MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5942: this Queen supports for you

Chapter 5940 this Queen supports for you 第5940章本女王替你撑腰 blade light wreaks havoc, the blood also spout. 刀光肆虐间,鲜血也是随之喷涌。 Is the Immortal Slaughter fourth child's blood!!! 仙屠老四的鲜血!!! Even if Chu Feng receives many limits. 哪怕楚枫受到诸多限制。 Even if Immortal Slaughter fourth child's cultivation realm, achieved Second Rank True God, but he actually is completely not the Chu Feng's opponent. 哪怕仙屠老四的修为,也达到了二品真神,可他却全然不是楚枫的对手。 Several rounds, then fell into absolute leeward. 几个回合,便落入了绝对的下风。 Third Brother, saves me.” Does not see with own eyes wonderfully, the Immortal Slaughter fourth child has to beg for mercy to the Immortal Slaughter third child. “三哥,救我。”眼见不妙,仙屠老四只得向仙屠老三求饶。 Chu Feng, you give the face not to want, such being the case, you then die.” 楚枫,你真是给脸不要,既然如此,那你便死吧。” After the Immortal Slaughter third child opens the mouth, a boundless pressure directly soars Chu Feng. 仙屠老三开口之后,一股磅礴的威压直奔楚枫而来。 Third Rank True God, the opposite party is Third Rank True God Realm. 三品真神,对方乃是三品真神境 Does not see with own eyes wonderfully, Chu Feng rushes to display the god line, was Prison Infant this strength limit is too big. 眼见不妙,楚枫赶忙施展神行,可是狱婴这力量限制太大了。 Even if the god line, received the enormous limit unexpectedly, the Chu Feng present speed, but endures to compare Fourth Rank True God. 哪怕是神行,竟也受到了极大的限制,楚枫现在的速度,只是堪比四品真神而已。 Properly speaking, Fourth Rank True God Chu Feng can also the distant throwing off opposite party. 按理来说,四品真神楚枫也是能够远远的甩掉对方。 But this Immortal Slaughter third child, can promote cultivation realm similarly, sees with own eyes such rapidness that Chu Feng runs, he then promoted Fourth Rank True God realm cultivation realm. 可是这仙屠老三,同样可以提升修为,眼见楚枫跑的如此之快,他便将修为提升到了四品真神境界 Chu Feng, what do you run?” 楚枫,你跑什么?” „Doesn't you want to revenge for your paternal grandmother?” “伱不是想为你奶奶报仇吗?” Now the old man stands in your front, why can escape?” “现在老夫就站在你的面前,为何要逃?” Your paternal grandmother indeed is one generation of talents, but she actually falls from the sky in the hand of my Immortal Slaughter, and pitiful of extremely death.” “你奶奶的确算是一代天才,可她却陨落在我仙屠的手中,并且死的极其凄惨。” How you see that now killed your paternal grandmother's murderer actually to escape?” “你现在怎么见到杀了你奶奶的凶手却要逃啊?” Originally famous Chu Feng, is so unexpectedly useless, is a timid person.” “原来大名鼎鼎的楚枫,竟如此没用,也不过是一个胆小之人罢了。” Chu Feng, you are really in name only.” 楚枫,你真是徒有虚名啊。” Why you said that vast martial cultivation world strongest junior, do you match?” “你凭什么自称浩瀚修武界最强小辈,你配吗?” That Immortal Slaughter third child leads the Immortal Slaughter fourth child to pursue Chu Feng, pursues, while speaking shame. 仙屠老三带着仙屠老四追赶楚枫,一边追赶,一边出言羞辱。 Do not visit him to bring the mask, is seemingly quiet, never expected that his words, compared with that Immortal Slaughter fourth child must indignant. 别看他带着面罩,看似沉默寡言,没想到他的话,比那仙屠老四还要令人气愤。 Chu Feng, you, do not need sanely, because his they go all out.” 楚枫,你理智一点,没必要因为他他们拼命。” On your cultivation road, they are some are small, when your cultivation realm promotion, can come back to tidy up them momentarily again.” “在你修炼路上,他们不过都是一些小喽啰罢了,待得你修为提升,随时可以再回来收拾他们。” At this time, sound unexpectedly rare resounding of Divine Deer. 此时,神鹿的声音竟罕见的响起。 She also knows the Chu Feng's method. 她也知道楚枫的手段。 If Chu Feng now, tears off talismans on top of the head. 