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#5213: Cuts battlefield

The matter gets up hastily, his response but actually also rapid, strikes the inadequate, fuzzy form then starts to desalinate immediately, this desalination is quite unusual, as if wipes to disappear own existence thoroughly, is Spiritual Mind is hard to detect the trace. 事起仓促,他的反应倒也迅速,一击不成,模糊的身影立刻便开始淡化,这种淡化极为奇特,仿佛是将自身的存在彻底抹消,便是神念都难以察觉痕迹。 Yang Kai is actually cracks into a smile: Similar move, you thought that can display the second time?” 杨开却是咧嘴一笑:“同样的招数,你觉得能施展第二次?” When the words fall, that sneak attack has disappeared to disappear. 话落之时,那偷袭者已经消失不见了。 Yang Kai turns head to look suddenly in a direction, searched the hand to grasp toward that side. 杨开忽然扭头朝一个方向望去,一探手朝那边抓了过去。 Under Space Principle surges, the four directions imprison. 空间法则涌动之下,四方禁锢。 When Yang Kai receives the hand, in the hand are many a form, the big hand card in the neck place of opposite party, under the world mighty force stimulation of movement that rushes fierce, is dashing Small Universe of opposite party, making his one have a dizzy spell, a strength is hard to stimulate to movement. 杨开收手之时,手上已经多了一个身影,大手卡在对方的颈脖处,凶猛澎湃的天地伟力催动之下,冲撞着对方的小乾坤,让他一阵头晕目眩,一身力量难以催动。 Acts to me one after another twice, evidently you are a tenacious person.” Yang Kai is staring at the opposite party, light. “接连两次对我出手,看样子你是个固执的人。”杨开盯着对方,淡淡一声。 This sneak attack understands the say/way of assassination obviously, cannot hit, immediately flees, therefore the Yang Kai first time sneak attacked time, cannot grasp his trace, afterward looked could not find. 这偷袭者显然深谙刺杀之道,一击不中,立刻遁走,所以杨开第一次被偷袭的时候,也没能把握住他的踪影,事后再找也找不到了。 However this black ink disciple has so mysterious concealment method, he will decide however will not give up, will also make a move again. 不过这个墨徒既有如此神奇的隐匿手段,那他就定然不会善罢甘休,还会再度出手。 Yang Kai does not know that he will start to whom, even does not know whether he will also act again. 杨开不知他会对谁下手,甚至不知他是否还会再度出手。 However if this person must make a move again, then Yang Kai gets two squads to run out of encirclement ring that flash, best absolutely is also the final time. 不过如果此人要再次出手,那么杨开领着两支小队冲出包围圈那一刹那,绝对是最好也是最后的时机。 Therefore Yang Kai has been guarding, is vigilant all around sound, and even the other two teams of member sounds. 所以杨开一直在提防着,警惕自身四周的动静,乃至其他两队成员身旁的动静。 Sneak attack really came again, chose him to treat as the goal unexpectedly, how has protection Yang Kai to tumble in the same place early twice. 偷袭者果然再次现身了,竟还是选择了他当做目标,早有防备的杨开又岂会在同一个地方跌倒两次。 Two times acted to him, obviously this sneak attack disposition was stubborn, moreover was quite proud, how because of cannot for the first time Yang Kai, therefore he acted without hesitation again. 先后两次对他出手,可见这偷袭者心性顽固,而且极为自傲,因为第一次没能将杨开怎么样,所以他毫不犹豫地再度出手。 Pitifully only he chose mistakenly the goal, first time Yang Kai did not have the least bit to guard, his method Gao Ming/brilliant, made him sneak attack extremely successfully. 只可惜他选错了目标,第一次的时候杨开没有半点防备,他的手段又极为高明,才让他偷袭成功。 this time was different, on battlefield, this kind of is doomed to pay the price tenaciously. 这一次就不同了,在战场上,这样的固执注定要付出代价。 