MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5940: The white hair youth in crystal

The 5938 th Chang Shui River crystal interior white hair youth 第5938章水晶内的白发青年 But Chu Feng read a map, discovered that this position, made him steal the thing place from Song Yun is near many. 楚枫又看了一眼地图,发现这个位置,距离宋允让他去偷东西的地方则是近了不少。 Originally Song Yun has planned, to see that Chu Feng thinks at that moment made Chu Feng help. 原来宋允早就计划好了,在见到楚枫那一刻就想好了让楚枫帮忙。 Therefore talked time, has been bringing Chu Feng to hurry along to this direction. 所以交谈的时候,就一直在带着楚枫向这个方向赶路。 However Chu Feng has not thought. 不过楚枫也并未多想。 Did not discuss regardless the passing friendship, now and Song Yun is the cooperation, their two accord to his need. 抛开过往交情不谈,现在与宋允乃是合作关系,他们两个各取所需。 But Chu Feng also needs to complete Song Yun to give his duty. 楚枫也需要完成宋允交给他的任务。 Afterward, Chu Feng according to the Song Yun map, arrived in a jungle. 随后,楚枫按照宋允的地图,来到了一片丛林之中。 This jungle is the camouflage, in fact under this woods, has boundless underground palace. 这片丛林是伪装的,实际上这丛林地下,有着一个磅礴的地宫 Wanted to find that underground palace is not an easy matter, even if Chu Feng to the present power of observation, needs to take very big effort to observe some clue. 想要找到那地宫可不是一件容易的事情,哪怕是楚枫到现在的观察力,也需要费很大的力气才能观察出一些端倪。 Is good because, Song Yun has planned all, he not only gave the Chu Feng map, gave back to a Chu Feng cosmos sack treasure. 好在,宋允早就计划好了一切,他不仅给了楚枫地图,还给了楚枫乾坤袋的宝物。 The treasure in cosmos sack, is the Song Yun wholly-absorbed preparation, deals with this underground palace specially. 乾坤袋内的宝物,是宋允专心准备,专门应对这个地宫的。 Almost can break open all difficulties. 几乎可以破开万难。 Has these treasures in the hand, Chu Feng is like a fish in water. 有这些宝物在手上,楚枫便是如鱼得水。 Quick he found underground palace entrance. 很快他找到了地宫的一个入口 But outside underground palace entrance, has the people of massive Prison Sect. 只不过在地宫入口外,有着大量的狱宗之人。 Their strength cannot be underestimated, before are not, these trash waste. 他们的实力不容小觑,可不是之前遇到的那些垃圾废物。 Normal, has thought their closes is not easy. 正常来说,想过他们这一关并不容易。 However is good because, Song Yun also gave Chu Feng to prepare the special hidden method, by that hidden method, can quiet entered from underground palace entrance. 但是好在,宋允也给楚枫准备了专门的隐藏手段,凭借那个隐藏手段,可以悄无声息的从地宫入口进入。 If Song Yun said, this underground palace should be the senior figure of Prison Sect new faction, others cannot come. 宋允所说,这个地宫应该都是狱宗新派的高层人物,其他人是不可以进来的。 Now these high levels are not all, has the heavy guard besides outside, in this almost cannot see the person's shadow. 如今那些高层皆是不在,除了外面有重重守卫之外,这里面几乎看不到人影。 So long as Chu Feng can come, then is almost equal to being of great success. 只要楚枫能够进来,便几乎等于大功告成。 However this inside path is also very complex, complex that makes intentionally. 不过这里面的道路也很复杂,是故意弄的复杂。 However has the map in Chu Feng of hand, then arrives in the underground palace main hall that the map showed quickly. 但是有地图在手的楚枫,也是很快便来到了地图所示的地宫大殿之内。 The underground palace main hall is the closure, but Song Yun also prepared the formation key. 地宫大殿是关闭的,但是宋允也准备了结界钥匙。 By this formation key, Chu Feng also smoothly enters in the main hall. 凭借这把结界钥匙,楚枫也是顺利进入大殿之内。 Then discovered, this inside has a blood red basin. 这才发现,这里面有着一座血红色的水池。 