MOSS :: Volume #3

#234: Not skillful non- book in circulation

Stands in 1405 rooms of out of the door, Shen Jian hesitates does not speak. 站在1405室的门外,沈健沉吟不语。 Stemming from own some secrets of practice, he has not lived in the Heavenly Sea University student's dormitory. 出于自身修练的一些隐秘,他没有住天海大学的学生宿舍。 Naturally, the school authorities have to him assign the dormitory, he also will occasionally go back an evening. 当然,校方有给他分配宿舍,他偶尔也会回去住一晚。 However most time, Shen Jian treats in room that in oneself rent. 不过绝大多数时间,沈健都待在自己租住的房间里。 This building is located in the quite ordinary inhabited area, the person majority of upstairs and downstairs is the ordinary mortal, but the general economy condition is not bad, the community environment is very good. 这栋楼位于比较平常的居民区,楼上楼下的人大部分是普通凡人,但整体经济条件都不差,小区环境很好。 The school authorities turn a blind eye. 校方对此睁一只眼闭一只眼。 To Shen Jian, rents this kind of dwelling, his economic capacity can also withstand. 沈健来说,租这样一个住处,他的经济能力也能承受。 In here one year, his life and practice were very tranquil, do not have the special place, has not actually thought to have the accident today suddenly. 在这儿一年了,他的生活和修练都很平静,没有特异之处,却不曾想今天突然生了变故。 One came back to have several days from Shushan, before several days were all right, therefore mostly were not own change. 自己从蜀山回来有几天了,之前几天都没事,所以多半不是自身变化。 More possible is periphery some room, has moved in the new resident. 更可能是周围某个房间,搬来了新住客。 Shen Jian lifts the hand, has sounded 1405 rooms of front doors. 沈健抬手,敲响了1405室的大门。 After the moment, the gate opens, reveals one to have the slightly fat moon-face. 片刻后,门打开,露出一张有些微胖的圆脸。 Sees clearly the opposite party appearance, Shen Jian somewhat is also stunned. 看清楚对方长相,沈健也不禁有些愕然。 The eye previous existence a moon-face, as if momentarily in the youth of smiling, clearly formerly was also stirring up some Shen Jian curiosity Heavenly Sea University martial cultivation is the big new student, Pang Hai. 眼前生着一张圆脸,仿佛随时在笑的少年,分明正是先前还惹起沈健一些好奇心的天海大学武修系大一新生,庞海。 Shen Jian recovers, in heart funny. 沈健回过神来,心中不禁好笑。 This also was really skillful. 这还真是巧了。 Before just had read their file, then first bumped into Hu Wei in the campus, then unexpectedly met Pang Hai in own building. 之前刚看过他们的档案,然后就先在校园里碰上胡威,接着居然就在自己家楼上碰见庞海。 Pang Hai sees clearly out of the door is standing Shen Jian, similarly is stunned. 庞海看清楚门外站着的沈健,同样错愕。 After going to college, when Shen Jian reputation middle school is more resounding, knows that his person are also more. 上大学后,沈健的名声比中学时更加响亮,知道他的人也更多。 Although Pang Hai not like Hu Wei when has seen right in front of one Shen Jian, but is well-known to him similarly for a long time. 庞海虽然不像胡威一样曾经当面见过沈健,但对他同样闻名已久。 „...... What matter has?” Pang Haiman forehead question mark. “呃……请问有什么事?”庞海满脑门问号。 Schoolmate Pang Hai? I called Shen Jian, before listened to teacher to mention you, then we should be Schoolmate Heavenly Sea's.” Shen Jian said. “庞海同学吗?我叫沈健,之前听老师提到过你,接下来我们应该都是天海的同学。”沈健言道。 Shen Jian, that...... Shen Jian senior brother, do you look specially my?” Pang Hai cautiously. 沈健,那个……沈健学长,你这是专门来找我的?”庞海小心翼翼。 Room that he just newly rented, has not reported with the school, properly speaking that side the school should this address not be right. 他刚刚才新租的房,还没跟学校报备,按理说学校那边应该没他这个地址才对。 I live in downstairs.” The Shen Jian smile said: Heard in building to have very big sound in the room a moment ago, thinks that is in this household numbers has the child to jump, therefore plans one.” “我就住楼下。”