MHE :: Volume #19

#1803: What spells is the will

Even if Great Ancestor Realm cultivator, here could not insist how long, quick will be burnt! 就算是大祖境界修士,在这里也坚持不了多久,很快就会被烧死! On the face of Chu Mo, without any painful expression, has, is only endless ice-cold. 楚墨的脸上,没有任何一丝痛苦的表情,有的,只是无尽的冰冷 He revolves the body fire of Five Phases Element, integrates this to cover entirely the invisible fire oneself directly void. Instantaneous, a comfortable feeling transmits. 他运转身体中的五行元素之火,直接将自身融入到这布满无形之火的虚空当中。瞬间,一股舒适的感觉传来。 Chu Mo regarding the understanding of this type of [say / way], early already has surmounted the understanding of this female. 楚墨对于这种道的理解,早已经超越了这名女子的理解。 In her both eyes, reveals the color of incomparable shock, just wanted to ask anything, actually sees the blade of opposite party, has cut directly. 她一双眼中,露出无比震惊之色,刚想要问点什么,却看见对方的刀,直接就斩了过来。 The form of female similarly quickly to inconceivable. She is very formidable! 女子的身影同样快到不可思议。她很强大! This is without a doubt. 这是毋庸置疑的。 Because beforehand Yu Hong has not even induced to her existence. 因为之前于洪甚至没有感应到她的存在。 But in front of Chu Mo, her great strength, fully has not manifested. Only one puts in an appearance, she was compelled by Chu Mo somewhat distressedly. 但在楚墨面前,她的这种强大,完全没有体现出来。只一个照面,她就被楚墨逼得有些狼狈。 Divine Ability that she displays, that formidable Fire Attribute principle, simply does not have an injury to Chu Mo. Makes Chu Mo have a like a fish in water feeling on the contrary. 她施展出的神通,那种强大的火属性法则,对楚墨根本没有一点伤害。反倒让楚墨有种如鱼得水的感觉。 The females get angry very much, she sends out shouting out of ice-cold, the trim universe is void, the flash was coagulated likely generally! 女子很怒,她发出冰冷的呼喝,整片宇宙虚空,一瞬间像是被凝固住了一般! Looked like suddenly is frozen, but froze here, was not the ice, but was an unknown element. 就像是突然间被冻结了,而冻结这里的,并非是冰,而是一种未知的元素。 Chu Mo also felt that the motion was impeded. 楚墨也感觉到了行动不畅。 At this time, this white clothing female coldly shouted to clear the way: Thinks one comprehended the Five Phases Element [say / way], can able to move unhindered here? Stupid humanity, haven't you seen this method?” 这时候,这名白衣女子冷冷喝道:“以为自己领悟了五行元素的道,就可以纵横这里了吗?愚蠢的人类,你从来没见过这种手段吧?” The females are very favorite, she just was a little frightened by Chu Mo Combat Strength. 女子很得意,她刚刚被楚墨战力有点吓到了。 Because of Chu Mo that blade, almost cuts her body. The ice-cold knife point, brushed past her body has delimited, lets her from head to toe, piece of ice-cold! 因为楚墨那一刀,差点就斩到她的身躯。冰冷的刀锋,贴着她的身体划过,让她浑身上下,一片冰冷 The females at this time, started to display Divine Ability, wanted Chu Mo with this universe void same place, lived to the thorough seal! 女子这时候,开始施展神通,想要将楚墨跟这宇宙虚空一起,给彻底封印住! Her Divine Ability, whether there is already performed the years not to display. In years past, she closes right up against this, captured one to order directly, has repelled the massive powerful enemies. Also closes right up against this, obtained the attention of God, becomes the God trusted friend subordinate. 她的这种神通,已经有无尽岁月没有施展过了。昔年,她就是靠着这一手,直接夺取了一枚界主令,击退了大量的强敌。也正是靠着这一手,得到了天主的关注,成为天主的心腹手下。 She comes to here, already had the immeasurable years. After a period of time, she can return her area above, becomes the supreme king! 她来这里,也已经有无量岁月了。再过一段时间,她就可以重新回到自己的疆域之上,成为至高无上的王! at that time, the God will give her quite rich granting. Had these to grant, she was confident, let own boundary, upward promoted very big one section again. 那时候,天主会给她相当丰厚的赏赐。有了那些赏赐,她有信心,让自己的境界,再往上提升很大一截。 She is one has the ambition beauty! 她是一个有野心的天人! Actually, any presents the beauty here, or any God that grasps is ordering, is that type has very big ambition! 