MOSS :: Volume #4

#326: Demonstrates one's skill respectively

Su Meng stands in the rosefinch carries on the back, Yan Donglei stands in the institution great hawk carries on the back. 苏萌立在朱雀背上,燕冬雷站在机关巨鹰背上。 Their two speed is fastest, pushes to the front, approaches above the white jade plate first. 他们二者速度最快,一马当先,最先靠近白玉盘上方。 The rosefinch vibrates the both wings immediately, sends out the flying fire, hits toward Yan Donglei and institution great hawk. 朱雀当即震动双翅,发出道道飞火,朝燕冬雷和机关巨鹰打去。 Yan Donglei sneers, in the hand the ring flash, the institution brave fighters run out immediately, try to stop Su Meng. 燕冬雷冷笑间,手上指环闪光,机关猛虎当即冲出,试图阻拦苏萌 However, the praying mantis catches the cicada canary, Schoolmate A'ku the special resentment he. 不过,螳螂捕蝉黄雀在后,阿酷同学专门怼他。 The golden light flashing place, the fresh breeze caresses the face, nearly carries on the back to blow from the institution great hawk Yan Donglei. 金光闪动处,劲风扑面,险些把燕冬雷从机关巨鹰背上吹下去。 Yan Donglei fixes the eyes on to look that sees on the Luo Xihao right arm to paste model plain talisman, gushes out the golden light, is unexpectedly indistinct forms a huge person's shadow, surrounds the Luo Xihao body. 燕冬雷定睛看去,就见罗西浩右臂上贴着一张式样古朴的符箓,涌出金光,竟然隐约间形成一个巨大人影,将罗西浩身体包围起来。 That fuzzy person's shadow extends an arm, is grasping outrageously to Yan Donglei. 那模糊的人影伸出一条手臂,正悍然抓向燕冬雷 Yan Donglei was already guarding against Luo Xihao, immediately uses the third institution puppet. 燕冬雷早就在提防罗西浩,当即动用第三具机关傀儡。 A steel and iron giant emerges out of thin air, prevents in front of Luo Xihao. 一个钢铁巨人凭空出现,阻挡在罗西浩面前。 Then, on the Luo Xihao arm spreads the boundless golden light, changes into obstructs a day of great hand, hits the Yan Donglei institution giant unexpectedly all of a sudden backward falls to draw back. 然后,罗西浩手臂上蔓延出磅礴金光,化为遮天巨手,竟然一下子就将燕冬雷的机关巨人打得向后跌退。 You also very much have real skill!” Some Yan Donglei surprise. “你也很有两下子啊!”燕冬雷有些诧异。 He estimates Luo Xihao to dare to ask him to trouble, definitely also some pressure bottom cards in a hand. 他估到罗西浩敢找他麻烦,肯定也有一些压箱底的底牌。 It is not sincerity monster crag such thing of being opportunistic, but also has the Shen Jian Black Dragon the force arm like his institution puppet. 不是血心妖岩那样取巧的东西,而是像他的机关傀儡还有沈健的黑龙那样实打实的强力臂膀。 But Yan Donglei has not expected Luo Xihao to hide such maneating one. 燕冬雷没料到罗西浩藏了这么凶悍的一手。 Although other people are haughty, but the eyesight is not bad, immediately arranges the spirit, concentrates in the hand three institution puppets, copes with Luo Xihao together. 他人虽狂傲,但眼力不差,当即打点起精神,集中自己手上三具机关傀儡,一起对付罗西浩 The Luo Xihao left arm hangs in the side is motionless, the under foot movement speed is extremely also slow. 罗西浩左臂垂在身边不动,脚下移动速度也极缓慢。 Whole body strength as if all presses on the right arm. 全身上下力气似乎全压在右臂上。 Around his body the golden light forms a giant gradually, similarly only uses the right hand. 他身体周围金光渐渐形成一个巨人,同样只用右手。 But this right arm as if has to sweep away the potentials of thousand armed forces, asking in Yan Donglei the strength to endure compared with the Golden Core Stage cultivator three big institution puppets collaborates, can only resist reluctantly. 但这条右臂却仿佛有横扫千军之势,叫燕冬雷手里力量堪比金丹期修士的三大机关傀儡联手,都只能勉强招架。 One side institution great hawk, nearly was torn carelessly up the wing by this glittering giant arm, asking other people to see, was fearful and apprehensive. 机关巨鹰一个不慎,险些被这条金光闪闪的巨大手臂撕掉一边翅膀,叫其他人见了,都心惊肉跳。 After all Yan Donglei these institution puppets, the material quality refining up after the secret technique special sacrifice firmly, compares the striking power, the defensive power is more considerable. 毕竟燕冬雷的这些机关傀儡,材质坚固又经过秘法专门祭炼,相较于攻击力来说,防御力更加可观。 „! If that cauldron......” Yan Donglei thinks of here in my hands, the mood is very despondent. “啧!要是那尊鼎在我的手里……”燕冬雷一想到这里,心情就很抑郁。 