MT :: Volume #7

#653: Chu Tian president

The Miracle federation president elects formally starts, altogether has 200 areas to elect, altogether ten election special-purpose warships, each warship is responsible for 20 regions, each place stays a day of collection ballot, altogether takes about 20 days. 奇迹联邦大总统选举正式开始,共设200个地区进行选举,总共有十艘选举专用军舰,每艘军舰负责20个区域,每个地方停留一天收集选票,总共需要20天左右的时间。 The Miracle City ballot can feed back the center, finally through media to the entire Continent announcement election result, although knows that this election from starting not to have what suspense, but everybody ecstatically pays attention, various countries even open the gambling house to bet these candidate ranks as well as the presidents account for the vote quantity. 奇迹城选票会反馈到中心,最终通过媒体向全大陆公布选举结果,虽然知道这场选举从开始就没有什么悬念,但是大家还是乐此不疲的关注,各国甚至开启赌局来赌这些候选人排名以及大总统占票数量。 Five days pass by. 五天过去。 The first wave number has the obvious trend. A Chu Tian person occupies energetic ballot to surpass 70%, Meng Qingwu accounts for ballot 20%, other 10% are other candidates. 第一波数就出现明显的趋势。楚天一人就占精神选票超过70,梦轻舞则占选票的20,其余10属于其他候选人。 Ten days passed by. 十天过去了。 The second wave of data basically establishes the result. Chu Tian still firmly occupies the ballot 65%, Meng Qingwu occupies ballot 26%, two people add to achieve 91%, in other words other candidates add together also the number in the units place, these people could be eliminated. 第二波数据就基本奠定结果。楚天依然牢牢占据选票65,梦轻舞占据选票的26,两个人加起来就已经达到91,也就是说其他候选人就算加一起也不过个位数,这些人已经可以淘汰出局了。 The Miracle federation citizen after understanding Miracle City and Miracle Commerce constitutes, although the Chu Tian status still remote may not break, but approves the Meng Qingwu person also to have. The Chu Tian supporter is mainly centralized in the middle and lower level community, because this community generally are not many to Miracle City and Miracle Commerce situation understanding, therefore more will attract by the Chu Tian personal development experience and fact, will thus cause the personality cult to Chu Tian. 奇迹联邦公民在了解奇迹城奇迹商会构成以后,虽然楚天地位依然遥不可破,但是认同梦轻舞的人也有很多。楚天的支持者主要集中在中下层群体,因为这个群体普遍对奇迹城奇迹商会情况了解不多,因此更多会被楚天个人成长经历和事迹所吸引,从而引起对楚天的个人崇拜。 Reason that Meng Qingwu has huge supporter, originates from the high-level crowd mainly, they know that Miracle City is also good, Miracle Commerce is also good, is actually Meng Qingwu handles in one, this Vice-City Lord astute competent, making each understand that her person feels extremely admiringly, therefore Meng Qingwu is also having very good support level. 梦轻舞之所以有很庞大的支持者,主要是来源于高层人群,他们都知道奇迹城也好,奇迹商会也好,其实都是梦轻舞在一手打理,这位副城主的精明能干,让每一个了解她的人都感到万分钦佩,因此梦轻舞也拥有着非常不错的支持率。 Naturally. 当然了。 Actually no matter Meng Qingwu is the president, Chu Tian is the president, its significance is the same. Component of Chu Tian in the entire Continent influence as well as king heart must exceed Meng Qingwu. Because Meng Qingwu prompt in astute competent, if has not attached in Chu Tian such person, most can only become the successful public figure in city place or a country, is unable the praising world absolutely like the present. 其实不管是梦轻舞当大总统,还是楚天当大总统,其意义是一样的。楚天在全大陆影响力以及各位帝王心中分量要远胜过梦轻舞。因为梦轻舞及时在精明能干,如果没有依附在楚天这样的人身上,最多只能在一城一地或者一国成为成功人士,绝对无法像现在一样扬名世界。 Chu Tian is true inspirational figure. 