Feels terrifying that in the Yang Kai big hand transmits, but the succinct world mighty force, fierce pours into Small Universe, causing Small Universe to shake anxiously, was seized black ink disciple in hand to have a big shock by Yang Kai. 感受到杨开大手中传来的恐怖而精粹的天地伟力,凶猛灌入自身小乾坤中,导致小乾坤震荡不安,那被杨开擒在手上的墨徒大惊失色。 He can detect, Yang Kai is also the 7-Rank boundary , like his Rank, but actually such as raises the chicken to raise him now generally in the hand, power gap such big? 他能察觉到,杨开也不过是七品境界而已,与他品阶相同,可如今却如提小鸡一般将他提在手上,实力差距怎么会如此之大? What makes his unreadable is, how Yang Kai spies on his whereabouts, must know that his technique of Gao Ming/brilliant concealment is incomparable, hasty , is 8-Rank is also not necessarily able to discover. 更让他难以理解的是,杨开是如何窥探到他的行踪的,要知道他的隐匿之术高明无比,仓促之下,便是八品也未必能发现的了。 But just now he sneak attacks inadequately, the concealment flees, Yang Kai searches the hand then to capture him accurate. 可方才他偷袭不成,隐匿遁走的时候,杨开只是一探手便将他精准擒拿。 During struggles, that black ink disciple suddenly to Yang Kai's double pupil, left eye place that golden vertical eye makes him panic-stricken extremely: Life's Exterminator Demon Eye! Are you Myriad Demons Heaven?” 挣扎之中,那墨徒忽然对上了杨开的双眸,其中左眼处那金色竖仁让他惊骇万分:“灭世魔眼!你是万魔天的?” When sees fully that is dignified golden vertical eye, this black ink disciple understood finally. 当看到那满是威严的金色竖仁时,这个墨徒终于明白了。 This fellow unexpectedly is Myriad Demons Heaven, moreover practice Life's Exterminator Demon Eye, even secret of practice this not passing on to extremely profound boundary. 这家伙竟是万魔天的,而且修行灭世魔眼,甚至将这不传之秘修行到了极为高深的境界。 No wonder the opposite party can discover the own whereabouts accurate...... 怪不得对方能精准地找出自己的行踪…… After responding, the bitterness and astringency that this black ink disciple was filled with, only felt that the own luck missed to the extreme simply, bumped into a person on battlefield casually is Myriad Demons Heaven, this person was one fellow who Life's Exterminator Demon Eye practice arrived at the extremely profound boundary. 反应过来之后,这墨徒满心的苦涩,只感觉自己的运气简直差到极点,随便在战场上碰到一个人便是万魔天的,偏偏这人还是一个将灭世魔眼修行到极为高深境界的家伙。 Myriad Demons Heaven the secret of not passing on hands down to endure broken fabricated, practice will send even to look at the person to pass the future, will be he goes into hiding simply the technique biggest difficult adversary. 万魔天的这一道不传之秘相传能够堪破虚妄,修行至极致甚至能看人过去未来,简直就是他隐匿之术最大的克星。 In the face of this together pupil technique, the technique of concealment he takes advantage of simply is a joke. 在这一道瞳术面前,他所依仗的隐匿之术简直就是个笑话。 Facing the interrogation of this black ink disciple, the meaning that Yang Kai has not replied. 面对这墨徒的质问,杨开并没有回答的意思。 If 200 years ago, Yang Kai is not necessarily able so to be relaxed this black ink disciple to capture at present, although his Life's Exterminator Demon Eye obtained when the negligible, because of never practice, therefore the might did not reveal. 若是两百年前,杨开未必能够这么轻松将眼前这个墨徒擒拿,他的灭世魔眼虽然在微末之际就得到了,但因为从未修行过,所以一直威力不显。 Afterward went to black ink battlefield from Black Territory set out the time, Myriad Demons Heaven 8-Rank Divine Monarch taught the method of practice. 后来从黑域出发前往墨之战场的时候,得一位万魔天八品神君传授了修行之法。 