MHE :: Volume #19

#1805: rebirth?

That beauty, announced finally falls from the sky! 那名天人,也终于宣告陨落! Yu Hong's body, already has covered entirely the wound, seems quite terrifying. 于洪的身上,已经布满了伤口,看上去相当恐怖。 In his body, many place already are transparent. Everywhere is the holes. The blood flows following these holes, then coagulates there. His appearance, seemed distressed enough to is perfect. 他的身体中,很多地方已经是透明的了。到处都是窟窿。鲜血顺着那些窟窿流淌出来,然后凝固在那里。他的模样,看上去狼狈到极致了。 But on Yu Hong's face, is having the smile. He looks at Chu Mo of distant place. Saying of weakly and without strength: On host, you said this little while, if braves a beauty again, what to do we should?” 但于洪的脸上,却是带着微笑的。他看着远方的楚墨有气无力的说道:“主上,你说这会儿要是再冒出来一个天人,我们该怎么办?” Chu Mo opened eyes, looked at his one eyes, then the look slightly changed, scolded one: Crow mouth!” 楚墨睁开眼,看了他一眼,然后神色微微一变,骂了一句:“乌鸦嘴!” During the speeches, Chu Mo figure, vanishes there all of a sudden, the next quarter, he then appeared in Yu Hong's side, Pangu Movement Technique, ran the acme in this flash. 说话间,楚墨身形,一下子消失在那里,下一刻,他便出现在了于洪的身旁,将盘古身法,在这一瞬间运行到极致。 Even he has not attended to including Chaos Heating Furnace, is carrying Yu Hong, vanishes all of a sudden here. 甚至连混沌烘炉他都没顾上,拎着于洪,一下子就消失在这里。 Chaos Heating Furnace, changes to a ray, pursues in Chu Mo. 混沌烘炉,化作一道光芒,追在楚墨的身后。 At this time, from the endless ice-cold universe deep place, has transmitted terrifying roaring: Shameless thing, halts to me!” 这时候,自无尽冰冷的宇宙更深处,传来了一声恐怖的咆哮:“无耻的东西,给我站住!” Vast Spiritual Power, has flooded the space of trim instantaneously! 一股浩瀚的精神力量,瞬间充斥了整片的宇宙空间! That is one type formidable to the inconceivable pressure, that Spiritual Power appears in each corner. Almost must overtake Chu Mo all of a sudden. 那是一种强大到不可思议的威压,那精神力出现在每一个角落当中。几乎一下子就要追上楚墨了。 Chu Mo runs the acme Pangu Movement Technique, his unceasing goes through in potential surfaces. 楚墨盘古身法运行到极致,他不断的在一个又一个的位面中穿行。 His behind universe is void, is actually linking piece of collapsing in one piece! 他身后的宇宙虚空,却也在一片连着一片的坍塌! Bang! 轰隆隆! Behind route that Chu Mo runs away, entire universe, in collapsing fast. 楚墨逃走的路线后面,整个宇宙,在飞快的坍塌当中。 Luckily this place does not have the stars, the otherwise words, do not want to escape by luck. Because of universe true disintegration! 幸亏这个地方没有星辰,不然的话,一颗都别想幸免。因为就连宇宙都真正的崩碎了! In Yu Hong Xin hated oneself mouth to be inexpensive, but at this time, his a few words said. 于洪心中恨极了自己嘴贱,但在这种时候,他连一句话都说不出口。 Because of the Chu Mo speed , was really too quick. 因为楚墨的速度,也实在是太快了。 Chaos Heating Furnace is reluctant, has flown Chu Mo, was beckoned by Chu Mo, received. 混沌烘炉勉勉强强,飞到了楚墨的身后,被楚墨一招手,直接收了起来。 But is this little delay, behind that terrifying strength, has welled directly up. Must submerge Chu Mo instantaneously thoroughly. 但就是这一点点的耽误,后面那股恐怖的力量,直接就涌了过来。瞬间就要将楚墨彻底淹没。 