MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5947: Meets a meeting, your Prison Sect World Spiritist

Chapter 5945 meets a meeting, your Prison Sect World Spiritist 第5945章会一会,你狱宗界灵师 Meanwhile, detains in Song Yun underground palace, one team of troops enormous and powerful rushing of. 与此同时,关押宋允地宫之中,一队人马浩浩荡荡的闯了进来。 What is the head is a plump and fair-complected man. 为首的乃是一个白白胖胖的男子。 This personal name is Chen Hui, Chu Feng knows him. 此人名为陈辉,楚枫认识他。 Initially Chu Feng participate Seven Worlds Saint Mansion, entered the mansion trial time, once had met this Chen Hui, two people will be acquainted from now on. 当初楚枫参加七界圣府,入府试炼的时候,曾遇到过这陈辉,二人自此相识。 Chen Hui is good to the impression that Chu Feng makes. 陈辉楚枫留下的印象还不错。 Then entering mansion trial ended, Chu Feng has also looked for Chen Hui, but had not found. 当时的入府试炼结束,楚枫还找过陈辉,只是没有找到。 But present Chen Hui, actually wears the Prison Sect long gown. 只不过眼下的陈辉,却穿着狱宗的长袍。 In one group of who he follows behind, is completely existences of Prison General rank. 在他身后跟着的一行人,全部都是狱将级别的存在。 Before Chu Feng arrives detains the Song Yun front door, the person who is responsible for guarding, rushes to open the mouth, but the tone is actually somewhat empty: Chen Hui Young Master, here you cannot......” 楚枫来到关押宋允的大门前,负责看守的人,赶忙开口,但语气却是有些虚:“陈辉少爷,这里你不能……” Go away.” “滚。” Chen Hui is only a character, Prison General of these guards, then draw back the powder immediately. 陈辉只是一个字,那些看守的狱将,便立刻退散。 Opens the door, Song Yun actually sits in inside, had not tied up, has not been wounded. 只是推开门,宋允却只是坐在里面,没有被捆绑,更是没有负伤。 In the prison cell of seemingly strange terrifying, is placing a fine table and chair. 看似诡异恐怖的牢房内,摆放着一张精致的桌子和椅子。 Song Yun depends on the seat, is curling upwards fair slender one leg on the other. 宋允靠着座椅,翘着白皙修长的二郎腿。 In is eating the dessert on table, while looks at Martial Technique scroll. 正在一边吃着桌上的点心,一边看着武技卷轴 That appearance, is very satisfied. 那个样子,十分惬意。 „The Yun'er younger sister, are you all right?” Chen Hui asked. 允儿妹子,你没事吧?”陈辉问道。 You looked that I do look like the matter?” Song Yun receives scroll, smiles delightfully. “你看我像有事吗?”宋允收起卷轴,甜美一笑。 I hear......” “我听闻……” Chen Hui this words just left, Song Yun access road/simply said: Real.” 陈辉此话刚出,宋允便道:“都是真的。” you is so how silly, you want to help Chu Feng, can try to find another way greatly, why can block the capital crime?” “伱咋这么傻,你想帮楚枫,大可以另想办法,为啥要拦下死罪?” Chen Hui flustered, sect rule is stern, if the charge is solid, he does not have the means to help Song Yun. 陈辉慌了,宗规森严,若是罪名坐实,他也没有办法帮助宋允 I said that you hear real.” Song Yun emphasized. “我说了,你听闻的都是真的。”宋允强调道。 Really is you kills?” Chen Hui asked. “真的是你杀的?”陈辉问。 Un.” “嗯。” All right, I cannot die, the demon prison tower we have not observed, present I had confidence.” Song Yun said. “不过没事,我又死不了,魔狱塔我们不是早就观察过了,现在的我有把握。”宋允道。 „Do you have several tenths assurance?” Chen Hui asked. “你有几成把握?”陈辉问。 10%.” Song Yun said. “10%。”宋允道。 „......” Chen Hui is speechless. “……”陈辉无语。 10%? What with bringing death to distinguish? 10%?和送死有什么区别? Therefore... you actually want to take the opportunity to challenge the demon prison tower, wants to help Chu Feng?” Chen Hui asked. “所以…你到底是想借机挑战魔狱塔,还是想帮楚枫?”陈辉问。 Has.” Song Yun said. “都有。”宋允道。 Demon prison tower, you , to challenge, does not take the blame for this also to challenge.” “魔狱塔,你若想挑战,不背负这个罪名也能挑战。” If helps Chu Feng, that moves unnecessarily.” “若是帮助楚枫,那更是多此一举。” Because of nine demon Sirs, had issued the wanted order to Chu Feng.” “因为九魔大人,已经对楚枫发布了追杀令。” „Under you carry this charge, seemingly upholds justice, actually anything uses not to have.” Chen Hui said. “你背下这个罪名,看似仗义,其实啥用没有。”