MT :: Volume #7

#654: Abyss crisis

What's the matter?” “怎么回事?” Chu Tian was attending the event, because heard to have an accident, has to hurry back. 楚天本来正在出席活动,因为听说出事了,只好匆匆返回。 The Meng Qingwu complexion dignified assigns out some pictures and data to Chu Tian: Now the special details are not very clear, we move to bring from the information of Purgatory world, it is said is the Purgatory world erupts the disaster suddenly, most at least caused a surely Purgatory life death, we recently united other empire development the Purgatory mine to be destroyed, under this situation was probably serious.” 梦轻舞脸色凝重对楚天调出一些画面和数据:“现在具体情况不是很清楚,我们调取来自尼根世界的信息,据说是尼根世界忽然间爆发灾难,最起码造成一千万尼根生灵死亡,我们最近联合其他帝国开发的尼根矿山全都被毁了,这底下情况好像非常严重。” What? Caused surely the death of Purgatory life!” “什么?造成千万尼根生灵的死亡!” As soon as other Miracle Commerce people listened to be shocked. 奇迹商会其他人一听都惊呆了。 What concept are 10 million? 10000000是什么概念啊? Purgatory world from surface such distant, but also felt that in the surface Purgatory is turbulent, god knows the Purgatory world in just exactly what happened. 尼根世界距离地表这么遥远,不过就算是在地表也感觉到尼根动荡,天知道尼根世界在刚刚到底发生什么事情。 Purgatory is Miracle City attached, now becomes the Miracle federation district, President Purgatory is holds the post by Succubus, now Purgatory has such big matter to suffer loss is not only the Miracle federation. Because Miracle City goes to open up a mine the excavation the Purgatory opening introduction people in the first Miracle summit time. 尼根奇迹城附属地,现在成为奇迹联邦大区,尼根总统是由魅姬担任,现在尼根出这么大的事情受到损失不仅仅是奇迹联邦。因为奇迹城早在第一次奇迹峰会时候就把尼根开放引入各国人进去开矿挖掘。 Now Purgatory eruption disaster, loses besides Miracle Commerce and Purgatory native place, other Continent several countries, especially relate the significant alliance six countries with Miracle City, all presents very big casualties because of this matter. 现在尼根爆发灾难,除奇迹商会尼根本土损失外,大陆其他好几个国家,特别是与奇迹城关系匪浅的联盟六国,全都因为这件事情而出现很大伤亡。 Chu Tian, this what's the matter?” 楚天,这到底是怎么回事?” I receive the urgent report, heard that Purgatory exploded.” “我收到急报,听说尼根爆炸了。” This has had an accident, what to do did Purgatory destroy us to produce? Now the Purgatory material is our very important strategic resources, produces Miracle helmet time also needs to use, this will affect seriously our output fast!” “这到底出什么事了,尼根毁了我们生产怎么办?现在尼根材料是我们很重要一个战略资源,生产奇迹头盔的时候也需要用到,这会严重影响我们的产量速!” Really. 果然。 Purgatory just had an accident. 尼根刚刚出事。 Chu Tian communication drops drop to keep ringing. 楚天的通讯器就滴滴响个不停。 How many king flight of steps leading to a palace hall take a view, this Purgatory has an accident to cause everybody to lose seriously, these people can only look for Chu Tian to beg the view, who lets Purgatory is the Chu Tian development domain? Since is the Chu Tian domain, that must accountability Chu Tian! 几位帝王陛都要一个说法,这次尼根出事导致大家损失惨重,这些人只能找楚天讨要说法,谁让尼根就是楚天开发的地盘?既然是楚天的地盘,那就要问责楚天 Chu Tian said: Now the special details I do not talk clearly, but President Purgatory just went back to investigate, it is said probably was the Devil's Gate vestige of Purgatory world has the drastic change therefore to explode.” 楚天对大家说:“现在具体情况我也说不清楚,不过尼根总统刚刚回去调查,据说好像是尼根世界的恶魔门遗迹发生剧变所以爆炸了。” The Burning Heavens Great Emperor whole face said angry: This what's the matter? How in good condition to explode!” 