MHE :: Volume #19

#1804: Obliteration

The complementary waves of casual fight, are not a Great Ancestor Realm life can withstand together. 随便一道战斗的余波,都不是一名大祖境界的生灵所能承受的。 Both sides that although battles, fundamentally, do not have the unique big ancestor boundary category, but in fact, that Combat Strength disparity, is actually the day badly other! 虽然交战的双方,从根本上来说,都没有超脱大祖这种境界的范畴,但实际上,那种战力的差距,却是天差地别的! Too huge! 太巨大了! Chu Mo is fighting, is sensing the forms of combat of beauty unceasingly, is analyzing their strong and weak. Then according to the opposite party weakness, prompt formulation new battle plan. 楚墨在战斗中,不断感悟着天人的战斗方式,分析着他们的强弱。然后根据对方的弱点,及时的制定新的战斗计划。 That white clothing female, actually also similar! 那白衣女子,其实也差不多! She is observing similarly also the Chu Mo forms of combat, is analyzing the Chu Mo strong point. Then wants to discover Chu Mo weakness. 她同样也在观察着楚墨的战斗方式,分析着楚墨的长处。然后想要找出楚墨身上的弱点来。 Their this rank the fight of between lives, unceasingly seeks for on the opposite party the weak link, then goes all out to attack that point! 他们这种级别的生灵之间的战斗,就是不断寻找对方身上薄弱的环节,然后拼命攻击那一个点! In this regard, the experience of Chu Mo, can cast off this white clothing beauty female universe to be so far simply! 在这方面,楚墨的经验,简直可以甩开这白衣天人女子一个宇宙那么远! From the beginning, Chu Mo in the imposing manner, completely suppressed the white clothing beauty female, then to the present, the Chu Mo unceasing analysis her weakness, in view of these weakness, Chu Mo displays Pangu Movement Technique directly, incomparably accurate attacks. 从一开始,楚墨就在气势上,完全压制了白衣天人女子,然后到现在,楚墨又不断的分析出她的弱点,针对这些弱点,楚墨直接施展盘古身法,无比精准的进行打击。 This female aura, more and more is weak. 这女子身上的气息,越来越弱。 Naturally, this weakness, in fact is also on the other hand. Does not mean the female really on weakly to collapsing at the first blow that degree. 当然,这种弱,事实上也是相对来说的。并不是说着女子真的就弱到不堪一击那种程度。 Chu Mo another blade cuts after the energetic body above of female, the pitiful yell sound of female, the first time has not resounded again. She is fermenting similarly also the crazy counter-attack. 楚墨又一刀斩在女子的精神体上面之后,女子的惨叫声,第一次没有再响起。她同样也在酝酿着疯狂的反击。 The terrifying strength, erupts together loudly following the energetic body of female in the middle. 一道恐怖的力量,顺着女子的精神体当中轰然爆发出来。 This strength, is similar to cultivator Yuan Spirit from exploding is the same, that murderous intent that erupts instantaneously, Chu Mo, has whole body ice-cold, feels the extremely danger. 这种力量,就如同修士元神自爆一样,瞬间爆发出的那种杀机,就连楚墨,都有种浑身冰冷,感觉到极度的危险。 However, on the face of Chu Mo, is actually reveals wipes the ice-cold smiling face. To compare the fight experience with me? The Chu Mo corners of the mouth turn upwards slightly upwardly. 不过,楚墨的脸上,却是露出一抹冰冷的笑容。想跟我比战斗经验吗?楚墨嘴角微微向上翘起。 Then, he has displayed Pangu Time directly! 然后,他直接施展了盘古时间 Before even if Chu Mo were seriously injured, has not displayed this giving up study. 之前楚墨哪怕身受重伤,都没有施展出这种绝学。 He displays other Cultivation Technique repeatedly unceasingly, even has also displayed about the time and space Divine Ability. 他反复不断的施展其他的功法,甚至也施展过一些关于时间和空间的神通 For example Nine Characters True Words of Taoism, is used to affect this side universe the time and space. 比如说道家的九字真言,用来影响这一方宇宙的时间和空间。 White clothing beauty female, as if thorough has been familiar with Chu Mo the forms of combat, cannot think his suddenly has made one unexpectedly brand-new, might incomparable terrifying big Divine Ability! 白衣天人女子,也似乎彻底的熟悉了楚墨的这种战斗方式,想不到他突然间居然打出了一门全新的、威力无比恐怖的大神通来! After Pangu Time Chu Mo displays, direct role in energetic body above of this female. 盘古时间楚墨施展出来之后,直接作用在这女子的精神体之上 In the moment, she was then direct not to know many years old. 