Chu Mo looks like the surfrider who runs away from the rough sea waves is the same, will ran away. 楚墨就像是从巨浪下逃走的冲浪者一样,堪堪的逃了出来。 Then, his direct ditch moved three Primordial Chaos Qi! 然后,他直接沟动了身上的三道鸿蒙之气 In the years, Chu Mo can the direct ditch move Primordial Chaos Qi in body on already. But also merely can communicate, actually cannot control they truly. 在前些年,楚墨已经能够直接沟动身体中的鸿蒙之气了。但也仅仅是能够沟通,却并不能真正驾驭它们 Chu Mo magical skill, although already was very profound, but still is a little actually hard to understand that Primordial Chaos Qi in body is what kind of existence. 楚墨的道行,虽然已经很高深了,但却依然有点难以理解身体中的鸿蒙之气到底是一种怎样的存在。 In years past the remote antiquity governed the destiny of channel limitless, in entire channel world, had many Primordial Chaos Qi. But remote antiquity limitless , can only afterward speculate that these Primordial Chaos Qi, are the Great God Pangu absorption builds up some mystical air/Qi. 昔年太上无极掌管通道的气运,在整个通道世界中,就有不少的鸿蒙之气。但就连太上无极自己,也只能在后来推测,这些鸿蒙之气,都是盘古大神吸收炼化的某种神秘之气。 This type of air/Qi, can promote the destiny of person, can make the comprehension ability of person more formidable. But also has other any wondrous uses specifically, was very difficult to say was clear. 这种气,可以提升人的气运,可以让人的领悟能力变得更加强大。但具体还有什么其他的妙用,就很难说的清楚了。 Now, under Chu Mo in the critical juncture, compels to have no other choice, Cigou moved in the middle of body three Primordial Chaos Qi again. 如今,楚墨在危急关头,逼不得已之下,再次沟动了身体当中的三道鸿蒙之气 Each time, is his ditch moves, Primordial Chaos Qi has the response. But also merely responded, did not have other actions. 每一次,都是他一沟动,鸿蒙之气就有回应。但也仅仅是回应,却没有其他的举动。 But this time, is different! 但这一次,不一样了! When the Chu Mo ditch moves body the flash in Primordial Chaos Qi, his front, presented a gate instantaneously. Chu Mo even including responding the time does not have, has run directly into the middle of this gate. 楚墨沟动身体中的鸿蒙之气的一瞬间,他的面前,瞬间出现了一道门。楚墨甚至连反应的时间都没有,直接就冲进了这道门当中。 Afterward, this gate was closed directly. 随后,这道门直接关闭了。 Then, that as turbulent as acme strength, submerged here instantaneously. 接着,那股汹涌到极致的力量,瞬间淹没了这里。 Then, in the endless ice-cold universe, has transmitted huge roaring: Pangu! You also dare to use this taboo unexpectedly the strength, are you want to ruin this trim day?” 然后,无尽冰冷的宇宙中,传来了一声巨大的咆哮:“盘古!你竟然还敢动用这种禁忌的力量,你是想要毁掉这整片天吗?” In the universe, is reverberating everywhere this crazy roaring, nobody replied him. Even does not have any unnecessary response. 宇宙中,到处都回荡着这一声疯狂的怒吼,没有人回答他。甚至没有任何一点多余的回应。 The next quarter, is young lets the youth who the human cannot believe that appears in the place that Chu Mo just vanished, his face breathless expression. In the mouth actually sends out the incomparably old incantation. 下一刻,一个年轻得让人不敢相信的少年,出现在楚墨刚刚消失的地方,他一脸气急败坏的表情。口中却发出无比苍老的咒语。 