At present must cope with Luo Xihao, in view of the attack of divine soul should be most effective. 眼下要对付罗西浩,针对神魂的攻击应该是最有效的。 Yan Donglei understands some divine soul magic technique, what a pity Luo Xihao similarly understands, Yan Donglei only studies to be not enough in this aspect to crush Luo Xihao by oneself. 燕冬雷懂一些神魂法术,可惜罗西浩同样懂,燕冬雷只靠自己所学不足以在这方面压倒罗西浩 But if were swallowed that bronze little cauldron that gets into the stomach by Black Dragon at this moment in his hand, that aspect is immediately different. 但如果被黑龙吞下肚的那尊青铜小鼎此刻在他手上,那局面立刻就不一样。 Thinks of here, Yan Donglei cannot bear bitterly looks to Shen Jian. 想到这里,燕冬雷就忍不住恨恨的看向沈健 Shen Jian is approaching at this moment also to white jade pan. 沈健此刻也在向白玉盘靠近。 However also had the enemy to stare at him. 不过也有对头盯上了他。 At present here, only does not keep thinking about white jade pan existence, is actually bearing a grudge Shen Jian. 目前在这里,唯一一个不怎么惦记白玉盘的存在,却记恨着沈健 Said accurately does not bear a grudge Shen Jian, but bears a grudge his Black Dragon. 准确说不是记恨沈健,而是记恨他的黑龙。 Although Black Dragon at this moment not in this place, but that white dragon exudes the melodious dragon roar sound, throws toward Shen Jian. 虽然黑龙此刻不在此地,但那条白龙发出悠扬龙吟声,就朝沈健扑来。 Su Meng sees that drinks one hastily lightly, finger in own forehead. 苏萌见状,连忙轻喝一声,手指点在自己眉心。 Under the controlling beast seal whips on, her rosefinch exudes the delightful clear songs and calls, turns around under the section the white dragon. 御兽印驱策下,她的朱雀发出悦耳清亮的鸣叫声,转身截下白龙。 The dragon roar sound startled day of white dragon, the whole body high and low white scale opens and closes, the massive rime fogs give birth, form one group of ice clouds. 白龙的龙吟声惊天,周身上下白鳞开阖间,大量冰雾生出,形成一团冰云。 dragon prestige spreads, even if the common big monster the strength level is close, meets the awe into submission submissive in dragon prestige, a strength is hard to display all. 龙威传出,寻常大妖哪怕实力层次相近,也会慑服于龙威,一身实力难以尽数施展。 But the Su Meng rosefinch is pure blood, similarly the bloodlines are lofty, by does not fear Bailong dragon prestige. 苏萌的朱雀乃是纯血,同样血脉崇高,是以不惧白龙龙威。 It seems like gentle, the hot rain of regulations terror, is the white dragon rime fog difficult adversary. 看似轻柔,实则恐怖的火雨,更是白龙冰雾的克星。 Can other big monster freezes rime fogs, be pierced by the flying bolide that the rosefinch sends at this time in abundance. 能将其他大妖冻结的冰雾,这时纷纷被朱雀所发的飞火流星洞穿。 However white dragon inborn heterogeneous, the ice hot outstanding in both fields, the bright red double pupil opens and closes, similarly is a flame flashes, arranges a sea of fire before the body, embezzles the attack of rosefinch. 不过白龙天生异种,冰火双绝,朱红双瞳开阖间,同样是道道火光闪动,在身前布置一片火海,吞没朱雀的攻击。 On spirit fire, still rosefinch even better. 论灵火之强,仍然朱雀更胜一筹。 But two rounds resists after the rime fog and sea of fire, its attack then being hard wound arrives in Bailong. 但经过冰雾和火海两轮抵挡,它的攻击便难以伤到白龙。 The white dragon personal appearance walks randomly, approaches to rosefinch. 白龙身形游走间,向朱雀靠近。 The rosefinch is what a pity nimble and resourceful exceptionally, does not give the opportunity of Bai Long jin body easily. 可惜朱雀灵动异常,轻易不给白龙近身的机会。 Both sides roamed Dou, suddenly no one how the opposite party. 双方游斗,一时间谁也奈何不得对方。 But in other one side, Wang Xiaoyu body and sword gathers, the whole person changes to together the startled Sky Sword light, toward approaching Su Meng of white jade plate flies. 而在另外一边,王晓宇身与剑合,整个人化作一道惊天剑光,朝靠近白玉盘的苏萌飞去。 This sword murderous aura to overflow, does not keep the hand. 这一剑杀气四溢,毫不留手。 The Su Meng mind is slightly absent-minded, as if has given birth to by the illusion that a Wang Xiaoyu sword assassinates. 苏萌心神略微恍惚,仿佛已经生出被王晓宇一剑刺死的幻觉。 Her strength is outstanding, helpless the opposite party is also outstanding outstanding. 她实力超群,无奈对方也是杰出俊杰。 