沈健微笑说道:“刚才在房里听见楼上有很大的响动,原以为是这户家里有小孩子在蹦跳,所以打算上来说一声。” Pang Haiwen said relaxes: Possibly senior brother you misunderstood, here does not have the child.” 庞海闻言松一口气:“可能学长你听错了,我这里没有小孩子啦。” Speech meanwhile, his hastily making way entrance: senior brother comes to sit, look at me, has forgotten, the place of failure in politeness also please no wonder.” 说话同时,他连忙让开门口:“学长进来坐,看我,都忘了,失礼之处还请莫怪。” Was my thank your for your hospitality.” Shen Jian was saying, while walks into Pang Hai room. “是我叨扰了。”沈健一边说着,一边步入庞海的房间。 After coming, sees in the room some baggage not to tidy up. 进来后,就见房中还有些行李没有收拾好。 Inhabitant who Pang Hai really newly moves. 庞海果然是新搬进来的住户。 Has not thought really senior brother you are occupied by downstairs me.” Pang Hai gets two bottles of water to walk warmly, and one bottle will give Shen Jian: I just now move, anything is not good to entertain your, gathers together, gathers together.” “真没想到学长你就住我楼下。”庞海热情的拿着两瓶水走过来,并将其中一瓶递给沈健:“我才刚搬进来,没啥好招待你的,凑活一下,凑活一下。” All right, is predestined friends rarely, welcome you to have free time to go to downstairs my there to sit.” Shen Jian received the water to say. “没事儿,难得有缘,也欢迎你有空去楼下我那里坐坐。”沈健接过水说道。 That was really good, senior brother your martial arts talent and cultivation base were the talents of having god-given wisdom, can ask for advice with you, I longed for even in dreams.” Pang Hai hits the snake immediately along with stick on, said cheerfully: This I was the advantage of being close to somebody the first moon/month, early knows that senior brother lived in downstairs, I formerly did not bargain back and forth with the landlord am so long, first first moved.” “那真是太好了,学长你武道天赋和修为都是天纵之才,能跟你讨教,我梦寐以求啊。”庞海立马打蛇随棍上,乐呵呵说道:“这回我算是近水楼台先得月了,早知道学长就住楼下,我先前也不跟房东讨价还价那么久,第一时间就先搬进来。” Does not use that politely.” Shen Jian sizes up Pang Hai one eyes up and down, seemingly optional asking: „Did you just come back from the snowy mountain cold extremely area?” “不用那么客气。”沈健上下打量庞海一眼,貌似随意的问道:“你刚刚从雪山极寒地区回来吗?” On the present Pang Hai skin, shows green slightly, appears somewhat strange. 眼前的庞海皮肤上,微微透出一股青色,显得有些奇异。 That generally is the phenomenon that pinnacle cold air attack causes. 那一般是极致的寒气侵袭所导致的现象。 In addition, in that matter indistinct green, as if also reveals several points of purplish red. 除此之外,那层隐约的青色中,似乎还流露几分紫红。 This indicated that attacks Pang Hai cold air, possibly is not some cultivator creates artificially, but is the snowy mountain region of nature, under the rusticity circulation, the mountain ridge fine soul interweaves with the white snow severely cold, just now forms the so strange picture. 这表示侵袭庞海的寒气,可能不是某个修士人工造成,而是大自然的雪山地带,地气流转下,山岭精魄同白雪严寒交织,方才形成如此奇异的景象。 Pang Hai pulls the hair, said with a laugh: My native place there, year to year the snow, everywhere is not the snowy mountain, even if in the summer is also same, I was used to play in the mountain from infancy to maturity, for these days began school, hurried Heavenly Sea City to register.” 庞海抓了抓头发,笑呵呵说道:“我老家那里啦,常年积雪不化,到处都是雪山,哪怕夏天也是一样,我从小到大习惯了在山里玩,这几天开学了,赶紧到天海城来报到。” Your Qi Condensation Stage Eighth Layer cultivation base realm, what significance winter and summer cold hot under environment does not have generally, if changes a mortal, perhaps hasn't adapted to Heavenly Sea the burning hot summer?” Shen Jian asked. “你练气期八层修为境界,一般环境下的寒暑冷热也没什么意义,要是换个凡人,恐怕还不适应天海这边炎热的夏天吧?”