MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5941: Deceitful Immortal Slaughter four people

Chapter 5939 deceitful Immortal Slaughter four people 第5939章狡诈的仙屠四人 I forgot, are you Prison Sect old several?” Chu Feng asked. “我忘记了,你们是狱宗的老几来着?”楚枫问。 Reply Sir, I am a sixth child, calling the approach to turn.” Saying of Seventh Rank Half God. “回禀大人,我是老六,叫做法翻。”七品半神的说道。 Reply Sir, I called the fifth child, is called Qiang Yu.” Saying of Eight Rank Half God. “回禀大人,我叫老五,叫做椌虞。”八品半神的说道。 Un, your other Little Brother?” “嗯,你们的其他兄弟呢?” The anger in Chu Feng heart has ascended, chief criminal who they kill the paternal grandmother family. 楚枫心中的怒火早已升腾,他们可是害死自己奶奶家族的罪魁祸首。 These fellows are very sly, catch them not to let the agreement. 这些家伙十分狡猾,抓到他们可不让同意。 Now finally catches them, Chu Feng wants to catch the whole lot in a dragnet, therefore is suppressing own anger with every effort. 如今终于逮到他们,楚枫想要一网打尽,于是尽力压制着自己的怒火。 As far as possible wants to inquire the positions about other Immortal Slaughter people. 尽可能的想要打探出关于仙屠其他人的位置。 Sir, you remembered incorrectly, joins Prison Sect, only then our Little Brother two.” That Immortal Slaughter fifth child said. “大人,您是不是记错了,加入狱宗的,只有我们兄弟两个啊。”那仙屠老五说道。 Oh, right?” Chu Feng is narrowing the eyes. “喔,是吗?”楚枫眯着双眼。 But Chu Feng this words just left, that Immortal Slaughter fifth child's aura, promoted the Ninth Rank Half God situation from Eight Rank Half God. 楚枫此话刚出,那仙屠老五的气息,从八品半神提升到了九品半神的地步。 You are not Prison Sect, who is you?” “你不是狱宗的,伱是何人?” The probe, his just words were the probe. 试探,他刚刚的话是试探。 This Immortal Slaughter fifth child is very sly, he is detected that Chu Feng was not right, therefore lies to probe Chu Feng intentionally. 仙屠老五十分狡猾,他是察觉到了楚枫不对劲,所以故意说谎试探楚枫 But probe result, is Chu Feng does not know their situations. 而试探出的结果,就是楚枫并不了解他们的情况。 Therefore at this moment, a big hand is grasped to Chu Feng directly. 所以此刻,一只大手已是直接向楚枫抓了过来。 But his palm has not been close to Chu Feng, boundless formation power, from Chu Feng within the body release. 但他的手掌还未接近楚枫,一股磅礴的结界之力,自楚枫体内释放而出。 formation power such as the rope is common, twines the palm that the Immortal Slaughter fifth child attacked. 结界之力如绳索一般,缠绕住了仙屠老五攻来的手掌。 Only hears the sound crack, then congealed directly his arm several. 只听咔嚓咔嚓的声音炸响,便直接将他的手臂凝成了几段。 Does not see with own eyes wonderfully, the Immortal Slaughter sixth child turns around then to escape, but just Yu Kong, then bang, crashed in the place later ruthlessly. 眼见不妙,仙屠老六转身便要逃跑,可刚刚御空而起,便嘭的一声,随后狠狠坠落在地。 Is Chu Feng's formation power, invisible within had changed to blockade formation, when they have not detected, then blocked this space. 楚枫的结界之力,早就无形间化作了的封锁结界,在他们并未察觉之际,便封锁了这片空间。 Who are you?” The Immortal Slaughter fifth child gets angry the sound to ask. “你是何人?”仙屠老五怒声问道。 Makes you die to understand.” During the Chu Feng speeches takes off the bamboo hat, revealed the appearance/portrait. “让你们死个明白。”楚枫说话间摘下斗笠,露出了真容。 „Is Chu Feng, unexpectedly you?” 楚枫,竟然是你?” You, how can you here?” “你,你怎么会在这里?” Sees Chu Feng, the Immortal Slaughter fifth child and sixth child all are the complexion big changes. 看到楚枫,仙屠老五和老六皆是面色大变。 With Chu Feng's grudge, they are naturally clear. 楚枫的恩怨,他们自然清楚。 But the Chu Feng present deeds, they also heard early. 楚枫如今的事迹,他们也早有所耳闻。 They know to meet Chu Feng, must die without doubt. 他们自知遇到楚枫,必死无疑。 