MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5948: Yu'er regains consciousness, the crisis is difficult to eliminate

Chapter 5946 Yu'er regains consciousness, the crisis is difficult to eliminate 第5946章鱼儿苏醒,危机难除 However this resistance, the Chu Feng estimate is more difficult , the strength of opposite party was too strong. 但是这场对抗,比楚枫预想的还要难,对方的实力太强了。 For was not discovered by detection formation technique of opposite party, Chu Feng whole-heartedly is not good, must excessively consume. 为了不被对方的侦查阵法发现,楚枫全力以赴都是不行,必须过度消耗。 Therefore the short half day time, Chu Feng the abnormal is weak, the consciousness starts lax. 所以短短半日时间,楚枫已经感觉异常虚弱,意识都开始涣散。 But in the meantime, Little Fishy of deep sleep regains consciousness finally. 而就在此时,沉睡的小鱼儿则是终于苏醒。 The first response that she regains consciousness is panic-stricken, because she discovered, she was closed in formation technique. 她苏醒的第一反应是惊恐,因为她发现,她被关在了一座阵法之中。 But continues to observe, she complexion great change. 可是继续观察,她又脸色巨变。 She saw a person, is her line of sight institute and in only person. 她看到了一个人,也是她视线所及内的唯一一个人。 That person, stands beside her formation technique is not far. 那个人,站在她的阵法之外不远。 Originally beside covering her formation technique, but also has First Level bigger formation technique. 原来在覆盖她的阵法之外,还有着一重更大的阵法 That person, is stimulating to movement that formation technique. 那个人,正在催动那座阵法 Coming out that but Little Fishy looks, that formation technique stimulation of movement needs to consume enormously. 小鱼儿看的出来,那座阵法催动需要耗费极大。 Otherwise that person, gives out Mist of transpiration, the face skin will not be being been burning down, taking a quick look around covered with blood, and gives out the smell of burn, is very disgusting. 不然那个人,不会散发着蒸腾的气焰,脸皮肤都被焚毁,一眼看去血肉模糊,且散发着烧焦的气味,很是恶心。 But when Little Fishy sees this, not only has not shut out, instead the eye socket is instantaneously ruddy. 但当小鱼儿看到这一幕,不仅没有嫌弃,反而眼眶瞬间红润。 Although the opposite party has changed beyond all recognition, what although she sees is only a back, but she actually knows that who this person is. 尽管对方已是面目全非,尽管她看到的只是一个背影,可她却知道这个人是谁。 Big Brother!!!” 大哥哥!!!” The Chu Feng's consciousness, has started lax, depends on the will support completely. 楚枫的意识,已经开始涣散,完全靠着毅力支撑。 But hears this summon, the lax consciousness concentrates immediately, she turn head waits and sees, changes beyond all recognition, on the face of covered with blood, actually revealed wiped the light smile. 可是听到这声呼唤,涣散的意识立刻集中,她回头观望,面目全非,血肉模糊的脸上,却露出了一抹淡淡的笑容。 Excessively many words, have not been only simple one: Little Fishy, you awoke.” 没有过多的话语,只是简单的一句:“小鱼儿,你醒了。” But makes Little Fishy guilty, she at this moment is not specially sober, but also is somewhat dumbstruck, but can also guess correctly that Chu Feng is stimulating to movement this formation technique, to protect her. 可却更让小鱼儿愧疚,她此刻不是特别清醒,还有些发懵,但也能猜到楚枫在催动这阵法,是为了保护她。 But she also knows, the Chu Feng pitiful appearance, is not the external force is the result, but is his interior excessive consumption formation power, as well as stimulates to movement this formation technique intensity is too big, damage that thus causes. 而她也知道,楚枫凄惨的模样,可不是外力所致,而是他内部过度的消耗结界之力,以及催动这阵法的强度太大,从而造成的损伤。 Does not stop is the mortal body is damaged, the soul also decided however came under the influence. 绝不止是肉身受损,灵魂也定然受到了影响。 Chu Feng pays enormously. 楚枫付出极大。 But sees Little Fishy to wake up, is actually only superficial a few words, has not blamed, does not have many explanations. 