陈辉道。 „Did Chu Feng really kill the person of Prison Sect?” “难道楚枫真的杀了狱宗之人?” Song Yun is surprised. 宋允感到意外。 She knows, nine demon Sirs will not chase down Chu Feng for the Immortal Slaughter person. 她知道,九魔大人不会为了仙屠的人追杀楚枫 within the body does not have Prison Infant, is not the person of true Prison Sect, chases down Chu Feng this person for them, not justifiable. 体内没有狱婴,算不上是真正的狱宗之人,为他们追杀楚枫这种人,名不正,言不顺。 Since chases down Chu Feng, is other things happened inevitably, either was Chu Feng really killed the Prison Sect person, the charge was solid. 既然追杀楚枫,就必然是其他事情发生,要么是楚枫真的杀了狱宗的人,罪名坐实。 Either wants to rescue Xianhai Yu'er, exposed. 要么就是想救仙海鱼儿,败露了。 Chu Feng killed the person of Prison Sect, and after you were detained.” 楚枫杀了狱宗之人,并且是在你被关押之后。” I sent people to investigate, like the Chu Feng behavior, the matter did not have the fishy.” Chen Hui said. “不过我派人调查了,不像楚枫所为,事有蹊跷。”陈辉说道。 Your meaning?” Song Yun brow slightly wrinkle. “你的意思?”宋允眉头微皱。 With a wish to incriminate has no lack of a pretext.” “欲加之罪何患无辞。” Some people want to cope with Chu Feng.” Chen Hui said. “是有人想对付楚枫。”陈辉道。 Frames by planting stolen goods on to shift blame, but is also normal, first did not say catches Chu Feng, can invite to enjoy to Seven Worlds Saint Mansion in secret.” “栽赃嫁祸吗,不过也正常,先不说抓到楚枫,能暗中向七界圣府邀赏。” Chu Feng, there are many thing, being worth people keeping thinking.” 楚枫本身,也有很多东西,值得人们惦记。” Itself/Ben is the legend Bloodline of owner in king, now obtains Source of lineage/vein.” “本就是传说中的王之血脉拥有者,如今又获得了脉之本源。” This is the world knows, does not know does not know also many thing.” “这还是世人知晓的,不知道的不知道还有多少东西。” To be honest, I am greedy.” “说实话,我都眼馋。” That nine demons, want to use my Prison Sect unexpectedly, completes selfishness?” “不过那个九魔,竟然想利用我狱宗,来完成私心?” Person who I protect, does he dare to move?” “我护的人,他敢动?” „, Very good.” “啧啧,很好。” I will make him know, my Song Yun has multi- bearing a grudge.” “我会让他知道,我宋允有多记仇。” Song Yun said that the tone of this saying, has the happy expression, but on her face, does not have the slight smile. 宋允说这话的语气,是带着笑意的,可她的脸上,没有丝毫笑容。 Instead pair of beautiful eyes, gives out is making one feel ice-cold that suffocates. 反而一双美眸,散发着令人感到窒息的冰冷。 But regarding Song Yun such vision, Chen Hui seems to have been used. 但对于宋允这样的目光,陈辉似乎早就习惯了。 He has long known, this little girl from Nine Souls Galaxy is not very simple. 他早就知道,这个来自九魂天河小丫头很不简单。 But he likes this not simple Song Yun exactly. 而他恰恰喜欢这样不简单的宋允 Rumble- 轰隆隆- In the meantime, the land trembles fiercely. 就在此时,大地剧烈一颤。 Also, the tremor starts to be weaken, but is actually the long-enduring tremor. 随之,颤动开始减弱,但却是持续性的颤动起来。 Sees this situation, Chen Hui to detaining the Song Yun prison cell walks, Song Yun is also follows close on after that. 见此情形,陈辉向关押宋允的牢房门外走去,宋允也是紧跟其后。 Miss Song Yun, you cannot......” 宋允小姐,你不能……” Was seeing with own eyes Song Yun also came out, Prison General that is responsible for guarding then wants to stop. 眼见着宋允也出来了,负责看守的狱将便想阻拦。 Go away.” But Chen Hui shouted angrily, actually retreated in fear it directly. “滚。”可陈辉一声怒喝,却直接将其吓退。 All right, I will not escape, outside I had a look to have anything, you know that in the prison cell, I could not see outside situation.” “没事,我不会逃跑,我只是看看外面发生了什么,你知道的,在牢房内,我看不到外面的情况。” I stand in the entrance, can see.” “不过我站在门口,就能看到了。” Compares in Chen Hui, Song Yun appears gentle many. 相比于陈辉,宋允则是显得温柔的多。 That... that good.” Prison General that is responsible for guarding also can only nod to tacitly consent. “那…那好吧。”负责看守的狱将也只能点头默许。 Under their special vision observations, that underground palace ceiling starts to dissipate, outside scene heaves in sight. 在他们特殊的目光观察下,那地宫的棚顶开始消散,外面的景象映入眼帘。 