MGA :: Volume #9 预言之战

#5703: King's bloodlines, the part awakens

Chu Feng opens the eye, then can feel, in oneself body that tear pain, starts to approach itself to attack. 楚枫睁开眼睛,便能够感觉到,自己身体内那撕裂般的痛感,开始向自己侵袭而来。 Although the mortal body has thoroughly restored in own deep sleep, but that pain, was still sweeping across the whole body. 尽管肉身已经在自己沉睡间彻底恢复,可那痛感,仍在席卷全身。 But the Chu Feng innermost feelings are actually wild with joy. 楚枫内心却是狂喜。 Because at least he can determine, he indeed is also living. 因为至少他能确定,他的确还活着。 This feeling?” “这感觉?” But Chu Feng also observes the surrounding all without enough time, his then look changes, on the face the happy expression is stronger. 楚枫还来不及观察周围的一切,他便神色一变,脸上喜色更浓。 Even the pain sweeps across the whole body obviously, but Chu Feng actually laughs loudly. 甚至明明痛感席卷全身,可楚枫却不由的放声大笑起来。 Because of besides the sensation of pain, he also felt that on oneself other changes, that is the good change. 因为除了痛觉,他还感觉到了自己身上其他的变化,那是好的变化。 Own king's bloodlines, do not know that is what reason, actually regained consciousness. 自己的王之血脉,不知是什么原因,竟然苏醒了一些。 Now king's the strength of bloodlines, can for the strength that oneself use, were more than previously. 现在王之血脉的力量,能够为自己所用的力量,比先前更多了。 After Chu Feng is wild with joy, thinks without enough time, but hurries taking advantage of the benefit that king's awakening of bloodlines provides, cultivation contemplates the law antique. 楚枫狂喜过后,也来不及多想,而是赶忙借着王之血脉的觉醒带来的好处,修炼太古冥想法。 This is, once in a thousand years good opportunity. 这是,千载难逢的好机会。 Really, the rely on king's bloodlines awaken the benefit that provides, in addition , the foundation that cultivation builds, Chu Feng's formation cultivation realm then can break through quickly. 果然,借助王之血脉觉醒带来的好处,再加上之前修炼所打下的基础,楚枫的结界修为很快便得以突破。 From Gold Dragon God-cloak, stepped into Emperor Dragon God-cloak. 金龙神袍,踏入了皇龙神袍 Although cultivation realm promotion, but stops, advantage that but king's bloodlines part awakens, but absolutely incessantly so. 虽然修为提升,只是到此为止,但王之血脉部分觉醒的好处,可绝对不止如此。 Emperor Dragon God-cloak, endures to compare Sixth Rank Half God. 皇龙神袍,堪比六品半神 According to the Chu Feng beforehand strength, after Chu Feng steps into Emperor Dragon God-cloak, only by the formation strength, can endure compared with immortal dragon God-cloak, is Seventh Rank Half God. 按照楚枫之前的实力,楚枫踏入皇龙神袍之后,只论结界战力,是能够堪比仙龙神袍,也就是七品半神的。 Spirit Formation technique, Fight Against First Rank, startled is a Celestial. 结界之术,逆战一品,惊为天人。 But if regardless strength, only by the method of to break the formation, Chu Feng's to break the formation strength, is stronger, can endure the ratio to revere dragon God-cloak. 但若是抛开战力,只论破阵之法,楚枫的破阵实力,则是更强,是能够堪比尊龙神袍的。 But now...... 而现在…… When Chu Feng not only can by Emperor Dragon God-cloak cultivation realm, to break the formation has to endure the ratio to revere the dragon God-cloak strength. 楚枫不仅能以皇龙神袍修为,破阵时拥有堪比尊龙神袍的实力。 formation strength, also achieved revered dragon God-cloak. 就连结界战力,也是同样达到了尊龙神袍 This is what concept. 这是什么概念。 Is equivalent to Sixth Rank Half God, has to endure to compare the Eight Rank Half God strength. 相当于六品半神,拥有堪比八品半神的战力。 Now the vast martial cultivation world peak talent, for example Long Chengyu, Long Muxi and others, can rely on the bloodlines , to promote realm. < 如今浩瀚修武界最顶尖的天才,比如龙承羽,龙沐熙等人,都可以凭借血脉,提升境界。< br > br> However in the Spirit Formation technique aspect, can enhance the strength actually very few. 但是在结界之术方面,能够提升战力的却少之又少。 Spirit Formation technique, can enhance the First Level strength, is startled is the Celestial, making people feel inconceivable. 结界之术,能够提升一重战力,都已是惊为天人,让人感觉不可思议。 Can promote the twofold, then hears something never heard of before. 能够提升两重,便是闻所未闻。 But Chu Feng now, achieved. 楚枫现在,做到了。 This... is the benefit that king's bloodlines awaken to provide. 这…便是王之血脉觉醒带来的好处。 And, is the permanent advantage, even if the strength of nine dragons is unable to support Chu Feng in the future, but only relies on king's bloodlines, the Chu Feng's formation strength can maintain as before. 