In black ink battlefield these years, Yang Kai one after another also practice Myriad Demons Heaven these two big pupil techniques, but the progress is small. 墨之战场的这些年,杨开陆陆续续也修行万魔天的这两大瞳术,不过进展甚微。 Until more than 200 years ago, he spends the magnanimous meritorious military service, goes to Myriad Demons Pass, requests personally Myriad Demons Heaven Old Ancestor to direct the mysteries of these two big pupil techniques personally. 直到两百多年前,他花费海量战功,前往万魔关,面请万魔天老祖亲自指点这两大瞳术的奥妙。 After that on practice of these two big pupil techniques, he ten thousand li in a day. 自那之后,在这两大瞳术的修行上,他才一日千里。 black ink battlefield this, so long as you have enough meritorious military service, but then practice any Cave Heaven Paradise the secret of not passing on, even can ask the character of Old Ancestor rank to direct. 墨之战场就这点好,只要你有足够的战功,便可修行任何一个洞天福地的不传之秘,甚至可以请老祖级别的人物来指点。 This matter places 3000 Worlds is not unimaginable, each Cave Heaven Paradise the secret of not passing on sets up the foundation of sect, how also possibly to make others go to practice casually? 这种事放在三千世界是无法想象的,每一家洞天福地的不传之秘都是立宗之本,又怎可能随便让旁人去修行 However, no Cave Heaven Paradise has the thought of value the broom as one's own in black ink battlefield, all bamboo fences and inherent concepts were broken, from Old Ancestor, to the ordinary officers, only has an idea, that thoroughly eliminates Black Ink Clan. 不过在墨之战场中,没有哪个洞天福地有敝帚自珍的念头,所有的藩篱和固有的观念都被打破了,上至老祖,下至普通将士,都只有一个想法,那就是彻底消灭墨族 But the secret of these not passing on then can in eliminating Black Ink Clan this great undertaking provides the excellent boost. 而那些不传之秘便可以在消灭墨族这项大业中提供极好的助力。 Present Yang Kai, the understanding these two big pupil techniques is not 200 years ago may compare, according to the boundary divisions of Myriad Demons Heaven to these two big pupil techniques, Yang Kai in Life's Exterminator Demon Eye already practice to level. 如今的杨开,对这两大瞳术的了解已非两百年前可比,按照万魔天对这两大瞳术的境界划分,杨开灭世魔眼中已修行至中上的层次。 After all Old Ancestor some personal direction really no small matters. 毕竟老祖的亲自指点着实有些非同小可。 This black ink disciple plays the concealment before him the acrobatics, is truly laughable. 墨徒在他面前玩隐匿的把戏,确实可笑。 At this moment, Yang Kai raises this 7-Rank black ink disciple in the hand, the vision is staring at a bubble on his forehead, sighed slightly. 此时此刻,杨开将这七品墨徒提在手上,目光盯着他额头上的一个鼓包,微微叹息一声。 black ink disciple and black ink disciple are also different. 墨徒墨徒也是不同的。 If were corroded by the strength of black ink purely, that can also rescue, only needs to display together the light of purification to it, scattered his within the body the strength of black ink to be able. 若只是单纯地被墨之力侵蚀,那还可以救回来,只需要对其施展一道净化之光,驱散了他体内的墨之力便可。 But if broke through the original shackles with the aid of the strength of black ink, how regardless of unable to rescue. 但若是借助墨之力突破了自身原有桎梏的,那无论如何也救不回来了。 Once because scattered their within the body the strength of black ink, their Small Universe then did not have taking advantage, is unable to support their present boundaries, eventually will only cause Small Universe to crash to perish. 因为一旦驱散了他们体内的墨之力,他们的小乾坤便没了依仗,无法支撑他们眼下的境界,最终只会导致小乾坤崩塌而亡。 