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#5949: Reinforcements of dropping from the clouds

Reinforcements that Chapter 5947 drops from the clouds 第5947章从天而降的援军 At present, covers blockade great formation of the world as well as investigates great formation, precisely stimulates to movement by this mysterious White-Cloak person. 眼下,覆盖世界的封锁大阵以及侦查大阵,正是由这位神秘的白袍人所催动。 He, just voiced, wants the person who Chu Feng and Little Fishy direct. 他,也是刚刚发声,想将楚枫小鱼儿引出来的人。 Your person building up.” The mysterious White-Cloak person looked that is graceful to that prison. “将你的人集结吧。”神秘白袍人看向那名狱帅。 „Couldn't confirmation find?” That prison graceful asked. “确认找不到了吗?”那名狱帅问。 Did not use for a long time, only needed six double-hour, I decided however can look.” The mysterious White-Cloak person said. “不用久了,只需六个时辰,我定然可以找的到。”神秘白袍人说道。 Can find, that then continues.” Prison commander say/way. “既能找到,那便继续啊。”狱帅道。 Here eventually is Xianhai Galaxy, the glimmer Upper Realm that big sound, even is far from the Xianhai Yu Clan headquarters, but was so long.” “这里终究是仙海天河,微光上界那么大的动静,就算距离仙海鱼族总部较远,但都这么久了。” I estimated that the Xianhai Yu Clan reinforcements will also draw near.” The White-Cloak person said. “我估计仙海鱼族的援军也快到了。”白袍人说道。 Xianhai Yu Clan expert, does not know that before we in Xianhai Galaxy, went to other Galaxy to look for us.” 仙海鱼族高手,之前并不知道我们在仙海天河之内,早就前往其他天河去找我们了。” Even supports, still nothing to be afraid.” The prison graceful said. “就算来支援的,也不足为惧。”狱帅说道。 Must underestimate Xianhai Yu Clan not, their how possibly really all do expert leave Xianhai Galaxy?” “莫要小看仙海鱼族,他们怎么可能真的所有高手都离开仙海天河?” If common reinforcements it is worth mentioning, the old monster that if Xianhai Yu Clan is not born, or Xianhai Yu Clan Clan Head came personally, you had confidence that deals?” The mysterious White-Cloak person asked. “若是寻常的援军倒也罢了,若是仙海鱼族不出世的老怪物,或是仙海鱼族族长亲自来了,你有把握应对吗?”神秘白袍人问。 Joke, will I fear them?” That prison graceful disdains to smile, immediately turns around immediately, orders: Opens teleportation great formation, summoned all ancestors.” “笑话,我会怕他们?”那名狱帅不屑一笑,旋即立刻转身,一声令下:“开启传送大阵,将所有宗人召唤回来。” Isn't does not fear?” The mysterious White-Cloak person asked to the prison graceful. “不是不怕吗?”神秘白袍人对狱帅问。 This graceful this called to be forearmed.” Prison commander say/way. “本帅这叫有备无患。”狱帅道。 At this time, these Prison General under his order, have closed, starts to release the unique strength, stimulates to movement that teleportation great formation. 此时,那些狱将在他的命令下,已是一拥而上,开始释放出独特的力量,催动那座传送大阵 This teleportation great formation, covers Prison Sect to cover in azure snow Upper Realm all Prison Sect footholds. 这座传送大阵,覆盖狱宗覆盖在青雪上界的所有狱宗据点。 great formation opens, is the signal cabin , the people of all Prison Sect understand that needs to enter Teleportation Formation immediately. 大阵开启,便是信号所在,所有狱宗之人都明白需要立刻进入传送阵 Even if at present so many Prison Sect expert stimulation of movement, but teleportation great formation cannot open thoroughly. 只是眼下哪怕那么多狱宗高手催动,可传送大阵也未能彻底开启。 Grandmaster, but also needs you to control.” Say/Way that the prison graceful smiles. 大师,还需要你来掌控。”狱帅笑眯眯的道。 