在须臾间,她便直接苍老了不知有多少岁。 The energetic body, will be similarly senile, similarly will dry up. 精神体,同样会衰老,同样会枯竭。 Under Pangu Time, the female can feel itself on the strength to weaken obviously unceasingly. 盘古时间之下,女子能够明显感觉到自己身上力量在不断的衰减着。 Moreover the speed of this weaken, making her feel endless panic-stricken. 而且这种衰减的速度,让她感受到了无尽的惊恐。 Helps me!” “帮我!” The females can not help to the war initiated seeking help toward other that with Yu Hong's beauty. 女子情不自禁的朝着另外那个跟于洪对战的天人发起了求助。 But that beauty from attending, in addition has no time, where has the spirit to manage on this day a person of female? 可是那名天人自顾尚且不暇,哪有精神来管这天人女子? He must quick be also insane by Yu Hong Bi, that piece of universe is void, thorough is been chaotic by already that they hit. Cannot see the principle, can only see the inexhaustible chaos! 他被于洪逼得也快疯了,那一片的宇宙虚空,被他们两个人打的已经彻底混乱了。看不到法则,只能看到无穷无尽的混沌! Chu Mo unceasing is displaying Pangu Time . Moreover, he is even courageous to this Divine Ability, toward another beauty suppression in the past! 楚墨不断的施展着盘古时间,而且,他甚至胆子大到将这种神通,向着另一个天人镇压过去! This is a very bold risk. Similar to the beforehand eternal host, wanting at the same time to control him to be the same with Yu the Hong two people, finally by backlash. Among the lives of their this rank, one-to-one, Shang Haihao said that if a pair two, will fill with the inobservable variable. 这是一种很大胆的冒险。就如同之前的永恒之主,想要同时掌控他跟于洪两个人一样,最终被反噬了。他们这种级别的生灵之间,一对一,尚还好说,若是一对二,真的会充满不可测的变数。 But Chu Mo such has done, hesitant does not have, being duty-bound not to turn back the attack of Pangu Time, direct bang to with Yu Hong's that beauty to war. 楚墨还是这么做了,一点犹豫都没有,义无反顾的就将盘古时间的攻击,直接轰向了跟于洪对战的那个天人。 „!” “啊!” Although that beauty cultivator clearly knows that side has the attack to hit, but is actually not able to make the effective prevention by Yu Hong Bi. 那个天人修士虽然明知道那边有攻击打过来,但却被于洪逼得根本无法做出有效的预防。 When the Pangu Time strength falls to him on that flash, he has sent out panic-stricken yelling directly. 盘古时间的力量落到他身上的那一瞬间,他直接发出了一声惊恐的大叫。 His Spiritual Power, was found time a large part all of a sudden. Completely to critical point that he tolerated, making him feel the threat of death. 他的精神力量,一下子被抽空了很大一部分。完全到了他容忍的临界点,让他感受到了死亡的威胁。 That side. 那边。 The white clothing female thought that her opportunity came, the eruption that she goes all out own compensation, that strength, the complete bang to Chu Mo, then sends out vented the roaring sound: Dies! Ignorant humanity!” 白衣女子觉得自己的机会来了,她拼命的爆发出自身的全部力量,将那股力量,全部轰向楚墨,然后发出发泄似的怒吼声:“去死吧!无知的人类!” Clang! 锵! Wipes the blood red blade light, shines suddenly! 一抹血红的刀光,骤然亮起! This is a snare! 这是个圈套! The white clothing female in this flash, analyzed the result on already. 白衣女子在这一瞬间,就已经分析出了结果。 But was actually already late. 但却是已经晚了。 Chu Mo kept loopholes to her intentionally, making her exploit, in fact, she also has to drill. Even if clearly knows that this is a snare, she also needs abundant. 楚墨故意给她留了一个空子,让她去钻,事实上,她也不得不钻。就算明知道这是圈套,她也必须要博一下。 If she does not revolt, finally is the same, incomparably pitiful dying! 因为如果她不反抗,结果还是一样,会无比凄惨的死去! But is very similarly pitiful! 但现在么同样很凄惨! Chu Mo this blade, quite accurate energetic body dividing into two of this female once more. Murders above day that to kill a principle, has obliterated considerably large Spiritual Power of female directly, this blade, has at least obliterated the female one-third strengths! 楚墨这一刀,相当精准的将这女子的精神体再次的一分为二。弑天上面的那种杀道法则,直接将女子的精神力量磨灭了相当大的一块,这一刀,至少磨灭了女子1的力量! Then, Chu Mo is Pangu Time, hits to this female. 接着,楚墨又是一记盘古时间,打向这女子。 Another side. 另一边。 