MTTIR :: Volume #4

#362: The maple tree elder brother, I wants to learn to act as a matchmaker from you

In the past celebrated the new year, Ms. Jiang must be busy preparing all kinds of new year's goods, but must make some buck he and sweet he, to turn heart he and so on, this was also the Qinghe Town here new year's celebration necessary thing. 以往过年,江母肯定要忙着准备各种各样的年货,还要做一些灰水籺、甜籺、翻心籺之类的,这也是青河镇这边过年必备的东西。 However, this spring festival Ms. Jiang could not find the time to make these, the young folks and girls who as went out to work came back to celebrate the new year, being on intimate terms market irritable to the extreme. 不过,今年春节江母就抽不出时间来做这些了,随着外出打工的后生仔以及姑娘们回来过年,相亲市场就火爆到了极点。 Before each village had the matchmaker, even a same strip village also matchmaker, so many matchmakers shared incessantly, was busily busy, but basically dealt with comes. 以前每条村都有媒人,甚至同一条村还不止一个媒人,这么多媒人分摊下来,忙是忙了点,但基本都应付得来。 But now let alone Qinghe Town, was neighbor several villages, these matchmakers no one invited, all recognized Jiang Feng this matchmaker Grandmaster, every day visited to ask the population of intermediary to surpass ten fingers of numbers, not only Mr. Jiang Ms. Jiang was busy at the foot not moistening, flew on Lianjiang with Brother Jiang Feng not the idle time. 可如今别说青河镇了,就是附近的几个乡镇,那些媒人都没人请了,全都认准了江枫这个媒人大师,每天登门请媒的人数都超过了十指之数,不仅仅江父江母忙得脚不沾地,就连江飞与江枫兄弟都没有一点空闲时间。 Has been busy to the eve of the Lunar New Year, is comes to the end. 一直忙到大年三十,才算告一段落。 Naturally, so many days are not waste time, harvesting that are quite gratifying. 当然,这么多天也不是白忙的,收获那是相当的喜人。 The reputation that now Jiang Feng acts as a matchmaker is it can be said that rising in this nearby areas, knows, so long as is the intermediary that he guarantees, that basically these two characters equated with happiness. 如今江枫做媒的名声在这十里八乡可以说是如日中天,都知道只要是他保的媒,那基本就跟‘幸福’这两个字划上等号了。 Therefore, this week, Mr. Jiang Ms. Jiang then gaining ruthlessly, loudly of number said that must envy to refuse stubbornly to know many matchmakers. 因此,就这一个多星期的时间,江父江母便狠狠的赚上一笔,数目之大说出去恐怕要羡慕死不知道多少媒人。 Moreover, these invited the person who the intermediary thanked the matchmaker after the wedding, the tobacco and liquor tea and so on present was needless saying that also buck he and sweet he, turned heart he, sent he and so on many people to deliver. 而且,那些来请媒谢媒的人,烟酒茶之类的礼品就不用多说了,还有灰水籺、甜籺、翻心籺、发籺之类的也有不少人送。 Finally Ms. Jiang has not made he, without preparation new year's goods, but various he as well as various types of new year's goods of her family/home actually deposited the present the room to be about to pile up with specially. 结果江母没有做籺,没有准备年货,但她家的各种籺以及各种年货却把专门存放礼品的房间都快堆满了。 ...... …… Eve of the Lunar New Year( the lunar New Year's Eve) is one of our country most important holidays, on this day the whole country has the different manners and customs, but has the New Year supper to be the national common custom. 大年三十(除夕)是我国最重要的节日之一,这一天全国各地都有不同的风俗习惯,不过吃年夜饭应该是全国共同的习俗。 The New Year supper also said that years dinner, family-reunion supper, family reunion dinner, is the every year new year ago climax, not only colorful, but also is fastidious about many implications. Traditional New Year supper after the lunar New Year's Eve ancestor worship edible, eats lunar new year's eve before meals first worships the ancestor worship, after worshipping the ceremony finished, serves a meal and so on customs. 年夜饭又称年晚饭、团年饭、团圆饭等,是每年新年前的重头戏,不但丰富多彩,而且还讲究很多寓意。传统年夜饭是在除夕祭祖后才食用,吃年夜饭前先拜神祭祖,待拜祭仪式完毕后才开饭等等习俗。 