But the White-Cloak person law secret art pinches, the body also has formation power to integrate teleportation great formation. 白袍人法诀捏动,身上又有结界之力融入传送大阵 teleportation great formation then opens thoroughly. 传送大阵这才彻底开启。 Worthily is Grandmaster you, simultaneously stimulates to movement three exceedingly high great formation, unexpectedly is also effortlessly.” “不愧是大师伱,同时催动三座通天大阵,竟也是毫不费力。” After the prison leads the praise, rushes to ask: 狱帅夸赞之后,又赶忙问道: Right Grandmaster, within can six double-hour, really look for them?” “对了大师,六个时辰之内,真的能将他们找出来吗?” Certainly.” “一定。” „The matter, I must explain beforehand.” Mysterious White-Cloak humanity. “不过有一件事,我要事先说明。”神秘白袍人道。 What matter?” The prison graceful asked. “何事?”狱帅问。 „The person who within six double-hour, I will hide from looks to you.” “六个时辰之内,我将躲起来的人给你找出来。” „Before , but if catches, Xianhai Yu Clan really came existence of old monster rank, this matter I then no longer participate.” “但倘若抓到之前,仙海鱼族真的是来了老怪物级别的存在,这件事我便不再参与。” I leave immediately, if you walk, along with me walks together.” “我会立刻离开,你们若要走,就随我一起走。” If hits, you hit.” The mysterious White-Cloak person said. “若要打,你们自己打。”神秘白袍人说道。 Does not have the issue.” The prison leads the nod, but immediately also asked: Is Chu Feng?” “没问题。”狱帅点头,但旋即又问:“是楚枫吗?” Chu Feng? What Chu Feng?” The mysterious White-Cloak person is puzzled. 楚枫?什么楚枫?”神秘白袍人不解。 Saves the Xianhai Yu'er person.” “救走仙海鱼儿的人。” „Do you crack a joke?” The mysterious White-Cloak person casts the extremely disgruntled vision, he felt that oneself received the insult. “你开什么玩笑?”神秘白袍人投来极其不悦的目光,他感觉自己受到了侮辱。 Grandmaster, I do not have the meaning of disrespecting.” 大师,我没有不敬之意。” But at present reliable information, only then Chu Feng arrived at azure snow Upper Realm, the Xianhai Yu Clan person simply has not come.” The prison graceful said. “但目前可靠消息,只有楚枫来到了青雪上界,仙海鱼族的人根本没有进来。”狱帅说道。 That is your news is unreliable.” “那就是你们的消息并不可靠。” You think that Xianhai Yu Clan is so simple? Is you mixes in some people, can inquire the complete situation?” “你以为仙海鱼族那么简单?是你混入一些人,就能打探到全部情况的?” not to mention that Chu Feng, not possible silent to rescue Xianhai Yu'er.” 莫说那个楚枫,绝不可能无声无息将仙海鱼儿救走。” His trivial God-cloak, is more impossible to have this skill, dodges me personally detection great formation under arrange/cloth.” “他一个区区神袍,更不可能有这个本事,规避我所亲自布下的侦查大阵。” I speculated, the opposite party at least is also Eight Rank True Dragon, and his body , has the unknown method and treasure.” “我推测,对方至少也是一位八品真龙,并且他的身上,也是有着不为人知的手段与至宝。” Very possibly is one of card in a hand characters Xianhai Yu Clan hidden.” The mysterious White-Cloak person said. “很可能是仙海鱼族隐藏的底牌人物之一。”神秘白袍人说道。 I also hear actually, Xianhai Yu Clan has powerful Guest Elder, therefore the hearsay is true, this Guest Elder really exists, and in azure snow Upper Realm?” The prison graceful asked. “我倒是也听闻,仙海鱼族有位强大的客卿长老,所以传闻属实,这位客卿长老真的存在,并且就在青雪上界?”狱帅问。 Hearsay real, but not that here, that should step into Ninth Rank True Dragon, is attacking Heavenly Dragon Realm World Spiritist.” “传闻是真的,但在这里的并不是那位,那位应该早就踏入了九品真龙,在冲击天龙境界灵师。” If he, my six double-hour, not possible to look for him.” The mysterious White-Cloak person said. “若是他的话,我六个时辰,绝不可能将他找出来。”