By that beauty who Pangu Time hits, greatly was affected. 盘古时间击中的那名天人,受到巨大的影响。 Then, opposite Yu Hong, takes this opportunity, brandishes Pangu Axe directly, works as is an axe. 然后,对面的于洪,利用这个机会,直接抡起盘古斧,哐当就是一斧子。 This axe, this beauty cultivator strength, hit not to have half directly! 这一斧子,将这个天人修士的力量,直接打没了一半! Did not say Yu Hong this axe really terrifying to that situation, but is he and coordination between Chu Mo, simply as wonderful as summit! 不是说于洪这一斧子真的恐怖到那种地步,而是他跟楚墨之间的这种配合,简直妙到巅毫! Too tacit! 太默契了! Two had Pangu Inheritance person, together fights shoulder to shoulder also has very long years. 两个身怀盘古传承的人,在一起并肩战斗也有很久的岁月了。 Therefore, among them, does not need to communicate mutually, can very clear awareness opposite party want to make anything. 所以,他们之间,根本不需要相互沟通,就能很清楚的知道对方想要做什么。 Yu Hong does not even have to worry that Chu Mo keeps one eye on to be injured, the matter that he can handle, has one: Does not make Chu Mo this waste diligently! 于洪甚至没有去担心楚墨一心二用会不会受到伤害,他能做的事情,就只有一件:不让楚墨这番努力浪费掉! He succeeded! 他成功了! That side Chu Mo, succeeded! 那边的楚墨,也成功了! After Chu Mo suppressed the white clothing female, then has launched the new round crazy attack. 楚墨压制了白衣女子之后,便展开了新一轮的疯狂攻击。 At this time, Chu Mo offered a sacrifice to Chaos Heating Furnace finally. 这个时候,楚墨终于祭出了混沌烘炉 already turns into garnet Chaos Heating Furnace, appears after this is void, has launched to the white clothing female directly crazily builds up. 已经变成暗红色的混沌烘炉,出现在这虚空之后,直接对白衣女子展开了疯狂的炼化。 Energetic body, although is hard to be obliterated. But regarding Chaos Heating Furnace, is actually the genuine best quality goods tonic! 精神体,虽然难以被磨灭。但对于混沌烘炉来说,却是真正的极品补品! If in usually, Chaos Heating Furnace dares such flagrant builds up the energetic body of beauty, perhaps early was hit to explode. But now, this white clothing female radically has no time to care about the disturbance of Chaos Heating Furnace. Her complete attention, already centralized on the body of Chu Mo. 若在平时,混沌烘炉敢这样明目张胆的炼化天人的精神体,恐怕早被打爆了。可现在,这白衣女子根本就无暇顾及混沌烘炉的干扰。她的全部注意力,都已经集中在了楚墨的身上。 Because now the most dangerous person, is Chu Mo! 因为现在最危险的人,就是楚墨 Actually are you who?” “你们究竟是谁?” The white clothing female sends out unwilling inquiry once more. 白衣女子再次发出不甘的提问。 In your heart, already had the answer, why again asked?” “你的心里面,已经有了答案,何必再问?” This time, Chu Mo has given her finally a positive answer. 这一次,楚墨终于给了她一个正面的答复。 The white clothing female said: You are impossible to succeed!” 白衣女子说道:“你们不可能成功!” That is our matters.” Chu Mo said lightly. “那是我们的事情。”楚墨淡淡说道。 In the process that they spoke, among them the fight, tiny bit had not actually been affected. 就在两人说话的过程中,他们之间的战斗,却是没有受到一丝一毫的影响。 at the same time that the females asked that was attacking Chu Mo crazily, she wanted in this way, disperses the Chu Mo attention. But what makes her be mad results in seethed with anger is, the enemy is having the similar idea unexpectedly. Also wants in this way, to disperse her attention. 女子发问的同时,在疯狂攻击楚墨,她想要通过这种方式,来分散楚墨的注意力。但让她气得七窍生烟的是,对方居然打着同样的主意。也想通过这种方式,来分散她的注意力。 Shameless and fearful does such humanity, where come from? 这么无耻又可怕的人类,到底来自何方? In the middle of the fine Spirit Sense sea of white clothing female, has delimited a giant lightning suddenly likely. 白衣女子的精神识海当中,猛然间像是划过一道巨大的闪电。 She understood the origins of these two people all of a sudden. 她一下子明白了这两个人的来历。 That mortal body world of ancient god! 古神的那具肉身世界 Certainly is there! 一定是那里! This is a startled day news, now during the entire four big days, nobody believes that in the middle of mortal body of Pangu, will present such formidable person. 这是一个惊天的消息,如今整个四大天当中,没有人会相信盘古的肉身当中,会出现这么强大的人。 