楚天才是真正的灵魂人物。 The Miracle federation first president has Chu Tian to hold the post by rights ought. 奇迹联邦第一任大总统理当有楚天来担任。 As for the later president whether is continued by Chu Tian continuously, or by other Meng Qingwu or Miracle Commerce high levels, even is the people in other Dagan Empire as well as areas holds the post does not matter. 至于以后大总统是否由楚天连续连任,又或者由梦轻舞或其他奇迹商会高层,甚至是大乾帝国以及其他地区的人来担任都无所谓。 Because Miracle federation, although is a state, but core actually Miracle Commerce, so long as Chu Tian and the others grasp Miracle Commerce firmly in the hand, who the federal president holds the post does not matter. Nothing but hires a chief executive officer in management country, this national true life forever grasps in Miracle Commerce. 因为奇迹联邦虽然是一个国度,但是核心却还是奇迹商会,只要楚天等人将奇迹商会牢牢握在手里,联邦大总统谁来担任都无所谓。无非是雇请一个管理国家的首席执行官罢了,这个国家真正的命脉永远是掌握在奇迹商会手里。 Naturally, had Miracle Commerce this group of people, even if Dagan Empire does the emperor to campaign for the president so not to be easy. The Dagan Empire population occupies the entire Miracle federation one-third, however outside Dagan Empire, did the emperor almost unable to find the supporter, but in Dagan Empire currently also has considerable amount of people to reverse to Miracle Commerce, moreover this quantity constantly will also grow. 当然了,有奇迹商会这伙人在,哪怕大乾帝国乾帝想竞选大总统也是没有这么容易的。大乾帝国人口占据整个奇迹联邦1,但是在大乾帝国以外,乾帝几乎找不到支持者,而大乾帝国以内现在也有相当数量的人倒向奇迹商会而且这个数量还会不断增长。 After 15 th day the data draws a charge, necessity that basic has not chosen again. 第15天数据出炉以后,基本已经没有再选择的必要了。 Now the voter turnout occupied total voter 75%, the ballot that but a Chu Tian person has, has surpassed 50% of total voter unexpectedly, in other words the surplus people cast the ticket to Meng Qingwu are also powerless. 现在投票人数已经占据总选民75,可是楚天一个人所拥有的选票,竟然已经超过总选民的50,也就是说就算剩余人都把票投给梦轻舞也无力回天。 Miracle City announced immediately to the public: The Miracle federation first federation president is by Chu Tian, the federal vice president is by Meng Qingwu. Such result from the beginning is the fact that has no way to change, but announced that now is causing huge cheering and rousing. 奇迹城立刻对外公布:奇迹联邦第一任联邦大总统由楚天担任,联邦副总统由梦轻舞担任。这样结果从一开始就是没法改变的事实,可是现在公布出来还是在引起巨大的欢呼和振奋。 Congratulates the president!” Meng Yingying, Nangong Yun and Vivian several people, all run to congratulate Chu Tian become the presidents. “恭喜大总统!”梦莹莹南宫云薇薇安几人,全部都跑出来恭喜楚天成为大总统。 Nangong Yun hugged Meng Yingying said carelessly: „Does president madame want to invite our quite delicious? My request is not high, Miracle royal palace king meal on line!” 南宫云更是将梦莹莹一搂大大咧咧说:“大总统夫人是不是要请我们好好吃一顿?我的要求不高,奇迹王宫帝王套餐就行了!” Meng Yingying after tople days, she fully adapted to the status, did not reveal any embarrassed appearance actually again: Good, let alone the king meal, we promote a president meal, the specification is higher than the king meal.” 梦莹莹经过这些日子,她已经完全适应身份,倒是再没有露出任何不好意思的样子:“好,别说帝王套餐,我们推出一个大总统套餐,规格比帝王套餐还要高。” „, President meal?” Vivian two shine: I also want!” “哇,大总统套餐?”