但看到小鱼儿醒来,却只是轻描淡写的一句话,没有丝毫责怪,也没有过多的解释。 He does not want to make Little Fishy have any pressure, but chooses oneself anti- under all. 他不想让小鱼儿有任何压力,而是选择自己抗下一切。 Big Brother, you stimulate to movement this formation technique, to save me?” 大哥哥,你催动这阵法,是为了救我吗?” Being all right Little Fishy, has me, your absolute safety.” Chu Feng said with a smile. “没事的小鱼儿,有我在,你绝对安全。”楚枫笑着说道。 But in the meantime, the world shakes, the sound conveys from formation technique of void peak together, later spreads over the whole world. 而就在此时,天地震荡,一道声音自虚空顶端的阵法传来,随后传遍整个世界。 Gives up resisting, hands over that person.” “放弃抵抗,交出那个人。” This is together the voice of man, but actually obviously after processing. 这是一道男子的声音,但却明显经过处理。 you I am encountering, you should know that you face, is actually what kind of opponent.” “伱我既在交锋,那你应该知道你面对的,究竟是怎样的对手。” You could not support is too long.” “你支撑不了太久。” I know that you have taken advantage behind, but they are not our opponents.” “我知道你身后有所依仗,但他们并不是我们的对手。” I look comes out you are a talent, occupies in them, you did work beneath one's ability.” “我看的出来你是个人才,屈居他们之中,你是屈才了。” Might as well join us, hands over that person, the itself/Ben is great merit one, in addition your ability, we must make good use to you.” “不如加入我们,交出那个人,本就是大功一件,再加上你的能力,我们必会对你重用。” You will reach the sky in a single bound henceforth.” “你将从此一步登天。” That sound resounds again, spreads over the whole world as before. 那声音再度响起,依旧传遍整个世界。 If most starts Chu Feng is not indefinite, then Chu Feng can determine now. 如果说最开始楚枫还不确定,那么现在楚枫能够确定了。 This is the Prison Sect person is speaking. 这是狱宗的人在说话。 Spoke to whom? 对谁说话? Naturally is speaks to him. 自然是对他说话。 They should detect, so powerful detection formation technique, actually cannot catch the Little Fishy trail. 他们应该察觉到,如此强大的侦查阵法,却迟迟捕捉不到小鱼儿的踪迹。 Some people are utilizing formation technique, avoids them to investigate the search of formation technique. 是有人在运用阵法,躲避他们侦查阵法的搜索。 But they did not determine that who this person is, thinks that is Xianhai Yu Clan expert, therefore said like this. 但他们不确定这个人是谁,以为是仙海鱼族高手,所以才这样说。 Big Brother, they are speaking with you.” 大哥哥,他们是在与你说话吧。” Was you leads me to escape, they are hunting down us was right?” “是你带我逃了出来,他们在搜捕我们对吗?” Little Fishy just regained consciousness although, is through the observation, understood the general situation. 小鱼儿尽管刚刚苏醒,可是通过观察,也是明白了大概情况。 All right, they could not find us.” Chu Feng said. “没事,他们找不到咱们。”楚枫说道。 Big Brother, relieves covers my formation technique.” During the Little Fishy speeches, extends the small hand, the palm spreads out. 大哥哥,解除覆盖我的阵法吧。”小鱼儿说话间,伸出小手,掌心摊开。 The fair immature palm, followed a radiance to reappear, presented say/way scales unexpectedly. 原本白皙稚嫩的手掌,伴随一阵光华浮现,竟出现了道道鳞片 Afterward she pinches together the law secret art, all scales all remove, was only left over scales. 随后她捏出一道法诀,所有鳞片全部褪去,只剩下了一道鳞片 But this scales, is the camouflage, that is not Little Fishy own scales, that is very powerful formation technique, used ancient times treasure to build as the foundation. 而这道鳞片,是伪装的,那不是小鱼儿自身的鳞片,那是一个非常强大的阵法,以远古至宝为根基打造而成。 Saw this scales, Chu Feng relieved, covered Little Fishy formation technique. 看到这道鳞片,楚枫则是解除了,覆盖小鱼儿阵法 Chu Feng has looked, Little Fishy that said the function of scales. 楚枫已经看出来了,小鱼儿那道鳞片的作用。 That is formation technique that is used to seek help, can be silent, then transmits her position. 