The New Year suppers of many place are the evening eat, but Qinghe Town New Year supper is different, the serving a meal time basically is about 1 : 00 pm. 很多地方的年夜饭都是晚上吃,但青河镇这边的年夜饭不一样,开饭时间基本都是下午 1 点左右。 Because here supplies Atsu Duke( the Hakka dialect, worships ancestor's meaning) the time basically is noon 22 points, naturally is earlier is later is also all right, without that big art. For( is chicken, pork, rice, tea and liquor takes to prepare food the offering generally), the person who in the family/home helps are many, the preparing food speed is fast, that less than New Year supper can open eats. 因为这边供阿祖公(客家方言,祭拜祖先的意思)的时间基本是中午的十一二点,当然早一些迟一些也没事,没那么大的讲究。供完才把供品(一般都是鸡、猪肉、米饭、茶、酒)拿回去做菜,家里帮忙的人多,做菜速度快,那不到一点年夜饭就可以开吃了。 If in the family/home is busy at work on a person, the speed that prepares food is quite naturally slow, generally must be able to open to the around 1 : 00 pm even two points eats. 如果家里就一个人忙活的话,那做菜的速度自然就比较慢,一般都要到下午 1 点多甚至两点才能开吃。 The New Year supper of Jiang eats is quite early, eats with the brother-in-law family/home together, in the family/home several brothers about have the New Year supper in the same place, Longshan Village is also the common matter. 江家的年夜饭吃得是比较早的,是跟小叔家一起吃的,家里几兄弟合在一起吃年夜饭,在龙山村这边也是常见的事情。 The New Year supper of Jiang naturally is extremely rich, has the sliced boiled chicken and white Qiee, the meat line( bamboo shoots line, lunar new year's season as well as weddings and funerals necessary cuisine), the sour and sweet seasoned steamed pork, cooks the mutton and yellow Chaorou, to steam the perch and other hard vegetables/dishes, as well as certain seasonal vegetables. 江家的年夜饭自然是极为丰富的,有白切鸡、白切鹅、肉线(竹笋线,年节以及红白喜事必备的菜式)、酸甜扣肉、炖羊肉、黄炒肉、清蒸鲈鱼等硬菜,以及若干时令蔬菜。 As for the soup, that is essential, takes soup that the chicken, goose and pork boil for soup bottom, joins the sandworm, auricularia auricula, day lily, cabbage that blows out the taste to boil thoroughly, that was together very tasty soup. 至于汤,那是必不可少的,以鸡、鹅、猪肉熬出来的汤水为汤底,加入爆出味的沙虫、木耳、黄花菜、白菜等煮熟,那就是一道非常鲜美的汤了。 Eating meal time, Grandma river the smile on face has not broken, this year this year, the development of her two sons are too really gratifying. 吃饭的时候,江奶奶脸上的笑容就没有断过,今年这一年来,她两个儿子的发展真的太喜人了。 The eldest son has become the nearby areas most famous matchmakers with the big daughter-in-law, in this year earns is really full, who raised gives the thumbs-up unacceptably! 大儿子跟大儿媳已经成为了十里八乡最有名的媒人,这一年赚得真是盆满钵满,谁提起来不得竖起大拇指啊! The youngest son also makes every effort to succeed , to promote. 小儿子也争气,升官了。 All these, that is her clever grandson Jiang Feng merit. 这一切,那都是她的乖孙江枫的功劳。 The Jiang Feng studying result was good, Grandma river is quite partial to him, now is needless saying that no matter returns home in the county city, chatted must propose this clever grandson, then enjoyed the look that one others envied. 原本江枫的读书成绩好,江奶奶对他就比较偏爱,如今就更加不用说了,不管是在县城还是回到老家,跟人聊天必然要提一提她这个乖孙,然后享受一番别人羡慕的眼神。 This year is one year of Jiang great development, this year the supper eats that incomparably is enjoyable, besides the sister-in-law of pregnancy, others drinks somewhat. 今年是江家大发展的一年,这年夜饭吃得那是无比舒心,除了怀孕的大嫂以外,其他人多多少少都喝了点酒。 Minor defect in something otherwise perfect was elder sister river Xue has gotten married, this year has not celebrated the new year in Jiang Jia. 美中不足的就是姐姐江雪已经出嫁了,今年没有在江家过年。 At this time, Jiang Feng is chatting with brother-in-law's son river feather. 此时,江枫正跟小叔的儿子江羽聊天。 Koba, you will graduate on the university next year, but also there is an idea that continues to read upward?” Jiang Feng swallows the meal of mouth, asks. “小羽,你明年就大学毕业了,还有没有继续往上读的想法?”