并且,是永久性的好处,哪怕日后九龙之力无法支撑楚枫,但只凭借王之血脉,楚枫的结界战力依旧可以保持。 What is main, this was only awakened the part. 最主要的是,这只是觉醒了部分而已。 Own this king's bloodlines, from awaken completely, but also has the extremely far distance. 自己这王之血脉,距离完全觉醒,还有着极远的距离。 But part, already so. 可这一部分,就已经如此。 King's bloodlines, indeed are worthy of the name of World Spiritist strongest bloodlines. 王之血脉,的确无愧于界灵师最强血脉之称。 „If known by Seven Worlds Saint Palace, my Chu Feng has not only died, instead turns misfortune into a blessing, does not know that will irritate many old complete(ly) to ascend.” “若是被七界圣府知道,我楚枫不仅没死,反而因祸得福,不知道会气死多少个老毕登。” Chu Feng sighed. 楚枫不由感叹。 Although does not know specific reason that king's bloodlines awaken, but Chu Feng felt that fights with Seven Worlds Saint Palace inevitably related. 虽然不知道王之血脉觉醒的具体原因,但楚枫觉得,必然与七界圣府那一战有关。 Possibly is the antique blood barren rock, possibly stimulates to movement formation technique that oneself should not stimulate to movement forcefully, thus in the life critical time, awakened king's bloodlines. 可能是太古血脉石,也可能是强行催动了自己本不该催动的阵法,从而在性命危急时刻,唤醒了王之血脉。 Chu Feng is unable to determine, but at least this result is very good. 楚枫无法确定,但至少这个结果是非常好的。 precisely present Chu Feng, urgently needed. 正是现在的楚枫,所急需的。 Chu Feng was very just weak, breaks through is lying down the breakthrough. 楚枫刚刚身体很虚弱,就连突破都是躺着突破的。 But after the breakthrough, own body good most probably, the pain is also short most probably. 但突破之后,自己的身体好了大半,就连痛感也是少了大半。 Therefore he also sets out immediately. 于是他也是立刻起身。 Just sat, then the discovery in his front, has the stele that formation together built. 刚坐起来,便发现在他的面前,有着一块结界打造的石碑。 When the Chu Feng vision, falls after that Formation Stone tablet, formation technique in that Formation Stone tablet was then triggered. 楚枫目光,落在那结界石碑之后,那结界石碑内的阵法便被触发。 The form, appears from formation technique in together, fell in front of Chu Feng's. 一道身影,自阵法内浮现而出,落在了楚枫的面前。 This form Chu Feng recognizes, precisely World Spirit Immortal King. 这个身影楚枫认得,正是界灵仙王 It seems like, Seven Worlds Saint Palace does not accommodate you.” World Spirit Immortal King said to Chu Feng. “看来,七界圣府不容你。”界灵仙王楚枫道。 Chu Feng has not replied immediately, first waited and saw around one earnestly. 楚枫没有立刻回答,先是认真观望了一下周围。 Discovered oneself in a rock cave, in rock cave except for that formation technique stele, but also has two Teleportation Formation. 发现自己在一座岩洞之中,岩洞内除了那阵法石碑,还有着两道传送阵 Is normal, another has closed. 一个是正常的,另外一个已经关闭了。 But that closes exactly, in Chu Feng's behind. 而恰好关闭的那个,就在楚枫的身后。 Obviously, after is Chu Feng arrived here , closes. 很显然,是楚枫来到这里之后才关闭的。 After an observation, Chu Feng the vision, goes to World Spirit Immortal King again. 一番观察之后,楚枫才将目光,再度投向界灵仙王 The World Spirit Immortal King vision has been following itself, resembles is waiting for Chu Feng's to reply, but Chu Feng actually almost determined at this time. 界灵仙王的目光一直在跟随自己,似是在等待楚枫的回答,可楚枫此时却几乎确定。 Present World Spirit Immortal King, is together the formation technique projection, and before is World Spirit Immortal King, then establishes. 眼前的界灵仙王,乃是一道阵法投影,并且是界灵仙王之前便设定好的。 World Spirit Immortal King, has expected obviously, Seven Worlds Saint Palace is not necessarily able to hold, obtains the person of mark. 界灵仙王,显然早就料到,七界圣府未必一定会容纳,获得印记之人。 Therefore obtaining the person of mark, left behind the escape route. 所以早就给获得印记之人,留下了退路。 The Teleportation Formation method of otherwise continually not running away, will be closed. 不然不会连逃出来的传送阵法,都会被关闭。 Prevents, the Seven Worlds Saint Palace person pursues. 就是防止,七界圣府的人追过来。 senior, is really thorough.” Chu Feng said. 前辈,真是周到。”楚枫说道。 Seven Worlds Saint Palace acts to you, is aspect that the old man is not willing to see.” 七界圣府对你出手,乃是老夫所不愿看到的局面。” You , to retaliate Seven Worlds Saint Palace, the old man can teach the secret of your Seven Worlds Saint Palace not passing on actually.” “你若想要报复七界圣府,老夫倒是能够传授你七界圣府不传之秘。” But you , if not want to retaliate Seven Worlds Saint Palace, only wants to pass the remaining years of life calmly and steadily, the old man can also give you compensation.” “但你若不想报复七界圣府,只想安稳度过余生,老夫也可以给你一些补偿。” Little friend, you how, when to choose?” “小友,你当如何抉择?” World Spirit Immortal King spoke, the palm spread out, two spheroids jumped out from the palm. 