薇薇安两眼放光:“我也要!” This selects president such important matter, several people pull to eating on unexpectedly, pours really has not been serious this matter. Meng Qingwu walks to say to several people from outside: President had designated that and has submitted the alert notice to the Continent union parliament, we are going to convene the president to take office now to speak. Yingying, you are the federal First Lady must present the speech, Nangong and Vivian, you now are also the federal senior officials, must attend the event.” 这选出大总统这么重要的事情,几人居然都扯到吃上面去,倒也真是没有把这件事当回事。梦轻舞从外面走进来对几个人说道:“大总统已经选定,并已向大陆联合议会提交任职通知,我们现在将要召开大总统就职演讲。莹莹,你是联邦第一夫人也要出现说话,还有南宫、薇薇安,你们现在也是联邦高层官员,全都要出席活动哦。” Is so troublesome?” “这么麻烦?” Now we are different from before, how the entire Continent person eyes are staring, therefore formally thing some must have, this cannot avoid.” Meng Qingwu shrugs very reluctantly: „The good news is, our presidential palaces have built, I looked that officially begins using on this day, don't you want to be attractive?” “现在我们跟以前不一样,全大陆人眼睛都在盯着咋们呢,所以形式上东西该有的还得有,这是免不了的。”梦轻舞十分无奈地耸耸肩:“不过好消息是,我们的总统府已经打造出来了,我看就在这一天正式启用,难道你们不想好好看看吗?” Presidential palace!” “总统府!” Good!” “太好了!” I must look!” “我要去看!” The Miracle City City Lord castle is the City Lord business location, now Chu Tian one group founded the Miracle federation to dominate Continent, then natural should have a keeping pace with the times new office. 奇迹城城主城堡是城主办公地点,现在楚天一伙已经创建奇迹联邦称霸大陆,那么自然应该有一个与时俱进的新办公场所了。 Everybody arrives at Transmission Tower, after the Transmission Tower ray flashes through, the people present the hall in presidential palace. This City Lord palace hall seems like completely close, about the scale of small square, its material mines Moon Crystal Stone, therefore looks like graceful and noble. 大家纷纷来到传送塔,当传送塔光芒闪过以后,众人出现在总统府的大厅。这个城主府大厅看起来是完全封闭的,大约有一个小型广场的规模,其材料开采月球晶石,因此看起来雍容而又高贵。 The kings were invited here. 各国帝王纷纷受邀来到这里。 Beautiful Moon Empress looked all around saying: „Is this Miracle City newly-built presidential palace? I look also mediocre, quite in a level of this emperor temporary palace.” 风月女帝环顾四周说:“这就是奇迹城新建的总统府?我看也不过如此,也就相当于本帝一个行宫的水平。” Other kings nod the head the nod in abundance. 其他帝王纷纷颔首点头。 Everybody thinks that Miracle Commerce new construction presidential palace lordly, now looks like around this material truly suffices advanced, but the space is not very big, might as well Miracle royal palace. 大家以为奇迹商会新修建总统府有多气派呢,现在看来这周围材料确实够高级,但是空间不够大啊,还不如奇迹王宫呢。 Everybody is too early to say.” Chu Tian hits a sound to refer to gently: Opens the outdoor scene pattern.” “大家言之过早哦。”楚天轻轻打一个响指:“开启外景模式。” Super SmartBrain was ordered by Chu Tian, a halo fills the air in the people sole, sees only the floor rapidly becomes transparent, the scene that makes the person shock appears before the people. The hall floor of entire square scale turns into a giant map, when everybody carefully looked that the time with amazement discovered that this at is not the map, unexpectedly is the solid image. 超级智脑受到楚天的命令,一阵光晕在人们脚底弥漫开来,只见地板迅速变得透明,一副让人震撼的光景出现在人们面前。整个广场规模的大厅地板都变成一副巨大地图,不过当大家仔细看过去时候又惊讶发现,这根本不是什么地图,竟然是实实在在的影像。 The Continent appearance presents in the field of vision, the mountain range, lake and gully, the sea, the forest, all perfectly presents. The people understand finally the Miracle Commerce presidential palace was any situation, this impressively was a large-scale floated the spatial castle. 大陆样貌呈现在视野里,山峦、湖泊、沟壑,海洋,森林,全都完美呈现出来。人们总算明白奇迹商会总统府是什么情况了,这赫然是一座超大规模的浮空城堡。 