江枫把嘴里的饭菜咽下,问道。 river feather shakes the head saying: Maple tree elder brother, I do not want to continue to read upward, my academic record is inferior to you, you no longer read initially upward, necessity that I have not read upward.” 江羽摇头道:“枫哥,我不想继续往上读了,我的学习成绩不如你,你当初都不再往上读,我就更加没有往上读的必要了。” Jiang Feng asked: What do you graduate to plan to make? Had to plan?” 江枫问道:“那你毕业出来打算做什么?有规划了没有?” river Yuda the courage is asking: Maple tree elder brother, after I graduates, planned that learns to act as a matchmaker from you, doesn't know to be able?” 江羽大着胆子问道:“枫哥,我毕业出来后打算跟你学做媒,不知道可不可以?” This idea he had last year, this year comes back to celebrate the new year, after knowing his uncle aunt acted as a matchmaker to gain over a million in this year, this idea was firmer. 这个想法他去年就有了,今年回来过年,在知道他伯父伯母这一年来做媒赚了上百万之后,这个想法就更加坚定了。 Jiang Feng said with a smile: Ok, you , to work as the words of matchmaker, that was like your uncle aunt, receives the customer to issue me the material, I found the time to match the good object to you, then you helped bring both sides together again, the been able to complete words, the annual income 1 million surely did not have the issue.” 江枫笑道:“可以啊,你要想当媒人的话,那就跟你伯父伯母一样,接到客户了就把资料发给我,我抽时间给你匹配好对象,然后你再去帮忙牵线搭桥,做得好的话,年入百万肯定是没问题的。” This is his only father's cousin's sons, the able words naturally must draw one. 这是他唯一的一个堂兄弟,有能力的话自然是要拉一把的。 river Yuwen said the great happiness, carried the liquor saying: Thanks the maple tree elder brother, I respect your one cup.” 江羽闻言大喜,端起酒道:“谢谢枫哥,我敬你一杯。” Jiang Feng carried the liquor to bump with a smile with him, said: Is the brothers, you're welcome, diligently, does not dare saying that at the appointed time well makes you greatly richly greatly expensive/noble, so long as does attentively, several years later has net worth ten million/countless to be not difficult.” 江枫笑着端起酒跟他碰了一下,说道:“都是自家兄弟,不用客气,到时好好努力,不敢说让你大富大贵,但只要用心去做,几年后拥有千万身家应该是不难的。” Hears here, just raised one's wine cup did river feather cannot help but to grin to smile, he as if had noticed that the happy life is waving to him. 听到这里,刚把酒干了的江羽不由得咧嘴笑了起来,他仿佛已经看到幸福的生活在向他招手了。 Two brothers' talk, in the family/home others also hear in the ear, the brother-in-law little aunt was at that time excited, particularly the little aunt, almost wants to make the son discontinue studies to learn to act as a matchmaker from his maple tree elder brother instantly. 兄弟俩的谈话,家里其他人也都听到耳里,小叔小婶当时就激动了,尤其是小婶,差点都想让儿子即刻辍学回来跟他枫哥学做媒了。 After all this nephew acted as a matchmaker really made money, he took care of the parents in native place slightly, then his parents on the annual income 1 million, oneself son can obtain nephew's commitment, she had moves that oversensitively is can be imagined. 毕竟她这个侄子做媒实在是太赚钱了,他稍微照顾一下老家的父母,然后他父母就年入百万了,自家儿子能得到侄子的这个承诺,她有多心动那是可想而知了。 Because of the commitment of Jiang Feng, the following atmosphere was better, how the smile on brother-in-law family of three face covers cannot cover up. 因为江枫的这个承诺,接下来的气氛就更加好了,小叔一家三口脸上的笑容是怎么掩都掩不住。 Has had the New Year supper, around 2 : 00 pm is less than three points, at this time in the village many families also finished eating the New Year supper, the young people then in threes and fours, playing cards of playing cards, playing mahjong of playing mahjong, but the old people light a basin fire, warms by a fire to chat with about neighbor together. 吃过年夜饭,也不过才下午 2 点多不到三点,这个时候村里很多人家也都吃完了年夜饭,年轻人便三五成群,打牌的打牌,搓麻将的搓麻将,而老人们则烧上一盆火,跟左右邻居一起烤火聊天。 As for the child, takes the fireworks to fall the artillery and so on plays. 