MT :: Volume #7

#655: The gate of other dimension

Now Chu Tian was without parallel in history in the Continent influence, therefore Chu Tian spoke, various countries' each region has to attach great importance, 19 emperor King Level characters transmitted City of Darkness in abundance, besides 19 Great Emperor level characters, but also included 120 Heaven Domain 6th Layer above Continent top Expert. 现在楚天大陆影响力已经空前绝后,因此楚天一发话,各国各地不得不重视,19位帝王级人物纷纷传送到暗黑城,除19位大帝级人物以外,还包括120位天域六重以上的大陆顶尖强者 These people generally are first time arrive at Purgatory, therefore by the Purgatory picture being shocked, especially felt here is filling the abundant devil aura shocking, this darkness negative energy, has created the crystallization of thousand li(500 km) area unexpectedly, since this is the catastrophe that modern Continent any disaster is unable to compare. 这些人普遍是第一次来到尼根,因此被尼根的景象给惊呆了,特别是感觉到这里弥漫着的充裕恶魔气息给震撼到了,这股黑暗负面的能量之强,竟然造成千里地区的晶化,这是近代大陆以来任何一次天灾都无法比拟的浩劫。 This issue is difficult, is far from individual strength can solve.” “这次问题非常严峻,绝非个人之力所能解决。” Was sure to remember that this event no small matter, concerns the entire Continent life and death, therefore at this moment, we must collaborate.” “切记,这次事件非同小可,关乎到整个大陆生死存亡,所以在这个时刻,我们必须联起手来。” Chu Tian delivers the speech as Miracle federation president to everybody, the people have the matter to be confused to the present. A king cannot bear the inquiry: Here exactly what happened, you explained actually clearly.” 楚天奇迹联邦大总统身份对大家发表讲话,人们对现在发生事情一头雾水。一位帝王忍不住提问:“这里到底发生什么事情,你倒是解释清楚啊。” Chu Tian puts through City of Darkness SmartBrain directly, letting SmartBrain the image projection that the unmanned aerial vehicle reconnoiters to the screen on, everybody can very clear seeing, the unmanned aerial vehicle detect the region is a big black Crystal Stone world, including several places of sticking out, will just like the dark volcano will be unceasingly jet black such as the black ink water column energy spout, these energies will receive some hauling to be entrained to the central location to get together by pulling. 楚天直接接通暗黑城智脑,让智脑将无人机侦察到的影像投射到屏幕上,大家可以非常清楚的看见,无人机侦测过的区域已经是一大片黑色晶石的世界,其中有几个隆起的地方,犹如黑暗的火山般在不断将漆黑如墨水柱般的能量喷涌出来,这些能量受到某种牵引而被拉拽到中央位置聚合起来。 The people are not the common people. 现场的人都不是泛泛之辈。 Everybody looked, several volcanos of spout dark energies, are uniting in a point compression the strength continuously, making the time space of this region appear twist highly, the Purgatory earth looms super big of hearing something never heard of before, this phenomenon is almost the manpower cannot be. 大家都已经看出来,几座喷涌黑暗能量的火山,正在源源不断将力量在一个点压缩凝聚,让该区域的时间空间都出现高度扭曲,尼根大地隐隐出现一个闻所未闻的超级大阵,这种现象几乎是人力所不能为。 Simple point is our world is attempting to be opened.” Chu Tian pointed at the influence saying: These spout the dark energy the volcano, is actually the Purgatory Devil's Gate vestige. So-called Devil's Gate can understand that into the other dimension loophole, in most situations the loophole was blocked, may under some specific turning point function, the other dimension loophole be used.” “简单点来讲就是我们的世界正在尝试被打开。”楚天指着影响说:“这些正在喷涌黑暗能量的火山,其实就是尼根恶魔门遗迹。所谓的恶魔门可以理解成为位面的漏洞,绝大多数情况下漏洞是被封死的,可在某种特定的契机作用之下,位面漏洞就会被利用。” other dimension wants to open from outside is the extremely difficult matter, but opens to the outside from the interior relatively is easy. Now the situation looks has the biology beyond other dimension, they discover our existences rather, discovers existences of these loopholes, therefore these living thing use Devil's Gate to the Purgatory release energy, finally this energy gathers in other dimension, thus constructs gate of the other dimension gradually.” “一个位面想从外部打开是极其困难的事情,可是从内部向外部打开则相对容易。现在情况看是有位面以外的生物,他们发现我们未免的存在,也发现这些漏洞的存在,因此这些生物利用恶魔门尼根释放能量,最终这股能量在位面以内聚集起来,从而渐渐地构建出一个位面之门。” The people are first time hear this matter. 