神秘白袍人说道。 „Are you so how clear?” The prison graceful asked. “你怎么这么清楚?”狱帅问。 The White-Cloak mysterious person had not replied. 白袍神秘人没有回答。 The prison leads is also tactful, has not continued to closely examine, but is sighs: It seems like Xianhai Yu Clan background, is cannot be underestimated.” 狱帅也是识趣,没有继续追问,而是感叹道:“看来仙海鱼族的底蕴,也是不容小觑啊。” Xianhai Yu Clan, before the itself/Ben is the ancient times family was born, Seven Worlds Saint Mansion only opponent.” Mysterious White-Cloak humanity. 仙海鱼族,本就是远古家族出世前,七界圣府唯一的对手。”神秘白袍人道。 What words, my Prison Sect?” Prison graceful somewhat unhappily. “什么话,我狱宗呢?”狱帅有些不悦 Your Prison Sect strength, Seven Worlds Saint Mansion did not understand.” White-Cloak humanity. “你狱宗的实力,七界圣府也并不了解。”白袍人道。 This actually truth.” The prison leads satisfied nod. “这倒是实话。”狱帅满意的点了点头。 Follows the revolution of teleportation great formation, person who that teleportation great formation, has Prison Sect one after another appears, and goes out in abundance, falls back on beside formation technique. 伴随传送大阵的运转,那座传送大阵,陆续有狱宗的人出现,且纷纷走出,退到阵法之外。 And the population are getting more and more. 并且人数越来越多。 Quick, nine demon Sirs also walked. 很快,九魔大人也是从中走了出来。 But mentioned also skillfully, nine demon Sirs they just walked, Chen Hui as well as Song Yun they, appeared from teleportation great formation. 而说来也巧,九魔大人他们刚刚走出来,陈辉以及宋允他们,也是自传送大阵浮现。 Nine demon Sirs have not spoken, when he sees Chen Hui, knows that Song Yun possibly obtained the news. 九魔大人没有说话,当他看到陈辉的时候,就知道宋允可能得到消息了。 By the intelligence of Song Yun, naturally can guess correctly, was he used the method, issued the wanted order to Chu Feng. 宋允的聪慧,自然能够猜到,是他用了手段,才对楚枫发出了追杀令。 Actually, he has heard, Song Yun and Chu Feng are on very good terms, before inquired intentionally, but is the probe. 其实,他早就听闻,宋允楚枫交情不错,之前故意询问,不过是试探罢了。 However through Song Yun, does not hesitate the anti- under charge, must preserve Chu Feng this matter, then proved this point. 但是通过宋允,不惜自己抗下罪名,也要保全楚枫这件事,则是更加证明了这一点。 Even, Song Yun and Chu Feng's relate, was above his expectation. 甚至,宋允楚枫的关系,超乎了他的预料。 He knows, Song Yun this person, he was offends. 他知道,宋允这个人,他是得罪下来了。 But he fearless, because no one can live from the demon prison tower. 但他无惧,因为没有人能从魔狱塔内活着走出来。 Therefore although he has not spoken, but actually revealed to Song Yun wiped the smile, that was the smile of provocation. 所以他虽然没有说话,但却对宋允露出了一抹笑容,那是挑衅的笑容。 greets nine demon Sirs.” 拜见九魔大人。” May facing the smile that nine demon Sirs provoke, Song Yun not only serve with a ritual, but also shows the delightful smile. 可面对九魔大人挑衅的笑容,宋允不仅施以一礼,还露出甜美的微笑。 Sweetly to letting nine demon Sirs somewhat feels helpless. 甜到让九魔大人有些不知所措。 Is it possible that regarding chasing down the Chu Feng's matter, this girl hasn't suspected my head? 莫非,对于追杀楚枫的事,这丫头没有怀疑到我的头上? ...... …… The time passes, in an instant then passed by six double-hour, Prison Sect everyone, has built up, several million forms, the neat collection passes through the clouds in this mountain peak peak. 时间流逝,转眼便过去了六个时辰,狱宗的所有人,都已经集结完毕,数百万身影,整整齐齐的汇集在这穿过云端的山峰顶端。 That red form as far as eyes can reach, has a different magnificent feeling. 