MP :: Volume #53

#5214: The light of great sun

On deeply worried chaotic battlefield, there is a big sun to batter, supplements with the strengths of two Elite squads, dislodges a giant channel on big battlefield forcefully. 焦灼混乱的战场上,有一轮大日在横冲直撞,辅以两支精锐小队的力量,硬生生在偌大战场上撞出一条巨大通道。 In the channel, all Black Ink Clan completely all perish. 通道之中,所有墨族尽皆灭亡。 Follows close on Yang Kai behind two teams of 7-Rank, kills the enemy to kill to leniently. 紧跟在杨开身后的两队七品,杀敌杀至手软。 Before great sun to/clashes, although some large quantities of Black Ink Clan falls, but many Black Ink Clan escape by luck, the counter-attack of these Black Ink Clan instinct such as violent storm generally toward great sun source assault, hit Yang Kai whole body world mighty force turbulently continuous, bruised and lacerated, Golden Blood sprinkles. 大日前冲,虽有大批墨族陨落,但还是有很多墨族侥幸逃过一劫,这些墨族本能的反击如狂风暴雨一般朝大日源头袭去,打的杨开周身天地伟力动荡不休,皮开肉绽,金血洒落。 If these Black Ink Clan leave alone, will decide will make the huge trouble to Yang Kai, soon, his offensive will then be contained. 这些墨族若是放任不管,定会给杨开造成巨大的麻烦,用不了多久,他的攻势便会被遏制。 Solving these Black Ink Clan is two Elite squads needs to do now, only had to solve them, before Yang Kai , the momentum of flushing can maintain. 解决这些墨族便是两支精锐小队如今所需要做的,唯有解决了他们,杨开前冲的势头才能保持下去。 Follows closely has killed the enemy innumerably in Yang Kai behind both Elite squads, do not say to frontline Yang Kai. 紧随在杨开身后的两支精锐小队都已杀敌无数,更不要说冲在最前方的杨开了。 A spear/gun gallops in ten million/countless, great sun rays of light is gradually gloomy. 一枪驰骋千万里,大日光芒逐渐暗淡。 When annihilates to that bright great sun rays of light thoroughly, follows closely discovered in two Elite squads that Yang Kai behind kills the enemy courageously suddenly, all around already nobody left. 待到那煌煌大日光芒彻底湮灭之时,紧随在杨开身后奋勇杀敌的两支精锐小队骤然发现,四周已经空无一人。 They passed through entire battlefield unexpectedly directly, rushed to Void outside battlefield, but in their behind not far away, is several thousand Human Race armies and several 100,000 Black Ink Clan army confrontation places. 他们竟直接穿过了整个战场,冲到了战场之外的虚空中,而在他们身后不远处,便是数万人族大军与几十万墨族大军交锋之地。 Walks randomly 7-Rank Open Heaven beside Battleship, almost everyone is wounded. 游走在战舰之外的七品开天们,几乎人人带伤。 Spans battlefield in tens of millions in so short time, raises eyes in all directions all the enemy, it can be imagined encountered many attack, even if they all are 7-Rank Open Heaven, the strength is tyrannical, is hard to preserve itself safe and sound. 在如此短的时间内跨越数千万里的战场,四面八方举目皆敌,可想而知遭遇了多少攻击,纵然他们全都是七品开天,实力强横,也难以保全自身安然无恙。 However is actually all full of energy. 不过却是个个精神抖擞。 Even if they are the Elite squads, and in the Black Ink Clan war performs the illustrious meritorious service in times, has never done such crazy matter. 纵然他们是精锐小队,在一次次与墨族的大战中立下赫赫功勋,也从未干过这么疯狂的事。 Only depending on two Elite squads, additional Yang Kai's leads again, chiselled to putting on entire battlefield unexpectedly. 只凭两支精锐小队,再加杨开的引领,竟将整个战场凿了个对穿。 Shocking. 何等耸人听闻。 Warm-blooded well ups, making one unable to bear want to face upward the long and loud cry, crashes in battlefield again, kills a happiness. 