焚天大帝满脸恼怒说:“这到底怎么回事?好端端怎么就爆炸了呢!” We destroy in the mine that Purgatory constructed with great difficulty!” Wild Beast Emperor also feels to this accident very discontented, „the Chu Tian president, I knows that you were very recently busy, but this matter must investigate clearly, is actually the man-made disaster or the disaster.” “我们好不容易在尼根建起来的矿山都毁了!”狂兽大帝对这次事故也感到非常不满,“楚天大总统,我知道你最近很忙,但是这件事情必须要调查清楚,究竟是人祸还是灾害。” Several other expressed the support. 其他几位纷纷表示赞同。 This matter relations not so are possibly simple.” Chu Tian had guessed correctly is actually any reason, but the related this matter, Chu Tian does not dare the wild talk conclusion, therefore said to everybody: Perhaps must invite to walk Purgatory with me.” “这件事情可能关系不那么简单。”楚天其实已经猜到是什么原因,不过有关这件事情,楚天也不敢妄言定论,因此对大家说道:“恐怕得请诸位与我走一趟尼根。” Does not have the means. 没办法。 This Purgatory must under! 这趟尼根非下不可! Luckily six king imperial palaces and dwellings have Transmission Tower, although therefore said that goes to Purgatory, but has not distinguished with back garden anything actually. Chu Tian invited everybody in a City of Darkness transmission accumulation, after five minutes, Chu Tian and six Great Emperor arrived at City of Darkness Transmission Tower. 幸亏六位帝王皇宫和住处就有传送塔,因此虽然说是去尼根,但是其实跟去后花园没什么区别。楚天邀请大家在暗黑城传送点聚集,五分钟后楚天和六位大帝就纷纷来到暗黑城传送塔 Several people are the Miracle City science and technology sighed again. 几个人再次为奇迹城的科技而感叹。 This Transmission Tower, does not want to come time Purgatory, has not known the consumption big strength! 没有这传送塔,想来一次尼根,还不知得耗费多大力气呢! Several people just arrived at the Purgatory world, immediately discovered Purgatory becomes is not quite same before some, the top of the head combustion fire gloomy many colors turn into the monster different green, this also causes the Purgatory ray also to become dim, in addition in the Purgatory world air fills with an evil cloudy and cold aura. 几人刚刚来到尼根世界,立刻发现尼根变得与以前有些不太一样,头顶燃烧地火暗淡很多颜色变成妖异的绿色,这也导致尼根光线也变得昏暗,此外尼根世界空气中充满一种邪恶阴冷的气息。 The dragon elder said low and deep: Very strong evil energy!” 龙长老低沉说:“好强的邪恶能量啊!” Beautiful Moon Empress also approves to nod: „Before this feeling is, has not had, it seems like really important matter.” 风月女帝也赞同点点头:“这种感觉是以前所不曾有过的,看来真的出大事了。” Succubus catches up hurriedly, is responsible for managing Purgatory Succubus for Miracle City officially: We investigated clearly, this accident cause factor is the Devil's Gate energy large-scale eruption causes, now around Devil's Gate the thousand li(500 km) the vitality exterminated, why will not have investigated specifically like this clearly.” 一个魅魔急匆匆赶来,正式负责替奇迹城管理尼根魅姬:“我们已经调查清楚,这次事故原因是恶魔门能量超大规模喷发导致,现在恶魔门周围千里都已经生机灭绝,具体为什么会这样还没有调查清楚。” Um, knew, you get down first.” “嗯,知道了,你先下去吧。” Chu Tian guesses correctly is Devil's Gate, two words had not said much that his both eyes turn into the white, a vigorous space force spews out, sweeps across the surrounding six kings instantaneously, people moves sideways to appear outside the Devil's Gate region. 楚天猜到是恶魔门,二话没有多说,他双眼变成白色,一股蓬勃空间力量喷涌而出,瞬间席卷周围的六位帝王,众人一个闪身就出现在恶魔门区域之外。 Chu Tian president strength also has strives very much!” 