Chu Feng, do not kill us, asking you not to kill us, we and your paternal grandmother actually did not have the injustice not to have the enmity, in the past was also pulled strings, the chief criminal was Pill Dao Immortal Sect.” 楚枫,别杀我们,求你别杀我们,我们与你奶奶其实无冤无仇,当年也只是受人指使,罪魁祸首乃是丹道仙宗啊。” Saw with own eyes that the important matter is not wonderful, the Immortal Slaughter fifth child and sixth child also beg for mercy. 眼见大事不妙,仙屠老五和老六同时求饶。 No wonder could not find you, hid in Prison Sect unexpectedly.” “难怪找不到你们,竟然躲到了狱宗之中。” „To maintain a livelihood, Ok.” “想活命,可以。” Told me, your Fourth Brother, the Third Brother, Second Brother is Big Brother, now where at?” “告诉我,你们的四哥,三哥,二哥大哥,现在在哪?” „Did they also join Prison Sect?” Chu Feng asked. “他们也加入了狱宗吗?”楚枫问。 Chu Feng, only then our two joined Prison Sect, which us others in do not know.” The Immortal Slaughter fifth child said. 楚枫,只有我们两个加入了狱宗,其他人在哪我们也不知道。”仙屠老五说道。 Does not speak the truth, doesn't matter, you will speak the truth.” During the Chu Feng speeches, then brings to tie up them with the formation rope, leading them to leave this place. “不说实话,没关系,你们会说实话的。”楚枫说话间,便带用结界绳索捆绑住它们,带着他们离开了此地。 After Chu Feng is thinks of an absolute safety the place, again well tries them. 楚枫是想到一个绝对安全的地方之后,再好好审判他们。 Chu Feng knows, their bodies have connected protection formation technique. 楚枫知道,他们的身上有相连的守护阵法 So long as endangers their life, naturally can see others. 所以只要危及他们生命,自然就可以见到其他的人。 But here from Prison Sect underground palace was too near, moreover they turned to Prison Sect. 但这里距离狱宗地宫还是太近了,况且他们又投靠了狱宗 In order to avoid troubling, Chu Feng naturally must be good to a safe place. 为了避免麻烦,楚枫自然要到一个安全的地方才行。 Bang- 轰- But when Chu Feng is hurrying along, suddenly a powerful pressure drops from the clouds. 可是楚枫正在赶路之际,忽然一股强大的威压从天而降。 Is the True God Realm pressure!!! 真神境的威压!!! Feels this pressure, Chu Feng does not dare to neglect, rushes to display being lost in thought line, simultaneously gives his calling infant rune/symbol Song Yun, pasted above the forehead. 感受到这股威压,楚枫也是不敢怠慢,赶忙施展出了神行,同时将宋允给他的唤婴符,贴在了脑门之上。 When calls infant Fuluo in the forehead at that moment, the Chu Feng clear feeling, that only Prison Infant of oneself within the body revived. 当唤婴符落在脑门那一刻,楚枫清晰的感受到了,自己体内的那只狱婴苏醒过来。 And his within the body, the release the powerful strength, granted Chu Feng directly. 并且他的体内,释放出强大的力量,直接赐予了楚枫 Without danger that Song Yun said that seems like Chu Feng uses, then granted Chu Feng directly. 没有宋允所说的生命危险,就好像是为楚枫所用,直接便赐予了楚枫 And at this moment, Chu Feng's cultivation realm is not First Rank True God that Song Yun said that but is Second Rank True God. 并且这一刻,楚枫的修为也不是宋允说的一品真神,而是二品真神 What only regret is, this is cultivation realm that Prison Infant grants, therefore has certain limit. 唯一遗憾的是,这是狱婴赐予的修为,所以有着一定限制。 Chu Feng is unable in this foundation, to display own bloodline power to promote cultivation realm again, even displays Martial Technique also to have big bound. 楚枫无法在这个基础上,再施展自己的血脉之力来提升修为,甚至施展武技也有很大的束缚 Own heaven defying fighting force also vanishes does not see, remaining only has the strength of most foundation. 就连自己的逆天战力也是消失不见,剩下的唯有最基础的战力。 But so, looked like in Chu Feng is also even if enough. 可哪怕如此,在楚枫看来也是足够了。 After cultivation realm promoted Second Rank True God, a Chu Feng palm rumbled, directly soars direction that pressure transmitted. 修为提升到了二品真神后,楚枫一掌轰出,直奔那威压传来的方向。 Bang- 轰- But the next quarter, the prestige of Chu Feng's palm kept off. 