久违的热血涌上心头,让人忍不住想要仰天长啸,再冲进战场中,去杀个痛快。 Yang Kai has not disappointed them. 杨开没让他们失望。 In running out of battlefield that flash, he then transferred the direction, the surface toward big battlefield, the single arm seizes the spear/gun, aims at that place of base slaughtering, in the mouth drinks lowly: Takes pill! Again come!” 在冲出战场的那一瞬间,他便调转了方向,面朝偌大战场,单臂擒枪,指向那靡靡杀戮之地,口中低喝:“服丹!再来!” Under is startled, all 7-Rank understand Yang Kai's intention, no one hesitant, takes out hastily greatly Spirit Pill, has to restore the strength, has healing, has the strength, all forced in the mouth altogether, the big mouth chews, wholely under. 一怔之下,所有七品都明白了杨开的用意,没人犹豫,连忙取出大把灵丹,有恢复力量的,有疗伤的,有增强实力的,一股脑地全塞进了口中,大口嘴嚼,囫囵而下。 Holds formation and Secret Treasure five 6-Rank Open Heaven in Battleship Lord is also the same so. 就连在战舰上主法阵秘宝的五六品开天们也一样如此。 Although is first meeting, although is the first cooperation, however Yang Kai's has made them always remember in the heart aggressively, the youth who this Golden Blood covers at this moment quite the same as, as if a beacon light, is directing the direction of slaughtering for them, they do not need to think, only need closely follow, then can eliminate the front evil spirits. 尽管是第一次谋面,尽管是第一次合作,然而杨开的凶悍已让他们铭记于心,这个此刻浑然金血笼罩的青年,就仿佛一盏明灯,为他们指引着杀戮的方向,他们无需多想,只需紧紧跟上,便能肃清前方的魑魅魍魉。 Crying of Golden Crow resounds again, dazzling great sun leaps spatially, such as is just now same, the Yang Kai long spear/gun selects great sun, in the mouth is exploding drinks one: Kills!” 金乌的啼鸣再次响起,耀眼大日跃空,如方才一样,杨开长枪挑着大日,口中爆喝一声:“杀!” Pushes to the front, goes toward that big battlefield rush. 一马当先,朝那偌大战场冲杀而去。 Two Elite squads follow. 两支精锐小队紧随其后。 Bright great sun, gallops for the second time on battlefield! 煌煌大日,第二次在战场上驰骋起来! After tea, great sun rays of light thorough annihilation, but Yang Kai has appeared with the forms of two Elite squads in battlefield another side. 一盏茶后,大日光芒彻底湮灭,而杨开与两支精锐小队的身影已出现在战场的另一侧。 Everyone seems like miserable incomparable, each one whole bodies are bathed in blood, two Battleship , some breakages. 所有人看起来都凄凉无比,个个浑身浴血,就连两艘战舰,也有些许破损。 Again come!” Yang Kai transfers the direction, again surface toward battlefield, light's of third blooming great sun. “再来!”杨开调转方向,重新面朝战场,大日之光第三次绽放。 Also after is tea, the fourth time. 又是一盏茶后,第四次。 The fifth time...... 紧接着,第五次…… Displaying of each Golden Crow Casting Sun, can make Yang Kai get two Elite squads to chisel to putting on battlefield, from battlefield one side, kills to another side. 每一道金乌铸日的施展,都能让杨开领着两支精锐小队将战场凿个对穿,从战场的一侧,杀至另外一侧。 When to the sixth time, although two Battleship still closely follow in Yang Kai behind, but walks randomly 7-Rank Open Heaven beside Battleship, has actually been short of 56. 待到第六次的时候,两艘战舰虽然依然紧紧地跟随在杨开身后,但游走在战舰之外的七品开天们,却已少了五六个。 So the fight of high-intensity, the so crazy approach, exactly each 7-Rank can withstand, because of dashing of such unscrupulous, representative will encounter the new enemy every time. 