其实,任何一个出现在这里的天人,或者说,任何一个掌握着界主令的天主,全都是那种有着很大野心的! Their cognition to this world, must surpass the common beauty, in their hearts, is very clear, they no doubt can affect the samsara, but actually cannot control completely, secret that is unable in the true spying on samsara to contain. 他们对这世界的认知,要远超过一般的天人,他们的心里面,全都很清楚,他们固然可以影响到轮回,但却不能完全掌控,更无法真正的窥探轮回中蕴含的秘密。 Therefore, they go to the samsara on don't want to radically! don't want to lets own destiny, not during own control. 所以,他们根本就不想去轮回!不想让自己的命运,不在自己的掌控之中。 If the samsara has become humanity, what to do that should? 万一轮回成了人类,那该怎么办? don't want to samsara, then can only be elongated by own life infinitely. Wants the life to be infinitely long, can only depend upon most top cultivation resources to be good! 不想轮回,那么就只能让自己的寿元无限拉长。想要寿元无限长,就只能依靠最顶级的修炼资源才行! But effectively cultivation resources of most top, all grasps in the God hand. 而真正最顶级的修炼资源,却全都掌握在天主们的手中。 Their these host, although has the opportunity to obtain most top resources similarly, but that opportunity, is quite uncertain. During four big days, have too many places similarly, are not they can enter. 他们这些界主,虽然同样有机会得到最顶级的资源,但那种机会,却相当渺茫。四大天当中,同样有太多的地方,不是他们所能进入的。 Fight between this female and Chu Mo, carries on the incomparable intensity. 这女子跟楚墨之间的战斗,进行得无比的激烈。 Her Divine Ability method, has numerous number simply, is controlling this seal entire universe ability, she did not worry that Chu Mo can turn out the big spray. 她的神通手段,简直多不胜数,掌控着这种封印整个宇宙的能力,她根本不担心楚墨能翻出多大的浪花。 In her opinion, this humanity, is only one is slightly formidable a point humanity. 在她看来,这个人类,只是一个稍微强大一点的人类罢了。 Prohibits in the middle of Chu Mo that strength, contained on at least ten million different murderous intent, each murderous intent, incomparable terrifying. 封禁楚墨的那种力量当中,蕴含了至少上千万种不同的杀机,每一种杀机,都无比的恐怖。 Casual together, can make a big ancestor cause heavy losses. 随便一道,都能让一名大祖受到重创。 The Chu Mo pupil light is chilly, grasps to murder the day, unceasing cutting reaches own these murderous intent. 楚墨眸光清冷,手持弑天,不断的斩开伸向自己的那些杀机 Then, he starts to run plate ancient scripture, his body, in this flash, erupts one vigorous aura that is hard to imagine. Directly around trillion li (0.5km) the seal strength the body, all clashes! 然后,他开始运行盘古经,他的身体,在这一瞬间,爆发出一股难以想象的雄浑气息。直接将身体周围亿万里的封印力量,全部冲开! Then, his blade, is away from this seal maliciously, chops to that white clothing female! 接着,他狠狠一刀,隔着这封印,劈向那名白衣女子! How possible?” On the face of white clothing female, reveals the color of shock. She cannot believe that this is real. “怎么可能?”白衣女子的脸上,露出震惊之色。她不敢相信这是真的。 snap! 咔嚓 Chu Mo this blade was too quick! 楚墨这一刀太快了! Cuts together fissure the seal directly, then, that wipes radiant blood light, cut to this female. 直接将封印斩出一道裂痕,然后,那一抹璀璨的血光,斩向了这名女子。 Because the white clothing female must control this seal, suddenly cannot dodge Chu Mo the blade. Among the moment, her body, changed to the energetic body directly. 白衣女子因为要掌控这封印,一时间根本躲闪不开楚墨的这一刀。须臾间,她的身体,直接化作了精神体。 „!” “啊!” She sends out an incisive pitiful yell. 她发出一声尖锐的惨叫。 That tyrannical energetic body, was given split into two halves by Chu Mo this blade unexpectedly directly! 那强横的精神体,竟然被楚墨这一刀直接给劈成两半 You are quite sinister!” “你好阴险!” The females experience personally the heavy losses, sends out a scream. 女子身受重创,发出一声尖叫。 If she just had not transformed the body into the energetic body, then Chu Mo this blade, most her body split into two halves, but is actually absolutely impossible to make her receive the so serious wound. 如果她刚刚没有将身体转换为精神体,那么楚墨这一刀,最多就是将她的身体劈成两半,但却绝无可能让她受到如此严重的创伤。 The opposite party calculates obviously she will have done such, therefore that blade, comes to her Spiritual Power radically! 