众人都是第一次听说到这种事情。 Also some people inquired: If the gate of other dimension does open will be what kind of?” 又有人提问到:“如果位面之门打开会怎么样?” Chu Tian replied: Each other dimension has the gate to outside, if other dimension once were opened, then directly enters to the other dimension time. But the other dimension time opens, often is symbolizing two significances, one is colonizing, was colonized. If our Continent development enough formidable situation, opens the other dimension channel to open the other dimension time on own initiative, then we will become the other dimension colonizers, may nowadays issue be Continent is also far from developing to open rather the ability of time, once therefore our world were opened, we may become by the colonizer.” 楚天回答道:“每个位面都有通往外界的门,如果位面一旦被打开,那么就直接进入到位面时代。可是位面时代开启,往往象征着两个意义,一个是殖民,一个是被殖民。如果我们大陆发展足够强大地步,主动打开位面通道开启位面时代,那么我们就将成为位面殖民者,可现如今的问题是大陆还远远没有发展到能开启未免时代的能力,所以我们的世界一旦被打开,我们将可能成为被殖民者。” Such remarks. 此言一出。 People all discoloration. 众人无不色变。 Chu Tian continued: Everybody do not think that I was saying things just to frighten people, other dimension of closed state, its strength had the upper limit, because so Continent was almost impossible birth Heaven Domain above Expert. Once other dimension opens, under the outside spiritual energy and energy penetration, the strength upper limit principle of Continent will be broken. But outside other dimension abyss world for myriad years do not have the strength upper limit to exist, the master in our world in their eyes, perhaps is only very mediocre average person.” 楚天继续说:“各位不要以为我在危言耸听,封闭状态的位面,其力量是有上限的,正是因为如此大陆几乎不可能诞生天域以上的强者位面一旦打开,外界灵气与能量贯通之下,大陆的力量上限法则将会被打破。可是位面以外深渊世界万千年来就没有力量上限存在过,我们世界里的高手在他们眼里,或许只是非常平庸的普通人而已。” Continent normal development path, most at least must wait till for 10,000 years later has to open the other dimension time the qualifications, because later the technological progress 10,000 years has reached the peak, Continent is stockpiling several million battleships, but nowhere spends freely, at this time opened other dimension, the people can swiftly gain a footing also to start to launch other dimension in the abyss battlefield to go on an expedition and colonize. 大陆正常发展轨迹来看,最起码要等到10000年后才具备开启位面时代的资格,因为在10000年以后科技发展已经达到巅峰,大陆储备着数百万艘战舰而无处挥霍,这个时候开启位面,人们能迅速在深渊战场占据一席之地并且开始展开位面征战和殖民。 What situation now is Continent? 现在大陆是什么情况? The entire Continent warship is less than hundred! 整个大陆军舰不到百艘! These warships are the Continent class primary battleship of Miracle Commerce production, the Continent class warship and other dimension class warship are two matters, can say that 100 Continent class warships add not to compare a primary warship of other dimension class. The present Continent level does not have the opening abyss battlefield ability, if will enter the abyss world only thoroughly to be destroyed rashly, the best result also to be enslaved by the external invader. 这些军舰都是奇迹商会生产的大陆级初级战舰,大陆级军舰与位面级军舰是两码事,可以说100艘大陆级军舰加起来都比不上一艘位面级的初级军舰。现在的大陆水平根本不具备开启深渊战场的能力,如果冒然进入深渊世界只会被彻底毁灭,最好结果也不过是被外来侵略者奴役罢了。 Chu Tian explained the sufficiently clear, presents complexion to start to change on the spot, some people of whole faces with amazement called: Your meaning is, is the Purgatory energy burst the abyss world has the tricks that what thing gets up to own initiative?” 楚天已经解释得足够清楚,现场在座各位脸色开始变化,有人满脸骇然的叫起来:“你的意思是,尼根能量爆发是深渊世界有什么东西主动做的手脚?” Right! Resembles some people to discover that a coconut tree is the same, now they to the matter that our world handles, is with chiselling the coconut tree that attempts to pry open this tasty juiciness, if we do not take the measure, once they have come in, our world will be in imminent danger.” “没错!