Then, trim universe is void, flood fierce ripples, innumerable lives, in this moment, unexpectedly by the creation of out of thin air. 接着,整片宇宙虚空,都泛起了剧烈的涟漪,无数的生灵,在这一刻,竟然被凭空的创造出来。 The complexion of this youth is very serious, in the mouth mumbled, then, this endless life, gathered quickly. Then, composed one almost to flood this piece of universe void giant! 这少年的脸色无比严肃,口中念念有词,然后,这无尽的生灵,很快集合到了一起。然后,组成了一尊几乎要充斥这片宇宙虚空的巨人! Then, this giant fist, hits maliciously to this void position. 接着,这尊巨人狠狠一拳,打向这片虚空中的一个方位。 Bang! 轰! That place, was hit to collapse directly. 那个地方,直接被打塌了。 Then, presented a profound cavern. 然后,出现了一个幽深的洞穴。 The youth looked at one, one step stepped, his airborne, makes the old sound: Pangu, this is you compels my! You died!” 少年看了一眼,一步就迈了进去,他的空中,发出苍老的声音:“盘古,这是你逼我的!你死定了!” Chu Mo is entering that gate flash, the whole person fainted on already. His use to own strength, already to a condition to the utmost. Moved three Primordial Chaos Qi instances in the ditch, the whole person was in an oil completely lamp dry situation actually. 楚墨在进入那道门的一瞬间,整个人就已经晕过去了。他对自身力量的使用,已经到了一种极尽的状态。在沟动三道鸿蒙之气的瞬间,整个人其实就到了一种油尽灯枯的地步。 Yu Hong is not better than him many, in that flash, the whole person directly was found time the complete strength, then, has fainted. 于洪也没比他好多少,在那一瞬间,整个人都直接被抽空了全部的力量,然后,也跟着晕了过去。 How long has not known, in this piece does not have in the universe of time concept, Chu Mo woke. He discovered that he lies on a bed unexpectedly. 不知过了有多久,在这片没有时间概念的宇宙中,楚墨醒了过来。他发现,自己居然躺在一张床上面。 What situation is this?” The Chu Mo whole person somewhat is in a daze, he looks at this bed, many some feelings of looking familiar. “这是什么情况?”楚墨整个人都有些发呆,他看着这张床,也多少有些眼熟的感觉。 The next quarter, in the past memory, directly was similar to the tide general welled up. 下一刻,往昔的记忆,直接如同潮水一般的涌上来。 Then, his whole person, thorough tarrying! 然后,他整个人,都彻底的呆住了! This is General's Residence! 这是将军府 Right, this was in years past Chu Mo in Human World, housing General's Residence! 没错,这就是昔年楚墨人界的时候,居住的将军府 All around looks both strange and various familiar arrangements, the Chu Mo whole person fell thoroughly silly. He is not clear, what exactly had? He can also clear remembering, he after the ditch moved within the body three Primordial Chaos Qi, the front presented a leafed door, then, he was leading Yu Hong Chongjin this leafed door. 看着四周既陌生又熟悉的各种陈设,楚墨整个人彻底傻掉了。他不明白,到底发生了什么?他还能清楚的记得,他在沟动了体内三道鸿蒙之气后,面前出现了一扇门,然后,他带着于洪冲进了这扇门。 The next quarter, lost the memory. Wakes up once more, turned into present this appearance. 下一刻,就失去了记忆。再次醒来,就变成了现在这幅样子。 Yu Hong? 于洪呢? Chu Mo sizes up in all directions. 楚墨四处打量。 Without Yu Hong's trail. 没有于洪的踪迹。 Then, Chu Mo looked. 然后,楚墨又看了一眼自己。 He changed is young! 他变小了! Also returned to the time of youth, the small arm calf, the body is frail. 又回到了少年的时代,小胳膊小腿,身子单薄瘦弱。 