That blood red basin, looking like boiled was the same, billowing surges. 那血红色的水池,就像是被烧开了一样,正在滚滚翻腾。 But in blood red lakes, is floating a giant transparent crystal. 而在血红色的湖泊中间,则是漂浮着一个巨大的透明水晶。 In the transparent crystal, is lying down a young men. 透明水晶内,躺卧着一名青年男子。 The young men height two meters, is thin, but actually can still see, he very handsome. 那青年男子身高两米有余,身材消瘦,但却仍能看出,他长得十分英俊。 A white hair is dispersing, wears the Prison Sect red long gown as for the body. 一头白发散开着,至于身上则是穿着狱宗的红色长袍。 Here is great formation, formation technique is quenching this man. 这里是一座大阵,阵法正在淬炼着这名男子。 Although this man is thin, but is only long quite thin, he has not fallen ill. 这名男子虽然消瘦,但只是长得较为消瘦,他并没有生病。 Then can see from his respiratory rate, he is very healthy, but falls into the deep sleep for some reasons. 从他的呼吸频率便能看出,他很健康,只不过因为某种原因而陷入沉睡。 What is main, that transparent crystal, is treasure, has extremely strong defensive power. 最主要的是,那个透明水晶,乃是一件至宝,具有极其强大防御力。 It looks like in Chu Feng, this is the treasure that he is unable to break open. 楚枫看来,这是他所根本无法破开的宝物。 What good Song Yun must take is the red bottle, rather than this transparent crystal, otherwise Chu Feng could not really have taken away. 还好宋允要拿的是红色瓶子,而不是这个透明水晶,不然楚枫还真的拿不走。 As for red bottle that Song Yun wants, places in the main hall extremely conspicuous a position. 至于宋允想要的红色瓶子,就摆放在大殿之内一个极其显眼的位置。 Looked coming out, this red bottle is also very important. 看的出来,这红色瓶子也很重要。 Because he was being blocked by formation. 因为他被结界封锁着。 The words that this formation, Chu Feng decode, truly require some time. 这个结界,楚枫自己破解的话,确实需要一定的时间。 Because there is a treasure that Song Yun provides, Chu Feng decoded appears is not so actually strenuous. 但是因为有宋允提供的宝物,楚枫破解起来倒是显得不那么费力了。 The plan of Song Yun is very thorough, again Chu Feng looks like, even if Chu Feng does not come, but is she comes, will decide however will still succeed. 宋允的计划十分周密,再楚枫看来,就算楚枫不来,而是她自己来,定然也会成功。 Boosted by Song Yun preparation treasure, Chu Feng attained that blood red bottle smoothly. 宋允准备的宝物助力下,楚枫顺利拿到了那个血红色的瓶子。 Chu Feng also observed earnestly, in this is Prison Infant, but this Prison Infant, somewhat is only unusual, resembled had some variation. 楚枫也认真的观察了一下,这里面乃是一个狱婴,只不过这只狱婴,有些与众不同,似是发生了某种变异。 But this post talismans of full bottle, for seal Prison Infant. 而这贴了满瓶子的符纸,就是为了封印这狱婴的。 In brief, this bottle gives the Chu Feng's first feeling, is two characters, the danger. 总之,这个瓶子给楚枫的第一感觉,就是两个字,危险。 „Does Song Yun, want with this fearful thing cultivation?” “难道宋允,想要用这个可怕的东西修炼?” Chu Feng felt, if is really so, perhaps is somewhat dangerous, since the Song Yun need, Chu Feng received this bottle. 楚枫觉得若真是如此,恐怕有些危险,但是既然宋允需要,楚枫还是将这个瓶子收了起来。 Afterward, Chu Feng then left this underground palace main hall. 随后,楚枫便离开了这座地宫大殿。 But Chu Feng discovered, this underground palace main hall is not this underground palace the place of end. 楚枫发现,这座地宫大殿并非是这座地宫的尽头之处。 This place is not indeed simple, to waiting a moment the status of person of Prison Sect here is not simple. 这个地方的确不简单,至少待在这里的狱宗之人的身份就不简单。 Cannot do well, even if they left, should still leave behind some clues. 搞不好,就算他们离开了,也会留下一些线索。 Although Song Yun has helped Chu Feng inquire the clue about Xianhai Yu'er. 虽然宋允已经去帮楚枫打探关于仙海鱼儿的线索了。 