Foundation Establishment Stage Fourth Layer realm, gets rid facing the Foundation Establishment Stage Seventh Layer enemy fully, Su Meng is also very helpless. 筑基期四层境界,面对筑基期七层的敌人全力出手,苏萌也很无奈。 The best choice, as if retrocedes, gives up going forward. 最好的选择,似乎是后退,放弃前进。 So then Wang Xiaoyu's intent. 如此正遂了王晓宇的意。 But the Su Meng footsteps keep, still rushed to the white jade plate. 苏萌脚步不停,仍然奔向白玉盘。 She gets rid, but the goal of magic technique attack is to aim at another two comes in the student of this place. 她有出手,不过法术攻击的目标是指向另外两个进来此地的学生。 But Wang Xiaoyu this sword cannot hit she. 而王晓宇这一剑也没能命中她。 Because there is Shen Jian. 因为有沈健 While Wang Xiaoyu uses the sword, Shen Jian shines together the sword light similarly, in the midair draws the graceful arc, the midway has blocked Wang Xiaoyu together. 在王晓宇出剑的同时,沈健这边同样亮起一道剑光,半空里划过一道曼妙的弧线,中途拦下王晓宇。 Wang Xiaoyu itself, in the hand on a sword, the swordsmanship is all precise, sword intent is concise. 王晓宇一身本身,全在手中一口剑上,剑法精到,剑意凝练。 He also has the superiority on cultivation base realm, magic power astral qi is vigorous. 他又有修为境界上的优势,法力罡气雄浑。 The both sides long sword intersects in the midair, Wang Xiaoyu's sword blade edge slightly trembles. 双方长剑在半空中相交,王晓宇的剑刃只是微微一颤。 But the Shen Jian sword leaves like the wind, the series several swords all get rid in the flash. 沈健剑出如风,连环几剑全在一瞬间出手。 Wang Xiaoyu vision one cold, has to let off Su Meng, then deals with the Shen Jian offensive fully. 王晓宇目光一凛,不得不放过苏萌,转而全力应对沈健的攻势。 Compares quickly with me?” He deeply inspires, similarly the sword leaves series. “跟我比快?”他深吸一口气,同样剑出连环。 Expelling wind from the body sword that Extreme Origin University is in direct line displays, is seriously quicker than the gust of wind. 元极大学嫡传的追风剑式施展开来,当真比疾风更快。 The Wang Xiaoyu's talent in this swordsmanship is good, gradually many years, only discussed the sword speed, Shen Jian felt that he must be quicker than Huang Zhaoxi. 王晓宇在这门剑法上天分不俗,又浸淫多年,只论出剑速度,沈健感觉他比黄昭熙还要更快。 However the Shen Jian look is gentle, sees to incur to open to incur, does not make Wang Xiaoyu jump over perimeter/thunder pool one step. 不过沈健神色平和,见招拆招,不让王晓宇越雷池一步。 Both sides are without making any mutual concessions, to hit quickly quickly, is attacks defends few, the intention to attack the generation to defend, forcing the opposite party to change incurs the defense. 双方互不相让,以快打快,全都是攻多守少,意图以攻代守,迫使对方变招防御。 Finally everybody is the offensive are more, by exquisite movement technique movement, avoids match ruthless kills to incur spicily. 结果大家都是攻势更多,凭借精湛身法移动,来躲避对手的狠辣杀招。 They seethe to transfer, as if two angry dragons at white jade plate not far away circling battle. 两人翻腾挪移,仿佛两条怒龙在白玉盘不远处盘旋争斗。 Changes a time, wants to compare notes the swordsmanship with king senior brother very much with single-hearted devotion, the opportunity is what a pity inappropriate today.” Shen Jian said: Offended.” “换个时间,很想跟王学长专心切磋剑法,可惜今天时机不合适。”沈健说道:“得罪了。” The voice has not fallen, his left hand raises suddenly. 话音未落,他左手猛然一扬。 The sword light weaves on network, appears suddenly wipes the cold and gloomy blade light, the tangent in Wang Xiaoyu's empty space place. 剑光织就的网络中,突现一抹森冷的刀光,正切在王晓宇的空当处。 After one round fights, Shen Jian observed Wang Xiaoyu movement technique change to have the attainment gradually, this blade came and ruthless, calling the opposite party to have no place to hide. 经过一轮交手,沈健观察王晓宇身法变化渐渐有了心得,这一刀来得又准又狠,叫对方无处可躲。 Wang Xiaoyu look is dignified, finally changes recalls the sword, blocks Shen Jian sabre edge. 王晓宇神色凝重,终于变招回剑,挡住沈健刀锋 Under is in inverse proportion, the Shen Jian offensive rises crazily, the gust of wind presses Wang Xiaoyu brashly is being one fiercely attacks. 此消彼长之下,沈健攻势狂涨,疾风骤雨般压着王晓宇就是一顿猛攻。 https: https: Please remember this book first round domain name:..: m. 请记住本书首发域名:.。:m.
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