就好像有人发现一个椰子一样,现在他们对我们世界所做的事情,就是正在用锤凿企图撬开这个鲜美多汁的椰子,所以如果我们不采取措施,一旦他们真的进来了,我们的世界将岌岌可危。” Although everybody guessed correctly that the matter is possibly very stern, but will never have the guide to be stern to this situation, the terrifying strength of this scale will erupt should be the unprecedented talent, now Chu Tian tells everybody this is not the disaster, but will be the man-made disaster, the man-made disaster will cause the consequence the disaster be more serious than hundred times of thousand times! 虽然大家猜到事情可能很严峻,但是万万没有向导会严峻到这种地步,这种规模的恐怖力量爆发本来应该是前所未有的天才,现在楚天偏偏告诉大家这并不是天灾而是人祸,人祸造成后果远要比天灾严重百倍千倍! The dragon elder asks directly: You said directly, how can we prevent it?” 龙长老直接开口问:“你直接说吧,我们怎么样才能将其阻止?” Chu Tian replied: I prepare to shut off the gate of other dimension energy, cloth big carries on the seal the gate of other dimension again, this matter does not achieve easily, because outsider has the possibility the channel that uses to open to transport the army to inside very much, only then everybody joins up the ray of hope to complete.” 楚天回答道:“我准备切断位面之门的能量,再布一个大阵将位面之门进行封印,这件事情并不容易做到,因为外来者很有可能已经利用撑开的通道向里面输送部队,只有大家联合起来才有一线希望能够完成。” Dark King asked by the hoarse sound: Concrete sequence of operation?” 冥王以嘶哑声音问:“具体的操作步骤呢?” This is I invites the reason of arrival, you are nowadays on Continent cultivation base most Expert, so long as we collaborate certainly to solve this crisis.” Chu Tian stands on the map pointed out: We not only need prevent these Devil's Gate from continuing the conveying capacity, needs to lead to the abyss the gate of other dimension to live to the seal thoroughly. Presents is divided into four to arrive in all directions Devil's Gate respectively, manufactures a flag to insert with me nearby the energy volcano that in the Devil's Gate vestige forms shuts off the eruption of energy, so long as the energy stops supplying, the gate of abyss other dimension will stop opening, we ship to suppress demon through the Miracle City space transmission goalkeeper army, Great Emperor arrives at position face cleaning up of midpoint and along with me directly on the spot blocks abyss position face thoroughly!” “这就是我邀请诸位到来的原因,你们都是现如今大陆修为强者,只要我们联手一定可以解决这次危机。”楚天站在地图上指出:“我们不仅仅要阻止这些恶魔门继续输送能量,更需要彻底将通往深渊的位面之门给封印住。在座诸位分成四股分别到达四处恶魔门,用我制作阵旗插在恶魔门遗迹形成的能量火山附近来切断能量的爆发,只要能量停止供应,深渊位面之门就会停止开启,我们通过奇迹城的空间传送门将军队运送进来镇压魔物,诸位大帝随我直接到达正中央的位面门清理现场并且彻底封死深渊位面门!” Chu Tian described a plan to everybody specifically. 楚天对大家具体描述一番计划。 The people look at each other mutually nod the head in abundance. 众人互相对视纷纷颔首。 This matter no small matter, may relate to the entire Continent life or death after all, how can there be under the compound nest to end the egg, regardless has anything contradictory or discontented, should unite to resist the powerful enemy to invade at this time together. 这件事情非同小可,毕竟有可能关系到全大陆的存亡,正所谓覆巢之下焉有完卵,无论互相间有什么矛盾或者不满,在这种时候就应该团结起来共同对抗强敌入侵。 Chu Tian informs to start the Miracle Commerce resources to start to make the earlier preparation, other people have not been idling, everybody does utmost from various countries assembles the master, even many living in seclusion people of high skill were given to alarm by this matter continually, finally in seven days of time, more than 100 Heaven Domain 6th Layer above Expert that participated in grows to more than 200 directly, Purgatory City of Darkness condensed the entire Continent topest battle efficiency basically. 楚天通知完毕就发动奇迹商会资源开始做前期准备,其他人也没有闲着,大家竭尽全力从各国各地调集高手,甚至连很多隐居高人都被这件事情给惊动,最终在七天时间里,原本参加的100多位天域六重以上强者直接增长到200多名,尼根暗黑城基本已经凝聚整个大陆最顶尖的战斗力了。 Chu Tian, has the unusual circumstance, under you are best to come to see this.” 