若是楚枫现在,扯下头顶上的符纸 Shows the Bloodline technique, its cultivation realm can achieve Second Rank True God similarly. 施展出血脉技,其修为同样可以达到二品真神 And Chu Feng, if displays Heavenly Thunder's Nine Consecutive Slashes, even Fourth Rank True God can still cut to kill. 并且楚枫若是施展出天雷九重斩的话,就算是四品真神也是能够斩杀的。 But Heavenly Thunder's Nine Consecutive Slashes was the half-finished product, red thunder huge beast has said explicitly, Chu Feng cannot use again. 天雷九重斩乃是半成品,红色雷霆巨兽已经明确说过,楚枫不可以再用。 If Chu Feng displays again, will be in danger. 楚枫若是再施展,将会有生命危险。 Divine Deer does not hope, Chu Feng in these body takes this risk. 神鹿可不希望,楚枫在这几个喽啰的身上冒此风险。 senior felt relieved, I will not be enraged by them.” 前辈放心,我不会被他们激怒。” Their I decide however must kill, but I will not take risk on them.” Chu Feng said. “他们我定然要杀,但我不会在他们身上冒险。”楚枫说道。 Although on the mouth said like this, but the Chu Feng's innermost feelings are very actually puzzled. 虽然嘴上这样说,可楚枫的内心其实很纠结。 Chu Feng's will not be firmly angry because of their these words, but he is unwilling. 楚枫的确不会因为他们的这些话语而愤怒,但是他也不甘心。 The Immortal Slaughter person was too sly. 仙屠的人太狡猾了。 They even turned to Prison Sect. 他们甚至投靠了狱宗 Therefore Chu Feng is indefinite, these misses time, later also has the opportunity to run into them again. 所以楚枫也不确定,这一次错过,以后是不是还有机会再遇到他们。 He feared, feared later is capable of killing the Immortal Slaughter person, but actually cannot run into the Immortal Slaughter person. 他怕,怕以后有能力杀仙屠的人,但却根本遇不到仙屠的人。 But, actually the incomparably delightful sound, maps the Chu Feng ear curtain in the meantime together familiar. 可就在此时,一道熟悉却无比悦耳的声音,映入楚枫耳帘。 Hey Chu Feng, runs anything, this Queen supports for you.” “喂楚枫,跑什么啊,本女王替你撑腰啊。” Eggy?” 蛋蛋?” Hears this sound, Chu Feng immediately the great happiness, but swept World Spirit Space, discovers Eggy really on standing of complete unscathed in World Spirit Space. 听到这个声音,楚枫顿时大喜,而扫了一眼界灵空间,发现蛋蛋果然就完好无损的站在界灵空间之中。 Eggy, are you all right?” 蛋蛋,你没事啦?” How are you all right suddenly?” “你怎么突然就没事啦?” Chu Feng is wild with joy, must know since Eggy has an accident, Chu Feng most is worried may be she. 楚枫狂喜无比,要知道自从蛋蛋出事,楚枫最担心的可就是她了。 Especially uses the method time and time again, but has no effect time. 尤其是一次一次使用手段,但却都没有任何效果的时候。 That feeling, can only meet one's fate with resignation, is weak. 那种感觉,只能听天由命,非常无力。 Said anything, how this Queen will have the matter, your fool.” “说什么呢,本女王怎么会有事,你个笨蛋。” this Queen did not tell you at that time, can this Queen certainly refine these thing?” 本女王当时不就告诉你了,本女王一定能够将那些东西炼化吗?” „Don't you believe this Queen unexpectedly?” Eggy said. “你居然不相信本女王啊?”蛋蛋说道。 But......” Chu Feng remembers until now, at that time when Eggy left appearance, that scene really looks like parts forever. “可是……”楚枫至今记得,当时蛋蛋离别时的模样,那个场景真的就像是生离死别。 Indifferent that Eggy says now. 蛋蛋现在说的无所谓。 But vanishing Eggy, distinct also flustered at that time. 可当时即将消失的蛋蛋,分明自己也都慌了。 Aiya, does not have, but, this Queen but now First Rank True God, true First Rank True God.” “哎呀,没有可是了,本女王现在可是一品真神,真正的一品真神喔。” Quickly puts this Queen to go out, making this Queen teach that two scoundrel thing for you.” “赶快放本女王出去,让本女王替你教训那两个混账东西。” Eggy wields the small fist to say. 蛋蛋挥动着小拳头说道。 But Eggy, opposite party but Fourth Rank True God, don't you have the issue?” Chu Feng asked. “但是蛋蛋,对方可是四品真神,你没问题吗?”楚枫问。 Chu Feng, how long separates, you forget this Queen powerful?” 楚枫,才分开多久,你就忘记本女王的强大了吗?” Trivial Fourth Rank can True God, how be the this Queen opponent?” A Eggy face disdains. “区区四品真神,岂会是本女王的对手?”