to be damned. But once Chu Mo escaped from Yan and Huang city, steps the thousand li (0.5km) icefield, when returns to once more time, own Prince's Mansion the group of people did not have the ability to look his trouble. 王府的這群衛兵,有一個算一個,其實都死有余辜。只不過曾經楚墨逃出了炎黃城,踏上千里冰原,等到再次回歸的時候,親王府的這群人就已經沒有能力找他的麻煩了。 But this difference, Chu Mo has not walked, the history here, presented the inflection point directly. 但這一次不同,楚墨沒有走,歷史在這里,直接出現了拐點。 Does not walk, changed. The murder, is the change! Such being the case, when rid the people of an evil. 不走,就已經是改變。殺人,更是改變!既然如此,就當為民除害了吧。 This, this crowd of own Prince's Mansion guards, were directly crazy. 這一下,這群親王府的衛兵們,直接就瘋狂了。 While Chu Mo fires into their, this group of people also directly flushed toward Chu Mo. 楚墨沖向他們的同時,這群人也已經向著楚墨直接沖過來。 Fight ... Launches directly! 戰斗…直接展開! Miao Yiniang not any hesitant, directly flushed, stands together with Chu Mo, must fight shoulder to shoulder. 妙一娘沒有任何猶豫,直接就沖了上來,跟楚墨在一起,要并肩戰斗。 That side these wanted to help the Chu Mo person, has not thought that will live this matter. Most of them somewhat are helpless. Few parts want the help, has many misgivings similarly. 那邊那些原本想要幫助楚墨的人,根本就沒想到會生這種事情。他們大多數都有些手足無措。少部分想要上來幫忙的,也同樣顧慮重重。 At this time, Chu Mo said loudly: Fellow friends, do not need to be worried for me that you draw back, this matter has not related with you!” 這時候,楚墨大聲說道:“各位朋友,不必為我擔心,你們退開些,這件事跟你們沒關系!” His mouth was saying, conveniently a blade ... Chopped to turn an own Prince's Mansion guard directly! 他嘴里說著,隨手一刀…直接剁翻了一名親王府衛兵! This strength, gave to frighten at the scene all people! 這種戰力,當場就把所有人都給嚇到了! In their opinion, Chu Mo looks like the monstruous talent is simply same, a ten -year-old child, absolutely did not have any excellent action before. Even if his side has that origin somewhat mystical girl, in people opinion is not anything. 在他們看來,楚墨簡直就像是妖孽一樣,一個十來歲的小孩子,之前完全沒有任何過人的舉動。就算他身邊有那個來歷有些神秘的小姑娘,在人們看來也不算什么。 In which family in this Yan and Huang city, few such existences? 這炎黃城中的哪個家族里面,沒有幾個這樣的存在? Therefore side Chu Mo has this kind of mystical young girl, at is not anything. Before letting purely is Chu Mo such one that this group of people are unable to accept child who does not reveal the mountain non- dew, suddenly becomes so aggressive! 所以楚墨身邊有這樣一個神秘的少女,根本不算什么。讓這群人無法接受的純粹是楚墨這樣一個之前不顯山不露水的小孩子,突然間變得如此生猛! The guards in these own Prince's Mansion, almost hundred of the battlefield drawing back fight the veteran. What formidable hasn't seen? But the monstruous talent like this child, they are the entire life only sees seriously. Also grew in experience really! 這些親王府中的衛兵,幾乎都是從戰場上退下來的百戰老兵。什么樣勇者沒見過?但像這個小孩子這樣的妖孽,他們當真是生平僅見。也真的是長見識了! That [say / way] thin small and weak form, Zuo Chongyou in the crowd suddenly, in the hand that does not see clearly the way the blade. Nobody knows that actually that will cut the blade to which direction, which person cuts. 那道消瘦弱小的身影,在人群中左沖右突,手中那把刀根本就看不清楚路數。沒有人知道那把刀究竟會斬向哪個方向,斬向哪個人。 If only thinks that this child Blade Technique is fierce, other aspects are not much, that was completely mistaken. An own Prince's Mansion guard, has made this serious mistake. 