至于小孩子,则拿着烟花摔炮之类的去玩。 Jiang Feng has not played cards has not gone to play mahjong, on the one hand he does not like this, on the other hand is he does not have free time. 江枫没有打牌也没有去搓麻将,一方面他不爱好这个,另一方面是他根本就不得空。 After having New Year supper, in village these couples who he helps reconcile, then came the fleeing gate, takes the lead is not others, past the Longshan Village hoodlum list sat the highest post river writing east with Brother river Wenxi, they have not brought other presents, but carried two packages of tea leaves to come. 在吃过年夜饭后,村里他帮忙撮合的那些夫妻,便先后过来窜门了,率先过来的不是别人,正是昔日龙山村光棍榜坐头把交椅的江文东与江文西兄弟,他们没有带其他礼品,只是拎了两包茶叶过来。 After having greeted mutually, Jiang Feng then leads on the two brothers the lobbies in three buildings to drink tea. 互相打过招呼后,江枫便带他们兄弟俩上三楼的大客厅喝茶。 „The eastern Elder Brother, doesn't my great nephew make one?” Jiang Feng asked. “东哥,我那侄孙不闹人吧?”江枫问道。 Although river Wendong Jiang Feng was big about 20 years old, but if by the rank, he must call a Jiang Feng great uncle, but the five degree of mourning clothing, everyone is not tasteful. 虽然江文东比江枫大了将近二十岁,但若是论辈分的话,他还要叫江枫一声族叔呢,不过早就出五服了,大家也就没有那么讲究了。 river Wendong smiles saying: Does not make one, the boy ate to the full resting, awoke eating, so long as makes on him keep clean, he not noisy is not noisy, is good to bring very much.” 江文东满脸笑容道:“不闹人,那小子吃饱了睡,睡醒了吃,只要让他身上保持干净,他就不吵不闹,好带得很。” Jiang Feng nods, looked that said to river Vinci: Elder Brother, sister-in-law quick next month?” 江枫点了点头,又看向江文西道:“西哥,嫂子快出月了吧?” river Wenxi grins to say with a smile: Several days on the next month.” 江文西咧嘴笑道:“还有几天就出月了。” Jiang Feng urged: Woman passes first month after childbirth is very important, Elder Brother you must serve your wife, do not have the time of childbirth sickness.” 江枫叮嘱道:“女人坐月子是非常重要的,西哥你一定要把自己媳妇伺候好了,千万不要落下月子病。” river Wenxi nods saying: I understand that I now on difference her, when the ancestor same is supplying!” 江文西点头道:“我明白的,我现在就差把她当祖宗一样供着了!” During the speeches, the water also boiled, Jiang Feng then starts to make tea. 说话间,水也烧开了,江枫便开始泡茶。 When three people drink tea while chatted,( that buddy who Wei Mingjie one of the Longshan Village once hoodlum list important members, contracts hard thing to bring up) also carried the tea leaves to come the fleeing gate. 在三人一边喝茶一边聊天的时候,韦明杰(龙山村曾经的光棍榜重要成员之一,患有难言之隐的那位哥们)也拎着茶叶过来窜门了。 Since listened to the Jiang Feng words, after going to the big hospital his little brother to curing, married the wife of health/guard Yushan this close, Wei Mingjie on deity happy life. 自从听了江枫的话,去大医院把他的小老弟给治好后,又娶了个卫雨珊这个知冷知热的媳妇,韦明杰就过上了神仙般的幸福生活。 Wei Mingjie is in the village second the person who asked Jiang Feng to act as a matchmaker, compared with river Wendong, what a pity his little brother was not quite only obedient late, goes to the hospital treatment also to delay a lot of time, causing river Vinci to catch up to take the lead to become the father. 原本韦明杰是村里第二个请江枫做媒的人,只比江文东迟一点,可惜他的小老弟不太听话,去医院治疗也耽搁了不少时间,导致江文西后来居上率先当了爸爸。 However Wei Mingjie wife's expected date of childbirth was also quick, at present he has prepared all, is waiting arrival that greets his first child. 不过韦明杰媳妇的预产期也快了,目前他已经准备好了一切,等着迎接他第一个孩子的到来。 How long three people have not treated in Jiang Feng, river writing east is small with the Brother river Wenxi children, particularly the river Vinci wife is still passing first month after childbirth, in the family/home two paralysis patients must look, therefore the two brothers sat for probably a half hour, said goodbye. 三人没在江枫家待多久,江文东与江文西兄弟的孩子都还小,尤其是江文西媳妇还在坐月子呢,家里又有两位瘫痪病人要照顾,所以兄弟俩坐了大概半个小时,就告辞回去了。 