MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5943: Strange smile

Chapter 5941 strange smile 第5941章诡异的微笑 Chu Feng?” Together familiar sound, also resounds. 楚枫?”一道熟悉的声音,也随之响起。 Immortal Slaughter second child?” Chu Feng remembers this sound, remembers this vision. 仙屠老二?”楚枫记得这个声音,也记得这个目光。 Before killed this Immortal Slaughter second child disciple time, he also from being away from Teleportation Formation, is staring at Chu Feng with this vision. 之前杀这仙屠老二弟子的时候,他也从隔着传送阵,用这个目光盯着过楚枫 Kills your disciple, you do not come.” “杀你弟子,你不现身。” Now kills your Little Brother, you does not come?” “现在杀你兄弟,伱也不现身?” It seems like the friendship between your Little Brother is mediocre, but is also normal, after all is one crowd of bastard, how also to have the friendship?” Chu Feng said. “看来你们兄弟间的情义不过如此,不过也正常,毕竟本来就是一群畜生,又怎会有情义?”楚枫道。 Chu Feng, put them, among us does not need to become this situation noisily.” 楚枫,放了他们两个,我们之间没有必要闹成这个地步。” Particularly our Little Brother, has joined Prison Sect now, we are actually one group.” The Immortal Slaughter second child spoke. “尤其是我们兄弟,现在已经加入了狱宗,我们其实是一伙的。”仙屠老二说到。 My this whole life not possible with you are one group, I first deliver these two bastard to go to hell, turn head delivers you again.” “我这辈子都不可能与你们是一伙的,我先送这两个畜生下地狱,回头再送你。” The words, the Chu Feng arm wields, the Immortal Slaughter third child and Immortal Slaughter fourth child then head/number of people falls to the ground. 话罢,楚枫手臂一挥,仙屠老三与仙屠老四便人头落地。 Because defends existence of nightmare, protects formation technique unable to block Chu Feng. 因为守之梦魇的存在,守护阵法根本拦不住楚枫 Reason that kills so fast, is Chu Feng knows, Immortal Slaughter second child present he of should not cope. 之所以杀的如此快速,是楚枫知道,仙屠老二现在的他应该对付不了。 Continues to tow, could not do well the Immortal Slaughter second child to lead the person to rescue. 继续拖下去,搞不好仙屠老二就带人来救了。 Late then causes trouble, first kills two is two. 迟则生变,先杀两个是两个。 Naturally, their Source, Eggy has not wasted, inhaled in the body directly, refining up. 当然,他们的本源,蛋蛋也没有浪费,直接吸入了身体之中,就地炼化。 As for Chu Feng, is turns around to move toward Eggy, the observation of short distance. 至于楚枫,则是转身走向蛋蛋,近距离的观察。 Regardless of looks many times, the Eggy appearance, is looks insufficiently. 无论看多少次,蛋蛋的容颜,都是看不够。 This is he has seen, world most beautiful female, regardless of how long. 这是他所见过,世间最美的女子,无论多久。 But Chu Feng at this time the excitement of innermost feelings, actually not because of the Eggy beautiful appearance, because Eggy is extremely important. 楚枫此时内心的激动,却不是因为蛋蛋的美貌,而是因为蛋蛋太过重要。 What looks, hasn't looked?” “看什么啊,没看过吗?” Should not want to occupy this Queen to be cheap?” “该不会又想占本女王便宜吧?” You now are not the this Queen opponent, believes me to hit you?” Eggy is frowning, to back down several steps. “你现在可不是本女王的对手,信不信我打你啊?”蛋蛋皱着眉头,向后退了几步。 Sees that Chu Feng smiles: Therefore really unobstructive?” 见状,楚枫不由一笑:“所以真的是无碍了?” „It is not, these thing are very wild, this Queen some body also issues.” “也不是,那些东西还是挺狂暴的,本女王的身体还有一些问题。” Also needs the to undergo closed-door training recuperation recuperation, this will not have extra worries.” “还需要闭关调理调理,这样就会没有后顾之忧啦。” This time really do not worry that this Queen will not really have the matter.” “不过这次你真的不要担心啦,本女王真的不会有事的。” You looked that I don't jump for joy now?” Chu Feng extends the small hand, is revolving the body. “你看我现在不就活蹦乱跳吗?”楚枫伸出小手,旋转着身体。 „Weren't you that appearance, how possibly worried before?” Chu Feng said. “你之前那个模样,怎么可能不担心?”楚枫道。 Good good, that this Queen does not think.” “好啦好啦,那本女王也不想嘛。” Will later not have the matter in any case.” Eggy said. “反正以后不会有事啦。”蛋蛋说道。 