可下一刻,楚枫的一掌之威被挡了下来。 From that direction, two old person forms walked. 自那个方向,又有两个老者的身影走了出来。 And, brings the mask, cannot see clearly the facial features, at this time crosses the hands behind the back to stand, does not say a word. 其中一个,带着面罩,看不清面容,此时负手而立,一言不发。 But another, is long a face to be mean. 而另外一个,长得一脸阴狠。 The release pressure, wants to block Chu Feng's, precisely this facial features mean person. 释放威压,想封锁住楚枫的,正是这个面容阴狠之人。 His initial cultivation realm, is First Rank True God. 他最初的修为,乃是一品真神 But after Chu Feng's cultivation realm promotes, he also the cultivation realm promotion, his cultivation realm achieved Second Rank True God at this moment. 但当楚枫的修为提升之后,他也将修为提升,此刻他的修为达到了二品真神 After seeing Chu Feng, this facial features mean old man, revealing is very fierce the smile and satirizing. 看到楚枫之后,这面容阴狠的老头,露出无比狰狞且略带讽刺的笑容。 Chu Feng, you may really be extraordinary.” 楚枫,你可真是了不得啊。” „The world only knows, you are the jie Tianran grandchild, the child of Jie Ranqing.” “世人只知道,你是界天染的外孙,界染清之子。” But who knows, you really have the relations with Prison Sect, within the body will really have Prison Infant.” “但谁又知道,你竟然和狱宗也有关系,体内竟然会有狱婴。” Calling infant rune/symbol who even in Prison Sect, few person can control, you can use such as fire innocent.” “甚至就连狱宗内,少有人能驾驭的唤婴符,你都能使用的如火纯情。” Chu Feng, you hid deepest that.” 楚枫,原来你才是隐藏最深的那个啊。” That mean old man, over the face satire looks at Chu Feng. 那位阴狠的老头,满面讽刺的看着楚枫 „The fourth child little said several.” But at this time, that old man of wearing a mask, actually opens the mouth suddenly, he looks to Chu Feng: “老四少说几句。”可此时,蒙面的那个老头,却是忽然开口,他看向楚枫: Chu Feng, the matter about your paternal grandmother, we also very regrets.” 楚枫,关于你奶奶的事情,我们也挺后悔的。” But matter, since has happened, is unable to change.” “可事情既然已经发生,便也无法改变。” Moreover you have also killed our seventh child, as well as my Second Brother's disciple.” “况且你也已经杀死了我们的老七,以及我二哥的弟子。” Since you are also the person of Prison Sect, but our Little Brother several have also joined Prison Sect now, we now are the people on same strip ship.” “既然你也是狱宗之人,而我们兄弟几个如今也已加入了狱宗,我们现在乃是同一条船上的人。” „Past these matters, might as well even.” Wearing a mask old person said. “过去的那些事,不如就算了吧。”蒙面的老者说道。 Ok? Good.” Chu Feng nods, later in the hand the Venerable Armament broadsword wields suddenly, that Immortal Slaughter Laowu sixth child, is then decapitated directly. “算了?好。”楚枫点了点头,随后手中尊兵大刀猛然一挥,那仙屠的老五老六,便直接身首异处。 Because defends the reason of nightmare, their protection formation technique, have not played the role with enough time, then wrote off by Chu Feng, has died passes thoroughly. 因为守之梦魇的缘故,他们身上的守护阵法,都没来得及发挥作用,便被楚枫抹杀,已是死的透透的。 This lets Immortal Slaughter another two True God Realm, has not responded, was shocked at once. 这让仙屠另外两位真神境的,都没反应过来,一时之间愣住了。 I killed off your seven bastard, this matter naturally also even.” “等我杀光你们七个畜生,这件事自然也就算了。” But at this time, Chu Feng is the hand held Venerable Armament broadsword, directly soars that two True God Realm Old Man Immortal Slaughter to go. 而此时,楚枫已是手提尊兵大刀,直奔那两个真神境仙屠老头而去。 You court death!!!” “你找死!!!” Responded, Immortal Slaughter fourth child same killing intent was dreadful, similarly revealed the Venerable Armament broadsword, attacked to Chu Feng. 反应过来的,仙屠老四同样杀意滔天,同样亮出尊兵大刀,向楚枫冲击而来。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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