Then, he walks from the bed, arrives in front of the mirror. In the mirror presented his young immature face directly. Very handsome, the look is also very pure, a feeling of vicissitudes does not have. 然后,他从床上走下来,走到镜子面前。镜中直接出现了他那张年轻稚嫩的脸庞。很英俊,眼神也很纯净,一点沧桑的感觉都没有。 On the face of Chu Mo, shows the smiling face that links him unable to explain, in that smiling face, is full of the complex flavor. 楚墨的脸上,露出一丝连他自己都解释不清楚的笑容,那笑容中,充满复杂的味道。 „Was my this rebirth? Samsara in another significance?” “我这算是重生了?还是另一种意义上的轮回?” Chu Mo muttered, he attempted to transfer in the middle of body that terrifying strength, did not have. 楚墨喃喃自语,他尝试调动身体当中那恐怖的力量,一点都没有了。 Besides the memory, his all, all returned to the past years unexpectedly! 除了记忆之外,他的所有一切,居然全都回到了当年! Shout! 呼! Chu Mo put out a long breath, at this time, outside suddenly broadcast together the familiar sound. 楚墨长出了一口气,这时候,外面突然间传来一道熟悉的声音。 Little Black Chu, Little Black Chu 楚小黑,楚小黑 The Chu Mo corners of the mouth have pulled out pulling out, this sound, was too simply familiar! 楚墨嘴角抽了抽,这声音,简直太熟悉了! Xu Fufu! 许浮浮 Present should Xu Fufu, where? 如今的许浮浮,应该在哪儿呢? Right, he should in the eternal place! 对了,他应该在永恒之地! That lazy fellow, cultivates now is, what boundary should also arrive at? His whole life, but also there is an opportunity to enter to the ancestor boundary? 那个懒家伙,现在一身修为,又应该到了什么境界呢?他这辈子,还有没有机会进入到祖境了? Chu Mo is thinking, opens door directly, outside, the similarly young form, directly flushed together. 楚墨想着,直接打开门,外面,一道同样年轻的身影,直接冲了进来。 Xu Fufu of face vitality, looks at Chu Mo saying: Walks, goes to Gluttonous House!” 一脸朝气的许浮浮,看着楚墨说道:“走,去饕餮楼!” Chu Mo said: Does?” 楚墨说道:“干嘛?” Eats meal! You have forgotten, we complied with Miao Yiniang today, can go to there meeting?” A Xu Fufu face your brain has had problems the expression looks at Chu Mo. “吃饭啊!你忘了,我们今天答应了妙一娘,要去那里聚会的?”许浮浮一脸你脑子是不是出问题了的表情看着楚墨 Chu Mo loses says with a smile: Goes to that meeting? Clearly is you wants to seize the chance to see Liu Mei'er?” 楚墨失笑道:“去那聚会?分明是你想趁机见柳梅儿吧?” Everybody is brothers, this matter you knew me to know were good, why said?” Xu Fufu hey said with a smile, then approached Chu Mo, said low voice: Said that Xia Jie that son of a bitch, a while ago, has done a misdemeanor, but this time, he by retribution!” “大家都是兄弟,这种事你知我知就好了,何必说出来呢?”许浮浮嘿嘿笑道,然后凑近楚墨,小声说道:“说起来,夏杰那个王八蛋,前段时间,又做了一件坏事,不过这一次,他遭报应了!” Xu Fufu was saying, smiling face that a face takes pleasure in others'misfortunes. Then has lowered the sound, said to Chu Mo: That fellow, had made into the court eunuch! Ha Ha Ha Ha, for this matter, his father Crown Prince Xia Jing, already soon was wild with rage!” 许浮浮说着,一脸幸灾乐祸的笑容。然后压低了声音,对楚墨说道:“那个家伙,被人打成了太监!哈哈哈哈,为这事儿,他爹夏京亲王,都已经快要气疯了!” I hit.” Chu Mo said lightly. “我打的。”楚墨淡淡说道。 