楚天大总统实力又有很大精进嘛!” Right, right, this space ability Continent feared that is few individuals can with it side by side.” “没错,没错,这空间能力大陆怕是没有几个人能与之比肩。” The Chu Tian brow tight wrinkle said: Now did not care this time, you have a look at front!” 楚天则眉头紧皱说:“现在不是关心这个的时候,你们看看前面吧!” When the people look forward, the dumbfounded, entire field of vision dark piece, once the earth and probably by Crystal Stone, was turned into black Crystal Stone from the mountain peak to the ground suddenly, these Crystal Stone resemble the ice piece to brave the cold air unceasing transpiration to leave faint trace black steam, is giving people an extreme strange feeling. 众人向前望去时,一个个目瞪口呆,整个视野黑茫茫一片,曾经大地和突然都好像被晶石化,从山峰到地面都变成黑色晶石,这些晶石好像冰块冒寒气般正不断蒸腾出一丝丝黑色蒸汽,正给人一种极端诡异的感觉。 The Underworld Sea Dark King low and deep sound explains religious doctrine: Sufficiently the strength that the thousand li(500 km) range material crystallizes, this has surpassed our limits, said accurately exceeds our world upper limits, this matter is not definitely simple.” 冥海冥王低沉声音讲道:“一股足以将千里范围物质晶化的力量,这已经超越我们的极限,准确说超越我们这个世界上限,这件事情肯定非常不简单。” „The eye of space!” “空间之眼!” Chu Tian starts a special skill, his field of vision any position in the space will form the angle, he sees among the Devil's Gate vestiges the blooming ray, the several Devil's Gate vestiges of Purgatory world to receive this situation from afar, the raising black energy from them, descends continuously finally in the Devil's Gate center, the midpoint has a typical giant vortex to rotate. 楚天发动一个特殊技能,他的视野将在空间里任何位置形成角度,他远远地就看见恶魔门遗迹中间绽放光芒,尼根世界的几座恶魔门遗迹都受到这种情况,从它们当中源源不断升起黑色能量,最终在恶魔门的中央降落下来,正中央有一个典型的巨大漩涡在转动。 Right, is the gate of abyss!” Chu Tian takes back realizes to sigh: Purgatory world Devil's Gate is if, if these each other will connect to have the function finally, for example forms at present this huge incomparable Array, will hold breath the enough strong strength from the abyss, will open the channel from other dimension to other dimension outside again, this from outside to inside will break through compared with rather outside the biology.” “没错,是深渊之门啊!”楚天收回实现叹息一声:“尼根世界恶魔门是要是,这些要是最终彼此串联起来就会发生作用,比如说形成眼前这个一个巨大无比的阵法,从深渊里倒吸足够强力量,再从位面内对位面外打开通道,这远比未免外生物由外向内突破。” The time and space were twisted. 时间和空间都被扭曲。 From the eddy currents of gloomy distortion shadow, is seeping some evil strength unceasingly. 从阴暗扭曲阴影的漩涡中间,正在不断的渗透出某种邪恶力量。 Right, source here. 没错,源头就在这里。 Chu Tian observes Devil's Gate to form big, only thought that the situation is not very probably wonderful. The feeling of because from the eye position transmitting, is an evil gloomy abyss aura. Has this type of aura to transmit, then can only explain that an issue, the gate of abyss was opened quickly. 楚天观察着恶魔门形成大阵,只觉得情况好像十分不妙。因为从阵眼位置传递出来的感觉,正是一种邪恶阴森的深渊气息。有这种气息传递出来,那么就只能说明一个问题,深渊之门快被打开了。 Wild Beast Emperor does not understand what is heard: What were you saying? This what's the matter!” 狂兽大帝听不明白:“你在说什么?这到底怎么回事!” You were said that......” the Dark King knowledge was profound, his body shivered slightly, this was really a personification movement, „were these strengths pouring into the center to open a other dimension channel?” “你是说……”冥王毕竟知识渊博,他的身体微微颤抖一下,这真是一个拟人化的动作,“这些力量正在灌入中央打开一个位面通道?” Chu Tian nods saying: Wants but actually also right.” 