Chu Tian allowed to say with a smile facing everybody's startled: Miracle federation big presidential palace was Miracle City already floated the spatial castle that started to prepare for construction. This castle completes the progress to achieve 1/10 at present merely, has the rich armament system, the power system and defense system, can stay in the astral wind level, can run out of the astral wind level taking advantage of the rocket propulsion, thus enters world in outerspace.” 楚天面对大家的惊容笑着解释说:“奇迹联邦大总统府是奇迹城早就开始筹建的浮空城堡。这座城堡目前完成进度仅仅达到1,有着丰富的武器系统、动力系统、防御系统,可以停留在罡风层中,也可以借火箭推进冲出罡风层,从而进入到天外世界。” The people shock all. 众人无不震撼。 How this kind of castle builds. 这样一座城堡到底是怎么打造出来的。 Chu Tian continued to say for everybody: This presidential palace has Continent until now the most advanced technology, including the telematics, the weapons technology, the energy technology and mechanics of communication, can therefore become permanent float in the control center of sky. In the future the federal president can plan the entire federation here completely.” 楚天继续为大家介绍说:“这座总统府有着大陆迄今为止最先进的技术,其中包括传送技术、武器技术、能量技术、通讯技术,因此可以成为一个永久悬浮在天空的指挥中心。未来联邦大总统在这里就可以完整的统筹整个联邦。” This was really too astonishing. 这真是太惊人了。 The federal heart shoots in the upper air. 联邦心脏射在高空。 Can enter the astral wind level at all times, even directly enters Outerspace, even if the Continent most formidable army, does not have the means destroying this castle. After is the big dragon does not have means to surmount the astral wind level, therefore has the strength also to be able not hold a candle spatially. 更能随时进入罡风层,甚至直接进入天外,哪怕是大陆最强大的军队,也没有办法将这座城堡给摧毁吧。毕竟就算是巨龙也没有办法跨越罡风层啊,所以空有力量也望尘莫及。 At this time the people arrived in full one after another, the guest who not only included various countries, included Miracle City several local presidents, did the emperor also. When does the emperor to see the Miracle federation the presidential palace, he understands why one will lose. 这个时候人们陆陆续续都到齐,其中不仅仅包括各国的来宾,更包括奇迹城的几位地区总统,乾帝也在其中。当乾帝看到奇迹联邦的总统府,他就明白自己为什么会输了。 However fortunately, although lost, but is unlikely loses all. 不过还好,虽然输了,但是不至于失去所有。 Miracle federation formidable potential has exposed gradually, does the emperor now the age not to be big, cultivation base the person like him, lives for 500-600 years to be a cinch again. These 500-600 years do the emperor most at least to be able the position of sitting quietly big arid region president, although the Miracle federation was established the later president position unable hereditary, but goes all out the superiority of emperor clan is other families is unable to compare favorably, in the future will campaign for the male offspring still to have enough grasps the campaign to go all out the president. 奇迹联邦强大潜力已经渐渐展露出来,乾帝现在年龄还不算大,像他这样修为的人,再活五六百年都不在话下。这五六百年乾帝最起码都可以稳坐大乾区总统的职位,虽然奇迹联邦成立以后总统职位已经无法世袭,但是大乾帝族的优势是其他家族无法媲美的,未来竞选子嗣依然有足够把握竞选大乾总统。 Because there is a competition, will go all out emperor clan definitely to glow stronger vitality. 因为有竞争,大乾帝族必然会焕发更强生命力。 Does the emperor to put down the complaint and covering entirely, he currently has the lofty goal, he in future these several hundred years, decided that changes to trade the face to be a good president, governs well the big arid region to harvest enough popular sentiment, in the future will issue the challenge to the presidential palace. 