如果只以為這個小孩子刀法厲害,其他方面不怎么樣,那就大錯特錯了。一個親王府的衛兵,就犯了這個嚴重的錯誤。 He pulls out to hail directly to flush, then uses the elbow, hits maliciously to the head of Chu Mo! 他抽冷子直接沖上來,然后用手肘,狠狠撞向楚墨的腦袋! This guard is tall and sturdy, lives extremely strong. That big fellow, is leaning under the body full power hit, let alone is a person, even if a cow, must be killed directly! 這名衛兵人高馬大,生得極為健碩。那種大塊頭,側著身子全力撞擊之下,別說是一個人,就算是一頭牛,也得被直接撞死! It looks like in this guard, his, this strength, this child is impossible to evade! 在這名衛兵看來,他的這種度,這種力量,這個小孩子根本不可能躲過! Almost the time of a twinkling, before he rushed to the body of Chu Mo. Then, he has adjusted the attack position of elbow. The strength most greatly hardest elbow, above ear of direct alignment Chu Mo! 幾乎一眨眼的功夫,他就已經沖到了楚墨的身前。然后,他調整了一下手肘的打擊位置。將力量最大最為堅硬的手肘,直接對準楚墨的耳朵上方! There is the temples! 那里是太陽穴! These, if hits, looks like in this own Prince's Mansion guard, even can hit the head of Chu Mo directly crushes! 這一下要是撞上去,在這名親王府衛兵看來,甚至能將楚墨的腦袋直接撞得粉碎! In his look, reveals the fierce cut-throat ray, he as if saw that this youth head blossomed. Wipes the cruel smiling face, reveals on his corners of the mouth. 他的眼神中,露出猙獰兇狠的光芒,他似乎已經看見了這個少年腦袋開花的那一幕。一抹殘忍的笑容,在他的嘴角上顯露出來。 Little animal, you did not have the opportunity!” “小畜生,你沒機會了!” This person bellows, saw that his elbow, must hit above the ear of Chu Mo! 這人大吼一聲,眼看著他的手肘,就要撞到楚墨的耳朵上方! On nearby Miao Yiniang face reveals the inexhaustible color with amazement, leaves one to call out in alarm: Does not want!” 一旁的妙一娘臉上露出無盡的駭然之色,出一聲驚呼:“不要!” She the sword in hand, crazy thorn to this grandiose guard. 她將手中的劍,瘋狂的刺向這名壯碩的衛兵。 But slow aid will not help in an emergency! 但遠水解不了近渴! Her sword, already without enough time! 她這一劍,已經來不及了! Because of clone, by an own Prince's Mansion guard, was left behind a very deep wound on her on the contrary. 反倒因為分身,被一名親王府的衛兵,在她身上留下一道很深的傷口。 The blood flows all of a sudden, direct incarnadine her clothing. But Miao Yiniang likely completely has not actually felt general, crazy flushes toward here. 鮮血一下子流淌出來,直接染紅了她的衣衫。但妙一娘卻像是完全沒有感覺到一般,瘋狂的往這邊沖過來。 These people who surrounds in the distant place, in this moment, the heart clutches. 那些在遠處圍觀的人們,在這一刻,心都跟著揪起來。 The steward of merit expensive family, shouted to clear the way loudly: Stop!” 有一個勛貴家族的管家,大聲喝道:“住手!” At this time, let alone is a steward of merit expensive family, even if crown prince Xia Jing here, wanted to prevent, perhaps some without enough time. 這種時候,別說是一名勛貴家族的管家,就算是親王夏京在這里,想要阻止,恐怕都有些來不及了。 Because of attack of this guard, was really too quick! 因為這名衛兵的攻擊度,實在是太快了! Also was too ruthless!( To be continued.) 也太狠了!(未完待續。) This book quickest renewal website invited: Cloud / comes to / pavilion, or direct visit website 本書最快更新網站請:云/來/閣,或者直接訪問網站 Work storehouse 作品庫 Novel rank 小說排行 Novel recommendation 小說推薦 Does the book friend interaction murder the day of blade edge Chapter 1808 monstruous talent? 書友互動弒天刃第1808章妖孽?
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