对方显然是算准了她会这么做,所以那一刀,根本就是冲着她的精神力来的! Principle strength on that blade, all obliterates the energetic body! 那一刀上的法则力量,全都是磨灭精神体的! Bang! 轰隆隆! Seal that almost the female structure leaves the strength of vast universe, diverged directly loudly. Then, the Chu Mo form, directly flushed. Also is a blade, cuts to this female. 女子构架出的几乎封印了浩瀚宇宙的力量,直接轰然散去。然后,楚墨的身影,直接冲了出来。又是一刀,斩向这个女子。 The so-called energetic body, the foot, any place, cannot be the head separately! 所谓的精神体,根本不分头脚,任何一个地方,都可以是头! Therefore, Chu Mo looked continually is disinclined to look, was direct a blade then blade cutting in the past. 所以,楚墨连看都懒得看,就直接一刀接着一刀的斩过去。 The counter-attack of female is not very not swift and fierce, in fact, her Combat Strength, already was Chu Mo has seen most formidable one. Even if the three situations of eternal place advocated strongly that faces her together, not necessarily can take the big advantage. 女子的反击不可谓不够凌厉,事实上,她的战力,已经楚墨见过的最强大的一个了。就算是永恒之地的三大势力主共同面对她,也未必能够占到多大的便宜。 Therefore, the body of Chu Mo, received some wounds similarly. His body, is bleeding similarly. 所以,楚墨的身上,同样受到了一些伤。他的身体,同样也在流血。 But Chu Mo has not wrinkled including the brow, that [say / way] wound, for him, actually early already is the potluck. In the long cultivation profession, in his long life experience, such matter, already became accustomed to seriously. 楚墨连眉头都没有皱一下,那种道伤,对他来说,其实早已经是家常便饭。在漫长的修炼生涯中,在他漫长的人生经历中,这样的事情,当真已经是习以为常了。 At least, he because of hurting to wrinkle the brow! 至少,他绝不会因为疼而皱一下眉头! But these day of people, although has outstanding Combat Strength, has the unusual boundary, has boundless Magic Power and Divine Ability, but in fact, they regarding the understanding and regarding own injury the bearing capacity of fight, are actually well below Chu Mo this humanity. 但这些天人们,虽然拥有卓绝的战力,拥有超凡的境界,拥有无边的法力神通,但事实上,他们对于战斗的理解和对于自身伤势的承受能力,却是远远不如楚墨这种人类的。 Both sides attack, purely is a battle of attrition. To this boundary life, even if the sneak attack, the advantage that can take is also limited. 双方这种对攻,纯粹就是一种消耗战。到了这种境界的生灵,就算是偷袭,能占到的便宜也是有限的。 No one is weak! 谁都不弱! Had said like Yu Hong such, to finally, everybody competes, is actually the will. 就像于洪说过的那样,到最后,大家比拼的,其实就是意志。 Chu Mo Combat Strength, has not crossed this female to be too many. Reason that can also suppress the opposite party to hit, purely because of his terrifying will, strong person of female of this day too multiple! 楚墨战力,也没有强过这女子太多。之所以还能够压制着对方去打,纯粹就是因为他那恐怖的意志,强过这天人女子太多倍! Bang! 砰! Divine Ability of this female, direct bang on the arm of Chu Mo. 这女子的一道神通,直接轰在楚墨的手臂上面。 Chu Mo that tyrannical mortal body, kept off this to strike, but the bone on his arm, actually split a slit. 楚墨那强横的肉身,挡下了这一击,但他的手臂上的骨,却随之裂开了一道缝隙。 The beauty female is extremely shocked, she cannot think one such strong strikes, unexpectedly only made the opposite party receive little has such injured. 天人女子非常震惊,她想不到自己这样强势的一击,居然只让对方受了这么一点点伤害。 Chu Mo at this time, shook the fist to pound similarly to the energetic body of this day person of female. 楚墨这时候,同样挥拳砸向这天人女子的精神体。 Bang! 砰! His fist, pounds a giant hole the energetic body of beauty female directly. 他这一拳,直接将天人女子的精神体砸出一个巨大的窟窿来。 The beauty female sends out a pitiful yell once more. 天人女子再次发出一声惨叫。 In her heart, already gave birth has drawn back intent. 她的心中,已经生出了退意。 She cannot believe that this human unexpectedly already as formidable as this situation. 她不敢相信,这个人类居然已经强大到了这种地步。 But she has not retreated in light of this, still tries to attempt, wants to cause heavy losses to Chu Mo. 但她并没有就此退去,依然试图尝试着,想要重创楚墨 Her Divine Ability, indeed is fierce, Chu Mo, has planting the feeling that is hard to resist. But the counter-attack of Chu Mo is similarly swift and fierce. 