那是用来求助的阵法,可以无声无息,便将她的位置传递出去。 However Chu Feng covers Little Fishy hidden formation technique, may affect this formation technique transmission speed. 但是楚枫覆盖小鱼儿的隐藏阵法,可能会影响这阵法的传递速度。 Believes that Little Fishy also knows this point, therefore makes Chu Feng relieve covers her formation technique. 相信小鱼儿也是知道这一点,所以才让楚枫解除覆盖她的阵法 Only can relieve covers your, if this also covers, your position has not transmitted, we are discovered immediately immediately.” Chu Feng said. “只能解除覆盖你的那一座,若是这座也覆盖,你的位置还没传递出去,我们将会立刻被立刻发现。”楚枫说道。 Big Brother that I know.” “我知道的大哥哥。” Little Fishy pinches the law secret art, said in scales formation technique to transmit anything to that later suddenly crumb. 小鱼儿捏动法诀,向那那道鳞片阵法中传递了什么,随后猛然捏碎。 Changes to a ray to charge into void, speed very quick. 化作点点光芒冲向虚空,速度非常的快。 But is getting more and more pale, is getting more and more pale, until vanishes fast. 但却越来越淡,越来越淡,直到快速消失。 Little Fishy, after information transmit, if your Xianhai Yu Clan uses the method, how long most to be about to come here?” Chu Feng inquired. 小鱼儿,消息传递出去后,你仙海鱼族若使用手段,最快多久能到达这里?”楚枫询问。 He and Xianhai in October/ten months, come here time, the speed is also quick, Xianhai resorted to the special method in October/ten months. 他与仙海十月,来这里的时候,速度也是很快的,仙海十月动用了特殊的手段。 But actually also in Teleportation Formation Fanega quick speed, has limited eventually. 但却也只是在传送阵法内加快了速度,终究还是有所限制。 At least, compared with Chu Feng's Nine Heavens Secret Land, difference too many are too many, is completely not a level. 至少,比楚枫的九天秘地,差的太多太多,完全不是一个层面。 Nine Heavens Secret Land also has the limit, only then a small number of the world, have Teleportation Formation that can enter Nine Heavens Secret Land. 只是九天秘地也有限制,只有少数世界,才有能够进入九天秘地传送阵 Therefore Chu Feng wants to know, Xianhai Yu Clan also does have the method that other hurry along fast, after all Xianhai Galaxy, is their territories, the background is immeasurably deep. 所以楚枫想知道,仙海鱼族还有没有其他快速赶路的手段,毕竟仙海天河,是他们的领地,底蕴深不可测。 But if does not have other methods, but defers to the hurrying along speed of Xianhai October/ten months, that absolutely is without enough time. 可若是没有其他手段,只是按照仙海十月的赶路速度,那绝对是来不及的。 Because of Chu Feng he really quickly to the limit, supporting is too long. 因为楚枫他真的快到极限了,支撑不了太久。 I don't know either, my father said, the necessary time uses this thing, he can the earliest possible time save me.” Little Fishy said. “我也不知道,我父亲只是说,必要时刻使用此物,他会第一时间来救我。”小鱼儿说道。 Hears this words, the Chu Feng thought moves, two talismans flutter from the bosom, flew to Little Fishy. 听闻此话,楚枫意念一动,两张符纸自怀中飘出,飞向了小鱼儿 That is Martial Practitioner Chamber Of Commerce president, to Chu Feng's two talismans. 那是武者商会会长,给楚枫的两张符纸 Previously helped Song Yun steal thing, the appropriateness of Song Yun preparation, therefore these two talismans Chu Feng have not applied. 先前帮宋允东西,宋允准备的妥当,所以这两张符纸楚枫也没派上用场。 As for present this situation, these two talismans, have not actually used greatly. 至于眼下这种情况,这两张符纸,其实也没有大用。 Although talismans, specifically is used to hide, but detection great formation of opposite party is very strong, by this talismans, how long could not only support, quick will then be discovered. 尽管其中一张符纸,就是专门用来隐藏的,可对方的侦查大阵很强,只凭借这张符纸,支撑不了多久,很快便会被发现。 As for escaping teleportation talismans, has certain limit, cannot escape too far, cannot leave this world. 至于逃跑的传送符纸,也是有一定限制,跑不了太远,更离不开这个世界。 In the opposite party covers under powerful great formation of the world, the functions of these two talismans are minimal. 