not to mention Chen Hui they, the small face of Song Yun also changes slightly. 莫说陈辉他们,宋允的小脸也是微微变化。 Sees only above the horizon, a huge formation barrier, is proliferating fast, how long cannot want, will cover the whole world. 只见天际之上,一道巨大的结界屏障,正在快速的扩散,要不了多久,就会覆盖整个世界。 Meanwhile, everyone in the whole world, had been alarmed. 与此同时,整个世界的所有人,都已被惊动。 After all in this azure snow Upper Realm, the Prison Sect person is only a few, and their whereabouts is very secret. 毕竟在这青雪上界,狱宗的人只是少数,并且他们行踪很是隐秘。 The indigenous people in most this side world. 大多数的还是这方世界的原住民。 They do not know that had anything specifically, only knows that beforehand had to block formation technique to block this world, later the general Teleportation Formation method then expired outward. 他们不知道具体发生了什么,只知道之前有封锁阵法封锁了这个世界,随后向外通行的传送阵法便都失效了。 This azure snow Upper Realm, became one by the world in dire straits. 这座青雪上界,成了一座被困死的世界。 But glimmer Upper Realm of next door, but also transmits grating thundering unceasingly, they also realized that very possible is the top powerhouse is fighting. 而隔壁的微光上界,还不断传来刺耳的轰鸣,他们也都意识到,那很可能是顶尖强者在战斗。 Decides however has the important matter to happen! 定然是有大事发生! Therefore, people in this side world, are flustered, even many people felt, their world could be destroyed. 因此,这方世界的人们,早就人心惶惶,甚至许多人觉得,他们这个世界可能要被毁灭。 But now, there is First Level to block formation to appear, and this blocks formation, seems like formidable. 而现在,又有一重封锁结界出现,并且这道封锁结界,看起来更加强悍 Then is to make them more scared. 则是让他们更加恐慌。 Compares here indigenous people. 相比于这里的原住民。 Actually the Prison Sect person is also somewhat obscure. 其实狱宗的人也是有些费解。 They know that this is their Prison Sect method, now in azure snow Upper Realm, only then their Prison Sect, can use such method. 他们知道这是他们狱宗的手段,现在在青雪上界,也只有他们狱宗,能施展出这样的手段。 But they do not understand, this why? 可他们不懂,这为何呢? Are oneself stranded himself? 自己困自己? What's the matter, why we, arranged blocked formation?” Chen Hui also feels puzzled. “咋回事,为何我们,也布置了封锁结界?”就连陈辉也是感到不解。 Song Yun, looking pensive, in the heart sighed actually secretly: Is so quick, the Xianhai Yu Clan person then killed, rescued Xianhai Yu'er?” 倒是宋允,若有所思,心中暗叹:“难道这么快,仙海鱼族的人便杀到了,将仙海鱼儿救走了?” Said, what other methods Chu Feng with, did rescue Little Fishy?” “还是说,楚枫用什么其他方法,救走了小鱼儿?” In her opinion, will not have this weaponry with no reason at all, is inevitably related with Little Fishy. 在她看来,无缘无故不会有此阵仗,必然是与小鱼儿有关。 Is prevents Xianhai Yu'er to escape. 是防止仙海鱼儿逃脱。 Meanwhile, Chu Feng is also gazing at void above blockade great formation. 与此同时,楚枫也正在注视着虚空之上的封锁大阵 But formation technique that in front of him, that has not completed, has not continued to arrange, but continues to wait and see. 但他面前,那尚未完成的阵法,并没有继续布置,而是继续观望。 In a while, vast blockade great formation completes, the tremor land is also returns to normal. 没过多久,浩瀚的封锁大阵完成,颤动的大地也是恢复平静。 But quick, the land shivers again. 可是很快,大地再度颤动。 But this tremor, very weak, to the not to mention normal person, common cultivator cannot feel weakly. 只不过这一次的颤动,非常的微弱,微弱到莫说正常人,寻常的修武者都感受不到。 But Chu Feng is looking at the void vision, instead was more centralized than previously. 楚枫望着虚空的目光,反而比先前更加集中。 During observation void, Chu Feng stagnates for a long time both hands also to wield, starts to continue to arrange, formation technique that has not completed. 在观察虚空的同时,楚枫停滞许久的双手也随之挥动,开始继续布置,那尚未完成的阵法 Because he has seen. 因为他已经看到了。 Saw investigated formation technique!! 看到了侦查阵法!! Tremor that land difficult detects, precisely, because has powerful formation technique to cover the world. 大地难以察觉的颤动,正是因为有强大的阵法正在覆盖世界。 That investigates formation technique. 