沈健笑问。 Yes, the fatty is always sensitive to heat.” Pang Hai replied similarly with a smile. “是啊,胖子总是怕热的嘛。”庞海同样笑着答道。 His stature is only micro fat, seems very solid, without any extremely fat feeling. 他身材只是微胖,看上去很结实,没有任何臃肿的感觉。 The Shen Jian line of sight has delimited Pang Hai wrist/skill. 沈健视线则划过庞海手腕。 In the opposite party wrist/skill is bringing a bracelet. 对方手腕上带着一个镯子。 That bracelet seems the gold/metal resembles the jade, some looks like metal quality of material, are actually indistinct transparent, brilliance that superficial flashing is hard to speak. 那镯子看上去似金又似玉,有些像金属质地,可是却隐约透明,表面闪动难以言说的光彩。 Shen Jian asked: I take the liberty to ask one, your this bracelet, is too beginning Chikin builds?” 沈健问道:“我冒昧问一句,你这个镯子,是太初奇金打造的吗?” This, I do not understand actually.” Pang Hai looked down bracelet on the wrist: Possibly? The family members leave my, they do not understand.” “这个啊,我其实也不太懂。”庞海低头看了一眼自己腕上的镯子:“可能是吧?家里人留给我的,他们也不懂。” Shen Jian hears word asked: That side your native place, are the jewelry of such material quality many?” 沈健闻言问道:“你老家那边,这样材质的首饰很多吗?” „After that did not have...... Pang Hai to stop but actually slightly one next, then said: But, in my family the elder, truly obtains this bangle in the snowy mountain near native place.” “那倒没有……”庞海稍微停顿了一下后,转而说道:“不过,我家里长辈,确实是在老家附近的雪山里得到这支手镯。” Shen Jian hears word nods: So that's how it is.” 沈健闻言点头:“原来如此。” After they also chatted the moment, Shen Jian said goodbye to leave. 两人又聊了片刻后,沈健告辞离开。 Pang Hai, after you tidy up, goes to the school to register as soon as possible first, the newborn admittance registration must cut off in these days.” Shen Jian before paying the gratuity given to a gatekeeper by visitor requesting audience with powerful official said. “庞海,你收拾好以后,还是尽快先去学校报名登记吧,新生入学报到就在这几天要截止了。”沈健临出门钱说道。 senior brother felt relieved that I tidy up to go to the school immediately.” Pang Hai said cheerfully: senior brother, you called me boat-fruited sterculia on the line, my secondary school teacher schoolmates called me the boat-fruited sterculia.” 学长放心,我收拾好马上就去学校。”庞海乐呵呵说道:“学长,你叫我胖大海就行,我中学老师同学们都叫我胖大海。” You do not need to call me senior brother, asking me name Shen Jian to become.” Shen Jian goes out with him says goodbye: Sea has free time my there to sit.” “你也不用叫我学长,叫我名字沈健就成。”沈健出门跟他告别:“大海有空去我那里坐坐。” Pang Haixiao must the eye narrow a seam: Certain, certain!” 庞海笑得眼睛眯成一条缝:“一定,一定!” Gazes after Shen Jian to depart, Pang Hai closes the door, backs on the door, long one breath: My mother, that two eyes of this Shen Jian, like can look at simply up the person.” 目送沈健离去,庞海把门关上,背靠房门,长长出一口气:“我的妈呀,这沈健的那俩眼睛,简直像是能把人看光了一样。” The bracelet in his wrist/skill, vibrates gently. 他手腕上的镯子,轻轻震动一下。 A sound resounds in Pang Hai moral nature: Snort, is on his arm that Black Dragon is not mainly good to cope, otherwise kills him, death ends all troubles, the deceased person can keep the secret.” 一个声音在庞海心底响起:“哼,主要是他胳膊上那条黑龙不好对付,否则就把他干掉,一了百了,死人才能保守秘密。” My great-aunt, can you always not think kills the person, now was not your time.” Pang Dahai the face was complaining painstakingly: He is very popular in the Heavenly Sea University martial cultivation department, maintains the relations with him, I quite mix, hundred harm not to have an advantage is right?” “我的姑奶奶,你能不能别老想着把人干掉,现在不是你那个时代了。”庞大海苦着脸抱怨:“他在天海大学武修系很吃得开,跟他搞好关系,我好混呀,有百害而无一利对不对?”
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