那一眼望去的红色身影,有种不一样的壮观之感。 After all, this is surreptitious Prison Sect. 毕竟,这可是行踪诡秘的狱宗 Usually rare, but here, is actually collecting several millions at this moment. 平时一个都少见,可此刻这里,却汇集着数百万。 Buzz- 嗡- In the meantime, that White-Cloak person pinches together the law secret art. 就在此时,那位白袍人捏出一道法诀。 That teleportation great formation, then also changed, turned into a huge incomparable teleportation gate. 那座传送大阵,便随之发生了变化,变成了一道巨大无比的传送门。 This teleportation gate is somewhat special, is not only huge, and middle is not formation, is more like at the same time the giant mirror. 这道传送门有些特别,不仅巨大,并且中间不是结界,更像是一面巨大的镜子。 Scene that this giant mirror, maps, is starry skies. 这面巨大的镜子,映射出的景象,乃是一片星空。 „Hadn't six double-hour have arrived, how found Xianhai Yu'er?” The prison graceful looks at the mysterious White-Cloak person. “六个时辰已到,怎么还没找到仙海鱼儿?”狱帅看着神秘白袍人。 The mysterious White-Cloak person has not spoken, but stimulates to movement that to investigate formation technique full power. 神秘白袍人没有说话,而是全力催动那座侦查阵法 That investigates formation technique, what appears is the map of the whole world, but formation power layer by layer, then searches on the map back and forth. 那侦查阵法,浮现而出的是整个世界的地图,而一层一层结界之力,则是在地图上来回搜索。 Suddenly, all formation power, go to a direction collection, finally collected in a region. 忽然,所有结界之力,向一个方向汇集而去,最终汇集在了一座区域。 That is not the concrete place, region that but precisely Chu Feng is. 那不是具体的地点,但却正是楚枫所在的区域。 Found.” The mysterious White-Cloak person spoke, then the big sleeve wielded, the formation gate appeared together. “找到了。”神秘白袍人说话间,便大袖一挥,一道结界门浮现而出。 This formation gate, is the link blocks great formation, through great formation of blockade world, can be quick, teleportation to any position that any he wants to arrive. 这道结界门,是链接封锁大阵的,通过封锁世界的大阵,能够较快的,传送到任何他想到达的任何位置。 Sees this, the prison leads everyone who as well as presents, looks the happy expression. 看到这一幕,狱帅以及在场的所有人,都是面露喜色。 The prison leads is also follows close on after that prepares to step into. 狱帅也是紧跟其后,准备踏入其中。 But when the White-Cloak person, plans to step into that formation gate, actually halts suddenly, and raise one's head looks void. 可就在白袍人,打算踏入那结界门之际,却忽然止步,且抬头望向虚空。 Through his vision, can go directly to outside the world. 通过他的目光,能够直达世界之外。 A giant Martial Power palm, is dropping from the clouds, that is true covering the sky and blocking the sun. 一只巨大的武力手掌,正从天而降,那是真正的遮天蔽日 Rumble- 轰隆隆- Follows one to thunder, everyone saw the giant palm of that covering the sky and blocking the sun, the big hand fell, the fissure spreads immediately. 伴随一声轰鸣,所有人都看到了那遮天蔽日的巨大手掌,大手落下,裂痕立刻蔓延。 Xianhai Yu Clan and blockade formation technique under Prison Sect arrange/cloth, was disintegrated simultaneously. 仙海鱼族狱宗布下的封锁阵法,同时被瓦解。 Dreadful formation power, is ordinary just like the rainstorm, from falls void, brings disaster to the whole world. 滔天的结界之力,宛如暴雨一般,从虚空落下,殃及整个世界。 formation gate that the White-Cloak person just opened, was destroyed because of great formation, but also disrupts. 就连白袍人刚刚开启的结界门,也因大阵被摧毁,而随之碎裂。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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