那是侦查阵法 Extremely powerful, compared with blocking great formation, but also wants strong big several times detection great formation!!! 极其强大,比封锁大阵,还要强大数倍的侦查大阵!!! Compares in blocking great formation, this investigates formation technique to be silent, if not pay attention to be very difficult to catch. 相比于封锁大阵,这侦查阵法无声无息,若不注意很难捕捉。 But if Chu Feng wants to resist this to investigate formation technique, must at the beginning of investigating opening of formation technique conducts the set up formation. 楚枫若想要对抗这侦查阵法,就必须在侦查阵法的开启初期就进行布阵。 The method of opposite party is too strong, Chu Feng can only in the initial period that great formation has not taken shape, can see the flaw, thus deals. 对方的手段太强,楚枫只能在那大阵尚未成型的初期,才能看到破绽,从而进行应对。 But along with investigating formation technique spreads. 而伴随着侦查阵法扩散。 Chu Feng no longer raise one's head looks simply void, but formation technique that starts to complete his not to complete full power. 楚枫干脆不再抬头看着虚空,而是开始全力完成他那尚未完成的阵法 It is not Chu Feng does not want to continue to observe, but follows investigates formation of gradually formation technique, Chu Feng difficult has seen the flaw. 不是楚枫不想继续观察,而是伴随侦查阵法的渐渐形成,楚枫已经难以看出破绽。 However looks like in Chu Feng, the flaw that at first found enough has dealt. 不过在楚枫看来,最初所找到的破绽已经足够应对了。 The Chu Feng's speed is quick, when investigating formation technique has not covered the world thoroughly, has not opened thoroughly, Chu Feng has completed the formation technique arrangement that he deals with. 楚枫的速度很快,在侦查阵法还未彻底覆盖世界,没有彻底开启之际,楚枫已经将他应对的阵法布置完成。 But after Chu Feng short ponder, put from that formation technique Little Fishy. 楚枫短暂思考之后,将小鱼儿从那个阵法之中放了出来。 Chu Feng formation technique that Little Fishy puts, was used to awaken Little Fishy. 楚枫小鱼儿放入的阵法,原本是用来将小鱼儿唤醒的。 But Little Fishy has not awaked. 可是小鱼儿并没有醒。 However this is also normal, the Prison Sect person wants to let the Little Fishy stupor, should use the special method. 但是这也正常,狱宗的人就是想让小鱼儿昏迷,应该是用了特殊的手段。 It is not naturally easy to awaken. 自然没那么容易唤醒。 Chu Feng places the ground Little Fishy, starts to arrange formation technique on the body of Little Fishy. 楚枫小鱼儿放在地上,又开始在小鱼儿的身上布置阵法 Chu Feng cannot guarantee, arrange resistance formation technique that completes whether insures certainly. 楚枫不能保证,已经布置完成的对抗的阵法是否一定保险。 Therefore for safety's sake, he decides to Little Fishy on, arranges First Level to hide formation technique again. 所以为了保险起见,他决定给小鱼儿身上,再布置一重隐藏阵法 If resists the failure, was discovered by the opposite party, Chu Feng directs the line of sight of opposite party with oneself, making Little Fishy continue to hide. 若是对抗失败,被对方发现的话,楚枫就用自己来引走对方的视线,让小鱼儿继续隐藏起来。 When Chu Feng on Little Fishy, after arranging formation technique, in a big way took out one elixir, simultaneously in stopper entrance. 楚枫小鱼儿身上,布置完阵法之后,又取出了一大把丹药,同时塞入口中。 That has therapy elixir, has analgetic elixir, there are to strengthen formation power elixir. 那有疗伤的丹药,有止痛的丹药,也有增强结界之力丹药 It seems like no brain in a big way swallowed one elixir, is actually the Chu Feng careful preparations. 看似是无脑的吞了一大把丹药,实则都是楚枫精心准备的。 In the meantime, covers detection formation technique of the world, has totally blocked, and also opening. 就在此时,覆盖世界的侦查阵法,已经彻底封锁,并且随之开启。 Come, makes me be able a meeting, your Prison Sect World Spiritist.” “来吧,就让我会一会,你狱宗界灵师。” Chu Feng stands up, both hands put in great formation, later follows one to drink lightly, boundless formation power, then floods into covers him and in Little Fishy formation technique. 楚枫站起身来,双手放入大阵之中,随后伴随一声轻喝,磅礴的结界之力,便涌入覆盖他与小鱼儿阵法之中。 The resistance, formally starts!!! 对抗,正式开始!!! 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