Moreover in the middle of mortal body world of Pangu, isn't the trusted friend who also four big God send under is assuming personal command? Possibly how to make such existence run? Were these people who Don’t tell me, four big God send, all defeated inadequately? 而且盘古的肉身世界当中,不是还有四大天主派去的心腹手下在坐镇?怎么可能会让这样的存在跑出来?难道说,四大天主派去的那些人,全都失败了不成? Is this possible? 这怎么可能? In the heart of female, has filled panic-stricken, she is unable to believe all these real. 女子的心中,充满了惊恐,她无法相信这一切都是真的。 Buzz! 嗡! Chaos Heating Furnace building up is not only melting Spiritual Power of female, at this moment unexpectedly has sent out excitedly buzz whining noise. 混沌烘炉不但的炼化着女子的精神力量,此刻居然发出了兴奋的嗡鸣声。 This strength, is one of the in society purest strengths. Regarding Chaos Heating Furnace this Spiritual Tool, simply is most top tonic, what big medicine, was inferior this strength comes directly simply! 这种力量,是世间最为纯净的力量之一。对于混沌烘炉这种法器来说,简直就是最顶级的补品,什么样的大药,也都不如这种力量来的直接干脆啊! White clothing female almost had not been irritated, she by an unsurpassed strength, strikes to fly Chaos Heating Furnace directly. 白衣女子差点没被气死,她以一股无上的力量,直接将混沌烘炉击飞。 But Chu Mo, actually while this opportunity, is a heartless attack. 楚墨,却趁着这个机会,又是一番无情的攻击。 Finally, this female beauty cultivator, a strength, ten do not save one. Although she also gave Chu Mo to bring the huge trouble, let the body of Chu Mo by enormously the wound. It seems the dripping with blood, is very distressed. But she, actually also the distance falls from the sky is not far. 终于,这名女性天人修士,一身力量,十不存一。她虽然也给楚墨带来了巨大的麻烦,让楚墨的身体受到极大的创伤。看上去鲜血淋漓,十分狼狈。但她自己,却也距离陨落不远了。 She is unwilling, at the same time is angry, even there are to plant to feel crazily. 她不甘,同时感到愤怒,甚至有种要疯狂的感觉。 She does not understand why this is. A trivial humanity, the dirty thing that drills from ancient god mortal body world, why will have so fearful Combat Strength? 她不明白这是为什么。一个区区的人类,一个从古神肉身世界中钻出来的肮脏的东西,为什么会有如此可怕的战力 To the final time, she has calculated finally, this humanity, already obtained majority of Inheritance of Pangu. But he arrived here, goes to spiritual Inheritance of Pangu! 到了最后的时刻,她终于计算出来,这个人类,已经得到了盘古的大部分传承。而他来到这里,就是冲着盘古的精神传承去的! Did not say her to be stupid, before could not calculate this result. Only can say that this was too inconceivable. This possibility, regarding any beauty, is the probability small to the matter that should not have. 不是说她愚蠢,之前计算不到这种结果。只能说这太不可思议了。这种可能性,对于任何一个天人来说,都是概率小到根本不应该发生的事情。 But he occurred. 可他偏偏发生了。 Finally, this formidable beauty female, was struck to kill by Chu Mo thoroughly. 最终,这名强大的天人女子,被楚墨彻底击杀了。 Chaos Heating Furnace is still melting these pure strengths in unceasing building up. 混沌烘炉还在不断的炼化着那些纯粹的力量。 That side Yu Hong, and fight between another beauties, already is near the end infinitely. 那边的于洪,跟另一个天人之间的战斗,也已经无限接近尾声。 Chu Mo at this time, already many ample forces have not helped Yu Hong. He looks at Yu Hong Zhanju the absolute winning side, feels relieved that sits cross-legged to sit is void. Starts to absorb this piece void, that nearly infinite Essence Qi. 楚墨此时,已经没有多少余力去帮助于洪。他看着于洪占据了绝对的上风,也就放心下来,盘膝坐在虚空。开始吸收起这片虚空中,那近乎无穷的精气来。 The beauty female who these Essence Qi, almost all just died stays behind. Now has become not any Spirit Sense pure strength. 这些精气,几乎全都是刚刚陨落的天人女子留下。如今都成了没有任何神识的纯粹力量。 Absorbs, a barrier does not have simply. 吸收起来,简直一点障碍都没有。 Finally, Yu Hong Nabian, transmits a that beauty's sad and shrill pitiful yell suddenly: „!”( Not 终于,于洪那边,也猛然间传来那名天人的一声凄厉的惨叫:“啊!”(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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