At present this 7-Rank black ink disciple, on the forehead in that bubble full is the strength of jet black black ink is surging, as if a thick sore, this obviously broke through the indication of oneself shackles. 眼前这个七品墨徒,额头上那个鼓包中满是漆黑的墨之力在涌动,仿佛一个浓疮,这是明显的突破了自身桎梏的征兆。 In other words , this black ink disciple cannot rescue, this is the reason of Yang Kai sigh. 换言之,这个墨徒是救不回来的,这才是杨开叹息的原因。 The world mighty force that rushed fierce is even more wild, crashes in that black ink disciple Small Universe, short the moment time, that black ink disciple Small Universe then starts the strenuous vibration, Small Universe World cracks appears, such as the spider web is ordinary. 本就凶猛澎湃的天地伟力愈发狂暴,冲进那墨徒小乾坤中,短短不过片刻功夫,那墨徒小乾坤便开始剧烈震动,小乾坤世界一道道裂缝出现,如蜘蛛网一般密集。 In the black ink disciple surface emerges a terrified meaning. 墨徒面上涌现出一丝惶恐之意。 However quick, the mirror that his Small Universe then such as throws down and breaks is common, bursts, but with the breakage of Small Universe, massive world mighty force overflows crazily, together overflow also has black ink disciple vitality. 不过很快,他的小乾坤便如摔碎的镜子一般,破裂开来,而随着小乾坤的破裂,大量的天地伟力疯狂溢出,一同溢出的还有墨徒生机 When Yang Kai puts aside him, this black ink disciple does not have living thoroughly. 杨开将他丢开之时,这个墨徒已经彻底没了生息。 Appears from this black ink disciple suddenly sneak attacks again, when disappears to the body falling say/way , the short three breath times, all around Black Ink Clan has not even responded. 自这墨徒忽然出现再度偷袭,待至身陨道消,也不过短短三息功夫而已,四周的墨族甚至还没有反应过来。 Has the sound of Golden Crow crying to resound through the heart's core suddenly, round of dazzling round sun jumps onto the upper air, Golden Crow plays to cry, brilliant rays of light shines the four directions, the Yang Kai long spear/gun shoulders great sun, the figure like the electricity, flushes away toward the front, in the mouth explodes drinks: Walks!” 忽有金乌啼鸣之声响彻心灵深处,一轮耀眼圆日跃上高空,金乌在其中嬉戏啼鸣,灼灼光芒普照四方,杨开长枪挑起大日,身形如电,直朝前方冲去,口中爆喝:“走!” Profound wind team and snow Wolves many members also not from that black ink disciple killed shock slow god, then sees great sun to leap suddenly spatially, feels bright prestige that in that big sun contains, even more shocks inexplicably. 玄风队与雪狼队众多成员还没从那墨徒被杀的震惊中缓过神,便忽见大日跃空,感受到那大日之中蕴藏的煌煌之威,越发震撼莫名。 As Yang Kai sonic boom drinks, that big sun then such as a round of sphere gallops on big battlefield, the place visited, Black Ink Clan offends the front incompetently, bumps is dying, by injures. 随着杨开一声爆喝,那大日便如一轮圆球在偌大的战场上驰骋起来,所过之处,墨族无能撄锋,碰着即死,挨着既伤。 After great sun, is the forms of two Elite squads, snow wolf Team-Leader and profound wind Team-Leader separates looks at each other one spatially, saw each other in the eye with amazement. 大日之后,便是两支精锐小队的身影,雪狼队长与玄风队长隔空对视一眼,都看出了彼此眼中的骇然。 At their eyesight, naturally can see that big sun is together Divine Ability Manifestation. high-rank Open Heaven then had qualifications practice to belong to own Divine Ability Manifestation, Team-Leader of two Elite squads all was Elite in 7-Rank, naturally also had own Divine Ability Manifestation. 以他们的眼力,自然可以看出那大日是一道神通法相上品开天便有资格修行属于自己神通法相了,两支精锐小队的队长俱都是七品中的精锐,自然也有自身的神通法相 However they discovered, own Divine Ability Manifestation prestige can with this Junior Brother Yang, as if somewhat weak falling dregs. 