How long do you want to undergo closed-door training?” Chu Feng asked. “那你要闭关多久?”楚枫问。 „It is not quite clear, you remember in any case, this Queen will not have the matter, you also leave lose these at sixes and sevens thing toward this Queen on randomly.” “不太清楚,反正你记住,本女王不会有事,你也别乱往本女王身上丢那些乱七八糟的东西啦。” this Queen was made up quickly by you!!!” Eggy honk the small mouth was saying. 本女王都快被你补死啦!!!”蛋蛋嘟着小嘴说道。 Good good, knew my Milady Queen, so long as you are all right well.” Chu Feng said. “好的好的,知道了我的女王大人,只要你没事就好。”楚枫说道。 „Do I go back to undergo closed-door training?” Eggy asked that although on the mouth does not make Chu Feng profit, but the look also has does not abandon. “那我回去闭关咯?”蛋蛋问,虽然嘴上不让楚枫占便宜,可眼神却也有着不舍。 Goes, but comes back a bit faster, I and others you fight shoulder to shoulder, supports for me.” Chu Feng said. “去吧,不过快点回来,我等你并肩战斗,为我撑腰呢。”楚枫道。 Does not have the issue, just wait.” The words, Eggy then from World Spirit Gate, returned to World Spirit Space, sits cross-legged to sit down. “没问题,等着吧。”话罢,蛋蛋便从界灵大门,回到了界灵空间之内,盘膝坐下。 However is good because of this time, Eggy, although in to undergo closed-door training, but the body has not changed, this also makes Chu Feng relieved. 但是好在这一次,蛋蛋虽然在闭关,可身体没有变化,这也让楚枫安下心来。 Before Eggy, it may be said that presses major events one of the in Chu Feng heart. 蛋蛋之前,可谓是压在楚枫心中的头等大事之一。 But now Eggy unobstructive, the present major event, then had Little Fishy. 而现在蛋蛋无碍了,眼前的头等大事,便剩下小鱼儿了。 Therefore Chu Feng then returned, before and Song Yun agreed the good place. 于是楚枫便回到了,之前与宋允约定好的地方。 By the next day, Song Yun came finally. 到了次日,宋允才终于现身。 Elder Brother Chu Feng, inquired.” 楚枫哥哥,打探到了。” Xianhai Yu'er was really grasped by our Prison Sect, and in azure snow Upper Realm.” 仙海鱼儿真的被我们狱宗抓了回来,并且就在青雪上界。” Song Yun such remarks, Chu Feng that is hanging the heart then fell. 宋允此话一出,楚枫那悬着的心便落下了许多。 At least, knows that Little Fishy position, this may be the good news. 最起码,知道小鱼儿的位置了,这可算是好消息。 You know where she was detained?” “那你知道,她被关押在什么地方吗?” Also, your does Prison Sect grasp Xianhai Yu'er for what?” “还有,你狱宗仙海鱼儿又是为了什么?” „Is she now good?” Chu Feng asked one after another. “她现在还好吗?”楚枫接连问道。 „Did I make the bottle that you took attain?” Song Yun asked. “我让你拿的瓶子拿到了吗?”宋允问。 Attained.” Chu Feng takes out the bottle directly gives Song Yun. “拿到了。”楚枫将瓶子直接取出递给宋允 Song Yun smiles, after receiving , to continue saying: You see, place the place of bottle, there is a disfigured of white hair?” 宋允嫣然一笑,收好之后才继续说道:“那你有没有看到,摆放瓶子的地方,有一个白头发的丑八怪?” White hair, but... isn't the disfigured?” In the Chu Feng impression, that fellow very handsome. “是有一个白头发的,但…不是丑八怪吧?”楚枫印象中,那个家伙长得挺英俊的。 Instead in my eyes is the disfigured.” “反正在我眼里是丑八怪。” That disfigured, is the new faction is the biological son of first character, holds Xianhai Yu'er, to help him promotes cultivation realm, I only know so many.” “那个丑八怪呢,是新派为首人物的亲儿子,抓住仙海鱼儿,就是为了帮他提升修为,我只知道这么多。” Because of Xianhai Yu'er, needs to pass through quenchings specially is useful, therefore is detained now in other places, is preparing to accept to quenching.” “不过因为仙海鱼儿,需要经过特殊淬炼才有用,所以现在被关押在其他地方,正准备接受淬炼。” But there may be guards sternly.” “但是那里可就是守卫森严了。” Now sends many expert to gather there newly, Elder Brother Chu Feng wants to save her to be possible is not easy.” “如今新派很多高手都聚集在那里,楚枫哥哥想救她可并不容易。” Even it can be said that an almost impossible matter.” “甚至可以说是一件几乎不可能的事情。” You look for the person help of Xianhai Yu Clan quickly, the time quick words, perhaps also with enough time.” “你赶快去找仙海鱼族的人帮忙,时间快的话,也许还来得及。” Song Yun puts out a map, gave Chu Feng. 宋允又拿出一张地图,递给了楚枫 Yun'er, won't this position make a mistake?” After Chu Feng looked at one, asked. 