在对方覆盖世界的强力大阵下,这两张符纸的作用微乎其微。 But even shortly after support, can still support a meeting finally. 但就算支撑不久,也总算能支撑一会。 Chu Feng is thinking, if he really could not support, their positions were discovered by the opposite party. 楚枫想着,若他真的支撑不住了,他们的位置被对方发现。 Chu Feng fans out in two groups with Little Fishy, oneself divert the opposite party. 楚枫就与小鱼儿兵分两路,自己牵制对方。 These two talismans remain to Little Fishy, can delay some time. 这两张符纸留着给小鱼儿,也是能够拖延一些时间。 Coming out that Little Fishy also looks , the functions of these two talismans, she received talismans, later arrives at side Chu Feng, put in talismans the Chu Feng's bosom. 小鱼儿也看的出来,这两张符纸的作用,她接过符纸,随后走到楚枫身旁,将符纸放入了楚枫的怀中。 I, although does not want dead, but does not fear death.” “我虽然不想死,但也不怕死。” Today, I and Big Brother will not separate, either lives together, either dies together.” Little Fishy said. “今日,我与大哥哥不会分开,要么一起生,要么一起死。”小鱼儿说道。 ...... …… Meanwhile, on the azure snow Upper Realm high point, has one to hide great formation. 与此同时,在青雪上界的最高峰上,有着一层隐藏大阵 But by hiding great formation, then can see the mountain peak appearance/portrait. 而透过隐藏大阵,便能看到山峰真容。 The summit of mountain peak, has three extremely boundless great formation. 山峰之巅,有着三座极其磅礴的大阵 Blocks great formation respectively, investigates great formation, teleportation great formation. 分别是封锁大阵,侦查大阵,传送大阵 Three great formation Formation Aperture, gives out the dazzling ray, that is being innumerable Heaven and Earth Treasure, ancient times treasure. 三座大阵阵眼,散发着耀眼的光芒,那是无数天材地宝,远古至宝 But in three great formation finished, these incomparably precious treasure, will change to the scrap. 但在三座大阵结束之时,这些无比珍贵的宝物,也都将化作废品。 This, then arranges three powerful great formation prices. 这,便是布置三座强力大阵的代价。 Outside great formation is gathering the people of number about several thousand Prison Sect, they are fluttering behind the white cape. 大阵外聚集着数近几千名狱宗之人,他们身后都飘着白色斗篷。 Completely is Prison General, and is completely demon character Prison General. 全部都是狱将,并且全部都是魔字狱将 But these demon character Prison General have the division of height, each status extraordinary here. 但这些魔字狱将也是有高低之分,在这里的各个身份不凡 Even several, want on some high existences compared with nine demon Sir status. 甚至其中有几位,是比九魔大人身份还要高上一些的存在。 Even if however this existence, actually also can only stand beside great formation, the waiting dispatches. 不过哪怕这种存在,却也只能站在大阵之外,等待调遣。 Can stand in great formation, only has two forms. 能够站在大阵之中的,只有两道身影。 And, his long gown, is actually same as the people of other person of Prison Sect, but his head wears is not the white bamboo hat, but is the red bamboo hat. 其中一位,他的身上的长袍,倒是与其他人狱宗之人相同,但是他头上戴着的不是白色斗笠,而是红色斗笠。 The cape is not the white, similarly is the red, and on that red cape, writes is not Prison General, is not Underworld Envoy, but is the prison graceful!!! 身后的斗篷也不是白色,同样是红色,并且在那红色斗篷上面,写着的不是狱将,也不是地狱使,而是狱帅!!! As for another, then wears the white long gown, the white long gown covers him solid. 至于另外一个,则是身穿白色长袍,白色长袍将他遮盖的严严实实。 On that white long gown, is glittering the blue trace. 那白色长袍上面,闪烁着蓝色纹路。 When this dressing up, with the ancient times family attacks Ancestral Martial Galaxy, that that sneak attacks six ancient times family Clan Head as well as Martial Practitioner Chamber Of Commerce president, exactly the same. 这个装扮,与远古家族攻打祖武天河时,那个偷袭六位远古家族族长以及武者商会会长的那位,一模一样。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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