Ha Ha Ha Ha really gets what one deserves? What did you say? Little Black Chu, I do not frighten me by you!” Xu Fufu also smiled very happily, but turned the head to be scared, dumbfounded looks at Chu Mo: Brother, are you all right?” “哈哈哈哈真是活该啊嗯?你说什么?楚小黑,我靠你别吓唬我!”许浮浮原本还笑得很开心,不过转头就傻眼了,目瞪口呆的看着楚墨:“兄弟,你没事吧?” During speeches, but also puts out a hand, tries to trace Chu Mo forehead. 说话间,还伸出手,试着去摸楚墨额头 Chu Mo moves away his hand, then stands in that frowns, said in a soft voice: In my brain, thinks of all Inheritance, complete memory. Let me wash away a time in the past road, obviously is impossible. If so, can I also meet Master? Can I also meet Xiaoyu? If cannot meet them, the destinies of that all people, will therefore change? Why will I come back? In this world absolutely does not have, if? Is this illusion? Real?” 楚墨把他的手拿开,然后站在那,皱着眉头,轻声说道:“我的脑子里,装着所有的传承,全部的记忆。让我冲走一次往昔的路,显然是不可能了。若是这样,我还能遇见师父吗?我还能遇见筱雨吗?若是不能遇见他们,那岂不是所有人的命运,都将因此而改变?我为什么会回来?这世上根本就没有如果?这是幻象?还是真实?” Chu Mo now, the boundary does not have, Spiritual Power definitely is unable to support him to calculate this type huge and as complex as the acme matter. 楚墨如今,境界全无,精神力量也完全无法支撑他去计算这种庞大而又复杂到极致的事情。 But he can actually think, if all these real, that too was fearful! 但他却能够想到,如果这一切都是真的,那就真的太可怕了! Only if he is willing to defer to the past memory, experiences one time had experienced these matters. The otherwise words, the entire history also has his personal experience, will have the huge change. 除非他肯重新按照往昔的记忆,去重新经历一次曾经经历过的那些事情。不然的话,整个历史还有他的个人经历,都将发生巨大的改变。 If such, many people can also exist in this in society? 若是那样,很多人还能存在于这个世间吗? At this moment, outside suddenly broadcasts a noisy sound, like had the troop people to surround here. 就在这时,外面突然间传来一阵吵闹的声音,像是有大群人包围了这里。 Then, wonderful graceful form, drops from the clouds together, appears in front of Chu Mo. 然后,一道妙曼的身影,从天而降,出现在楚墨面前。 You annoyed the catastrophe, hurriedly ran away! My already made the human inform that side your Grandfather, he now returned on the way. You walk quickly!” “你惹了大祸,赶紧逃走!我已经让人通知了你爷爷那边,他现在正在归来的途中。你快走!” The speech, is a quite attractive young girl, the black eyebrow coloring eyebrow like the mountain, the flesh wins the snow, in the foreheads, is revealing a thick concern, looks at Chu Mo. 说话的,是一个相当漂亮的少女,黛眉如山,肌肤胜雪,眉宇间,流露着一股浓浓的关切之情,看着楚墨 Yiniang?” On the face of Chu Mo, the strange color is more obvious. 一娘?”楚墨的脸上,怪异之色更加明显。 All that now he experiences, besides many this endless memory, unexpectedly in years past, did not have a wee bit differences! 如今他所经历的所有一切,除了多了这无尽的记忆之外,居然跟昔年,没有一丁点区别! Do not rub gently! Walks quickly!” “别磨蹭了!快走吧!” A Miao Yiniang face looks at Chu Mo anxiously. 妙一娘一脸焦急看着楚墨 Xu Fufu also looks at Chu Mo to say at this time: Walks quickly! I keep off to you!” 许浮浮这时候也看着楚墨道:“快走!我给你挡一下!” ------- ------- The renewal delivers.( Not 更新送到。(未 Ends being continued 完待续 ~^~) ~^~)
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