楚天,有异常情况,你最好来看下这个。” Chu Tian was called the City of Darkness temporary control center by Meng Qingwu, sees only everybody to present, people face darken and dignified looks content that in the picture demonstrates. This is on Miracle with the TUAV the influence that catches from abyss position face, sees only abyss position face to form rapidly, sees only crowds of all sorts of strange and unusual things, is walking continuously from abyss position face, its quantity accumulated to over a thousand. 楚天梦轻舞叫到暗黑城的临时指挥中心,只见各位都已经在场,人们都脸色阴沉而且凝重的看着画面上显示的内容。这是奇迹上会以无人侦察机从深渊位面门附近捕捉到的影响,只见深渊位面门正在迅速的成形,只见一群群千奇百怪的东西,正在源源不断从深渊位面门里走出来,其数量已经积累到上千只之多。 Sharp long cry. 一声尖利长鸣 Sees only a Flying Dragon living thing to soar to hold the Miracle City reconnaissance aircraft, finally in a bang, the reconnaissance aircraft transmission influence interrupted in light of this. 只见一头飞龙般的生物腾空而起抓住奇迹城的侦察机,最终在一声巨响当中,侦察机传输影响就此中断了。 The Eunice calm face said to Chu Tian: How does president see?” 月奈斯沉着脸对楚天说:“大总统怎么看?” Abyss position face opening speed is faster than the imagination, these are they invade the other dimension advance forces.” Chu Tian knit the brows saying: Everybody does not need too to be worried, because the other dimension channel has not opened completely, now can come in through this channel, its strength will not be strong, is more impossible to present Heaven Domain above existence, therefore we have the means to deal.” “深渊位面门开启速度比想象中要快,这些都是他们入侵位面的先遣部队。”楚天皱起眉说:“不过大家也不必太担心,因为位面通道还没有完全开启,现在能通过这条通道进来的,其实力绝不会太强,更不可能出现天域以上的存在,所以我们还是有办法应对的。” May such get down many a little makes a mickle, our plans were very difficult to be implemented.” “可这么下去积少成多,我们的计划就很难实施了。” Right, we should find the way as early as possible rather the gate solving.” “对啊,我们应该想办法趁早将未免门给解决了。” The people were uneasy whether sitting or standing, the advance forces strength that although comes from the abyss battlefield now is not strong, but saw sufficiently this is one time has the invasion of plan deliberate, after these fellows come, definitely will think the means and City of Darkness confronts, so long as can drag again for five days eight days, position face with the abyss connection, the terrifying biology of the abyss coming can invade this world completely at that time. 众人都已经坐立不安,虽然现在从深渊战场进来的先遣部队实力不算强,但是已经足以看出这是一次有预谋有策划的入侵,这些家伙进来以后肯定会想办法与暗黑城对峙,只要能再拖上五天八天,位面门完全与深渊接通,那时候从深渊来的恐怖生物就可以侵入这个世界了。 Everybody could rest assured that I have prepared, now starts to plan to move.” “各位放心,我已经准备好,现在就开始策划行动。” Chu Tian has prepared tool of this preparation, various countries have also assembled most Elite army strongly to transmit to the Miracle City preparation space transmission gate. About fight that this shouted, everyone does not dare to be negligent, once because by prevailing of these living thing, their so-called empire and had all, is the bitter experience flood is shattered to disintegrate completely likely thoroughly. 楚天已经将该准备的工具都准备好,各国也已经调集最精英部队集中到奇迹城准备空间传送门进行传送。关于这场呼起来的战斗,每一个人都不敢大意,因为一旦被这些生物的得逞,他们所谓的帝国和拥有一切,全部都会像是遭遇洪水般被彻底冲垮瓦解。 Chu Tian examines a next present manpower situation, he starts to arrange the duty: We altogether 260 Heaven Domain 6th Layer above cultivation base Cultivator, now these 260 will be divided into four teams now, you are ready simultaneously to appear in Array that nearby four energy volcanos mobilizes me to manufacture, remembers probably simultaneously the seal. So long as energy volcano seal is successful, abyss position face will stop expanding, but it will therefore not vanish, several of us were responsible for killing at this time, destroyed, and its seal, blocked the invasion of abyss thoroughly!” 楚天查看一下现在的人手情况,他就开始安排起任务来:“我们现在总共有260名天域六重以上修为修士,现在这260位将被分成四支队伍,你们做好准备同时出现在四座能量火山附近发动我制作的阵法,记住必须要同时封印。只要能量火山封印成功,深渊位面门就会停止扩展,但是它并不会因此而消失,我们几个在这个时候就负责杀进去,摧毁并且将其封印,彻底阻断深渊的入侵!” Good!” “好!” Such manages!” “就这么办!”
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