乾帝已经放下抱怨和布满,他现在有更远大的目标,他在未来这几百年时间里,决定改头换脸做一个好总统,将大乾区治理好以收获足够的民心,未来向总统府发出挑战。 Does the emperor to look that Chu Tian simply does not have what interest to the president actually, lets him, when two said but actually fortunately, if makes him be this president, will be definitely worried by the Chu Tian disposition. After Chu Tian abdicates, Meng Qingwu can also work as several, but Miracle Commerce this crowd of person ambitions not in president position, they, so long as grasped Miracle Commerce firmly in the hand on the line. 乾帝已经看出来,楚天其实对大总统根本没有什么兴趣,让他当一届两届倒还好说,如果让他一直当这大总统,以楚天性格肯定会烦闷的。楚天退位以后,梦轻舞还能当个几届,但是奇迹商会这群人志向都不在总统职位,他们只要把奇迹商会牢牢抓在手里就行了。 So long as these two people will give up campaigning for the president in the future. 只要这两个人未来放弃竞选大总统。 Then the dry emperor does have the opportunity to sit this Continent supreme position? 那么乾帝岂不是有机会坐上这个大陆至尊的位置? Before doing the emperor, once lost the goal, therefore blind arrogant, now felt after higher altitude, he thought that restores the ambition and power, at the worst in 3200! 乾帝以前一度失去目标,所以才盲目自大,现在感觉到更高高度以后,他觉得又恢复野心和动力,大不了等个3200年吧! Live transmission has prepared, the City Lord palace as well as Miracle of federation president Chu Tian Miracle federation your excellency speaks in public to transmit Continent each corner.” “直播已经准备好,奇迹联邦的城主府以及奇迹联邦大总统楚天阁下演说将传递到大陆每一个角落。” Then the invited president spoke!” “接下来有请大总统讲话!” Continent regional people defend screen to watch the live transmission. 大陆各地人们都守着屏幕看直播。 This screen first appears is the City Lord palace complete picture. 这个屏幕首先出现是城主府的全貌。 This is through image of fighter aircraft photography, Miracle Commerce after several months, happen to presidential palace building, although looks like is not quite now complete, in the middle of process that many regions constructed, at that time can see the broad atmosphere of presidential palace. 这是通过战机拍摄的图像,奇迹商会历经几个月时间,正好将总统府给打造出来,虽然现在看起来还不太完整,有很多区域正在建造的过程当中,当时可以看得出总统府的恢弘大气。 A low and deep aside starts to introduce that the Miracle federation big presidential palace is one by the hanging castle that the Miracle Commerce state-of-art science and technology builds, scale that at present ten ultra-large warships unify, the whole looks like all over the body snow white gives people an indestructible feeling. This hangs the empty city becomes the president mansion symbolizes from now, it stays in the Miracle City sky, its order will radiate the entire Miracle federation, becomes the Miracle federation is hanging in the brain of space. 一个低沉旁白开始介绍起来,奇迹联邦大总统府是一座以奇迹商会尖端科技打造的悬空城堡,目前有十艘超大型军舰结合起来的规模,整体看起来遍体雪白给人一种坚不可摧的感觉。这座悬空城从此以后就成为总统府邸象征,它停留在奇迹城的上空,其命令将辐射整个奇迹联邦,成为奇迹联邦悬挂在天上的大脑。 Chu Tian and Meng Qingwu two federation presidents officially take office after the ceremony. 楚天梦轻舞两位联邦大总统经过仪式正式上任。 After two people announced took office to speak, announce the Miracle federation present situation. 两个人宣布就职演讲以后就公布奇迹联邦的现状。 Miracle federation more than 160 big or medium countries, several thousand large-scale cities divide eight regions, each area starts to campaign for the local president. Entire federal domestic all kings can apply become the local presidential candidate participate in [gold/metal] Zheng, another local president like a raging fire was born. 