然而他们发现,自身的神通法相的威能与这位杨师弟的,似乎有些弱的掉渣。 By way of Divine Ability Manifestation that the hand of this Junior Brother Yang stimulates to movement, the prestige can big strange, although has not arrived at the level that 8-Rank Open Heaven acts, but is also distanced probably is not far. 经由这位杨师弟之手催动出来的神通法相,威能大的离奇,虽还没到八品开天出手的层次,可好像也相距不远了。 Kills the Black Ink Clan efficiency to see this point from this great sun, Black Ink Clan under feudal lord has almost not waited for that big sun to approach, then dies of the brilliant strength that in great sun contains. 从这大日杀伤墨族的效率就可以看出这一点,领主之下的墨族几乎还没等那大日靠近,便死于大日之中蕴藏的灼灼之力。 The heroic bearing that however considering that Yang Kai previously acted, this Divine Ability Manifestation has such powerful strength is not but actually difficult to understand. 不过考虑到杨开此前出手的英姿,这神通法相有这么强大的力量倒也不难理解。 battlefield above, a big sun leaps is extremely conspicuous, that big sun with irresistible force, does not stop, passes through on entire battlefield directly. 战场之上,一轮大日的跃出是极为显眼的,那大日势如破竹,丝毫不做停留,直接在整个战场上贯穿而过。 Follows closely changes to the pair of wings in the Yang Kai behind two squads, coordinating Yang Kai's to exhibit one's power, as if great bird, are harvesting the Black Ink Clan life heartily. 紧随在杨开身后的两支小队化作双翼,配合杨开的施威,仿佛一只巨禽,尽情收割着墨族的性命。 Advantage that this people coordinate, before Yang Kai independent combat, no doubt did not have the worry, but no one assisted, did not have the terrifying so killing the enemy efficiency certainly. 这就是有人配合的好处了,之前杨开单打独斗的时候,固然毫无顾虑,可无人相助,绝没有这般恐怖的杀敌效率。 Now Yang Kai does not need to consider other, proceeds to clash by all means that killed falling then killed, been able to massacre also has the following two Elite squads to solve, he absolutely does not have extra worries. 如今杨开根本不需要考虑别的,只管往前冲,杀的掉的便杀了,杀不掉的还有后面的两支精锐小队来解决,他完全没有后顾之忧。 Regiment's Commander transmitted orders, making two Elite squads coordinate him to act, although does not have the explicit instruction, but Yang Kai also knows, appearance of massive Rank profound black ink disciple, should disrupt southern Northern Army the previous deployment. 军团长传令,让两支精锐小队来配合他行动,虽然没有明确的指令,但杨开也知道,大量品阶高深的墨徒们的出现,应该打乱了南北军这边早先的部署。 The war is stiff, must collapse inevitably. 战局已僵,势必要破局。 Fight of 8-Rank Open Heaven and Territory Lord he is helpless, what he can process is the situation on big battlefield. 八品开天域主们的战斗他无能为力,他能处理的是大战场上的局势。 Regiment's Commander is likely he to collapse, he can only go all-out to do, offered a sacrifice to Divine Ability Manifestation by Yang Kai directly. 军团长既有望他来破局,那他就只能尽全力去做,是以杨开直接祭出了神通法相 How to collapse, Regiment's Commander had not said, in this case also no one can direct him. 如何破局,军团长没说,在这种情况下也没人能够指点他。 Therefore he thinks is very simple, that with the aid of the strengths of two Elite squads, batters, cuts battlefield! 所以他想的很简单,那就是借助两支精锐小队的力量,横冲直撞,切割战场 So long as hits the Black Ink Clan morale, then can collapse. 只要将墨族的士气打下去,那么就可以破局。 Please remember this book first round domain name:. 4 novel net cell phone version reading websites: 请记住本书首发域名:。四小说网手机版阅读网址:
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