蛋蛋一脸不屑。 Hears this words, Chu Feng also stops immediately. 听闻此话,楚枫也是立刻停下。 Such being the case, then extinguished them for me.” “既然如此,便替我灭了他们吧。” The words, Chu Feng opens World Spirit Gate directly. 话罢,楚枫直接张开界灵大门 But is quick, the Immortal Slaughter third child and Immortal Slaughter fourth child also pursued. 而很快,仙屠老三与仙屠老四也是追了上来。 What's wrong, doesn't run away? Thought through, wanted to reconcile?” “怎么,不逃了?是想通了,想要和解了吗?” Chu Feng, if killed the seventh child, matter rotates the leeway.” “不过楚枫,若只是杀了老七,事情回转余地。” But you now actually also killed the fifth child and sixth child, then does not have any leeway.” “可你现在却将老五和老六也都杀了,便没有任何余地了。” Your this small bastard, is really aggressive.” “你这个小畜生,实在咄咄逼人。” „The fifth child, the sixth child, seventh child's enmity must report today.” “老五,老六,老七的仇今日必报。” Even you are still the person of Prison Sect, today I must kill you “就算你也是狱宗之人,今日我也必须杀了你” - 唰- This words just left, black flame grazes from World Spirit Gate in together, like the skewer candied fruit, passes through from the Immortal Slaughter fourth child and Immortal Slaughter third child's chest one time. 此话刚出,一道黑色气焰界灵大门之中飞掠而出,就像串糖葫芦一样,自仙屠老四和仙屠老三的胸口一次穿过。 Afterward these two old thing, high hanging above midair. 随后将这两个老东西,高高的悬挂于半空之上。 Two shameless old thing, whom can you kill?” “两个无耻的老东西,你能杀了谁?” At this time, the Eggy form also walked from World Spirit Gate. 此时,蛋蛋的身影也是从界灵大门内走了出来。 At this time her cultivation realm, is First Rank True God, but has the Fight Against Third Rank strength, the real strength achieves Fourth Rank True God. 此时她的修为,还是一品真神,但却具备逆战三品的战力,真实战力达到四品真神 However common Fourth Rank True God collapses at the first blow before her. 但是寻常的四品真神在她面前不堪一击。 Does not need Immortal Slaughter these two answering, the Eggy thought to move, that passes through their body black flame, then presented the black hangnail, leaps up in their old bodies randomly. 也不待仙屠这两位回话,蛋蛋意念一动,那穿过他们身躯的黑色气焰,便出现了黑色的倒刺,在他们苍老的身躯里乱蹿。 „-” “呃啊-” The next quarter, the Immortal Slaughter third child and Immortal Slaughter fourth child, sent out the incomparably sad and shrill pitiful yell. 下一刻,仙屠老三和仙屠老四,发出了无比凄厉的惨叫。 Eggy suffers the method of person, sometimes even Chu Feng feels ashamed of one's inferiority. 蛋蛋折磨人的手段,有时候连楚枫都自愧不如。 But Eggy actually turns around to look to Chu Feng, to Chu Feng one finger/refers, black flame is plundering together from his fingertip, directly soars Chu Feng to go. 蛋蛋却转身看向楚枫,对着楚枫一指,一道黑色气焰自其指尖掠出,直奔楚枫而去。 When arrives at the Chu Feng front, that black flame condenses a black Mist long sword unexpectedly. 来到楚枫面前时,那黑色气焰竟凝聚成一把黑色的气焰长剑。 This is the Eggy method, therefore also has and her same strength. 这是蛋蛋的手段,所以也具备着与她相同的战力。 Eggy meaning is very obvious, these two bastard, Chu Feng cuts to kill personally quite well. 蛋蛋意思很明显,这两个畜生,还是楚枫亲自斩杀比较好。 But Chu Feng also received the Black Flame long sword, arrived in front of that two old thing, later a person of sword, all pricked dantian. 楚枫也是接过黒焰长剑,走到那两个老东西面前,随后一人一剑,全部刺入丹田 Follows their pitiful yells, two boundless protection formation technique, appear simultaneously. 伴随他们的惨叫,两道磅礴的守护阵法,同时浮现而出。 Protects the formation technique peak, has two black holes. 守护阵法的顶端,有着两个黑洞。 In that black hole, Chu Feng feels, the vision, is sizing up Chu Feng and Eggy together. 在那黑洞之中,楚枫感受到,一道目光,正打量着楚枫蛋蛋 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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