奇迹联邦160多个大小国家,数千座大型城市划分成八个区域,每个地区都开始竞选地区总统。整个联邦境内所有国王都可以申请成为地区总统候选人参加金正,又一场如火如荼的地区总统诞生了。 Ultimately Forest Of Chaos area president is by Elf King Lancelot, the Dagan Empire area president by doing the emperor is, the northern 30 country area presidents are by Great Zhou Queen Shen Bingyu, the southern 30 country area presidents are by Dragon Feudal Lord Nidhogg, the Western sea 30 country area presidents are by Jin Luo, the Dongfang 30 countries as well as underground Outerspace and other areas, these have hold the post by other Thunder Fury, Ruinous Claw as well as of noble character and high prestige. 最终混乱森林地区总统由精灵王兰斯洛德担任,大乾帝国区总统由乾帝担任,北方30国地区总统由大周女王沈冰雨担任,南方30国地区总统由龙领主尼德霍格担任,西方海洋30国地区总统由金萝担任,东方30国以及地下天外等其他地区,这些有都由雷怒崩爪以及其他德高望重者来担任。 These local presidents arrive at the presidential palace, everyone on behalf of the district to the entire Continent people announced that takes office to speak. 这些地区总统都来到总统府,每一个人都代表大区向全大陆人们公布就职演讲。 Meng Qingwu also announced that Miracle federation administrative level from low to high is: Urban and state county, member nation, Districto and big federation. The position is City Lord and county defends, king, the local president and president from low to high separately. Defends the level to start to adopt the electoral system from the county, thus ensure the entire state fair peace, on to the federal president, gets down to the state county of trivial small country in other words defends, all needs to elect through the energetic elected by the people way. 梦轻舞又公布奇迹联邦行政等级从低到高为:城市、州郡、成员国、联邦区、大联邦。其职位从低到高分别是城主、郡守、国王、地区总统、大总统。从郡守级开始就采取选举制度,从而保证整个国度公正和平,换句话来说上到联邦大总统,下到区区一个小国的州郡郡守,全都需要通过精神民选方式来选出来。 Such system is unique in Continent. 这样制度在大陆绝无仅有。 The Miracle federation not only becomes the nation of Continent unique Miracle, becomes Continent is more free the most democratic region, this mind makes other Continent king overlords feel to admire, feels to feel relieved. Since does not do hereditary does not carry out the inheritance, so long as is the federal citizens can campaign for the president, that can only explain that the Miracle federation and Chu Tian truly have not annexed the entire Continent ambition, or does not have the too big ambition. 奇迹联邦不仅仅成为大陆独特的奇迹之邦,更成为大陆最自由最民主的一个地带,这种胸襟让大陆其他帝王霸主们感到佩服,同时也感到放心。既然都不搞世袭不搞传承,只要是联邦公民都能竞选大总统,那只能说明奇迹联邦和楚天确实没有吞并全大陆野心,或者说没有太大的野心。 Naturally, Miracle federation such colossus, his birth to forming is not such for several months can be completely tenable absolutely, between each country and influence need to unite and wear in unceasingly. 当然,奇迹联邦这样的庞然大物,他的诞生到形成绝对不是这么短短几个月就能完全成立,各个国家和势力间需要不断团结与磨合。 While the presidential palace speech ended, when everybody must put in more energy to start the work. 正当总统府演讲结束,大家要投入更多精力展开工作时。 Miracle City and even Forest Of Chaos suddenly have a fierce vibration and trembling, although not intense, but radiates area/proportion to be extremely broad . Moreover the duration is strong, letting everyone to feel profoundly contains in that strength that the place base explosion sends. 奇迹城乃至混乱森林都猛然间发生一阵剧烈抖动和震颤,虽然不强烈但是辐射面积极广,而且持续时间非常强,让每个人都能深刻感觉到蕴藏在地底爆发出来的那股力量。
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