允儿,这个位置不会出错吧?”楚枫看了一眼后问道。 Felt relieved, Xianhai Yu'er certainly here.” Song Yun said. “放心好了,仙海鱼儿一定就在这里。”宋允说道。 Yun'er, this time was really many thanks.” Chu Feng receives the map. 允儿,这次真是多谢了。”楚枫将地图收好。 Elder Brother Chu Feng, if you found the Xianhai Yu Clan person, made them rescue Xianhai Yu'er, then do not make an appearance.” The Song Yun reminder said. 楚枫哥哥,若是你找来了仙海鱼族的人,就让他们去救仙海鱼儿,你便不要露面了。”宋允提醒道。 Why?” Chu Feng asked. “为何?”楚枫问。 Seven Worlds Saint Mansion, enough you have had a headache.” “一个七界圣府,已经够你头疼了。” I really did not suggest, you and Prison Sect are enemies.” Song Yun said. “我真的不建议,你与狱宗为敌。”宋允说道。 Relax, I will pay attention.” “放心,我会注意的。” Right younger sister Yun'er, how can I later be able to contact with you?” Chu Feng asked. “对了允儿妹妹,我以后要怎么样才能联系到你?”楚枫问。 I am also of no fixed abode now, majority are to follow sect walks, I do not know where the next stand must go.” “我现在也是居无定所,大多数都是跟着宗门走,我都不知道下一站要去哪里。” Elder Brother Chu Feng, we would meeting, we will meet in the vast martial cultivation world peak.” Song Yun said. “不过楚枫哥哥,我们总会相见的,我们会在浩瀚修武界的顶峰相见。”宋允说道。 Un, certainly.” Chu Feng nods, he believes that Song Yun has this ability, believes oneself have this ability. “嗯,一定。”楚枫点头,他相信宋允有这个能力,更相信自己有这个能力。 younger sister Song Yun, the Little Fishy matter cannot delay, I then first walked.” 宋允妹妹,小鱼儿的事不能耽搁,我便先走了。” During the Chu Feng speeches then turns around Yu Kong. 楚枫说话间便转身御空而起。 Waits for.” But Song Yun actually opens the mouth suddenly. “等一下。”可宋允却忽然开口。 Hears this words, Chu Feng has also turned around to come to see to Song Yun. 听闻此话,楚枫也是转过身来看向宋允 May just turn around, soft is jumps into the bosom together, is Song Yun. 可刚刚转身,一道柔软已是扑入怀中,是宋允 This girl, but also has not responded while Chu Feng, kissed one on the Chu Feng's face. 这丫头,还趁着楚枫没有反应过来,在楚枫的脸上亲了一口。 immediately then withdraws from the Chu Feng's bosom fast, even fell back on beyond three meters distance. 旋即便快速退出楚枫的怀中,甚至退到了三米距离之外。 Elder Brother Chu Feng, but must pay attention to the security.” Song Yun at the back of the small hand, the delightful small face is hanging the bright smile. 楚枫哥哥,可要注意安全喔。”宋允背着小手,甜美的小脸挂着灿烂的笑容。 Probably nothing happened is the same. 就好像什么都没有发生过一样。 You must pay attention to the security.” Chu Feng has the blame, and this words saying, then Yu Kong, gives her map to graze to go to Song Yun. “你也要注意安全。”楚枫么有责怪,且此话说完,便御空而起,向宋允给她的地图飞掠而去。 senior, I must borrow your strength.” Chu Feng hurries along, while said to Divine Deer. 前辈,我要借用你的力量了。”楚枫一边赶路,一边对神鹿说道。 Chu Feng is afraid Little Fishy to have the accident/surprise. 楚枫害怕小鱼儿出现意外。 Therefore did not plan that looks for the person help of Xianhai Yu Clan. 所以并不打算去找仙海鱼族的人帮忙。 Let alone Prison Sect is prepared early, even if found the Xianhai Yu Clan person, was still not necessarily able to rescue to obtain Little Fishy. 何况狱宗早有准备,就算找来了仙海鱼族的人,也未必能救得出小鱼儿 He prepares to borrow the Divine Deer strength. 他准备借用神鹿的力量。 But Chu Feng does not know, after he walks away, Song Yun put out that red bottle. 楚枫不知道的是,在他走远之后,宋允又拿出了那红色的瓶子。 She is looking at the Chu Feng's direction, above the fine small face, actually revealed wiped the strange smile. 她望着楚枫的方向,精致的小脸之上,却露出了一抹诡异的微笑。 PS: Although, 25 chapters offer late. PS:虽迟但到,25章奉上。 Thank Little Brother the deep affection to Martial God, the honeybee strove to stay the condition, in stabilizing the update foundation, can erupt much, was an industrious person, compensated everyone as far as possible, good night. 感谢兄弟们对武神的厚爱,蜜蜂争取保持状态,在稳定更新的基础上,也能多多爆发,做个勤劳的人,尽量补偿大家,晚安。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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