But Wei Mingjie's wife is away from the expected date of childbirth is not far, he also did not feel relieved very much, is sitting was less than one hour, went back. 而韦明杰的媳妇距离预产期已经不远,他同样不是很放心,在坐了不到一个小时,也就回去了。 Continues their three, in the village the Jiang Feng help brings both sides together may be many, finds the time to sit, drinks several cups of tea. 不止他们三个,村里江枫帮忙牵线搭桥的可不少,一个个都抽时间过来坐坐,喝几杯茶。 From 3 : 00 pm to evening 11:50, in the Jiang Feng family/home did not lack the guest, until close to 0 : 00 am, the guests said goodbye, the preparation went home to set off the fireworks and firecracker. 从下午 3 点一直到晚上十一点50,江枫家里一直不缺客人,直到接近凌晨零点,客人们才纷纷告辞,准备回家放烟花爆竹。 In the city, has to stipulate that generally cannot set off the fireworks and firecracker, but does not have this limit in the rural area, this is also the rural area has the year of taste place compared with the city. 在城市,一般都有规定不能放烟花爆竹,但在农村就没有这个限制,这也是农村比城市有年味的地方。 Jiang is not short of money now, the new year's celebration naturally must buy the fireworks and firecracker to be lively much, therefore river flying bought the fireworks and firecrackers of 70,000-80,000 dollars to come back with Brother Jiang Feng. 江家如今不缺钱,过年自然要多买点烟花爆竹热热闹闹,因此江飞跟江枫兄弟买了70,000-80,000块钱的烟花爆竹回来。 In addition the brother-in-law little aunt brings, that fireworks and firecracker was really many. 再加上小叔小婶带回来的,那烟花爆竹是真不少了。 Long ago, in village, when carried over to the next year to set off the fireworks and firecracker, will also compete the fireworks and firecracker of which family/home set off the momentum to be biggest, the time was longest. 早些年,村里在跨年放烟花爆竹的时候,还会比拼谁家的烟花爆竹燃放的时候声势最大,持续的时间最长。 The fireworks and firecracker that from carrying over to the next year to set off then can see that this year which family/home is most prosperous, makes money most. 从跨年燃放的烟花爆竹便可以看出今年谁家最兴旺,赚钱最多。 However, competing for several years later, everyone also restores the reason gradually, is not willing to waste too much money in this above. 不过,在比拼了几年后,大家也就渐渐恢复理智,不愿意在这上面浪费太多金钱了。 After all fireworks and firecracker thing looks is attractive, but with burning money really does not have much difference. 毕竟烟花爆竹这玩意看着是漂亮,但跟烧钱真的没太大区别。 Quick, 0 : 00 am, the entire Longshan Village falls into the sea of fireworks and firecracker instantaneously, the innumerable fireworks shoot up to the sky, from the sky explodes, that incomparably radiant makes countless people take up the cell phone photograph or the racket video sends the friend circle to show off. 很快,凌晨零点,整个龙山村瞬间陷入烟花爆竹的海洋,无数烟花冲天而起,在空中爆炸开来,那无比璀璨的一幕让无数人拿起手机拍照或拍视频发朋友圈炫耀。 Sets off the fireworks in the jet black nighttime sky, this is the extremely attractive beautiful scene, but village hundreds of fireworks also shoot up to the sky, from the sky explodes, that radiant was more attractive, that is the life in the person life-long rare beautiful scene of city. 在漆黑的夜空中燃放烟花,这原本就是极为漂亮的美景,而全村数以百计的烟花同时冲天而起,在空中爆炸开来,那璀璨的一幕就更加漂亮了,那是生活在城市的人终生都难得一见的美景。 Jiang Feng sends the WeChat video to carry over to the next year with yellow Lingwei together. 江枫是发微信视频跟黄灵薇一起跨年的。 He steps onto the roof, making the camera aim at the sky, making his wife have a look at the fireworks that everywhere dances in the air attractively, envies yellow Lingwei does not want. 他走上楼顶,让摄像头对准天空,让他媳妇看看那漫天飞舞的烟花到底有多漂亮,直把黄灵薇羡慕得不要不要的。 A half hour of just starting, is time that the village fireworks and firecracker strongly set off, only if at this time hid in the room closes all windows and doors, otherwise chatted in the outside video, that definitely could not hear the opposite party to speak. 