如此高强度的战斗,如此疯狂的做法,可不是每一个七品都能承受的,因为这样肆无忌惮的冲撞,代表的可是每时每刻都会遭遇新的敌人。 Several times, two squad 56 7-Rank had experienced personally the heavy losses, has to return to Battleship healing. 数次下来,两支小队五六个七品已经身受重创,不得不返回战舰疗伤 Remaining 7-Rank do not feel better, even if took many Spirit Pill ahead of time, but each one consumptions are also huge, background is slightly worse, the complexion has turned white slightly. 剩下的七品也不好过,纵然提前服用了诸多灵丹,可也个个消耗巨大,底蕴稍差一些的,已经脸色微微发白。 No one knows that this kind of to putting on battlefield can also maintain several times, perhaps some they then want the strength to use up time in the halfway, when the time comes is the collective falls fate. 谁也不知道这样的对穿战场还能维持几次,说不定某一次他们便要力竭在半途上,到时候便是集体陨落的下场。 However compares itself, consumption biggest should be Yang Kai, time because each he displays is Divine Ability Manifestation. 不过相比较自身而言,消耗最大的应该是杨开,因为每一次他所施展的都是神通法相 This thing might returns to parental home after being divorced in a big way, but consumes also big. 这东西威力大归大,可是消耗也不小。 Snow Wolf Team-Leader and Mysterious Wind Team-Leader have own Divine Ability Manifestation, but even if they are 7-Rank , can only stimulate to movement at most one after another five times, the Small Universe strength is then dry, to any high-rank Open Heaven, Divine Ability Manifestation is equivalent to existence of trump card, will not easily offer a sacrifice. 雪狼队长玄风队长也拥有自身的神通法相,不过纵然他们是七品,顶多也只能接连催动五次,小乾坤的力量便要干涸,对任何一个上品开天来说,神通法相都是相当于杀手锏的存在,轻易不会祭出。 But Yang Kai the sixth time is displayed Divine Ability Manifestation, the might as if had little change, obviously the vigor of Yang Kai Small Universe background compared with before. 杨开已经是第六次施展神通法相了,威力比起之前似乎没有太大变化,可见杨开小乾坤底蕴的雄浑。 The seventh time, the eighth time, the ninth time...... 第七次,第八次,第九次…… Short less than double-hour time, big battlefield had bored a hole through ten times, eliminated Black Ink Clan is hard to plan. 短短不到一个时辰时间,偌大战场已经被凿穿了十次之多,杀灭的墨族难以算计。 But to this time, but can also follow in Yang Kai behind 7-Rank Open Heaven, was only left over seven people merely, Snow Wolf Squad three, Mysterious Wind Squad four, other 7-Rank, have all returned to Battleship the training. 而到了此时,还能跟在杨开身后七品开天,仅仅只剩下七人了,雪狼队三个,玄风队四个,其他的七品,全都已经回到战舰上修养。 The 11 th time, the 12 th time...... 第十一次,第十二次…… Knocks out battlefield that flash, is the great sun annihilation time, the Yang Kai's complexion is in vain wan, pupil actually bright scary. 凿出战场的那一瞬间,正好是大日湮灭的时候,杨开的脸色白无血色,眸子却亮的吓人。 Follows closely in the 7-Rank all look dispirited that Yang Kai behind rushes ahead, that two Battleship are tattered, hull above, has rays of light that formation explodes unceasingly in twinkling, in the squad slightly understands Open Heaven Stage busy badly battered of Formation. 紧随在杨开身后冲杀出来的七品们个个神色萎靡,就连那两艘战舰都破破烂烂,船身之上,不断地有法阵爆裂的光芒闪烁,小队中略懂阵法开天境们忙的焦头烂额。 Must know that these two Battleship, may be two squads spent the magnanimous meritorious military service, asking Item Refining Expert of respective area inside the Great Wall to transform, by these two Battleship performance, can definitely support a prolonged war. 