But can't Song Yun inquire by some chance? 可万一宋允打探不到呢? Chu Feng is thinking, came to come in any case, was inferior oneself also inquired. 楚枫想着,反正来都来了,不如自己也打探一下。 Pitifully, following many place, by seal solid, without the treasure of correspondence is unable to open. 只是可惜,后面的很多地方,都是被封印的严严实实,没有对应的宝物是无法打开的。 But Song Yun to the treasure that Chu Feng prepares, only then enters that underground palace main hall, other place Chu Feng have no alternative. 宋允楚枫准备的宝物,只有进入那地宫大殿的,其他的地方楚枫也是无可奈何。 Therefore Chu Feng can only give up, walks toward underground palace. 于是楚枫只能放弃,向地宫外走去。 But has gone out of underground palace First Rank in Chu Feng from, after has entered the safety zone . 可是在楚枫已经走出地宫一段距离,已经进入安全区域后。 He actually halted suddenly, touches to cosmos sack, took out compass. 他却忽然止步,摸向了乾坤袋,取出了一道罗盘 This compass, is the time that past Chu Feng cut to kill the Immortal Slaughter seventh child, attained compass that from his body. 这个罗盘,乃是当年楚枫斩杀仙屠老七的时候,从他的身上拿到的罗盘 At that time the Immortal Slaughter seventh child, traced Chu Feng with this compass. 当时仙屠老七,用这个罗盘追踪楚枫 But now, this compass also had the sound, is other indicator, and distant place. 可是现在,这个罗盘又有了动静,是另外的指针,并且远处。 could it be that, Immortal Slaughter person also here?” 难道说,仙屠的人也在这里?” Thinks that this possibility, Chu Feng defers to the direction line of compass direction to go immediately. 想到这个可能,楚枫立刻按照罗盘指引的方向行去。 Followed the direction vanguard, Chu Feng really saw two old person unexpectedly, from the distant place, is grazing to own direction. 跟随指引前行,楚枫竟真的看到了两个老者,正在自远方,向自己的方向飞掠而来。 They should also to go to the underground palace direction. 他们应该也是要去地宫的方向。 That is two old person, his body is also throwing over the Prison Sect red long gown, but, they have not brought the white bamboo hat for some unknown resson. 那是两个老者,他的身上也是披着狱宗的红色长袍,但是不知是何原因,他们没有带着白色斗笠。 It seems like, must reveal the facial features to be the same intentionally. 就好像,是故意要露出面容一般。 Therefore Chu Feng is also the clarity that looks, that is one by one ugly old man. 因此楚枫也是看的清楚,那是一个比一个丑陋的老头子。 But can also see from that pair of eyes pupil, they are also the generations of very ruthless. 但从那双眼眸也能看出,他们也都是狠辣之辈。 Meanwhile, their aura have not hidden. 同时,他们的气息也没有隐藏。 One is Seventh Rank Half God, but another is Eight Rank Half God. 一个是七品半神,而另外一个乃是八品半神 Because of the Chu Feng hidden condition, their two have not naturally discovered Chu Feng. 因为楚枫隐藏状态,他们两个自然没有发现楚枫 Therefore Chu Feng camouflages the facial features simply again, oneself will camouflage the appearance of person of Prison Sect. 所以楚枫干脆再度伪装面容,将自己伪装成了狱宗之人的模样。 Afterward transfers the direction, came from the distant place, grazes to come, to fit out the front surface meet toward two again. 随后调转方向,自远处现身,再向着两位飞掠而来,装成迎面相遇。 After, was saying to two people loudly: Immortal Slaughter.” 靠近之后,才对着二人高声说道:“仙屠的。” The Chu Feng's tone is very hard, is the tone of order. 楚枫的语气很硬,是命令的语气。 After hearing the Chu Feng's words, is rushes to stop, is serving with a ritual to Chu Feng: greets Sir.” 听到楚枫的话后,也是赶忙停下,对着楚枫施以一礼:“拜见大人。” This reply, then determined their status, they unexpectedly are really the Immortal Slaughter people. 只是这个回答,便确定了他们的身份,他们竟真的是仙屠的人。 ( This chapter ends) (本章完)
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