刚开始的半个小时,是全村烟花爆竹集中燃放的时间,这个时候除非是躲在房间里把所有门窗都关上,否则在外面视频聊天,那肯定是听不到对方说话的。 Jiang Feng appreciated the difference not mostly hour's of fireworks grand feast with yellow Lingwei together, hid to go to the room to speak some intimate conversation. 江枫跟黄灵薇一起欣赏了差不多半个小时的烟花盛宴,才躲回房间说些悄悄话。 ...... …… Lunar New Year's Day, Jiang Feng treated at home leisurely and carefree for day. 大年初一,江枫一家在家里悠闲的待了一天。 Then starting from 2 nd, started to be busy visiting relatives as well as brings both sides together. 然后从初二开始,又开始忙着走亲戚以及给人牵线搭桥了。 In an instant, to the eighth day of the lunar New Year. 一转眼,就到了大年初八。 Tomorrow is Jiang Feng conducts the red-letter day of wedding with yellow Lingwei, because year ago has arranged all, therefore Jiang Feng one is the choice 8 th this talent embarks to go to the provincial capital. 明天就是江枫跟黄灵薇举办婚礼的大喜日子,因为年前已经安排好了一切,所以江枫一家都是选择初八这一天才出发前往省城。 With Jiang Feng one together, 200-300 villagers in Longshan Village. 江枫一家一起出发的,还有龙山村的200-300村民。 Longshan Village has about 300 families, Jiang Feng invited every households, villagers after discussing, planned that each household sends a representative to go to the provincial capital to attend the Jiang Feng wedding. 龙山村有将近三百户人家,每一户江枫都请了,村民们经过商量,打算每户派一位代表去省城参加江枫的婚礼。 Actually, rural place, being tied down by care of one's family to participate in wedding that is the normal matter, but that is holds the wedding in the village or the town/subdues. 其实,农村这种地方,拖家带口去参加婚礼那是再正常不过的事情,但那是在村里或者镇上举办婚礼。 But looks like Jiang Feng this type to hold the wedding in the provincial capital five-star hotel, the villagers naturally must pay great attention to the image, so as to avoid makes fun at the appointed time. 而像江枫这种在省城五星级酒店举办婚礼的,那村民们自然就要注重形象了,免得到时闹了笑话。 Therefore the Jiang Feng wedding, in the village about 300 families basically are the household head participate, only then more than ten families are send the young married woman to participate. 因此江枫的婚礼,村里将近三百户人家基本都是一家之主去参加,只有十多户人家是派自家婆娘去参加。 Jiang Feng chartered ten passenger trains to draw the villagers to go to the provincial capital directly, he arranged to stay that side the provincial capital last year, wrapped enough six hotels directly ahead of time. 江枫直接包了十辆客车拉村民们前往省城,他去年就在省城那边安排好住宿了,直接提前包下了足足六座大酒店。 And one is the five-star hotel, conducts of wedding, this is used to receive the important guest, for example delivers to marry the guest, these officials juniors, wealthy family juniors, Ming Dynasty magnitude. 其中一座乃是五星级酒店,就是举办婚礼的那一家,这是用来接待重要客人的,比如送嫁客,还有那些官宦子弟,富家子弟,大明星等等。 Two four-star hotels as well as three three-star hotels. 还有两座四星级酒店以及三座三星级酒店。 These six hotels wrap continuously for two days, is only here disbursement is the money, it can be said that the absolute great writer, the average person really not necessarily was also willing dry/does, to wrap that still to wrap like this even for day, broke has not wrapped two days of truth continuously. 这六座大酒店都是连续包两天,光是这里的支出就是一大笔钱,可以说是绝对的大手笔了,一般人还真不一定舍得这样干,就算要包那也只是包一天,断没有连续包两天的道理。 But Jiang Feng does not miss this money, this is for a lifetime only then a time wedding, he must manage attractively in the aspects. 江枫不差这点钱,这是一辈子只有一次的婚礼,他在方方面面都要办得漂漂亮亮的。 Arrived the provincial capital, Jiang Feng arranged three -star hotel the villagers completely, regarding the villagers in Longshan Village, even if the three-star hotel, that is also luxurious. 到了省城,江枫就把村民们全部安排进了某家三星级酒店,对于龙山村的村民来说,哪怕是三星级酒店,那也已经非常豪华了。
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