要知道这两艘战舰,可都是两支小队花费了海量战功,请各自关内的炼器师们改造而成的,以这两艘战舰的性能,完全能够支持一场旷日持久的大战。 However now actually in short less than time of double-hour, almost hit breaking, they are obviously violent in attack that in this time encounters. 然而如今却在短短不到一个时辰的时间内,几乎被打的散架,可见他们在这段时间内遭遇的攻击有多么猛烈。 Two squad 16 7-Rank, 13 severe wounds in the body, only have three, although also strength of the war, but the Small Universe strength also almost dried up. 两支小队十六位七品,十三位重伤在身,仅剩下三位虽还有一战之力,可是小乾坤的力量也几乎枯竭了。 They do not have the means to fight again. 他们已经没办法再战下去了。 Yang Kai is well aware, knows that they to the limit, by opening the mouth saying: Please return to army Expelling Black Ink Battleship.” 杨开对此心知肚明,知道他们已至极限,是以开口道:“诸位请回中军驱墨舰。” Snow Wolf Team-Leader listened to beyond the Yang Kai's words instantaneously the meaning: You?” 雪狼队长瞬间听出了杨开的话外之意:“那你呢?” Yang Kai cracks into a smile to him: Victory and defeat has not divided, I must continue.” 杨开冲他咧嘴一笑:“胜负未分,我还要继续。” Mysterious Wind Team-Leader knits the brows: „Was all alone, too dangerous?” 玄风队长皱眉道:“孤身一人,是不是太危险了?” Yang Kai shakes the head saying: Has met the military order, is must continue again dangerously, moreover now the situation not analogy talent, the Black Ink Clan army has revealed the declining tendency, therefore even if my only all alone, not necessarily has the too big risk.” 杨开摇头道:“既已接了军令,便是再危险也要继续下去,而且如今局势已不比方才,墨族大军已显颓势,所以纵然我只孤身一人,也未必有太大风险。” Is the battle-trained experts, everyone has the judgment and focus of own, after listening to Yang Kai said that two Team-Leader then does not plan again to persuade anything. 都是久经战阵的老手,每个人都有自己的判断和执着,是以听杨开这么说之后,两位队长便不打算再劝说什么了。 Snow Wolf Team-Leader said: Cannot fight side-by-side with Brother Yang to finally, really regretted, when Brother Yang returns in triumph, I asked Brother Yang to drink wine!” 雪狼队长道:“不能与杨兄并肩作战至最后,实在遗憾,待杨兄凯旋归来,我请杨兄吃酒!” The Yang Kai smile nods: I am waiting.” 杨开微笑颔首:“我等着。” Mysterious Wind Team-Leader is silent, is only to a Yang Kai with deep veneration ritual. 玄风队长默然不语,只是冲杨开肃然一礼。 Returns to Expelling Black Ink Battleship not to spend anything from this location/position, because does not have Black Ink Clan to intercept, gazes after Battleship of two squads to depart crooked, Yang Kai then faces battlefield. 从这个位置返回驱墨舰并不费什么事,因为没有墨族拦截,目送两支小队的战舰歪歪扭扭地离去,杨开这才重新面向战场 Stimulate to movement Golden Crow Casting Sun this together Divine Ability Manifestation one after several other times, his Small Universe strength was almost also dry. 接连十几次催动金乌铸日这一道神通法相,他的小乾坤力量也几乎干涸了。 However are not related, he also has World Fruit to supplement the strength. 不过没关系,他还有世界果可以补充力量。 Takes out low-rank World Fruit to squeeze in the mouth to reappear, in the fruit the drug efficacy melts rapidly, the rich pure world mighty force floods Small Universe rapidly. 取出一枚下品世界果塞入口中浮现,果中药效迅速化开,浓郁精纯的天地伟力迅速充斥小乾坤 Yang Kai is on the bloodstain clothing tears down one from own tattered full, the own scattered in disorder hair bunch, raised Azure Dragon Spear, deeply inspires, the spear/gun referred to the front, in the mouth such as the Lei Ting (thunder) fulmination: Kills!” 