界灵仙王说话间,手掌摊开,两个球体自掌心窜出。 In the spheroid has a character. 球体之内都有一个字。 Kills with secure respectively. 分别是杀和安。 Chu Feng without hesitation, direct selection killing. 楚枫毫不犹豫,直接选择了杀。 May in the Chu Feng palm, after touching that kills the character the spheroid, two spheroids immediately diverge, but Chu Feng anything has not obtained. 可在楚枫手掌,触碰那杀字的球体之后,两个球体立刻散去,可楚枫什么都没有得到。 But World Spirit Immortal King, then opens the mouth again. 界灵仙王,则是再度开口。 Little friend, the old man knows, Seven Worlds Saint Palace does is not right, you have to be heavy to Seven Worlds Saint Palace at this time inevitably “小友,老夫知道,七界圣府做的不对,你此时对七界圣府必然有极重 Complaint. ” 的怨念。” But Seven Worlds Saint Palace, is the innumerable older generations creates after all, does not know whether the little friend can look in the face of old man, lets off their horse?” “但七界圣府,毕竟也是无数先辈所创,不知小友能否看在老夫的面子上,放过他们一马?” World Spirit Immortal King asked to Chu Feng. 界灵仙王楚枫问道。 Chu Feng knows obviously, present World Spirit Immortal King is together formation technique, is not true World Spirit Immortal King. 楚枫明明知道,眼前的界灵仙王不过是一道阵法所化,并非真正的界灵仙王 But the World Spirit Immortal King vision, from was different at this time previously, makes Chu Feng feel intermittent unexpectedly anxious. 可此时界灵仙王的目光,却与先前不一样了,竟让楚枫感到阵阵不安。 At this time, the Chu Feng innermost feelings have the change of being able to say. 此时,楚枫内心有着说不出的变化。 Has not thought that seven Immortal King will do such a. 没想到七界仙王会搞这么一出。 He does not want to teach itself, Seven Worlds Saint Palace the riddle of not passing on, he wants to probe Chu Feng, whether will retaliate Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 他根本就没想传授自己,七界圣府的不传之谜,他只是想试探楚枫,是否会报复七界圣府而已。 Eventually is the person of Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 终究是七界圣府之人。 Even to foster the talent, but cannot because of the talent, but destruction own Seven Worlds Saint Palace. 就算想培养人才,但也不会因为人才,而覆灭自己的七界圣府 Actually, this is the way things should be. 其实,此乃人之常情。 Talent who because who has not met, but destruction own family/home? 谁会因为一个未曾谋面的人才,而覆灭自己的家呢? Chu Feng but actually not strange World Spirit Immortal King. 楚枫倒也不怪界灵仙王 Now, oneself how, when to reply? 只是现在,自己当如何回答? the S writing condition just restored, the result cold, several times was really almost broke, many were moistens unlucky. s写作状态刚恢复,结果感冒了,真是好几次都差点断更,多少是沾点倒霉的。 However before , promised that on September 26 the day will explode, the honeybee will aim at this, because felt that the cold was quick. 不过既然之前许诺9月26号日会爆更,蜜蜂还是会以此为目标,因为感觉感冒快好了。 So long as the condition is good, honeybee before 26 th , will strive for multi- update some. 并且只要状态好,蜜蜂在26日之前,也会争取多更新一些。 Every so often the honeybee update morning, Little Brother do not know behind also has update, has waited, actually everyone can pay attention to the WeChat public number of honeybee, so long as the public number issued that update informed, explained that today update stopped, Little Brother do not use in vain. 很多时候蜜蜂更新的早,兄弟们不知道后面还有没有更新,就一直等,其实大家可以关注蜜蜂的微信公众号,只要公众号发布更新通知了,就说明今天更新到此为止了,兄弟们也就不用白白的等了。 WeChat increases in the friend, found the public number, then searches the Kindhearted Bee main body, the attention then. 微信添加朋友里,找到公众号,然后搜索善良的蜜蜂本尊,关注即可。 Was sure to remember, is the Kindhearted Bee main body, other is pretends to be, do not pay attention wrong. 切记,是善良的蜜蜂本尊,其他的都是冒充的,可别关注错了。 Hopes the cold is a bit faster good, then multi- update some, everyone can also look, the following plot is very splendid, I also hope can write good, because really likes being praised very much, more was praised more dynamic by you, felt that own condition is also better. 希望感冒快点好,然后多更新一些,大家也能看出来,后面的剧情都是很精彩的,我也希望能够写的好一点,因为真的很喜欢被夸,越是被你们夸就越有动力,感觉自己的状态也更好。
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