她的神通,也的确是厉害,就连楚墨,都有种难以招架的感觉。可楚墨的反击同样凌厉。 Both sides fight, is the pure mutual injury. 双方这种战斗,就是纯粹的互相伤害。 That side Yu Hong, is clenching teeth to support similarly by strenuous efforts. 那边的于洪,同样在咬牙苦苦支撑着。 Just Chu Mo those words, many a little exciting he. 刚刚楚墨的那句话,多少有点刺激了他。 Chu Mo asked him, coped with one, can you not insist? 楚墨问他,对付一个,你能坚持不? What is can not insist? Did I also by the will, strike to kill day Human World main humanity big cultivator to be good in the past? Possibly how to insist? 什么叫能坚持不?我当年也是凭借意志,击杀过一名天人界主的人类大修士好吧?怎么可能坚持不住? Yu Hong's heart of hearts, has not been mad Chu Mo, but Chu Mo these words, actually aroused that pride of his heart of hearts! 于洪的内心深处,并没有生楚墨的气,但楚墨的这句话,却是激起了他内心深处的那种骄傲! The invincible faith, the unyielding soul, his same never lacks! 无敌的信念,不屈的灵魂,他同样从不缺少! Faces Yu Hong's beauty cultivator, similarly is very tyrannical, although was inferior that white clothing female is like that strong, but actually did not strike that beauty cultivator difference that killed compared with Chu Mo with Yu Hong Xianqian. Even on certain Divine Ability, but also wants strongly that beauty cultivator! 面对于洪的这名天人修士,同样无比强横,虽然不如那名白衣女子那般强势,但却并不比楚墨跟于洪先前击杀的那名天人修士差。甚至在某些神通上,还要强过那名天人修士 Therefore, Yu Hong many years later, fell into to struggle hard again. 所以,于洪时隔多年之后,再一次的,陷入到了苦战当中。 In his foreheads, has not actually revealed the color of least bit fear. 他的眉宇间,却是没有流露出半点畏惧之色。 He did not fear that in the past this fight, does not fear now! 他当年就不怕这种战斗,现在更不怕了! Yu Hong Zhijie is brandishing Pangu Axe, displays Pangu Heaven Splitting incisive. That type as tyrannical as the axe law of acme, is each axe is similar to wants seriously epoch-making. Formidable to make the blood boil situation! 于洪直接抡动着盘古斧,将盘古开天施展的淋漓尽致的。那种强横到极致的斧法,当真是每一斧都如同要开天辟地一番。强大到令人发指的地步! Facing this tyrannical beauty cultivator, on Yu Hong's face hangs throughout is wiping the relaxed smiling face. 面对这名强横的天人修士,于洪的脸上始终挂着一抹轻松的笑容。 This smiling face, even makes this beauty cultivator think one face is not humanity with boundary, but is a terrifying big God! 这笑容,甚至让这名天人修士觉得自己面对的不是一个同境界的人类,而是一个恐怖的大天主! The otherwise words, are you so why relaxed? 不然的话,你凭什么这么轻松啊? Why I face you, doesn't have such relaxed feeling? You are less formidable than me! 为什么我面对你,就没有这么轻松的感觉?你也没比我强大啊! „Who are you? Dares to excel at rushing to this place? Did not fear that the big God does punish?” This beauty cultivator, but also tries to frighten Yu Hong. “你们到底是什么人?竟敢擅闯这种地方?难道就不怕大天主责罚吗?”这名天人修士,还试图吓唬一下于洪。 In Hongwon this actually bone, is the disposition that words discussed that the idle talk were very many. But these years follows side Chu Mo, the time was long, his disposition, had not the small change. A most obvious point is, his idle talk more and more was short. 于洪原本其实骨子里面,是一个话唠的性格,废话挺多的。可这些年跟在楚墨身边,时间久了,他的性格,也发生了不小的变化。最明显的一点就是,他的废话越来越少了。 The whole person is lending a ice-cold aura from the bone outward. 整个人从骨子里往外散发着一种冰冷的气息。 Therefore, facing the issue of this beauty, Yu Hong Genben is disinclined to pay attention. Has a thought: He, should better also be able to help on a master at risk of life! Then, makes on main know that oneself is actually very useful. 所以,面对这个天人的问题,于洪根本懒得理会。只有一个念头:拼死他,最好还能去帮一帮主上!然后,让主上知道,自己其实挺有用的。 Trim vast scruples universe void middle, almost among fighting spirits by these four people filling up. 整片浩瀚顾忌的宇宙虚空当中,几乎被这四人之间的战斗气息给填满了。 The fight of this rank, made the soul of person probably tremble simply! 这种级别的战斗,简直令人的灵魂都要战栗! ------- ------- Today renews delivers.( Not 今天更新送到。(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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