杨开自己破烂的满是血迹的衣衫上撕下一条,将自己散乱的头发束起,提起苍龙枪,深深吸了口气,枪指前方,口中如雷霆爆鸣:“杀!” The light of annihilation soon great sun shines Void, hits in battlefield. 湮灭不久的大日之光重新照耀虚空,撞进战场之中。 Is returning to Expelling Black Ink Battleship two squad member simultaneous to stand near the broad side, focuses attention on to wait and see, heart of hearts palpitates. 正在返回驱墨舰的两支小队成员齐齐站在船舷边,瞩目观望,内心深处一阵悸动。 Just like Yang Kai previously said with two Team-Leader, the situation on this moment battlefield already at first different, the Human Race army depends upon the strength of Battleship, is courageously tenacious, working as one, Black Ink Clan is actually respectively, more than ten Territory Lord is the army to rarely have the coordination. 正如杨开此前与两位队长所言,此刻战场上的局势已与最初不同,人族大军依靠战舰之力,奋勇顽强,齐心协力,墨族这边却是各自为阵,十几个域主的属军鲜有配合。 At population, although the disparity is huge, but at the scene is actually Human Race occupies superiorly. 是以人数上虽然差距巨大,但场面上却是人族占优。 In addition Yang Kai gets two Elite squads to put in battlefield persistently unreasonably, hit Black Ink Clan complained constantly. 再加上杨开领着两支精锐小队蛮不讲理地在战场上穿来穿去,打的墨族叫苦不迭。 Alternation battlefield, Yang Kai divides more than ten times smoothly big battlefield, often can make the Human Race army in some region exterminate nearby Black Ink Clan in the most effective way. 十几次的穿插战场,杨开顺利地将偌大战场分割开来,往往能让某一片区域的人族大军以最有效的方式剿灭附近的墨族 Cannot see what result one time twice, but the number of times more than one, the advantage of accumulation was distinct. 一次两次看不出什么成效,但次数一多,积累的优势就明显了。 When Yang Kai all alone steps battlefield again the resistance of encountering was smaller compared with before, because of this time his behind not two Elite squads, therefore all attack need one person to undertake, compared with just now, the pressure was actually much big. 杨开孤身一人再度踏上战场的时候所遇到的阻力比起之前小了很多,不过因为这一次身后没有两支精锐小队,所以所有的攻击都需一人承担,比起方才来说,压力倒是大了不少。 Circling is so, Yang Kai does not have the scared look, by oneself powerful background and using the strength that World Fruit restores, times bore a hole through battlefield. 绕是如此,杨开也毫无惧色,凭借自身强大的底蕴和利用世界果恢复的力量,一次次将战场凿穿。 Some moment, has 8-Rank Open Heaven falls aura to transmit from battlefield suddenly somewhere. 某一刻,忽有八品开天陨落气息战场某处传来。 Almost all Human Race jump in this moment heart fiercely. 几乎所有人族在这一刻都心头猛跳。 Innumerable and on battlefield of Black Ink Clan battle, few will have the 8-Rank Open Heaven falls sound, but does not represent not to have. 无数次与墨族争斗的战场上,鲜少会有八品开天陨落的动静,但不代表没有。 Whenever this sound spreads, means some 8-Rank unfortunate falls. 每当这种动静传出,都意味着某一位八品不幸陨落了。 But on battlefield happens the 8-Rank falls situation, then means that the situation is quite bad. 战场上一旦出现八品陨落的情况,便意味着局势极为糟糕。 By this 8-Rank Open Heaven falls sound transmits, will make the Human Race army so care. 是以这个八品开天陨落的动静传来时,才会让人族大军如此在意。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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