楚天点点头说:“这么想倒也没错。” The Burning Heavens Great Emperor buphthalmo stares the circle: You said that through this leafed door, we can arrive at other world?” 焚天大帝牛眼瞪圆:“你是说通过这扇门,我们可以到其他世界去?” This idea is too optimistic, Chu Tian looks back into the Continent primitive history, he clearly remembers that the abyss open, is the human Source Energy technological progress 7,000-8,000 years, Continent has the battleship to stockpile hundreds of thousands, various types of advanced weapons are more than hundred times of even over a thousand times the present. 这种想法太乐观,楚天回顾大陆原始历史,他分明记得深渊们打开,已经是人类元力科技发展七八千年,大陆拥有战舰储备十几万艘,各种先进武器比现在多百倍甚至上千倍。 He is anxious the gate of abyss to open, should not such quick is right, this obviously is not a very normal phenomenon. Is because previous time participates in the Devil's Gate vestige to destroy this vestige to constitute, therefore causes the abyss to advance ahead of time on Continent? 他急得深渊之门开启,应该没有这么快才对啊,这显然是非常不正常的现象。难道说是因为上次参加恶魔门遗迹破坏这座遗迹构成,所以导致深渊提前出线在大陆上? The abyss world is how fearful world Chu Tian is clear. 深渊世界是一个多么可怕的世界楚天非常清楚。 Continent at present condition, if faces the abyss, so long as will perish in a flash! 大陆目前状态如果面对深渊,只要转瞬间就会灭亡的! Most at least must leave the Chu Tian 20 years of development time, he has confidence with the abyss resists, if opens the door of abyss prematurely, this to entire Continent is the total destruction. 最起码要留给楚天20年发展时间,他才有把握与深渊对抗,如果过早打开深渊之门,这对整个大陆来说都是灭顶之灾。 Here situation imagines us is more serious than!” The Chu Tian vision observed the situation the surrounding six kings saying: Does not have means to level here situation depending on our six, we must find all Heaven Domain 6th Layer above people!” “这里情况比我们想象中更严重!”楚天目光环视周围六位帝王说:“光凭我们六个没有办法摆平这里的情况,我们必须将所有天域六重以上的人都找过来!” All?” “所有的?” Right, all, quantity the more better!” “没错,所有的,数量越多越好!” Only Chu Tian rejoices is discovery is prompt enough, if the gates of late 35 days of abyss were opened a slit again, then the result was possibly entirely different. This Continent civilization and country look like not weak, but if attains in the abyss, could not survive for several years. 楚天唯一庆幸的就是发现足够及时,如果再晚个35天深渊之门真被打开一条缝隙,那么结局可能就截然不同了。这个大陆文明和国家看起来不弱,可如果拿到深渊里去,根本生存不了几年。 These people do not know that the other dimension channel opens has terrifying how. 这些人不知道位面通道打开有多么恐怖 These king that aren't the talent certainly colorful talented people? But why everyone cultivation base stays in the Heaven Domain 9th Layer peak, but isn't able the situation? This is because rather the principle restrains the strongest strength, otherwise surmounts Heaven Domain Realm Expert, once is born, this world will become will lack the security sense, any person can use the superpower. 这些帝王那个不是天才绝艳的人才?可是为什么每个人修为就停留在天域九重巅峰而无法处境?这是因为未免法则约束最强的力量,否则超越天域境强者一旦诞生,这个世界就会变得缺乏安全感,任何一个人都能用超能力。 Chu Tian knows the value of other dimension channel, but this value must be able to manifest in arrange(ment) pale, now turns on rather the channel, that almost with bringing about own destruction has not distinguished. 楚天知道位面通道的价值,只是这个价值必须要在洽淡方能体现,现在开启未免通道,那几乎跟自寻死路没有区别。 Chu Tian does not hope the base industry that the star establishes with hardship was ruined by a night! 楚天不希望星星苦苦建立起来的基业被一夜间被毁掉!
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